Summer fun continues…!

Like most folks living in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re busy with summer activities in the physical realm as well as in-world in Second Life®. It’s a time of rest and relaxation too, and the company of family and friends makes for happy days – even if it is a bit warm out. It has been HOT weather, but this week seems a bit cooler, and we’ll take the relief! Of course – as Æon so often reminds us – it’s always a balmy 72°Fahrenheit at Ce Soir Arts! So…come round to enjoy some of our offerings or just to dance to the music that’s always playing – or take a break under a shady tree or out on the beach.

The region is open, and there is much to see and enjoy. On the base region where Château Ce Soir, The Magic Tree, Dover Beach Theatre and the (on summer hiatus) four art galleries are located, you’ll also find Le Phare – a beautiful lighthouse space with a spectacular view of the shore – and other interesting spots including the Witchwood Hollow Cemetery, Mermaid Cove, and some below-ground (and rather spooky) dungeons to explore. Above, you’ll find the cool and refreshing wintry escape! The Conservatory is a cozy spot where sometimes you’ll find a music show, reading, or art exhibit. When nothing is scheduled, it’s a lovely spot for relaxing and dancing – inside and out in the snow! Also located there is The Oracle Parlour, a spot reserved for readings and gatherings; it is filled with some of my photographic work and poetry. I hope you’ll stop in and enjoy – because even though we are taking some time away, we regularly attend to things on the region; it is, after all, our home – and the place we enjoy so much!

Le Phare at Ce Soir Beach
Our Wintry Escape

Visit these two spots: Le Phare and Wintry Escape.

This week’s activities will be noted in an upcoming post. We hope to see you!

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