This week takes us into August…can autumn be far behind???

I admit it, I’m an autumn girl! To me, there is nothing like comfy cashmere sweaters (preferably in some shade of soft coral or rich forest green), milktea by the fire, and a glorious view of richly-hued trees blowing in the slightly nippy breeze! Give me an old grey day (one that preferably began with a sunny, turquoise sky), some well-worn boots, and poetry read aloud in a cozy den, and I’m happy!

But, I digress….

We’re still firmly in summertime, and we’ve been enjoying lots of sweet readings in the cool of The Magic Tree gardens by the inlet – and some outstanding music at both Ce Soir Beach (beach parties are FUN!) and at Le Château Ce Soir. This week, we have an array of delightful, outstanding events on both Tuesday and Thursday. Come join us, if you can!

Tuesday at The Magic Tree begins with another special hour with Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. Always bringing along some wonderful music to share, Russell reads the very best selections of prose and poetry imaginable. We love his Thoughts for the Day and readings from the magnificent Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo and Rules for Life by Richard Templar…plus other readings from across the literary horizon. Humour, drama and all the rest are well-represented in Russell‘s offerings, and you can count on a lovely hour, every week at Noon SLT. The music – sometimes including Russell’s own compositions, often focuses on the work of others. It’s always interesting and special. I’m doing my best to keep a listing, and will share it here one day. In the meantime, pop round and enjoy Russell reading – LIVE from North Wales at The Magic Tree!

This week, we also have a visit planned from the wonderful writer and reader Caledonia Skytower. She – a principal at the beautiful Seanchai Library in Second Life® and other virtual lands – will fly in to grace the reader’s throne and continue her series of readings from Stephen Fry’s work MYTHOS. These are stories of Grecian titans and gods that, in Fry’s telling, become brilliantly entertaining accounts of ribaldry and revelry, love affairs and life lessons, triumphs and tragedies. This week, she will read about Prometheus and the Creation of Humanity. That sounds absolutely fascinating, and we can’t wait! After all, Greek myths are the greatest stories ever. They have been passed down through millennia, and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce, Walt Disney – and Fry – have taken them on and presented them to us in forms that more than pique our interest. Do join us for this reading with Cale – 1:30 PM.

Wrapping up on Tuesday at The Magic TreeÆon Woodford will – at 2:30 PM – take us on another science fiction adventure with Ray Bradbury’s fantastic story “The Flying Machine.” Much more than a thrilling tale, this story challenges us in how we approach the future – and how what we think about the developments and progress of humanity matters. This story raises the important question of how – and if – technology should be monitored or regulated. In the story, whilst there are risks and drawbacks to developing “the flying machine,” the contraption also creates a lot of beauty. In fact, it releases the beauty to the world. Quite a conundrum emerges – and it’s a conundrum we still face, as technology continues to develop. How should it be used? Do we have a say? Interesting!

Come join us for these magnificent readings! We will be happy to welcome you.

Your ride is HERE.

The Magic Tree


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