Planning ahead at Ce Soir Arts…

We are quite busy planning some outstanding events, some of which are just around the corner…and some further into the future. Let’s work backwards, shall we?

Hallowe’en is on the horizon! Those of you who are regular readers already know how much we enjoy the spooky season ahead – and that The Mad Masquerade is just about our favourite annual event at Ce Soir Arts. This year, it’s going to be even more special, as we are adding some outstanding events to the schedule. In addition to the usual line-up of excellent musicians at the masquerade itself, there will be an array of spooktacular readings of prose and poetry – more than in any other year. You can look forward to some Lovecraft, some Poe, some Byron, some Shakespeare…and more! There will be specially-themed readings at The Magic Tree, Witchwood Hollow, The Graveyard Dungeon, and other – as yet unnamed! – locations at Ce Soir Arts. A unique diorama and art exhibit will delight with mystery and madness…!

Check the schedule below for information about Tuesday’s readings at The Magic Tree – and Russell‘s weekly concert at Château Ce Soir. Hints about what’s to come as the seasons change are noted there…especially with that reading of Lovecraft stories by Caledonia Skytower! CHILLING!!

There is other good news including Xirana Oximoxi‘s beautiful exhibit at Dover Beach Theatre. Summer Gardens will bring us such beauty to enjoy – through September. More information coming soon, so do check back!

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