End-of-Summer Beach Blow-Out This Thursday…!

We’ve had quite a summer at Ce Soir Arts. Marvellous readings at The Magic Tree and fantastic music at both Château Ce Soir and Ce Soir Beach have provided us with many restful – and invigorating – hours. We’ve relaxed under the canopy of The Magic Tree to be regaled by poetry, song, and story. There’s been elegant poetry – and that with a decided edge. We’ve laughed at humourous tales and been drawn to the edges of our seats by mysteries and more – exceptional sci-fi and sweet children’s stories have filled the hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as we’ve escaped the summer heat (or – for our Australian friends – the winter chill) by resting in the temperate glades. Now, as summer begins to fade, our attention turns more to the dark side…a bit of macabre tale-telling will soon be de riguer as time for the annual Mad Masquerade arrives! More soon….

For now, we thank our exceptionally talented readers including the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts Russell Eponym, whose weekly readings are the jewel of every week. So much to say about the erudite and charming Russell, whose extensive knowledge of literature and the arts makes every hour with him a treasure. And then, there’s Caledonia Skytower, a lead at Seanchai Library and contributor to Fantasty Faire and a hundred other events. Her readings encompass a wide variety of genres and are always spot on! Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver always brings something incredible to hear…with readings that are riveting. His voice lends itself to tale-telling – be it a humourous or dark story…both of which he relates with obvious relish. Of course, Dubhna Rhiadra, known far and wide as a teller of tales fantastic and/or rich with social commentary, is another of our regular readers. Whether she’s reaching back in time or reading something up-to-the-minute, it’s always an adventure!

Not to be outdone, the music scene has been vibrant as well. Of course, Russell Eponym is always in at Château Ce Soir on Thursdays at 2 PM. It’s 90 minutes of great music and fun with Russell – who’s a genius with fingerstyle guitar and has a repertoire of songs he calls (and aptly so) Folk, Blues, and Beyond! His velvety voice fills the hall with magic…. And then, on alternate Thursdays, the gifted musician and sound technician Donn Devore comes round to give us both music and stunning visuals to go with! He’s got an undeniable sound and a setlist of covers and originals that just won’t stop. He’s colourful, charismatic, and a whole lot of fun – whether we’re at the Château or out on the beach. Up next at 6 PM is a musician we wanted to have in for a long time. Finally, we made the schedule work – and we’re enjoying his signature style to the hilt! His beloved Ki comes along with her professional dance HUD – and everybody dances! Some use the venue’s couple dances for a bit of romance, but others pile on with Ki and friends to dance the night away to Anj and his cool collection of tunes. He’s affable and fantastic with guitar, piano, flute…etc. Another not-to-be missed show, every time! And then…the Australian powerhouse of chill and electronica pops round with his amazing staging and deeper than deep house music. Each original tune tells a tale – and he tells it well! Nuvolino has a light show that is outstanding and pulses along to the beat of the music. If you like to dance…come on over this Thursday. These shows are over-the-top good, whether we’re in the castle or on the beach,  dancing under the stars, having a blast!

And THIS WEEK it’s the end-of-summer bash to beat all bashes: The SUMMER BEACH BLOW-OUT! At 5 – 6 – and 7 PM SLT this Thursday: we know where you ought to be! Pop on over HERE! You might want to slip down to Mermaid Cove during the show…it’s near and you’ll be able to hear and dance in that cozy little spot!


We must mention ART! Even during the summer hiatus, galleries at Ce Soir Arts have brought us beauty to enjoy. Artists have graced us with fanciful faeries and luscious landscapes depicting the heat and full-on blossoming of spring-into-summer and beyond. We won’t soon forget those sweet sprites and rich summery views of shores teeming with travelers or trees heavy with rich green leaves as they shaded verdant fields abloom. Ah…summer! Perhaps I miss it already!

Not so fast! As previously noted, we’ve got summery views for you to enjoy a bit longer at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and the wonderful Catalan artist Xirana Oximoxi is in for the month of September at the Dover Beach Theatre with delightful florals and gardens. Xirana’s Summer Gardens is a gorgeous exhibit, and it’s opening just in time for a very special appearance by SKYE GALAXY, who will play at NOON on Sunday, 02 September. We cannot wait for this stellar performance and a visit by one of our very favourite people! Skye has been at the top of our list since he first set foot on the grid, and you must come hear him (if you have somehow not heard him yet!). He was away for a time, but has come in for a special series of shows in a Garden Tour that has been stupendous so far. And don’t forget! We just secured an hour with the fabulous DJ Stormy Somerton, who will come in and charm us all at 11 AM SLT! Her style is eclectic with a really nice edge that we at Ce Soir Arts enjoy. The next couple of postings will have ALL THE DETAILS! So check back soon!


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