Something special…at Ce Soir Arts: Skye Galaxy at The Ruins – Musical Magic!

Skye Galaxy

As summer fades into the glorious autumn, we take a pause in our planning to capture the last of summer – and in a very sweet way! I will post more details soon, but we have a date set for a show with Skye Galaxy. He will join us on Sunday, 02 September at NOON SLT. We are over the moon about this, as we have been fans and friends of this stellar lyricist and musician since his first performance on the grid several years ago. He’s been active in the music scene in the physical realm since stepping away from SL some time ago. Touring and recording with the likes of the very popular ATB are experiences on which he can draw as his exciting future unfolds. We are thrilled that he’s come back in-world to conduct a Garden Tour, visiting various regions and performing for region-filling crowds each weekend. Each show is – as always – a busy, happy affair, and the music is even more wonderful. That exquisite voice is has retained its magical qualities, touched now with a new depth and dimension. As always, that first piano note calls to us – and we follow as Skye takes us on a magic carpet ride of sound. There are more delicious originals from his own pen too…so don’t miss this exceptional event!

Ruins at Eventide

We’re working out the details now, but we have a special spot reserved for Skye and his piano. It’s a very meaningful place for us and we are excited to share it with him – and with you. It’s The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts – a place where Æon and I come to reflect together. There’s a spiritual quality to this spot on the region…something we treasure and share.

The beautiful artist Xirana Oximoxi has agreed to an exhibit at Dover Beach Theatre. Xirana’s Summer Garden is a stunning collection of her sensitive portrayals of natural beauty. Her work is absolutely beautiful, so you’ll want to enjoy it along with all the other things going on at Ce Soir Arts. The next posting will be all about those beautiful floral and garden artworks. The exhibit will open officially on 01 September and will grace the grounds through the month. We’ll enjoy summer a bit longer because these images will linger and bring us much joy as the seasons shift.

As always…Mireille & Æon

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