Through September at Dover Beach Theatre: Xirana’s Summer Gardens by Xirana Oximoxi

We are so pleased to host another exhibit by the wonderful Catalan artist Xirana Oximoxi at Ce Soir Arts. When I asked if she could provide some of her stunning floral paintings and garden views, she quickly responded, and the exhibit is open! These works tie nicely with our Summer Gardens theme, and enrich the experience of visiting the region. We are hosting special performances by DJ Stormy and Skye Galaxy on Sunday, 02 September, and the area is a restful garden – sweetly appointed by Xirana‘s gorgeous artworks.

Here you will find striking impressionistic interpretations of floral beauty and landscapes that evoke a delightful sense of communion with nature. The artist’s commitment to her own creative process is evident in the detail of her work, borne of active artistic research and the exploration of new expressive possibilities. Her work is a journey of sensitivity. Rich colours are often softened, but always find their way to full presence in many of her pieces – the hues dance across the canvas in a beautiful ballet, no matter the medium; her brushwork is superb. She is adept with many including oils, watercolour, acrylic, ink, charcoal and pastels. This facility with media opens Xirana to innovation, and brings us a lovely experience as we take in the wonder of her work.

Do come enjoy at Dover Beach Theatre in Ce Soir Arts. Visit on 02 September and also enjoy the music of DJ Stormy (11 am) and Skye Galaxy (12 noon). The exhibit of this splendid collection by Xirana Oximoxi will rest here through September, but its images and meanings will be with you for many moons. As the seasons shift, come enjoy these precious remembrances of a vibrant, tranquil summer!

Xirana’s Summer Gardens Exhibit Open through September

Dover Beach Theatre in Ce Soir Arts

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