DJ Stormy and Skye Galaxy at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts – 02 September


DJ Stormy & Skye Galaxy – The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts

There are many reasons to celebrate this coming weekend, especially if you live in the US. It’s the long Labor Day Weekend, a federal holiday set aside to celebrate work and workers – and many will have Monday off to enjoy a last hurrah of summer. There will be family and neighbourhood gatherings for cookouts and the last of summer activities as the school year resumes and the weather begins its long, slow shift into autumn.

At Ce Soir Arts, we have our own reasons for having a party this weekend. Of course, we will be celebrating the onset of cooler weather, but as Æon often reminds us – it’s always a balmy 72° Fahrenheit at Ce Soir! Presently, it’s especially cool in the garden glades of the region, and our favourite spot – The Ruins – is going to be exceptionally busy on Sunday.

At 11 AM, the delightful DJ STORMY SOMERTON will bring her enchanting, edgy, and eclectic session to the SL airwaves. It will be a grand hour of dancing and chatting as we gather to enjoy her specially-chosen selections. You know it’s going to be fun, so you might as well hop on over to the Ruins at Ce Soir Arts for the Garden Party. Bring your smile, because you’re going to need it – and don’t forget your EARS! Stormy’s disc sessions are always more than a treat, and energy will be high, even as we relax in the soothing environment. We’ll see you HERE, and we will be happy to welcome you to Ce Soir Arts!

Up next at NOON SLT, our all-time fave – SKYE GALAXY – will take a seat at the piano to share his absolutely stunning music. Skye has returned to SL for a summer tour, and it’s been a fantastic journey for his fans and friends; his enjoyment of singing and playing for us has been a treat for everyone. His exquisite voice has a mystical quality, a richness that imbues its range with magic. From sweet whispery tones to full-on vibrato and falsetto, Skye has it all. At the first note on the piano, we are ready to follow wherever this musical artist will lead. It’s guaranteed to be a time you won’t soon forget. Come join us HERE – and do come early to grab a spot. This stellar performer will take your breath away!

Come…be inspired!

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