The Mad Masquerade 2018 is coming…! And you’re invited!

Just a quick note today. The Mad Masquerade 2018 is indeed near! Outstanding art exhibits will open at all three galleries, late day on 20 October. We have a wonderful array of artists, all looking at the spooky, the frightful, and a whole lot more! Look for a post soon outlining everything – and everyone! Until then, get ready for something very special….

The readings that will be scheduled throughout the event will be presented by exceptional spoken word artists. Included are RUSSELL EPONYM (Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts), CALEDONIA SKYTOWER (of Seanchai Library and more), Master Storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER, author and spinner of tales fantastic DUBHNA RHIADRA, sci-fi aficionado and English lit professor ǢON WOODFORD, and meeee (MIREILLE)! You won’t believe the fright-night tales that await you in some of the spookiest surroundings imaginable.

Of course, on THURSDAY, 25 October we will enjoy The Mad Masquerade Ball! It’s one of two this year, and on that Thursday, RUSSELL EPONYM plays at 2 PM with his signature folk, blues & beyond – at Witchwood Hollow here at Ce Soir Arts! Dress in costume as you wish and come enjoy this SPOOKTACULAR EVENT!

Then, return at 5 PM SLT for a stellar hour with DONN DEVORE, master of cutting-edge electronica. He comes with a unique and outstanding repertoire including several instruments and a commanding voice and a spectacular backdrop with particles, driven by MINTY MAGIC! It’s quite an experience!

At 6 PM, the multi-faceted ANJ GUSTAFSON will step in with his incredible setlist – all set off perfectly by dancing, courtesy professional SL dancer KIRAN SPORG. ANJ will ROCK the hollow and nearby cemetery. Hmmm…I wonder whom he might awaken with his awesome sounds!

Following ANJ, Aussie trance-master NUVOLINO will call us into the Old Abandoned Church for a very special hour of his original made-for-dancing music…and drama! It’s over-the-top, and a whole lot of spooky FUN! Just you wait, friends! MUAHAHAHAHA!

ALL THE ABOVE is just for The Mad Masquerade Ball Number One! Yes, there’s another one…on 28 October, starting at 1 PM SLT with the sparkling and edgy DJ par excellence STORMY SOMERTON! She is queen of special shows, and an hour with her is more than enjoyable…well, you just come and see for yourself!

After that exceptional hour, we have the return of the amazing (and I mean ah-MAZ-ing!) RED HEAVEN with Joel Eilde! This Canadian rocker goes way beyond where you might expect…and it’s always a fantastic ride! There just isn’t anything else like Joel and his band. The lovely BonBon will be here too, so do not miss this!!!!

More information – and photos – coming soon! Watch for it! And in the meantime, pop on over to the region and look about. Here’s the LM to Witchwood Hollow at Ce Soir Arts…and don’t forget to look UNDERGROUND TOO………..!


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