The Mad Masquerade 2018 has begun…opening formally 22 October…

The Mad Masquerade 2018 has begun! With a few technical glitches besetting us, we will be fully open with outstanding exhibits in all galleries on Monday, 22 October. These things happen in our virtual world, and we roll with it all!

Note the kiosks at each location with a notecard and LMs to all the galleries – and do enjoy the additional 3D art you will see around the region. For example, Kicca Igaly and nessuno Myoo have given us two magnificent works (the one below created by Kicca) to enjoy at Witchwood Hollow! Look for the work by nessuno to be posted soon as well.

Signs are out at the galleries, and notices will go out as soon as things are ready, and all will be well for a fantastic event!

Teschio - by Kicca Igaly - 2018
Teschio – by Kicca Igaly at Witchwood Hollow


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