Brief outline of artists participating in The Mad Masquerade Exhibit 2018

We are thrilled that things are coming together well for The Mad Masquerade 2018. Musicians are ready for the TWO Mad Masquerade Balls this year (see an earlier posting for more of the exciting details…and return for even more soon!)….

As for the Mad Masquerade Art Exhibit, we could not be happier with the way these marvellous artists have captured the theme…and have run with it! There will be much more information about the exhibit and these exceptional artists, but for now, we provide a listing of those participating and making The Mad Masquerade 2018 so spooktacular! The art will be on exhibit through 22 November, so do come round and take your time enjoying all they have to offer.

At Côte de la Mer Galerie is the centrepiece of the exhibit. A moving and important artwork by Ricco Saens is highlighted. More information will be posted soon, so do look for it, but you can gather what you need to know now by visiting his wonderful BLOG. Look back too, if you’ve not visited before, as Ricco provides some thoughtful insights on life in SL™. You don’t want to miss his photography either…so hop on over. You will be moved by his latest posting regarding this amazing work: Your anger, your facism.

Also at Côte de la Mer Galerie, and offering some beautiful dark art for your enjoyment: Zack Elliott with deeply moving emotional pieces, Owen Landar with stunning works from the spooky season, Isabel Hermano with some of her outstanding iPhonography pieces, and one by me (Mireille) that is a poem I wrote in response to a gorgeous piece that Secret Rage shared with us several years ago. It is a tender piece for me, personally, and I am honoured to share it – especially this time, given the art by Ricco.

At Ivy Tower, those incredible Monsters from Silas Merlin once again add to the fright-night theme. Check the notecard for information on how you might own these ghoulish sculptures. Xanthe Firehawk has increased the number of her outstanding fantasy works from the eerie dark side, and Michael Romani has provided a series of eight horror works that will set your hair on fire. I’ve added a compilation of more scary works by Secret Rage, and Larke Longmeadow offers us a softer view of the fearful season with two lovely pieces.

At Misty Glen Gallery, you will find an array of art that will spark your fears as well. Scotland’s CybeleMoon has graced us with two beautiful, misty works and Isabel Hermano offers us two more spooky pieces to enjoy. Relatively new artist Viktor Savior has three colourful nature pieces that evoke mystery, and the wonderful Mathilde Vhargon returns with two of her striking modern pieces to give us a delightful jolt. Our old friend Liam Saxony, no longer in SL™ but definitely not forgotten has two of his spiritually moving pieces up (not for sale) and I (Mireille) have placed two of my personal favourites to share.

Don’t forget about the sculptural 3D art that is sprinkled about the place (see an earlier post about something wonderful from Kicca Igaly!). Kicca, nessuno Myoo, Terra Merhyem, and Silas Merlin have spooky wonders in store!

Do plan to come round – all will be open tomorrow – if not late tonight! Read back for some other details, and – as always – more information coming soon! MAIN LANDING has all the LMs….

Château Ce Soir at Ce Soir Arts

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