Join us for The Mad Masquerade Ball #1 – 25 October at Witchwood Hollow….

As HALLOWE‘EN nears, it is time for the FIFTH Annual MAD MASQUERADE BALL #1.

Join us on Thursday, 25 October as RUSSELL EPONYM starts us off with 90 minutes of exceptionally enjoyable music. Dress in your HALLOWE‘EN finery and come to Witchwood Hollow at Ce Soir Arts for a grand time! Russell offers a growing collection of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Lyrically beautiful and musically rich, the Russell Eponym sound invites the listener in. This troubadour has the talent and wisdom that makes for a fantastic show. This time, it’s the beginning of a marvelous evening of ghoulish fun!

After a short break, DONN DEVORE takes the stage at 5 PM. DONN is a professional musician and technician of sound, and his electronic music is out-of-this-world wonderful. It’s like a magic carpet ride across the universe – and it comes complete with background visuals that set off those astounding original tunes perfectly. DONN has an exceptional sense of the time and movement of music, and you don’t want to miss this hour. It’s guaranteed SPOOKTACULAR!

The fun is not over yet! Next, the deeply talented ANJ GUSTAFSON is on board at 6 PM. This multi-instrumental musician and commanding vocalist brings a cool repertoire of classic rock and modern tunes – including a taste of his own outstanding songs. Stellar performances from his extensive repertoire let us dance the night away with Anj! So dress up in your HALLOWE‘EN finery and come for the joy! Ki will be along with her dance HUD to add to the fun! 

NUVOLINO steps up at 7 PM to take us on his own musical journey. NUVO is a professional musician from Australia who offers an eclectic blend of original tunes made of smooth sonic magic mixed with an undeniable tempo. You just HAVE to dance when Nuvo is around! Come join for this hour of CHILL us as this ambient musician explores his special sound to delight our ears as we chill and wind down the MAD MASQUERADE BALL #1.

Dress like you mean HALLOWE‘EN for this awesome celebration of all the amazing art that fills the region! Look back a bit for details of what’s in at all the galleries! On Thursday, as the crows fly, we’ll be at Witchwood Hollow in Ce Soir Arts, so come on over! Trick or Treat has never been this good! (PS: YES, there will be a MAD MASQUERADE BALL #2 – on Sunday, 28 October featuring the stunning DJ STORMY SOMERTON and the incredible RED HEAVEN with JOEL EILDE! More on that in just a bit…so stay tuned!)

Witchwood Hollow awaits! MUAHAHAHAHA!

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