The Mad Masquerade Number Two – More Marvellous Music & More!

Have we got a PARTY for you! The celebrations continue with MAD MASQUERADE BALL Number TWO this Sunday, 28 October. It’s going to be FANGTASTIC, and you are definitely invited to gather at Witchwood Hollow in Ce Soir Arts for outstanding music, dancing, and general partying. After all, we’re celebrating THE MAD MASQUERADE ART EXHIBITS, found all over the region. You’ll enjoy every bit, so do plan to join us!

To get the party started, the delightful DJ STORMY SOMERTON will welcome us with a specially-chosen setlist from her enchanting, edgy and eclectic mix of terrific tunes! Stormy will have us dancing with delight and chatting up a – well, STORM! Her setlists are always spot-on and delivered with an undeniable charm that makes the hour fly by. Join us at Witchwood Hollow at 1 PM SLT to celebrate!

To carry on, we have master musician Joel Eilde coming by with his really cool band RED HEAVEN! These guys know what they are doing – with guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, percussion instruments…and those amazing vocals! If you have somehow missed this Canadian powerhouse of sound, you simply MUST come over at 2 PM SLT! We’ll be ready to greet you and Joel and his bandmates will be ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Crypt by the stage at Witchwood Hollow

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