Dark Autumn Art Exhibit with Mireille – Now Open at Maria’s Dream Island Gallery!

Those who know me understand my love of autumn…and of the dark and moody tempo of the season. Not only is autumn gloriously gorgeous in the physical realm, it is also deeply beautiful in our virtual world as well. So many wonderful creators have paid homage to the seasons in their innovative construction of natural elements. Their artistry makes the season come alive with colour in a grand array of tones and tints to rival what we experience in the physical. Brilliant brights sashay about with dark, sombre tones….

All the elements are present, and shade and shadow bring emotion to the fore…as darkness and light play together in a dramatic dance. Dark and gloomy gambol with bright and lush in the enveloping environments we can create for ourselves. Windlight® is part of the picture, but there is so much more we can use in developing a scene, creating a mood, exploring an attitude, experiencing an emotion, soaking in an atmosphere….

I have shared some of my Words & Pictures® in SL™ before, most often at one of our own galleries in Ce Soir Arts. I’ve considered seeking a Linden Endowment for the Arts™ region for expression, but have been so engaged at home with events like The Mad Masquerade ongoing now at Ce Soir, that I have not ventured far. And then…the wonderful Frank Lax and his lovely partner Maria asked me to exhibit at their wonderful gallery space at Maria’s Dream Island. I have known Frank, primarily through connection to our beloved Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts Russell Eponym, for some time. Frank is a fine man whose SL™ endeavours have always been exceptional, and so after chatting with him and Maria, I jumped at the chance to exhibit there.

The gallery is out-of-doors, a beautiful open-air space that offers great opportunity to create an exhibit that expresses the artist’s deepest passions – on many levels. I have always wanted to explore a bit more with erotic art, and I have taken a step in that direction here…albeit a tiny one. As I explained to Frank and Maria – who are very kind and accommodating to artists – this step is an important one, for it has set me on a path of new exploration, which is the artist’s dream…to explore further the depth and breadth of what lies within.

It would please me no end if you were to come see my work at Maria’s. Come explore with me the gathering of themes that have come together in this exhibit. I will post more detail about that as time passes, so we can explore together what I am learning about my art in the wonderful world of SL. The exhibit is open now through November 25…so there is time to linger and go deep within yourself with these themes: Predator / Vampyr Dreams / Nocturne / Après la Mascarade / After the Deluge…and others. I will go deeper still, as I stand on the precipice of so much more…so stay tuned! The Vernissage, which was canceled due to technical issues experienced by all on 28 October, has been postponed until 07 November, but the exhibit is open now. Russell Eponym, who was one of many who could not log in that day, will play for the event at 11 AM SLT on that date. I hope you will join us!

My appreciation to Frank and Maria knows no limit. Do visit their exciting, inviting region. It is an Adult region, where they explore the enticements of “watching and being watched” – and more. It’s a lovely place with areas dedicated to erotic exploration, to music, to art. Go and enjoy…and if you visit my exhibit, please tip them generously for their tireless work. No need to buy any of my pieces, although many are set for sale. And, should you buy and have any questions or needs related to a piece, simply IM me in-world; I will be happy to hear from you. However, please simply visit and enjoy. Let my poetry and pictures touch you in whatever way they might…hear my voice whispering to you of the beauty that rests at the intersection of darkness and light…


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