Spooky Readings on Hallowe’en at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts…Boo!

◥▲◤HALLOWEEN at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts – 31 October 2018◥▲◤

The MAD MASQUERADE season continues, as Halloween brings us some of the spookiest readings around – and in a ghoulish setting that will have you looking about for ghosts! Check the Spooktacular schedule!

Join us for fangtastic readings…at The Graveyard Dungeon….muahahaha!

NOON: MORGUE MCMILLAN – Morgue’s work is exceptional – well-written and expertly read. These are poems and stories rich in Imagery that are perfect for the spooky season. Morgue is a professional poet and instructor in the art of writing. Come enjoy her beautiful…and riveting presentation! Her partner, talented musician Brendan Shoreland may join her for some tuneful interludes.

1 PM: Master storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will have us on the edges of our seats, wondering and being a tad bit frightened, highlighting the fright of the Hallowe’en season. Bryn, with his outstanding reading talents, will have us utterly transfixed with spine-tingling readings perfect for the season! Muahahaha!

2 PM: The engaging writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA explores the reality of Poe, master of the spooky tale, reading from Angela Carter’s “The Cabinet of Edgar Allen Poe.” We will come away understanding and appreciating Poe’s scary works more than ever. There is a bit of mystery here, so come learn with us at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts!

3 PM: Spoken word maven, CALEDONIA SKYTOWER brings her magnificent reading skills to share fright-night thrills from Hoban’s “The Man With The Dagger” and San Souci’s “The Quilt” on this spooky night. Come join us for this ghoulish adventure with expert writer and reader Caledonia. Her work with Seanchai Library is legendary – and for good reason! These tales are just right for fright-night Hallowe’en!

4 PM: AEON WOODFORD – sci-fi aficionado – drops in to scare us with Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” – THE sci-fi chiller! There are no words to adequately convey the chill of this creepy tale that will set your teeth on edge! AEON has just the voice for this too…so come join us in the eerie surroundings of The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts!

Your hearse awaits HERE!


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