Winter Hiatus Underway – But Fun at Ce Soir Arts Continues!

We are taking a bit of a wintry hiatus in order to rest, relax, and enjoy the holidays with the family. Of course, we’ll be around for readings and shows, but you might not see us as often for a few months. There are some changes ahead at Ce Soir Arts – and they’re all good changes that will allow us specific hours off (primarily RL evenings) to tend to some other things that have our attention at the moment. Among them? Planning for the future!

Marvellous readings at The Magic Tree will continue. On Tuesdays at Noon, Poet Laureate Russell Eponym shares a beautiful hour. Do pop round to be charmed by this premier reader and musician, who streams LIVE from Wales! Join us for an hour of reading, rumination, and song that will delight and educate. Reading from an eclectic mix of classical and modern poetry and literature, Russell holds our attention. His kindly spirit and lively wit (and wisdom!) make every hour an unforgettable experience. Sharing music from other artists broadens our horizons, and we are treated to some of his own compositions as well.

Wednesdays will continue – every-other-week – to offer us three hours of enjoyment in Storytime at The Magic Tree. Up at 1 PM SLT, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, who does indeed weave tales with finesse, will share many fascinating stories from his travels! His dialects and character-driven intonations make his readings exceptional; he embodies the stories he presents and offers us many literary insights into various cultures. He always comes dressed for the genre or culture, and is ready to take us on a magic carpet ride to a range of destinations.

Next, on those same Wednesdays, the charming maven of fantasy and more – Dubhna Rhiadra – steps to the fore with her own brand of wonderful storytelling. As a gifted spoken word artist and writer, Dubhna has explored the worlds of fantasy with a keen eye. Her grasp of the faery culture alone makes her a premier presenter. Come fall under the spell as Dubhna recounts story after story of mystical creatures and marvelous twists and turns in the lives of those who inhabit the wood, the underworld…and beyond! Historical tales and those of modern times come to life in these readings.

To put a fine wrap on Storytime, one of the most well-known and beloved of spoken word artists takes the Reader’s Throne at 3 PM SLT. Caledonia Skytower, principal at the beautiful Seanchai Library in Second Life® and other grids, brings delightful tales to tell. Virtual Reality knows her well, as do many in the world of theatre and writing in the physical realm, and we are pleased to welcome Cale to The Magic Tree. Celtic tales about family, very relatable stories from the classics to now offer her opportunities to explore drama – and often, humour – in her readings. We hear her own work too and are always charmed by her sharing. Sometimes, she brings a collaborator along. Come enjoy!

NOTE: Look for the addition of readers to those other Wednesdays in 2019! We are excited about that so look for an announcement in January!

Thursdays, recently alive with spectacular music across the spectrum, will be a bit quieter – especially in evening hours, after the Christmas Party on 20 December. More on that in a bit! You must come enjoy this celebration, as it will be extra-special! Kicking off the evening at 2 PM SLT, Russell Eponym delights us with 90 minutes of his own folk, blues, and beyond! Historical folk tales set to music and an array of fabulous songs (both originals and well-chosen covers) will have us in a party mood in no time! Then, at 5 PM, the fantastic ambient and electronic musician Nuvolino will bring his all-original dance party sounds in at 5 PM – complete with light show and dancing thrills with Aki! At 6 PM, the wonderfully talented king of classic rock, multi-instrumental musician and commanding vocalist, Anj Gustafson gets us grooving in a true party atmosphere! The fun continues when the ever-amazing Donn Devore pops in with his striking electronic music, straight from his always-running unique and stunning creative process. There is such movement in his music, it’s like a magic carpet ride across the universe! You must come enjoy HOLIDAY PARTYTIME at Château Ce Soir!

And so…after the Christmas Party, we pause. That pause will continue in early 2019, especially on Thursday through Monday nights. Some family things and an artistic opportunity have arisen in the ‘RL,’ as many call it, and we must attend to all. As the old saying goes, the more things change the more they remain the same – as noted at the top of this post. More spoken word and theatrical events are in store – along with some very special holiday parties! Don’t miss the upcoming Valentine’s Day Party that will bring us some outstanding music to dance to – from dear friends – right on 14 February! Also…new art exhibits – in new gallery spaces! – are also on the docket for 2019. Look for more information soon…and have a beautiful holiday season! We cherish our friends and family in Second Life®, and we thank you for being part of it!

Winter Holiday at Ce Soir Arts by Mireille

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