Valentine’s Week at Ce Soir Arts – Love Conquers All!

Most everyone adores Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are exceptions, but it seems clear that regular visitors to Ce Soir Arts are of the romantic persuasion. And so, we move into this special week with joy! Have a look at what we have in store below…with more detail coming soon about the Valentine’s Day Party and Saturday with Skye & Friends!

¸。。¸VALENTINE’S WEEK at Ce Soir Arts¸。。¸
12 – 13 – 14 – 16 February 2019

TUESDAY – A lovely reading at The Magic Tree with our Poet Laureate!
NOON – RUSSELL EPONYM: Outstanding Poetry & Song
Join us as he explores the worlds of music and literature…with a hint of the romance to come for Valentine’s Day! He’ll be playing at the big party on Thursday, so don’t miss this preview!


WEDNESDAYStorytime Readings at The Magic Tree

10 AM – AOIFE LOREFIELD with beautiful Celtic literature to delight!
Charming tales from Robert Kirk’s “The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries” will enchant us as she continues reading from this marvelous tome! Aoife began the reading last week, and so we are very early in these recounting. Don’t miss a session – it’s fascinating!

11 AM – MORGUE MCMILLAN SHORELAND with original poetry
Morgue brings her beautiful writing to share with us as we relax beneath the boughs at The Magic Tree. Her work is rich with both form and content, as she often speaks to important personal and social matters in her lovely writing. Come…be engaged in this wodrous hour!

Catch this breeze to The Magic Tree HERE!


——–You are invited to dress formally, but dressy casual is fine!——-
2 PM – RUSSELL EPONYM – LIVE from Wales – Folk, Blues & Beyond
Russell will have a charming Valentine’s Day theme with lovely music for us to enjoy in this 90-minutes musical programme!
6 PM – ANJ GUSTAFSON – Cool Contemporary Tunes & Dancing
With a focus on love, Anj’s set will delight as friends gather to groove and enjoy as we trip the light fantastic to dance the night away!                                                                                                  7 PM – DONN DEVORE – Stunning Original Electronica
Donn brings a stellar show of sights and sounds! He will light up the night!
LOVE in Words and Music – A collaborative presentation!
There are some songs that find a path into the heart of love, and some poems written by those who see deeply into life. Caldedonia and DJ Ktahdn take turns reading and playing songs, together weaving for us a glowing, delightful work. Come enjoy this romantic wrap on our Valentine’s Day party! Dancing whilst listening is encouraged!
CALEDONIA will read poetry in Voice, so have your ears on!
DJ KTAHDN will provide the music on stream.

Your ride to Château Ce Soir is HERE!


¸。。¸SPECIAL THIS WEEK at Ce Soir Arts¸。。¸
NOON – DJ STORMY SOMERTON – As always, Stormy brings her best set of very cool, edgy rock and delightful banter! What a great way to start the party!
12:30 PM – MIMI CARPENTER – With her lilting voice and lovely songs to sing, Mimi will again charm us as we enjoy the gathering of friends!
1 PM – SKYE GALAXY – This singular artist offers us an hour of his stellar signature sound. Come along for a musical magic carpet ride with Skye!

To land at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts, click HERE!

Come…be inspired tonight!
Mireille & Ǣon, Co-Owners
Ce Soir Arts

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