Valetine’s Day Party to offer wonderful music and poetry…

Valentine’s Day is a very sweet reminder of the gifts of love. Among those gifts is artistry – something we know something about in Second Life®. The space for creativity that our virtual world offers opens us to the possibilities of artistic expression. Visual art, music, dance, poetry and literature abound and bring much joy – and the creativity of those who provide the breathtaking landscapes and the structures and articles of virtual reality make the verisimilitude sing! And just think of our avatars – our clothing, hair, and expressiveness. Amazing!

And so…let us celebrate! Join us on 14 February at Château Ce Soir for a Valentine’s Day party to remember! Dress to the nines in formal attire or dressy casual and come along for what promises to be something special indeed. The theme of love will be woven throughout and the last event of the evening will take your breath away!

That being the case, I’ll start with that – a truly marvelous collaborative presentation by two of the most innovative inhabitants of our world: CALEDONIA SKYTOWER and DJ KTAHDN VESUVINO. These two gifted spirits join forces to create an hour of poetry and music that must be experienced. The result is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, they have chosen lovely poetry from across the ages and beautiful music so in synch with the message that it warms the heart. “LOVE in Words & Music” is an event not to be missed!

Join us at Château Ce Soir for an evening of music and dancing that begins earlier in the day at 2 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM- and this beautiful event at 8 PM SLT. Dancing is encouraged during the presentation! Cale will be reading in Voice, so have your ears on – and enjoy the music Ktahdn will provide on stream at the same time!

Earlier, we have more unmatched music and dancing to enjoy as we celebrate the season of LOVE! Excellent musicians – RUSSELL EPONYM, ANJ GUSTAFSON, and DONN DEVORE will deliver a soundtrack for the most wonderful Valentine’s Party!

At 2 PM, Russell Eponym will bring a special theme to his usual 90-minute show of folk, blues, and beyond! Beautiful original music and well-chosen covers highlight his many talents. Intricate guitar stylings; creative lyrics and tunes; and his rich, velvety voice fill the castle with magic! Formal attire or dressy casual are perfect for this enjoyable event.

RUSSELL EPONYM – Folk, Blues, & Beyond!

After a short break, we return at 6 PM SLT to Château Ce Soir for more fantastic music with none other than grid favourite ANJ GUSTAFSON! This multi-faceted performer is a talented guitarist, keyboardist, flautist, and vocalist who always brings an hour of contemporary sounds that have us dancing the night away! Anj has a cool repertoire that includes his own lovely compositions (I’ll request “Crystal Lake”!) and an exceptional collection of tunes from creative artists such as Collective Soul, Radiohead, and Coldplay. It’s an hour of sweet music and banter just perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration!

ANJ GUSTAFSON – Multifaceted musician!

Up next at 7 PM is another of SL’s gifted musicians – technician of sound, DONN DEVORE. This innovative creator of stunning electronica always provides an hour of soaring music. We’re having a party, and Donn will have us riveted with his incredible talents with the guitar, keyboard, and electronic instrument – not to mention that amazing voice. Add to that his electric light show…and it’s definitely a party! Donn has an array of stunning original material, and he usually peppers it with his own renditions of tunes by the likes of Pink Floyd, Sting, and other exceptional artists. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

DONN DEVORE-Soaring original electronica!

AND THEN…at 8 PM, as previously noted, CALEDONIA and KTAHDN will put the perfect wrap on the evening with a captivating hour of poetry and music that will delight and elevate us in the best of what Valentine’s Day has to offer – sweet romance at its best! Don’t miss this exceptional collaborative presentation! In fact, don’t miss a moment of the 2019 Ce Soir Arts Valentine’s Day Party! You are always welcome here, but are especially invited to come enjoy this evening of star-studded entertainment.

Special presentation – 8 PM!

Dress up in your elegant best (or wear your favourite dressy casual outfit) and come join us! Your limousine to Château Ce Soir is HERE!

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