Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit Opens 21 March at Ce Soir Arts

As spring dawns, it’s time to turn our attention to the beauty of nature – and the beauty of the human spirit. We – in the northern hemisphere – are coming through the last dreary days of winter, moving slowly into the freshness of spring! Winter is beautiful: snow sparkling in the moonlight, sweet red cardinals taking refuge in snowy firs, and the warmth of home enveloping us as we come in from the cold. But spring! And awakenings!

Some of us in the US and EUR have had very difficult weather to contend with this winter. LOADS of snow, blizzard conditions, icy roads, and below-zero temperatures have challenged us to the core. Amidst the beauty of the winter wonderland, there have also been slippery roads, roofs groaning under the weight of wet snow, and heating systems that were sometimes shaky – or worse. That sort of dismal description may seem a bit overblown…until you live it. And so, we look forward to fresh air, sunshine, green grass, flowers budding, and outdoor activities to help us shake the winter blahs.

To us at Ce Soir Arts, spring is more than a change in the weather. It’s a symbol for new life…possibility. And so, the idea for SPRING AWAKENINGS Art Exhibit is more than a call for lovely florals and brighter skies. Of course, those are part of the celebration of the season, but we’ve asked our artists to explore those and consider going a bit deeper by asking them, “What inspires you, moves your spirit, opens your mind, broadens your horizons? What frees you of winter doldrums. Listen to yourself…hear your own voice…express it in your art.”

We have quite a group of wonderful artists preparing their works now. We’ll be placing them soon…some as early as this coming weekend. It will take some time, as we are using the entire region to display this marvelous art. To celebrate, we’re having in some fantastic musicians for a night of excellent entertainment! More details will be posted soon, but please plan to join us on 21 March! The festivities begin at 2 PM and will go through the evening. There are some special moments to come!


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