Spring Awakenings at Ce Soir Arts…and beautiful readings at The Magic Tree

With the region brimming with beautiful artistic representations of the awakening of spring, we continue on with exceptional literary events at The Magic Tree. In fact, three of our readers have some of their writing – paired with art (some of it their very own) – for your enjoyment. Do stop near The Magic Tree to have a look at Poet Laureate Russell Eponym‘s original paintings paired with his own song lyrics. Eleven in all are shared in a slideshow that is charming indeed! Additionally, some of poet Morgue McMillan-Shoreland‘s original writings are presented with illustrative photographs – and I share some of my Words & Pictures (original poetry and photographs).


This week, we have another wonderful hour with the Poet Laureate at his usual Tuesday hour at noon SLT. Russell Eponym‘s readings are always a joy, as various storybooks, poetry, and thoughtful writings are shared. Presently, he is reading from Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Vol I (2004). It’s a fascinating look at Dylan’s early career and offers many insights into his talent. Russell often shares from Richard Templar’s The Rules of Life and another wonderful life guide – Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo. Add to these a beautiful array of poetry from across the ages AND some very interesting music to share (his own and others), it’s always a marvelous hour! Join us at Noon each Tuesday.

Also this week, Wednesday’s Storytime at The Magic Tree brings us wonders galore! We alternate each week and this time, the three-hour event begins with Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver bringing us a variety of excellent stories – some has written himself. He often shares frightening chills and thrills as well as outstanding humourous and dramatic pieces for our entertainment. Bryn reads with an amazing array of dialects and characterisations that are incredibly appealing, drawn directly from the literature and his own rich imagination. Join us at 1 PM and experience it for yourself!

Well-known reader and writer Dubhna Rhiadra steps up next at 1 PM SLT, bringing along with her a vast collection of fantasy and other readings. She is an incredible sleuth when it comes to finding exceptional tales to tell – many of them historic and cultural in nature. She is an animated reader, and an hour with her is always an adventure. She has been reading The King of the Copper Mountains by Paul Biegel. Old King Masolain is dying…unless the Wonder Doctor can find a cure. As he searches, the kingdom’s inhabitants visit each night to keep the King going with interesting stories. I think we’ll discover this week if the doctor delivers the cure in time. Join us for the intrigue!

To wrap up Storytime this week, beloved writer and reader Caledonia Skytower joins us for an hour that is always just a joy. Her collection of outstanding stories and poetry is truly exceptional, and her reading is sensitive and expressive. Last time, Cale shared one of her own writings – the first of the Liam stories, The Fairy Tree. Our young man had an adventure, rich with learning and growth, and it was a delight to hear. We can’t wait for another installment! However, Cale – who is a principal at the wonderful Seanchai Library – has a rich compendium of her own works as well as those from others. She specializes in Celtic literature, but draws from the world’s best authors including the likes of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. In short, she brings everything from drama and riotous humour when she’s at The Magic Tree. We hope you can join us at 3 PM SLT.

Enjoy Spring – especially if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Our friends from “down under” the Equator can come enjoy the season in-world too! The point is beauty…and we have it in abundance at Ce Soir Arts. Come…be inspired tonight!

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