Time for a Road Trip! Ce Soir Arts Readers to Fantasy Faire LitFest this Week!

Every year, we join thousands of Second Life™ residents who get more excited about FANTASY FAIRE! There is just so much to love about this spring event. Of course, part of that is the fact that all funds raised go to benefit RELAY FOR LIFE OF SL™ – a long-standing charity in our virtual world that is connected to the American Cancer Society. I’m posting the link to the LitFest Schedule at the Fantasy Faire website…and do check those impressive fundraising totals that are posted on that page as they add up! This is definitely something everyone can take part in, because absolutely every L$ counts!

We’re especially excited this year, as several of our regular readers at The Magic Tree will be sharing some wonderful poetry, music, and stories at this year’s event. It all happens for us on a grand Road Trip this very week! Here’s the pictorial schedule – and more details below about each event. It’s going to be exceptional, so do come along!


Here are a few details about each special reading along with the LM for Undertoe. That is the reading area at the Trollhaugen region. It’s a lovely wooded area, just perfect for our readers from The Magic Tree!

Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, will stream LIVE from Wales to join us at LitFest for Fantasy Faire! This will be at his usual reading time at The Magic Tree – NOON on Tuesday, 23 April. His extensive knowledge, kindly spirit, and lively wit and wisdom make every hour an unforgettable experience. Reading from an eclectic mix of some of the best poets and writers of all time, he sometimes peppers in his own original writing. Russell generally opens with a beautiful selection of music from across the artistic horizon and often brings out the guitar for an original song. It’s absolutely magical!

On Wednesday, 24 April, the lovely Aoife Lorefield – a principal with Team Fantasy Faire – will read wonderful stories from beloved science fiction and children’s author Ursula K. Le Guin. LitFest is honouring Le Guin, and Aoife has a lovely reading style that is perfect for her chosen selections. Her reading will gather us into the stories, and we’ll be taken on an enchanting journey at Undertoe. We’ll see you there!

Immediately following Aoife, the gifted poet Morgue McMillan-Shoreland will take the Reader’s Throne. Her marvelous original works are often deeply moving, touching on important issues and elements from life. Her selections are a symphony of beauty and expression. Do come join us at 11 AM SLT!

Next (NOON SLT), Stranger Nightfire will read from his extensive collection of striking poetry at LitFest as we continue our Road Trip to Fantasy Faire. He often touches on serious issues that we deal with in life. Do come join us to enjoy his exceptional reading style. You might catch an original poem or two!

Then, we take a break and come back to our home base at Ce Soir Arts. Russell Eponym will provide us with 90 minutes of wonderful music and dancing at Château Ce Soir. Join us HERE at 2 PM for a delightful time with Russell and friends! The music is exceptional – what Russell terms Folk, Blues, and Beyond! It’s a growing collection of historical folktales set to music and some of his own outstanding original songs. (By the way, check out his slideshow of original art and lyrics at the Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit that is open into May at Ce Soir Arts. It’s lovely!)

We’ll return to LitFest on Friday, 26 April. At NOON, we’ll gather once more at Undertoe for more wonder! This time, Ǣon Woodford will read this fanciful (and a bit grim!) tale from the rich imagination of Ursula Le Guin. The Poacher is a fascinating tale that will have our attention throughout the hour. A peasant boy discovers a gigantic bramble hedge, and spends all his free time cutting a tunnel through its branches. dreaming of what he will find. When he breaks through, he finds an enchanted castle with all of its occupants asleep – as if under a spell – including a sleeping beauty! Come along to enjoy!

To say we are pleased to take part in this lovely literary event would be an understatement indeed. It is our joy to bring excellent storytelling to Fantasy Faire 2019 – and to support the efforts of all on behalf of Relay for Life of SL™ and the American Cancer Society™. These organisations make such an incredible difference in the lives of so many! Seeking the cure for cancers of various types by professional research and exploration is just the beginning. Training for medical personnel and assistance for patients and their loved ones is essential, bringing people together in caring and hope. Please join us in the fun of Fantasy Faire 2019 – and do donate what you can, by purchasing items or simply clicking the donation kiosks with your gift. Thank you!


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