Russell is on vacation through 05 April…but other readings are held – and do visit to enjoy the art and ambience!

Our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym leaves for vacation soon. He will be away on an extended leave until 05 April. He reads and plays his marvellous music often in Second Life™ and keeps busy playing near his home in Wales as well. He deserves a break, and we wish him well for his travels and enjoyment. Rest and relaxation are important in life, especially for one as busy as Russell!

Don’t forget that there are other readings (see previous postings) to enjoy at The Magic Tree – and please feel free to visit and enjoy the amazing art that is still available from the autumn showing. We will do something new for spring, so stay tuned! Besides, the quiet, peaceful ambience of the entire region is present for your enjoyment. Here are some points of interest:

The Magic Tree Reading Garden

Château Ce Soir

Dover Beach Theatre

The Graveyard Dungeon

Witchwood Hollow

The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour (wintry escape!)

The Beach at Ce Soir

Rockpools (named for Russell’s beautiful song!)

Le Phare (The Lighthouse)

Côte de la Mer Galerie 

Ivy Tower 

L’Académie d’Art 

Mermaid Cove

The Ruins 

Enjoy looking about for hidden spots too! Come…be inspired tonight!

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