Readings continue! Join us on the 19th for more literary fascination!

Hello again, it’s Mimi, reporting on additional readings coming soon to The Magic Tree! We had a fine time enjoying Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower this week, and next week offers more for our relaxation and entertainment! Dubhna and Cale will read every second and fourth Wednesdays, but the time will shift to an hour earlier – and another reader will join us at some point as well! Caledonia will read at 1 PM, followed (eventually) by Bryn Taleweaver at 2 PM and Dubhna at 3 PM SLT.

This week, however, begins another rotation with Stranger Nightfire at 10 AM SLT, followed by Morgue McMillan-Shoreland at 11 AM and wrapping up with Aoife Lorefield at Noon SLT on Wednesday, the 19th of February. Stranger will again offer us fascinating reading from his eclectic collection, and Morgue will grace the airwaves of Ce Soir Arts with more from the Kalevala and perhaps some of her stunning original poetry, followed by more lovely Celtic readings from the inimitable Aoife Lorefield. It will be delightful – guaranteed! – and do check back soon for all the details!

Your attendance at these events is deeply appreciated by everyone at Ce Soir Arts – and by the readers as well. We love to share such creative beauty with our community, so come along and enjoy with us!


Stranger, Morgue, and Aoife will welcome you to The Magic Tree – HERE!

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