Wednesday offers reading adventure again – live at The Magic Tree at 2 pm and 3 pm!

Another week brings more literary enjoyment at The Magic Tree. Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra never fail to bring outstanding stories and poetry for our enjoyment. They regularly read on alternate Wednesdays (see previous postings for details), with Caledonia reading at 2 PM SLT, followed by Dubhna at 3. We have definite plans to add another reader this spring (at 1 PM SLT), but come along at 2 PM for a weekly treat!

Caledonia – who is a talented writer and spoken word artist – will be providing her annual reading of Maurice Walsh’s stunning book The Quiet Man. This book is a treasure and you will be enchanted as Caledonia reads. Her talents as both a writer and reader will be evident as we gather at The Magic Tree.

Just a taste of what Celedonia has in store: “Shawn Kelvin, returned to his native Kerry from America, his blitheness sobered and his youth dried to the core, and whether he had made his fortune or whether he had not no one could be knowing for certain. For he was a quiet man, not given to talking about himself and the things he had done.” Come enjoy this fine writing and reading with Cale!


Do stay after Caledonia’s reading to enjoy the magical Dubhna Rhiadra, taking the spotlight at The Magic Tree at 3 PM SLT. She always has adventure in mind – with fascinating fantasy tales that take us on rousing adventures, from the humorous to the very serious. Dubhna regales us with these historical tales in her delightful Welsh brogue, and we can’t help but be taken in. These stories are treasures from her extensive collection of tales. Come along to enjoy her beautiful telling! Don’t be late – come at 2 for Cale and stay for Dubhna at 3. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you did! These two spoken word artists are top-of-the-line, and we always enjoy their programs!

Here’s your ride to the lovely gardens at The Magic Tree! We’ll see you there!

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