Ce Soir Arts is Closing on 29 March 2020

Ce Soir Arts has been in operation as a set of venues and a sweet place of rest and peace – offering spoken word, musical, visual art, and theatrical events – since January of 2012. We have had a wonderful time hosting multiple thousands of patrons over the years, and we have made many good friends among patrons and performers alike. It has been a wondrous adventure and we will long cherish  the memories we have made.
As we close, we feel deeply grateful to all who have shared their talents or who have visited to enjoy the artistic endeavours of others. Many have enjoyed the literary, artistic, and musical gifts of our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym. He was our very first spoken word and musical performer, all the way back to day one in January 2012. He performs regularly around the grid, so please look for his events; you are guaranteed to enjoy his many offerings. Join his group to stay up with his busy schedule. You will find Russell warm and inviting and exceptionally talented. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy his work!
Numerous visual artists, musicians, actors, and spoken word artists have shared their gifts at our various venues. Please read earlier postings for information about many of them. If you are looking for readings, check out the happenings at Seanchai Library and other sites for prepared as well as open mike readings. Those who have read with us are top-of-the-line readers, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them elsewhere whenever you can!
Our last official day will be 29 March, but things will be disappearing from the region from now until then. However, you are welcome to wander the region and enjoy the calm, peaceful environment that remains as we make our way.
In a time of real world turmoil including the COVID-19 pandemic, our virtual world offers us safe connection and lots of entertainment. We hope you will enjoy your virtual experience and will be safe in both SL and RL. Stay healthy and do all you can to help yourself and others.
Thank you for your patronage over the years. We appreciate your kindness and wish you the very best for health and happiness in both worlds!
Mireille & Aeon
Co-Owners, Ce Soir Arts

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