Fantasy Faire opens 23 April – Raising funds for American Cancer Society!

It’s that time again – a time we all in Second Life™ anticipate with excitement and delight! Fantasy Faire 2020 is open! Raising funds in support of the work of the American Cancer Society to create a world FREE from cancer, this is the premier event in our virtual world – and one that has a major positive impact in that “real world” we all also inhabit. Having raised millions of L$ (which translates into thousands and thousands of USD), this event is beloved for that – and for many beautiful, creative reasons! In fact, those donating at Fantasy Faire since 2009 have raised and relayed to the American Cancer Society a grand total of L$89,500,000 = $358,000 USD! That, my friends is phenomenal! And we shall add to that in 2020!

There are loads of activities you can enjoy again this year in the Fairelands. You can literally shop ’til you drop; be entertained by dramatic and humourous presentations; enjoy exceptional spoken word events (yay for LitFest!); explore the work of fine visual artists; play games all day; and generally fill yourself up with inspiration in beautiful, fantastic environments created especially for the penultimate Relay for Life® event of the year. You will be greeted on each region by the music provided by Fantasy Faire Radio (via the generosity of Radio Riel). The music is always stupendous! It’s  tailored to the themes of the regions and plays throughout the Fairelands, providing glorious tunage and reports from the event. Lovely notes from the American Cancer Society remind us why we are there, and the Radio Riel leadership including the stellar Elrik Merlin, infuses each moment with meaning.

Aunt Mireille, as most of you know, has received extensive treatment for cancer since the autumn of 2019. Our beloved relative and friend is now at home working to recover from the cancer and its treatment. She is doing well, but is quite fatigued and dealing with some stubborn recovery issues. Uncle Ǣon continues to be by her side, supporting her every step of the way. They made the difficult decision to close Ce Soir Arts and return to their original region with the family at Starry Night Island. Her beauty is reflected here as it was at Ce Soir Arts. And her spirit soars with the opening of Fantasy Faire 2020. She – and all of us in the family – urge you to attend many events and enjoy the wonders that have been created this year by some of SL’s most amazing creators! Donate what you can…every single L$ matters! You never know how many lives you will touch around the world with your kindness. You will be supporting and encouraging Aunt M, that’s for sure! So…make your way over to the Fairelands to have fun – and make a difference! Visit the official website for all the details and SLurls to take you where you wish to go! CLICK HERE!

Aunt Mireille has visited the Fairelands and has taken some lovely photos – one of her favourite pastimes. We will feature some of those photos here, as we remind us all to zip over and enjoy the glorious offerings of events like LitFest, etc. Go, have a magical time and donate what you can to this important cause. THANK YOU!

The Wonderlings Cradle at Fairelands Junction

At Fairelands Junction– sponsored by the wondrous Secrets of Gaia –  the following creators brought the worlds of the Faire together in beauty. These Worldlings are Allie Munro & SkarScopioCasandra (brokenlovely), FionaFei, Jj Yowahoshi, Polenth Yue, Kadaj Yoshikawa, Sonya Marmurek and Strifeclaw. Learn more about these wonderful creative spirits HERE. Their work is enchanting, inviting us into the many worlds of the Fairelands. Start there and enjoy it all!

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