Another fine reading with Russell Eponym at the bookshop – 30 April at Noon SLT!

Russell will again join us for an hour of exceptional readings and music. He always has something wonderful to share from both areas of the arts. We’ve been enjoying his presence here and have hosted relatively large audience for our homestead region – which opens at 11:30 AM each Thursday. Do feel welcome to wander about after the reading to enjoy the beauties of Starry Night Island, which was designed by Aunt Mireille.

Russell reads at Starry Night Island Books & Art

We find the bookshop a relaxing environment in which to settle in and enjoy Russell‘s soothing voice and outstanding spoken-word and musical selections. There’s always something for everyone and Russell‘s discerning tastes make for a nice balance of seriousness and humour. Come along and enjoy the hour with us HERE!

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