Canceled for 28 May! Russell Reads at Noon Thursdays…

When Ce Soir Arts was at Ce Soir region, Aunt Mireille created a spot in honour of Russell and his beautiful song, “Rockpools.” That restful place by the sea has been recreated at Starry Night Island for your enjoyment! Come pause and reflect at this special location – not far from Starry Night Island Books & Art where Russell reads each week.

Although his reading is canceled for today (due to hardware issues preventing him from streaming into Second Life), do come join us on future Thursdays at Noon for an hour with Russell. You will enjoy his wonderful readings and the music he shares. It’s always lovely, with a Thought for the Day and readings from a range of poets and other writers – sometimes including himself! You’ll be glad you joined us, and so will we! Land HERE for the readings, and then walk just a ways to the shoreline to enjoy “Rockpools.”

ROCKPOOLS II in honour of Russell’s beautiful song!

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