Russell returns after some technical issues in his new studio – see you Thursday, June 04 at Noon!

Last week, our friend Russell Eponym had some technical issues from work in his home studio in Wales. He sorted them quickly and was able to play music shows the next day. We are so happy that he is returning to us at Starry Night Island Books & Art on Thursday, June 04 – and every Thursday after that! (Of course, we’ll notify you of any changes, but his plan is to read here weekly, and we are so pleased to welcome him – and you!)

Do come along and enjoy the charming hour with the Poet Laureate of Starry Night Island and the delightful group of friends that gather at Noon to hear his reading and music. We will be happy to welcome you and encourage you to also visit the Rockpools installation from Aunt Mireille, a sweet restful area by the shore that is in honour of Russell and his beautiful song Rockpools. You will want to return to enjoy it again and again!

We’ll see you HERE! Happy June!

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