Adding some art to the bookshop – starting with Poet Laureate & Artist-in-Residence Russell Eponym!

We have all known Russell Eponym as a multi-faceted individual with many illustrious talents. From his knowledge and skill with literature, reading, and theatre – to his musical gifts – we have enjoyed them all. One area of his expertise that gets perhaps a wee bit less attention is his ability to capture a scene in watercolor and other media. So, Aunt M Ædecided to add to her placement of Rockpools (a restful spot by the sea that honors his wonderful song) by placing a scrolling board with several of his original artworks that are appointed with his poetry and lyrics!

You will find this at the entrance of the Starry Night Island Books & Art shop, and can even sit on the veranda and scroll through the beautiful pieces at leisure. Come relax when Russell reads here next – Thursday, June 11 at Noon slt. The region will open early and stay open late that day and we’ll announce in his group and elsewhere as a special invitation to come enjoy! That day is just one day past the birthday of our beloved Uncle Æon – but shhh! Let’s not give that away, as we do have a bit of a celebration planned for the 11th! You won’t want to miss any of what’s in store, so we’ll see you then: HERE!

Starry Night Island Books & Art Honoring Poet Laureate & Artist-in-Residence Russell Eponym

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