Mid-June at Starry Night Books & Art – Russell Reads at Noon slt on Thursday, June 18 & 25!

Always special, readings with Russell Eponym give us much to think about and enjoy. His musical selections are top-notch (whether of his own composition or shared from other stellar artists), and his choice of poetry and story is exceptional. He has quite a collection from his roaming through the bookshops around the world. This erudite literary star comes with a background in education and exploration that is second to none. Do come relax with us at the bookshop and relish the hour. Come a bit early, as the region opens at least a half-hour or more before Russell reads at noon slt. Stay and explore afterward, as Starry Night Island will be open for a few hours after the reading. Some of Russell‘s watercolors (paired with his original lyrics) are available for viewing on the shop veranda, and Rockpools – the sweet seaside tribute to Russell‘s gorgeous song of the same name – is near. You are welcome to fly all over the region to enjoy its beauty. Join us HERE!

Starry Night Island Books & Art - Starry Night Island - 2020
Starry Night Island Books & Art

The time just keeps moving along, and here we are in mid-June! Half of 2020 is done. Amazing! With all that’s happening in our world – the larger, physical realm – there is much to consider and do. For one thing, we must all reach deep as we continue dealing with the pandemic. It’s difficult to be at home, the future uncertain. The unrest that has accompanied a new look at racism in America (and around the world) has highlighted for us our need to heed the call of compassion and understanding. We must take the time to heal from this terrible plague. Learning about the true history behind the maltreatment of Black people should set us straight and put us on the road to recovery.  Visit the History Channel in the US to learn more HERE. With all this, stresses mount. However, we can cherish these times with loved ones and exploring our inner worlds – and Second Life® – which is a gift to us now. Our virtual world offers us much entertainment and options for  exploring and learning as individuals and communities. Let us continue to enjoy and benefit from it!

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