In the heat of summer, come relax and enjoy sweet readings and music with Russell Eponym – Thursdays at noon slt at Starry Night Island Books & Art!

Summer is heating up around the world – except in the Southern Hemisphere, where autumn is taking hold with cooler weather. It’s been very warm in the US, and it promises to heat up even more as summer marches on. So…let’s cool our heels at Starry Night Island Books & Art every Thursday this summer (June, July, August) to enjoy some wonderful readings of various literary works and some fine musical selections. The Poet Laureate of Starry Night Island  – the inimitable Russell Eponym – offers excellent music and outstanding prose and poetry from his own pen as well as that from a range of other fine writers. The Thought for the Day is always encouraging, the literature beautifully read. Come gather with friends – and enjoy a little time out with Russell! He’ll be reading every Thursday in July at noon slt. Here is your RIDE!

Russell reading at the bookshop!

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