It’s still hot weather, but Russell Eponym continues reading and providing music at the bookshop on Thursdays at noon throughout September!

UPDATE: We are closing the bookshop through the end of 2020, but hope to return for selected readings and art in early 2021. Please take care of yourselves and know how much we have appreciated your kindness over the years. Be well and happy!

ORIGINAL POST: Yes, it’s still very summery in many places – with some major hurricanes and forest fires putting a defining exclamation point on things in the USA. We send our best to all affected by these natural disasters and continue to provide a lovely spot for gathering in safety. Starry Night Island Books & Art offer a sweet respite any time, but especially on Thursdays at Noon slt, when our beloved Poet Laureate – Russell Eponym – steps to the reader’s chair and enthralls us with wonderful novels, stories, poetry, music, and more!

He’s just beginning a new novel, so come round to catch the beginning of this fascinating story by John Christopher. Russell reads it with his inimitable style, drawing the listeners into the action as it rises and falls in the developing plot. Add to that his usual fine musical selections by a known or talented obscure artist, and you’ve got yourself a fine hour of relaxation and enjoyment indeed!

His Thought for the Day is always of interest and he shares his wit and wisdom throughout the hour with his own special brand of charm. The bookshop is a lovely spot on Starry Night Island, and there are comfortable cushions and chairs for you to curl up on or in, settling into the hour each week. Do come visit and enjoy these hour-long reading sessions with Russell! You will be ever so glad you did! HERE!

Russell Eponym reads at the bookshop!

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