Three posts in one day…

You got it right, it’s me again. Who knew I could be this prolific? Well, I have a reason, you know. Tomorrow is TUESDAY, and we just cannot let another TUESDAY go by without sharing what happened, uh, TWO TUESDAYS AGO. So…after our diversion for the Monday Meme Challenge, let’s dive back into the week in reverse…

THURSDAY: This is was another one of those Thursdays when our two most regular shows take place. We love Thursdays because they are truly our entry into the weekend…usually. But if you read the previous post, Friday this particular week held something new and special. We’ll do FAB FRIDAY again – and soon – but for now, read on about earlier in the week. (So far, I think I’m keeping this all straight!)

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

To close out the night in what Mireille calls “an elegant slide into the night,” electronica wizard MOSHANG ZHAO took the stage at his usual 8 PM SLT and we were off on a flight of ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese Chill. I could feel the temperature dip as this unique and captivating blend of downbeat electronica took off. With a deep musical history and an eye to the future, this is cutting edge music that soothes the soul. Every week, we marvel at these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection under the skillful hand of The Sound Jeweler himself. His sets are delightfully peppered with just the right amount of informative banter and everyone enjoys the hour. MoShang guides us to relax, unwind, and get energised all at the same time so that we’re ready for most anything when he wishes us “safe travels around the metaverse” as he wraps up. Very cool!

Russell Eponym 3Earlier in the day, the first performer to play at Ce Soir Arts on opening day back in January 2012 came in for his usual set at 2 PM SLT. This master musician brings his outstanding “folk, blues and beyond” every Thursday at that hour, and we look forward to it every time! So do the fabulous Eponymous Family members who gather to enjoy Russell Eponym and his deft musicianship and his warm and charming interactions with them – and with all who gather. This week, we had several come round who are new to Russell and to Ce Soir – apparently, the word is still getting out that he’s a not-to-be-missed performer – wherever he happens to be playing. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all!

Wonderful Wednesday: We do like Wednesday evenings at Ce Soir, and this one was no exception. Three outstanding musicians offered their talents. Since we’re going at this backwards…

Tukso OkeyWrapping up the night, music legend TUKSO OKEY got a groove on! This mesmerizing sound gets under your skin and has you transfixed and groovin’ from the first note. Not only does Tukso play an array of instruments – guitar, keyboards, percussion instruments, woodwinds – but he writes almost every song he plays; even the few covers he does are completely his own as he pays homage to the original artists AND applies his very own sound to them all. This made-in-the-moment music rocks your world, as Tukso both feeds and responds to audience energies as they rise and fall throughout the set. Fans come expecting a cool experience, a hot groove based on hypnotic rhythms and spellbinding lyrics – and Tukso never, ever disappoints. Whether he’s in a mellow mood or has fire running in his blood, everyone is guaranteed a satisfying hour. What a way to end the night!

AVANTAn hour earlier, BARRY (AVANT) KETTERY dropped in for a return engagement at The Castle. Yep, he got invited back – and will be invited again. Barry is an innovator and his sets can take a lot of twists and turns, from contemporary jazz to blues to classic rock to R&B to acoustic pop and all points in between. He can, however, also slip into a very cool groove and stay there, bringing out some outstanding examples of a genre from his quite extensive repertoire. Whether it’s full studio arrangements performed entirely on his own, (guitar, bass, keys and drums and percussion) or his unique and very pleasing solo voice with acoustic guitar or piano, BARRY brings pro audio engineering skills, strong musicianship & his quirky personality to every performance. He revisited a little Steely Dan and dove into some very cool blues. Can’t wait til next time!

AEFirst up on this Wednesday evening at Ce Soir Castle was another singer/songwriter who brings considerable talent and his own perspective. James Olmos (AcousticEnergy) is passionate about music. You can hear it in his lyrics and you can hear it in his voice. His heart tells a story in each of his songs and his melodies bring a conviction of love and honesty. Whether singing an original song or a cover number, AE naturally brings the crowd along. He has a unique ability to reach into your soul and tug at your heart as you feel the stories he tells with song. He seemed to be enjoying the evening and it was clear that he loves to entertain. Singing some beautiful ballads and some righteous blues, he let his talent with the guitar and vocals shine. What a great opener!

Oh, yeah!

Some see us at Ce Soir Arts whenever you like. Check the schedule in SL Search or here at the blog to see what’s happening (we do TRY to post a weekly schedule…and we thank you for your understanding recently as Mireille has been somewhat sidelined by her wrist injury. She’s improving and making it to many of the shows too. Your kindness makes us smile!

Next post:  the whole reason I’m doing this backwards look at the week(s) that was/were!

OK. Here we go on a Strawberry Singh Monday Meme…


As always, Mireille checked her fave blogs this AM. Top of the list is Strawberry Singh‘s great blog. As we read together (romantic, eh…), we were struck by this Monday’s Meme: My Second Life Bucket List Challenge. Both M and I want to complete the challenge, so – with me as trusty secretary to The Divine Ms. M, here goes:

Of course, M goes first! Here are her Top Five:

1 Learn to script – well. This could be a challenge, but friend Pavl Duke is offering a new course on scripting for beginners at the Builders Brewery. Can’t wait! (I do understand some basics of scripting and can mod many scripts that allow it, but I want to write my own!) Here’s their calendar so you can check out their fantastic course offerings. So many excellent instructors offering so many interesting and quite helpful courses!

Build a whole new expression of art – just for me. That might sound a bit selfish, but I feel I need the freedom of that. Of course, I would share if it turned out… 🙂

Make an alt. What I would do with an alt, I’m not sure – although Aeon is writing a sci-fi series… Could be fun to be “someone else” sometimes… I have made avatars for others, such as our sweet Mimi who posts notices for us at Ce Soir Arts. I think I did a good job too! (Thoughts are brewing!)…

Learn more about photography – and make a machinima. I have a storyline (or 100)…I just don’t have much of a clue about making moving pictures. Ah! A challenge!

Open a little business to actually sell something I make. I have one product in mind (and I make a variety of them often – I just don’t sell them). I think this could be loads of fun, if not at all lucrative. Making money would not be the point for me, but it might be nice too. Time will tell…


Here are My Top Five:

1 Produce more plays at Ce Soir Arts Theatre.

2 Develop a little business with Mireille (see above).

3 Create new sims to represent the realities of literature from unique perspectives.

4 Continue to write (with Mireille), using SL as inspiration and – eventually – expression.

5 Create a new space for spiritual and intellectual exploration and sharing.

Yep. M‘s list is much more colourful than mine. No surprise, but it is kinda striking in contrast! LOL…

Thanks for the challenge, Strawberry! Good food for thought…

This was fun…and it’s all about us! hehe!

Mon amour!
Mon amour!

NOTE: Photographs by Mireille


Oh-oh. Running behind…but certainly NOT on “empty”!

It’s been more than a week now since we had a VERY SPECIAL day at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir – and we need to report on that to you. In fact, we want to report on that to you. It was something we had been planning to do for a whole YEAR or more. With Mireille somewhat sidelined with her wrist and elbow (more wrist than elbow, we are discovering), I have sole propriety here at the blog. I’m just one guy, and I can only do so much in a day – despite my incredible capacities (LOL!). So… So much has happened in the week that was, so – without further ado – here goes, working backwards (this oughta be fun. Just to see if I can…)…

LAST NIGHT – SUNDAY 21 July: Two very talented and genuinely great guys from the RL/SL music scene, TWINGHOST RONAS and JOEL EILDE (DRAGFONFLY)  came round to fill Ce Soir Castle with music and the kind of last-blast weekend energy we all crave. Last at 9 PM SLT, TWIN stepped to the stage and brought us a great hour of that unique sweet sound for which he is known. It’s a touch of the 70s (and last night he sang a few of those tunes that were born back in the day, just to put a fine touch on it). When he sang “Drive” by the Cars, I thought Mireille was gonna fall completely to pieces!

Twin has the kind of voice that can reach way inside the listener to evoke deep emotion, and he certainly did that last night. Many of our musicians are excellent at choosing covers that are suited to their voices and playing, but no one does it better than TwinGhost. When he’s in the mood for some cover songs, watch out, folks! His selections are surprisingly perfect; shouts of “WOW!” and “Oh, I haven’t heard this is soooo long! YAY!” fill the air. And then…he throws in a cool original tune or two, and you’ve got yourself yet another fantastic show from this veteran singer/songwriter! After a very comfortable hour – and giving us a little piece of the shiny new album Spirit Dancer –  Twin bid us adieu with  a fave of mine, “Pieces of My Life.” His own composition, this song grabs you where you live – both lyrically and musically. A touching storyline sung with great pathos, it’s as real as it gets. Add to it that note of almost other-worldly mysticism in the wrap-up score, and you’re home – or flying out across the universe. AWESOME!

Yes, we got a groove on with Twin (as we usually do), but we were fresh from COOLSVILLE will none other than the astounding JOEL EILDE, otherwise known by his RL band’s name: DRAGONFLY. This Canadian  musicman  dropped in to take us on a ride of some outstanding original music; the truly progressive sound of DRAGONFLY is unquestionably of the highest calibre. Undertones of deep and exotic themes rise through the score and capture your imagination, and leadman Joel has a voice that is unforgettable.

The album AMPLIFICATION from this striking and talented band is out and taking music-lovers by storm. The sound is hard-hitting, but there is a tender element that cannot be missed. LOVE seems to crop up as a theme – with all its twists and turns captured both lyrically and musically by the deft hand and ear of this top-drawer musician. Joel‘s “Nothing Can Stop an Idea” is an anthem of the times and the lyrical “Little Moon” showcases his tender side and his love for his daughters. Sounds like the full package to me – and it’s all a load of FUN, as Joel is quick in his banter with fans and friends throughout the show. He even does a kick-azz DJ set that will knock your socks off, and we’ll revisit that when Mireille is back on her game. (I’m betting that won’t be too long in coming. I hope!)


SATURDAY, we took a little break. In other words, we enjoyed some of that great weekend sleep – you know, the kind of sleep where you dream wild dreams and wake up thinking it was all eerily real. My dreams involved space travel, but Mireille just went away somewhere for awhile. Ah! Nirvana…

We were pretty tired – and happy too – because we had an unusual and very happy Friday at Ce Soir Arts – we called it FAB FRIDAY, and it was! It was a day filled with fun and music from four of our fave European artists! Check this line-up and see what you think…

As we are going backwards in the clock, I get to talk about Saintess Larnia first! She is a gifted UK singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her sultry sweet vocals and warm interaction with audiences make her quite the charmer, and her own sassy-sexy-originals are delightful tales from the life of a modern girl. She got up there and sang from the heart –  from a diverse repertoire that will make your jaw drop. Saintess can sing a sweet love song or give power to the blues, which she did for a thrilling hour as her voice wrapped itself around our hearts. She had us swaying to the music, and with her crazy friends in tow (you know who you are!!!), her giggle lit off a firestorm of laughter and good times. Yay, Saintess!  After this set, we decided: yep, we’re gonna do FAB FRIDAY again!

Right before Saintess, the lovely and talented Lisa Brune – our very favourite French songstress – gave us an hour of smiles and exceptional music that kept the party rolling in grand style. Such sweetness and savvy is rare in one person, but Lisa brings it full circle. Those whispery vocals…oh, yeah! She’s got a songlist that will take your breath away, and she does each song in her own inimitable style. That captivating voice and charm to spare made for yet another memorable hour. Lisa‘s lovely singing kept us enthralled and her sweet stage presence made us smile. We look forward to Lisa‘s shows and today was no exception; we love it when she sings in French – AND English – and audiences across the grid adore her; today was our turn and we had a great time. Her beloved Jack Nichols (the well-known and quite talented photographer from Italy) came along for the fun, and his outstanding photographic portraiture and comics art are at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery for a few more days, so get on over here to enjoy!

As we turn the clock back another hour (which seems a very fitting thing to do in this case!), the truly exceptional JordanReyne Deezul had us mesmerised by her unique and stunning sound; industrial-folk noir at its finest is redefined by this innovative and talented artist. The music of JordanReyne is a transcendent blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences, and she brought it all to bear at Ce Soir Castle today. Originally from New Zealand, this transplanted British music maven uses steam and other factory sounds as part of her musical landscape. In her very versatile voice, Jordan provides ethereal Celtic melodies, woven through a rhythmic base of sound, and her powerful sound is as inviting as it is electric. Her new CD The Annihilation Sequence is just out and we were treated to some of those outstanding new songs. For example, I will be singing “Bite (the Hand that Feeds)” for days…and she graced us with favourites like “Johnny and the Sea” too. Can you say, “WOW!” Breathtaking…

Going back yet one more hour, British musician (and RL friend of JordanReyneNeal Hoffmann started us off with an elegant bang. This guy is a soulful singer-songwriter who will be invited to our stage again and again; his music is that rich and beautiful – and subtly powerful. He sings of relationships and dreams, and it’s quite engaging – to say the least. “Rocket Boys” really grabs me where I live and Mireille has a penchant for both “Tell Me How the World Works” and “Maybe Arizona.” We were treated to all three today! Neal has performed for several years as part of the band Amphibic in RL and he brings his lovely sound of smooth vocals backed by his own live guitar-playing to serenade us with sweet love songs and much more. A prolific songwriter, Neal pens original music that is a feast for your ears and your heart, a complex sound based in elegant simplicity with intelligent, absorbing lyrics. When he chooses a cover, it is perfect, so it was an amazing kick-off to an amazing event-filled day. Never mind that he sang that song all the ladies swoon over – “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak. It’s a perfect cover for one Neal Hoffmann; he sings it better than any male performer in SL. Outstanding show…outstanding!

Here’s the lineup for our first-ever FAB FRIDAY…look for more such days to come!


At this point, I begin to wonder just how lengthy one post can be! Can I go back THREE MORE DAYS? Somehow, I doubt it. So, I’ll make shorter work of it from here and open up another posting or two to cover Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday. (We’re working backwards, remember? LOL – so I’ll see you in the next post!)

Quite a weekend! Spirit Dancer from TwinGhost…and Relay!

While Mireille is somewhat sidelined, we have still managed to keep things going and have a good time doing it. We even managed to attend TWINGHOST RONASSPIRIT DANCER album release party on Friday over at the BOOM PONY– and what a great time that was! Twin was at the top of his considerable game and he was accompanied by the incomparable guitarist Voodoo Shilton and a very talented RL band member (we MUST get that name!!!) who played some outstanding accompaniment to Twin‘s sensational vocals and guitar work. WOW! Purchase your own copy of the album at Bandcamp now! It is filled with some of TwinGhost‘s great work…such music! He definitely brings it! Sweet and mellow meet moving and thought-provoking, with a charming mystical note to top it off; the mix is compelling. Soulful rock and pop brilliance await you…

TG - Spirit Dancer

Click here for your own copy of SPIRIT DANCER!

Another thing we managed to do over the weekend was RELAY! Yes, we made the opening ceremonies and we cheered on the walkers during the opening Survivor Lap. That was very special, indeed. Eventually, we both walked the track around. It was another of those exceptional experiences that one can only have in SL. Of course, there is the RL version of Relay for Life (also sponsored by the American Cancer Society), and you should not miss that in your own community. It’s a great time in which people who work year-round for this important cause get together to celebrate, remember, and keep the fight going. It’s inspiring, to say the least, and very motivating. 100 Years of Hope is quite a milestone, and as we round the corner to a cure, we’ll keep right on going!

Aeon & Mireille Cheer at RFL of SL Relay Weekend Opening Ceremonies
Aeon & Mireille Cheer at RFL of SL Relay Weekend Opening Ceremonies

I must note here that SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE hit a pinnacle this year! WAY TO GO, SL MUSIC! With venue owners, performers, and music lovers from across the grid, we came together for some outstanding events and raised some significant funds this season. Team Captain Still Braveheart and her merry band of Co-Captains outdid themselves again, and so did everyone who gave of time and treasure. Every $L counts and those kiosks are still up at Ce Soir Arts, people!

In SL, the many teams and individuals who give so much came together this weekend to share information, encouragement, and lots of fun! The campsites for each team were spectacular and carried the message of the cause very well. There were opportunities to learn, to rest, to chat, dance, and – of course – walk the track. Hmmm…some RAN, some JUMPED, some SKATED, some FLEW, and some walked. We got to dress up in holiday gear for one of the themed hours, and since I was there, I donned my Mardi Gras gear and hiked it around. People were cheering everyone on the track – even me! Woots!

OK, that’s it for me. It’s Monday, and I have a stack of things to get done. Like you, my RL does call! Make it a great one, and we’ll see you tomorrow at NOON SLT for Poetry & Song with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym. There will be a post all about that – and MORE – by morning…

We have a good excuse. Really!

Some of you who read our little blog have spoken up about missing us recently. We have appreciated the emails and IMs/notecards in SL and want to assure you that we do have a good excuse…really! You see, Mireille has injured her wrist and elbow. Fortunately, it’s NOT serious – just painful and limiting for the time being. She has a time trying to type, so she’s even a bit incommunicado in SL as well as RL. This is driving her crazy! I love her madly, and I wish I could fix it, but all we can do is follow doctor’s orders. And wait.

That said, we have LOTS about which to report, as things have been happening at Ce Soir Arts! I am not going to list them, but plan to come back in soon to write up some very specific posts in order to catch you up. Mireille might even dictate a post! Now, that will be interesting!

In any event, we thank you for your patience and your continued support at Ce Soir Arts. I’ll post next week’s calendar below and remind you that you’re invited to come and enjoy! Drop in at a reading or concert – or just drop in! You’re welcome, anytime.


A little summer slowdown…

Many of you know that it’s been a long road back for us and many of our neighbors from the storms we had in our community over the last several months. Some work is progressing, although it is very slow. Workers who clustered here from around the area are leaving, even though work remains. This leaves the locals to fend for themselves or call in people from the “big city.” Some of this work still won’t truly begin until August when we planned a bit of vacation, but some is beginning this week, and we just cannot keep up with everything. Therefore, we might not be blogging as often through the rest of the summer. HOWEVER, there are some wonderful things happening at Ce Soir Arts now and more coming soon, so do look back for information to be shared about those things. The posts might be a bit shorter than our usual, but – hey, that could be good…

Here’s the schedule for today:

Come round for Morgue and Brendan‘s wonderful poetry and music at The Magic Tree Reading Spot today at 1 PM SLT…

Catch AcousticEnergy Nitely jammin’ LIVE at The Castle at 5 PM SLT…

Don’t miss BARRY (AVANT) givin’ us some powerful blues and more at 6 PM SLT…

Get in the groove with TUKSO at 7 PM SLT…

Take care, fine people! As Mireille is fond of saying: Be well and happy!

OK, so we blew the 30 in 30. My fault. Any questions?

LOL! What a weekend! We didn’t have time to do much in-world (or post to the blog, obviously), although we both came round to enjoy the always outstanding music of both LISA BRUNE and JORDANREYNE DEEZUL who played at Ce Soir Castle on Friday last, back-to-back. Wow. What can I say? These two lovely ladies bring so much talent to their music that it’s incredible – and no amount of hyperbole could do it justice. They. Are. That. Good. If you have not yet heard either one of them, do yourself a HUGE favor and get yourself going to a show – ASAP. You’ll not regret it, guaranteed…


LISA is the epitome of sweetness and her music ranges from lovely love songs to some rather spicy numbers to get your heart racing. All of her music is wonderfully danceable and the banter she infuses her setlist with is charming to say the least. Her fans – les louslous – follow her everywhere, and they are a delightful crowd. There’s always something fun going on amongst them and their chatter is often hilarious! Not only that, they truly adore LISA – and why not? She’s something special indeed. That whispery French accent is magnetic and that laugh infectious. Add that glorious singing voice and you’ve got non-stop entertainment of the highest order. When she sings, it’s as if the heavens have opened up and let one angel drop down and delight us with song! We did have a grand time, and we look forward to more from LISA soon…

JORDANREYNE was up next, and she flew in to enjoy part of LISA‘s set – something they both often do when they’re performing on the same ticket. Her fans – many of whom were already present – came flying in to catch her set at the Castle. We think Ce Soir is a perfect spot for JORDANREYNE, and when she starts playing, we’re off and running from the first note. Mistress of industrial folk noir, JORDANREYNE has a stunning sound that will take you by surprise. She mixes mechanical sounds and steam into her scores and they are fabulous. Dark topics such as unrequited or missing love, the oppression of the advancing world and the threatened loss of individuality, or the more menacing side of relationships fill her songlist. Most of these are originals and they are beautiful and striking. Her new album The Annihilation Sequence is out (due to ship 28 June), and you can get your copy at Bandcamp or through her own website. Check it out, people…

That was it for Friday, and we headed out for some weekend R&R. Plus, there was work to do at home, so we dove into that too. It was a happy Saturday, as we got one of our post-storm-season projects completed. There is hope! Sunday was good too, as we just hung around the house and rested – and wrote and enjoyed the summer day. We knew we had to rest up, because we had a BIG SHOW coming up Sunday night. Mireille came in to attend what was lovely and very informative talk at SL10B by the wonderful artist Bryn Oh. M came away from that with a big smile – AND a new piece of Bryn‘s work (although, it really is one of her very first pieces made in SL). It’s a very cool steampunk clock and we both love it. Check Bryn out at her very cool blog.


Fast-forward to nighttime. Our usual every-other-Sunday night gig with DRAGONFLY got off to a rousing start as Joel gave us a sweet and mellow warm-up. It wasn’t long, though, before he was ROCKIN’ our socks off. Man, can this guy – and his band – knock it out of the park. Inventive themes; screamin’ (or otherwise rich) vocals; and some fine keyboard, guitar, and percussion work make for a great hour of original tunes. They’re the kind of songs you can’t get outta your head once you’ve heard them (Aeon Woodford hums…”I am now in love…I am now in loooove”), and you always want to come back for more. MORE is the name of the game for DRAGONFLY, as leadman Joel Eilde had plans to give us much more in a 2-hour DJ set later in the night. Spot on!

Up next, the inimitable one-of-a-kind TWINGHOST RONAS dropped in. Digging Joel on stage was just the beginning for TWIN, as when it was his turn, he got up on stage and let ‘er rip. He was in a mellow mood – something we all enjoy – and he gave us a full set of both originals and cover tunes that had us all groovin’ right along with him. To say it was awesome would be a terrible understatement, for when TWINGHOST gets in that groove…well, it’s pretty much magical. Echoes of the 70s mix in with his very own unique sound in ways that make his shows absolutely stellar. Pop brilliance is a great term for it, and we got it in spades that night! Come dig him at Ce Soir Castle – or wherever you find him on the grid. You just gotta…

Following TWINGHOST (how can you follow TWINGHOST??), Joel brought out the DJ setup and went to work on some of the most outrageously cool music from now and a little back in time. He hit us with cool stuff like STAYIN’ ALIVE by the BeeGees, SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE by Muse, and SEXYBACK by Justin Timberlake – and a LOT of stuff in-between. It was so much fun keeping up with the chatter – although well-nigh impossible. LOL! These people know how to PAR-TAY! And that’s just what we did for two full hours. Mireille got us dancing on the HUDDLES, and we got in some good practice for the next Olympics. Oh, you didn’t hear? SYNCHRONIZED DANCING is now an Olympic sport. Mhmm.

ANYWAY…it was a fantastic weekend and Sunday night, and now – 12 hours later – I’m still ready for a nap. But it was worth it, let me tell you. Come see it all unfold again in two weeks’ time. And do catch these musicians as they make the rounds at other venues. They’re so good. You just do not want to wait!

Hey! We posted twice in one day! Does that catch us up? Close? Sorta???

Make it a great week, people. See ya!

The celebration continues…

What a day…despite some unexpected schedule changes and a few little SL glitches (perfect for SL10B, don’t you think?), it was a lovely day at Ce Soir Arts and the celebration got underway. Due to RL intrusions (we all know about those), Russell could not make his scheduled reading. We are always saddened to miss even a moment of his beautiful work, but we certainly understand when RL calls. Besides, he will be in to sing on Thursday and read next Tuesday, as usual. So – at first – we just let that hour pass…

JORDANAs the kick-off event for our leg of the SL10B By Us celebration, the simply stunning music of JordanReyne Deezul filled the castle with her trademark sound. Ethereal Celtic melodies sung in her beautiful and versatile voice wafted over a rhythmic base of industrial sounds to bring us more of her special brand of musical magic. Absolutely perfect for the theme of REVOLUTION, JordanReyne‘s music is larger than life. Even in it’s quieter, tender moments, it’s powerful stuff indeed! Dark themes of social and personal upheaval are woven throughout this marriage of cutting-edge electronica and industrial folk noir. With her newest album all but ready to mail out (28 June), JordanReyne is poised on the precipice of her craft, ready to take us all further into the intelligent beauty of her work. If you’ve not ordered your copy, run – do not walk – to BANDCAMP and grab The Annihilation Sequence. Do it now and don’t look back. It’s a masterful piece of musical history as this talented and innovative artist continues to astound. BRAVA JORDAN!

Liberte 1Inspired by Jordan‘s set (as we often are), Mireille and I decided to throw something extra in and see how it went. What a cool surprise we had in store! We sent out a few notices and dove into an hour of French Revolution poetry – with a smattering of some from the Romance era that followed on its heels. We had planned to do this, all along – at some point – but were just taken by the day’s events and decided that now was as good a time as any. That’s how REVOLUTION works – we just get to a point and act. At first, there were only a few in the theatre seats, but by about half-way through, there was a very nice group who had gathered. We were exhilarated and further inspired by this gathering and we read on… There will be more about this in a coming post, as we plan to do it again. Suffice it to say at this point that there was a little Jane Austen, some Keats, and a bit of Wordsworth to enjoy, for the influences of the French Revolution rang throughout the Romance period. We have much to say on this as it forms the base of our inspirations for Ce Soir Arts. I could go on, but…more on that later…

Quantamis Navarathna
Quantamis Navarathna

How to follow such a stellar day? What on earth could we do to put a definitive wrap on it? The music of QUANTAMIS NAVARATHNA, of course! Quantamis helped us celebrate SL10B with glorious music – covers and original songs that ranged from love ballads to tales of magic and wonder (with a little blue note that he slipped in!). This music touches the heart, and his flawless guitar-playing provides a lovely ground for every song in his romantic repertoire. His artistic versatility makes his set a lovely adventure as he shares a beautiful blend of acoustic folk, soft rock, alternative, Spanish classical and Renaissance romance. That hint of Texas charm infuses the whole with a certain je ne sais quoi that is very pleasing indeed. PERFECT for Ce Soir, Quantamis poured it on and it was a fabulous time enjoyed by all.

We thank everyone who came to enjoy with us as the celebration of SL10B continues! Get yourselves over to the big bash and seek out other local celebrations such as ours. A lot is happening on the grid and after ten years of virtual adventure, there’s a grand future that lies ahead. Let’s grab this energy and focus and go for it. Happy Birthday, SL! inspired tonight!
Come…be inspired tonight!

Music Around the World!

What a day we had with Music around the World! Such music filled not only Ce Soir Castle, but four other venues as well – and what a great time it was. Benefiting RFL of SL, this event – primarily the brainchild of Liz Harley at Key West – brought together a collection of some of the best musicians presently playing live in SL from around the world! As they played and sang, the coffers for RFL of SL continued to fill at each venue until the 24 hours was through.

Mireille and I began the 24-hour journey with a visit to the wonderful PORTLAND venue to hear the fun and talented LINDIMOO. She sang her way through the opening hour, and as she did, Mireille wore her little cow – which was one of the ways LINDIMOO contributed to the cause. Everyone who bought a LINDIMOO cow donated to the cause and received one of her recordings. Now, that’s what I call a win/win! We danced and enjoyed the lighthearted banter and had a great time with the folks from PORTLAND – notably, Tigger Ohare and marb, both of whom steer and tend the PORTLAND venues with style and grace. LINDIMOO got the ball rolling in grand style – or should I say that she got the cow tipping…? Either way, it was a great kick-off!

We wanted to stay for more (check yesterday’s post for the whole stellar line-up), but we needed a little rest, because we had a BIG Saturday planned as part of this exciting event. So…we wandered home and fell asleep in the den. No kidding! We didn’t even make it up the stairs. It was a cool night, and after about four hours sleep, we finally made our way to bed. Ah, the sound of head hitting pillow. GLORIOUS…

After a night of dreams, we woke early and started our Saturday off with a visit to Rara Destiny‘s very cool outdoor venue – aptly named RARA‘s – to hear one of our long-time faves, Bright Oh. He was one in another great group of five SL performers and we sure enjoyed seeing – and hearing – him again! New songs and those from earlier times were a joy to listen to, and he hasn’t changed a lick, which is a very good thing! He is funnier than most anyone doing live gigs in SL, and he charms the ladies like there’s no tomorrow! Even I have to marvel at him! Ahem! Besides, who can argue with one very special bunneh named Prime Genesis, who got up on stage and entertained his heart out with some masterful guitar licks of his own?! It was a great hour of sweet ballads and happy banter – thanks Bright (and Prime) and Rara. It was great listening to that sweet CHA-CHING of the RFL of SL kioks going wild – even as Mireille swooned her way through the hour. Well done, Bright!

Before we knew it, it was our turn to host. We were very pleased indeed to have the wonderful Lyn Carlberg up first. This charming Welshman brought his A-game to Ce Soir and provided us with a sweet hour of beautifully played and sung folk music from a range of eras. It is very obvious that Lyn knows and is at home in his genre; he plays that guitar like it is an extension of himself and those ballads and folktales enveloped the crowd with sweetness. His lovely partner, singer Kiaranne Flanagan was present as well and they both encouraged those gathering to donate – and donate they did. I just wish I had more photos (and more are coming!), but here’s a great one of Lyn as he kicked off five hours of great music for this RFL of SL event at Ce Soir!

Welshman Lyn Carlberg
Welshman Lyn Carlberg opens the day at Ce Soir.

Up next was the fabulous PhoenixJ who certainly did not disappoint! Playing some great songs with guitar and some lovely pieces using piano, her sweet voice filled the air with a beautiful energy, and people responded. We danced and smiled our way though her hour, watching the RFL of SL kiosk total rise! PhoenixJ can sing the bluezz, people, and her jazzy way is just outstanding. When she sang “Wonderful World,” there was not a dry eye in the house, and the kiosks kept buzzing. A world without cancer: a wonderful world indeed, and PhoenixJ inspired us to dig a little deeper and build that total. Awesome indeed!

German musician Mike00!
German musician Mike00

How to follow that? Well, we gave it a go with none other than the German sensation, Mike00 Carnell. He came in, loaded with great songs and a charming way that had all of us grinning and dancing through the hour. It sped by, as he shared his personal passion for filling the coffers of RFL of SL and the people just gave and gave as they dropped in to hear him sing and play. What a genuinely nice guy – with a bucket full of musical talent to boot! To say that we enjoyed the hour would be a terrible understatement. Mike00 has a fine vocal talent and a deep feeling for the songs he chooses. Next time you see him on the schedule, do yourself a favor and get there!

Portuguese Musician Djoni TB!
Portuguese Musicman DjoniTB

Good times just kept rolling, as the well-known and longtime fave SL live musician from Portugal Djoni TB stepped to the stage. Ukulele in hand, he played some of the most beautiful of his country’s native music! Djoni TB can rock with the best, but when he pours on the charm with that beautiful playing, well, the ladies go wild. Romantic music from the land of seaside beauty in southwestern Europe was just the ticket for another fantastic hour of music, fun, and fundraising for RFL of SL. Djoni TB is another who has a true passion for supporting RFL of SL in-world, and his fans came to support the effort. What positive energy and outlook, Djoni TB brings. Awesomeness!

The hours kept ticking off, and we were having such a FANTASTIC time! We had such help from the AMAZING SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE TEAM – from Team Captain Still Braveheart to Co-Captain Samantha55 Chester to music lovers par excellence Brianna Beresford and Twinky Waffle! Who could go wrong with that bunch on your team? These ladies brought such a delightful and charming way to their efforts to support and encourage our wonderful musicians and patrons for this outstanding event. The RFL of SL kiosks would not be nearly as full of heart-felt donations without their loving reminders of how important offering every $L possible truly is in the overall effort of fighting cancer on every front. Truly, our donations – whether they be $L10 or $L10000 – make a real difference in the lives of those battling this horrible disease as patients or those on the front lines as physicians, nurses, and researchers. Thank you, team! OUTSTANDING JOB – done with heart and spirit. WOOTS!

Terrytoon and Blonde!
Terrytoon and Blonde!

With all that going on, it did come time for the last musician to play at Ce Soir for Music around the World. What better duo to bring it all together than that enthusiastic and FUN Terrytoon and Blonde? These two talented musicians know how to PARTAY! From the sweetest, hoedowniest country tunes to the most beautiful of American standards, this duo is nonstop in their performance. They were up there on the stage, dancing and singing their hearts out for us and for RFL of SL. Having lost dear ones to cancer, they share the passion and bring it all to the effort. We had a grand time and exceeded our goal – by a LOT – and these two really made a contribution to that effort. We all worked together and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

What can we say? It was an incredible experience for us to be present for such talent and grace. The passion for helping others and doing the right thing was overwhelming and we loved it! What better use for our little corner of the grid? What better use for our time? It was wonderful, and we have so many people to thank. Of course, all those mentioned in this post get first dibs on our appreciation, but there are others…and you can see their names in yesterdays post of each venue’s lineup for Music around the World benefiting RFL of SL. THANK YOU!

Others deserve our thanks as well, and each and every one of you who donated even $L1 to the cause, have our heartfelt appreciation. Those who came to enjoy and encourage – even without a monetary donation – have our hearts as well. The whole experience hinged on the spirit of the thing, and that, mes amis, was simply stunning.

As the day unfolded, we found our way to visit at least one performance at every venue including the beautiful PANORAMA, where we enjoyed some fabulous Italian talent including sweet Amparia Ecksol. Mireille got to show off her poco Italiano and that was fun too! Seeing the totals rise on that kiosk was excellent, of course! And, after a break to enjoy the beautiful and talented LISA BRUNE at Ce Soir (it was impromptu, but as always most enjoyable – and more money was raised as well!), we took a rest before trekking out to Key West to ride out the event in style…

We enjoyed dancing to several of those who filled the final docket for this incredible event: we missed Nederlander Franck Molko (we’ll catch you soon, Franck), but thoroughly enjoyed the musical gifts of the lovely Alessandra Eberlain from Japan, flautist extraordinaire Phillip Moura from Brazil, and Korean sensation the richly voiced Mewz Artis. What a fantastic wrap party! Way to go Liz!

Thank you, everyone. What a special day!

It’s Voodoo ce soir!

Just a quick note tonight – the wonderful Samm Qendra has had to cancel her show this evening at 4 PM SLT. RL intrudes now and again for all of us, so we’re sure you’ll understand. She’s fine and will be back again with us in two weeks – same time, same channel! Don’t forget, she’ll be at other fine venues across the grid in the meantime, so we’re sure you can catch her somewhere – and we recommend that you do! Her sweet and powerful vocals fill any venue with beauty.

HOWEVER…there’s a great show lined up for 5 PM SLT with VOODOO SHILTON, one of the best guitarists around. He always brings a lot of energy and spirit to his shows and we always have a fantastic time, dancing and laughing along. A little gypsy jazz and a flamenco tune or two will lift you right up from wherever you are to a higher plane of existence – we guarantee it! Voodoo can make that nylon string guitar do amazing things and he is penning some outstanding originals these days, so come on over and get an earful of music from around the world – VOODOO STYLE!

See you here! inspired tonight!

Russell Eponym reads and ruminates at The Magic Tree…

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, the inimitable Russell Eponym, will read and ruminate today at The Magic Tree Reading Spot, Noon SLT. This weekly foray into verse and musings is an anticipated event at Ce Soir; several attend this exceptional event weekly, and others come as often as they can. Of course, new listeners are always welcome, and we hope that you’ll make it round today.

While we never know what Russell will bring us, it’s a sure bet that it will be something edifying and entertaining. Of all who share their work and whimsy here, Russell always manages to offer both. His wit and wisdom are a delight and a source of learning for all as he shares his own writing and that of other fine poets and authors. There’s always a musical side to things as well at The Magic Tree, and it can be anything from an aria by one of the world’s best operatic singers to a down-home folksy rendition of a tale long told. And never fear, everything in between is richly covered, as well!

Do come along today at Noon SLT for a treat that is – while offered weekly – a rare treasure indeed.

The address: The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir

Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts
Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I don’t know why, but I was up and at ’em this morning, bright and very early. Well, it wasn’t REALLY bright, as the sun was not up yet. LOL. But I was up and after I tended to a few early morning chores around the place, I logged in to check on things at Ce Soir. All was well and I got the chance to chat with a few friends who were, understandably, a bit surprised to see me in-world so early in the day. It was a nice departure, and I actually got some SL work done. Progress on a project gives a good feeling.

We ended up going out to brunch IRL and enjoyed some time walking about the property on our return. Summer is abloom here and the whole place seemed abuzz with energy. Hm. Speaking of energy…you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you tonight at Ce Soir! The Castle will be rockin’ from 8 PM until…well, who knows?

Amplification Cover - FinalFirst up: DRAGONFLY. You know you’re in store for a great show when Joel‘s in the house! His music could be hard to describe, but it’s pretty well hard rock with a whole host of influences that have been filtered through Joel‘s life and lens. You’ll hear some folky tones, some cool jazz…and all the rest from his perspective. He’ll be playing some of those great songs from the AMPLIFICATION project with the band, and we can’t wait – even though we listen to those songs often via the CD or the Cloud. It’s an awesome album, and you can pick yours up tonight or jet over to iTunes to grab your copy. You won’t be sorry; there’s so much musical madness (read: GENIUS) on this, you’ll be very glad you bought it. We know we are, and we’ve been listening in the car (well, OK, it’s a LandRover, but you know what I mean!).

TwinGhost RonasAfter Joel gets some tunes shaken down, it’s TwinGhost Ronas up to bat. What a great pairing these two make! Both outstanding musicians with the chops to do whatever they want musically and artistically, they complement one another very well. TwinGhost is really something. His music is so fresh and original, and yet that echo of the sweet 70s is very clear. It’s magical, actually, and when he hits that mystical groove that is part of his genius, well, there’s nothing like it! Mireille just melts when he sings “Live Again.” And she ain’t alone! The ladies love it, there’s no denying, but it has a universal appeal with a deep theme and haunting instrumentation. TG is always smooth, always cool, and people are drawn to him and his music like a magnet. Hear him once, and you’ll be back for more. He’s working on a new album and we’re all excited about that! New songs seem to just materialize when he’s around, so we’re looking forward to seeing – and hearing – the results!

Once TwinGhost finishes his set, Joel plans to set up his DJ kit and give us a rousing couple of hours of more music! He’s one fantastic DJ, so we can’t wait to hear what he’s bringing out of the archives for us tonight. Whatever it is, you can bet it will be good! So come on over and chill with us!




Now, there ain’t NUTHIN’ wrong with THAT!

Your ride: Ce Soir Castle

Wow! June’s art exhibit is off to a grand beginning!

Jack enjoys the opening!
Jack enjoys the opening!

We had a grand time at Jack Nichols‘ exhibit opening! With 77 avatars (at one time – we figured, total, that there were more than 90 all-told) dancing and perusing the gallery, it was quite a madhouse! Mireille was busy fielding questions about Ce Soir and about the gallery, etc., and so I (tried to) manage the meet-and-greet. All I can say is, “Thanks, Musique, for all your help!” She was there with the usual crowd (PLUS!) for Lisa Brune‘s outstanding set as the celebration got into full swing. She had an eye out to those landing (and RE-landing – LOL), and did a fine job of making them feel welcome. Of course, Tommi and Hoku and the gang knew they were welcome. What several of them did NOT seem to know was all about Jack‘s fantastic photographic and comics art! They knew all about it before the opening was over, and the donations to RFL of SL kept climbing. It was a wonderful and quite successful event!

Unfortunately, JordanReyne could not make it; her schedule has been incredibly hectic in both RL and SL with the recent release of the long-awaited CD The Annihilation Sequence. Mireille and I have ordered our hard-copy and have been enjoying the instant-download MP3 ever since. Wow is a good word for it. (Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford walks around singing, “You’ll do what you’re told! You’ll do what you’re told!” over and over and over! WOOOTS!) We truly missed Jordan, but she clearly needed some rest and everyone was quite understanding. She will be back at Ce Soir later this month, so watch the calendar – and catch her elsewhere in the meantime. Hie thyself to Bandcamp and get that CD; it’s a limited-edition of only 900 and they are going FAST!

Undaunted by a change in schedule, we regrouped a bit and got the word out (thank you, Mimi for your great assistance!). Even with no musical show going, people rained in – a nice little trickle at first, and they wandered the place to get a feel not only for Jack‘s artwork but also for Ce Soir in general. Lots of photographs were taken and many commented on the exhibit as well as the sim and our background music. M and I had fun just hanging around the place during that hour and then…it got a wee bit crazed as Lisa’s Lulus started landing. It was a wild ride, let me tell you! They seemed genuinely taken with Jacks art (and who wouldn’t be!?) and were chatting up a storm in three or four languages as the clock ticked its way to the moment when Lisa Brune would take the stream.

As the impeccable host, I offered what I thought was a dandy toast to the man of the hour: Mr. Jack Nichols. It was well-received and he got a huge round of applause:

Mesdame et messieurs!

A toast to Jack Nichols. Jack specializes in fantasy, a projection of our imaginations—which, after all, is only potentially unreal. The realism of his art makes that projection of our fantasies more potentially real through his vivid depictions and verisimilitude. This is a gift—for which we all are recipients and all have reason to be grateful. 

Thank you, Jack, for the gift of fantasy made real. To you, Jack, salut! Et merci bien

“In the moment a melody touches you, paints your world with infinite colours.” This is what Jack tells us about the music of Lisa Brune

And then Lisa took the stage and charmed us all for an hour of lovely music – including some new songs such as her absolutely stunning rendition of “My Funny Valentine.” It was simply beautiful, as was the entire hour. Time with Lisa on stage is special indeed and today was no exception to that. We adore her at Ce Soir, and we truly enjoyed the show!

A Happy Crowd!
A Happy Crowd!

Thank you, Lisa and Jack – and each and every one who came to enjoy. It was a grand event, a fine beginning of what will be a very successful exhibit for Jack. Do come round to see his exceptional artwork – and please (by his request) – donate generously to the RFL of SL kiosk that is located at the entrance to the Ce Soir Arts Exhibition Gallery. Your generosity is deeply appreciated!

Come…be inspired tonight!

Morgue McMillan-Shoreland and Brendan Shoreland at The Magic Tree…1 PM SLT Today…

Morgue and BrendanToday is the day for a monthly poetry and music event at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir with the lovely Morgue McMillan-Shoreland and her beloved musician partner, Brendan Shoreland. They are a collaboration made in heaven – she, with her striking poetry, and he, with his sweet guitar, make a fine pairing indeed! They did just have a handfasting in May, and we could not be happier for the two of them. Congratulations and best wishes, Morgue and Brendan! May the years ahead bring you more happiness than you can imagine!

We hope you’ll drop by to cluster in at The Magic Tree at 1 PM as these two share their talents with us today. Morgue‘s poetry is always beautiful and relevant in meaningful ways to life in-world – and out. She never shies away from controversial or deeply serious topics and she always seems to capture the spirit of her subject, adding just the right amount of commentary or wry humour. It’s guaranteed that you will enjoy her reading and come away with something new to mull over in your mind – and in your heart.

Brendan always offers up a fine slate of songs to complement Morgue‘s work, and often the lyrics come from her pen as well as his. It’s a delightful mix that never fails to bring a warm smile.

See you here!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot
The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Night…

Day 3??

I really don’t have much to say today, except that the party was AWESOME! SAINTESS outdid herself with those great country tunes – and OWEN seemed to really have a great time. He’s a fine fellow, that’s for sure! Friends flocked and danced and hooted and hollered their way through the event – and everyone was laughing and kickin’ up their bootheels in time to the music!

We’re waiting on photos from friends (maybe even Owen, if he took any), ‘cos I got all caught up in the moment and didn’t take any, and Mireille had technical issues. In fact, she had to relog about 12 times before the party even started! But she looked really cute in that saloon doll outfit! Miss Kitty, I do declare! Aeon Woodford’s mind wanders…

Anyway, it was a great day and I’m tired! So…this is a short post before my long nap.

Have a good one – and do join us for great poetry and music, comin’ right up!

Avatar Blogger Month. Hm.

Well, folks, since it’s June and Avatar Blogger Month, Mireille and I decided to take the challenge and post 30 times in 30 days. Day One is almost up, so I’d best get blogging! hehe

I don’t imagine they’ll gripe too much if we share the blogging chores for these 30 days, so I’ll start.

We’re having a great weekend! We went to Saintess Larnia‘s birthday bash (a hippie extravaganza) and had lots of fun dancing and chatting like mad. We do love to laugh, and there was lots of opportunity for that! We do have photos, but I’m on the wrong computer – so will come back later to edit and add.

Also, we’re taking a little RL trip this weekend for a little peace and quiet. Maybe just one full day of a change of pace will be enough for now. Looks like a busy week ahead! Mireille will fill you in on the particulars with her post tomorrow.

Until next time!

Poetry, music, and art – Oh, my!

This past week was a fun one at Ce Soir Arts. Sadly, both Mireille and I had to miss the weekly readings and ruminations of our favourite poet – the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM at noon on Tuesday. Even though we had to be elsewhere, a very nice group gathered to listen in rapt attention as Russell shared his thoughts, readings, and a bit of song, as usual. On our return, we heard nothing but praise for The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir – and there is certainly nothing unusual about that! We hear that Russell was in fine form and offered a bit of song to go along with his ruminations for the day. Always delightful, his hours at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir are some of the most cherished by all. We’ll be there, this coming week – and we can’t wait! (Pssst! Look for some very special things to come from Russell…this summer! I won’t say much more now, but – trust me – you won’t want to miss it!)


NEXT, on WEDNESDAY…the bad news came that DONN DEVORE was feeling a bit under the weather. Donn rocks the Castle every-other-week, and we always look forward to it, so we were – as you can imagine – quite disappointed. However, the health and well-being of all who come to Ce Soir is of the utmost importance. And so, as we were chatting with Sher Salmson (Donn‘s manager from SpiritFire Entertainment), she presented an idea: have ACOUSTICENERGY (AE) step in for Donn. Now, there was an idea we could get behind! Fortunately, he was free and he popped on over and took the place by storm! It was a great show, and although we still want Donn on the docket, we’re going to find a spot for AE to come round now and again as well. Thank you, AEoutstanding!

Up next – the man who is a party on wheels: ALEX MAYS. Now, this guy knows his way around the blues, baby! We’ve sort-of cabbaged onto him for this slot in the every-other-Wednesday-night crew, and we think it’s a perfect match! ALEX really had us going with those endless guitar riffs and sultry vocals (I guess a guy can be sultry – I don’t know what other word to use that would do justice to the smooth-with-and-edge kind of thing he has goin’ on) – and that last song was a HOOOT! He’s another of those creatives that always has a new trick (or 10) up his sleeve, and it’s always a fun ride!

THEN…as if that were not enough…we topped off the evening in grand style with MUSIC LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME: TUKSO OKEY! Wow. Talk about creative! Geeeezzzz….! Every song is an adventure with Tukso, and that night he had some really cool instruments going. He is a one-man band – and master of the looper and, well, everything musical. There was some outstanding acoustic guitar going there, and those LYRICS! WOOTS! We were dancing and groovin’ throughout the hour and were sad to see the clock strike 8, but we sure wrapped on a fine note with Tukso. The Castle was  happy, and so was everyone in it!

AE, ALEX, and TUKSO Rocked the Castle!
AE, ALEX, and TUKSO Rocked the Castle!

Russell Eponym 3

Thursday brought RUSSELL back, but this time to croon his way through an hour of great music in that mix we all love: “folk, blues, and beyond!” Only Russell does what he does: gorgeous guitar stylings with intricate finger-picking and smooth vocals that melt your heart or get you giggling! I mean, NO ONE can “galumph” the way Russell can – except that we’re all catching on to it and galumphing right alongside him into the “borogroves!” Lewis Carroll set to music: deeeeelightful! And then, there are those romantic ballads and time-honoured folk tunes we all enjoy – Eponymous Family members and new folks alike. Let me tell you, when Russell starts up with “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” or “Will Ye Go, Lassie?” – pass round the tissues. And if he sings “Danny Boy,” well…even I get teary-eyed. There’s nothing like it!

And then…topping off the night in his usual CHILLAX style, was The Sound Jeweler, MOSHANG ZHAO. We had a spot of trouble logging in, so I was late and Mireille – bless her! – didn’t make it in at all. However, MOSHANG was cool (pun intended!), and started off on time. When I arrived, a great group had gathered and were groovin’ to the sounds, as usual. What striking music this is! We just ease right on into it and get spirited away by its smoothness and power. On a deeper listen, there’s a lot going on! Traditional tunes intertwine with modern electronic sounds to make a unique and more than pleasing blend. Come round next Thursday to enjoy with us – 8 PM SLT!

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

Well, folks, that was the week that was! Next up: DRAGONFLY and TWINGHOST on Sunday night…WOWZA! And check the next post for a special invitation to come immerse yourself in some truly exceptional art from FAE VARRIALE, Ce Soir‘s Artist-in-Residence for May 2013. Her work will enthrall you with its mystical quality and sensitive use of colour and light. Pop round to the Ce Soir Arts Gallery to see just what I mean!

Come…be inspired tonight!

Busy times…!

Since the opening for the beautiful art exhibit  by mystical artists FAE VARRIALE, we’ve been busy at Ce Soir Arts. Of course, many visitors have come to enjoy her work and were here for the opening and caught the simply stunning industrial folk noir music of the talented JordanReyne Deezul. What a great combination of art and music! We had a great time – and earlier, the ruminations of Russell Eponym were just great! The shows on Wednesday (see earlier post) were also loads of fun. MoShang Zhao brought his fantastic CHILL to help us all wind down on Thursday night, and wow, did we need it!

MoShang‘s music – LIVE from Taiwan – is a sweetly cool mix of downbeat electronica, traditional instrumentation (love that Shruthi!), and modern technology. The Shruthi is really something (a hybrid digital/analog monosynth), and MoShang is its master. Look for a post all about MoShang soon…but for now, let’s just say we really enjoyed the hour (as we always do!) on Thursday night. Why not join us, this week, eh? We’ll be there at 8 PM – Ce Soir Castle

Saturday, we ran over and celebrated one of our favourite musician’s second wedding anniversary at Kingdom of Reallis. Quantamis and his lovely Sedona have been wed for two years now, and we couldn’t be happier. Love – as Mireille would say – is everything! These two have love in spades, and it’s a delight. It was a beautiful occasion with great music and lots of friends. Congratulations – and best wishes for the coming years!

Sunday, we missed a very special event! Two other friends celebrated their love with a handfasting – and we had every intention of attending, but it just could not be. A mix of bad weather and surprise visitors interfered. We’re very sad to have missed it, for Morgue McMillan – the lovely and profound poet – and Brendan Shoreland – a delightful musician – are happy together and that makes us happy too! Our best to the both of them for a joyous future ahead!

Sunday night brought a wild ride with none other than the inimitable DRAGONFLY and the outstanding TWINGHOST RONAS. Joel brought out some new music – and some recent stuff he’s been reworking. WOWZA only comes close! We had it going LOUD at our house and it was, well, AWESOME! Always a powerhouse of sound, Joel blew the roof off the place! Seriously! And then Twin…well, what can I say? He mellowed us out in grand style with some deep groove – and those tunes keep playing in my head. Add to that the great crowd that gathered over the two hours, and…what a night!

We’re off today, but look for us tomorrow when the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir returns to The Magic Tree with more readings and ruminations. Russell Eponym‘s wit and wisdom – don’t miss it! See you at NOON tomorrow!

As the “ladies who lunch” say. “Ta-ta for now!” (OK, I hear you laughing! hehe…)

How to follow yesterday?! (We have an idea or three…)

Yesterday at Ce Soir Arts was stunning. It was one of those rarefied days when even the air was charged with electricity and passion. I was amazed, myself, by this truly brilliant mix of talent and acumen. Let’s just say that Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford had himself a very good time indeed!

At noon, we enjoyed the very best in poetic ponderings with the one-and-only Poet Laureate of Ce Soir, RUSSELL EPONYM. He offered us an eclectic mix of readings that to my delight included the humour and sensitivity of Pam Ayres, MBE. There is nothing like a laugh with Russell to get your day going in the right direction. Add to that the wisdom of his thought for the day, and you can’t go wrong! Today’s was simply beautiful: be yourself, be true to your dreams. This is so important, and we took it all in, rapt in attention to Russell‘s presence and that wonderful voice. He can take on an accent like no one else can, and he’s always spot on with his inflections and expressions. What a pleasure to sit under the shade of The Magic Tree and share an hour with Russell! Opening with the dulcet tones of his guitar sets the stage for the hour, every time, as he charms us completely. Russell meets us at The Magic Tree every Tuesday at noon SLT. Come join us!

Next, the opening for FAE VARRIALE‘s enchanting art exhibit was fabulous! The hour was a mix of Fae‘s lovely art and JORDANREYNE DEEZUL‘s innovative original industrial folk noir music. People from all over descended and we had a great time dancing, chatting, and enjoying the art and music together. Jordan‘s outstanding original music was the perfect accompaniment to Fae‘s rich and expressive artwork. The fantasy element, the engaging quality of her art was set off by the truly moving music of the mistress of industrial folk noir. Awesome!

Ce Soir was truly the meeting place, yesterday, and nothing could have pleased me more. On top of that, I got to spend the day with my beloved, the beautiful Mireille! Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford is one lucky duck!

✫✦❀ FABULOUS DAY at Ce Soir! ❀✦✫
✫✦❀ FABULOUS DAY at Ce Soir! ❀✦✫

Thank you all for coming round!

.:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. ..*☆*:. .:*★*:. ..*☆*:. .:*★*:.

Don’t miss today, either! We’ve got an evening ahead that is sure to get your attention, with three of the most talented musicians on the grid:

Donn, Alex, Tukso set Ce Soir Castle to ROCKIN'!
Donn, Alex, Tukso set the Ce Soir Castle dial up to ROCKIN’!

♫ ♬ Donn Devore – Rocks Ce Soir – LIVE at 5 PM SLT ♬♫

Brony, rocker, songwriter and musical powerhouse Donn Devore will keep you going from the first chord of his set. This technical wizard brings the voice, lush guitar, piano, and more to every show. He gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs. Don’t miss this incredible energy! And…have you heard? HE’S GOING ON TOUR THIS SUMMER! Woots!

♫ ♬ ALEX MAYS – LIVE at Ce Soir – 6 PM SLT ♬♫

Alex brings that awesome guitar – and a bluesy mix of jazzy tunes to get you dancing and grooving to the sounds with every show. This guy knows his way around a guitar and his voice just fits his genre to a “T”! He’s a ball-o-fire, and you don’t want to miss it! You’ll enjoy this toe-tapping hour – guaranteed!

♫ ♬ Music Legend TUKSO OKEY – LIVE at Ce Soir – 7 PM SLT ♬♫

Join us for an unforgettable journey with music legend Tukso Okey. The rhythms are hypnotic, the lyrics spellbinding. Come hear this unique and mesmerizing sound that will have you oooh-ing, aaaah-ing and dancing to this one-of-a-kind and very sensual groove!

The Ce Soir Castle is gonna be rockin’ tonight!

Come…be inspired!

Quiet weekend…busy week…

Yep, it’s pretty quiet around here, and I got to go bopping around the metaverse a bit today – something I have not gotten to do for awhile. It was really fun! I caught some great music over at Guthries (thanks, Dottie!) and did a little shopping. I found a few new clothing items but also some fun stuff, like a really cool telescope from LISP (grab it and its accoutrements over at Collabor88 before they’re gone!). Once Mireille gets back to fixing up the home sim, I will be all set to place it where I can sit back and gaze at the stars! Of course, I’m always gazing at a shining star… (You may quote me!)

The quiet was in RL this weekend too, which is these days a rarity. We’ve got some big family and business stuff going on (mostly good and happy things that just require time and attention), but this weekend actually ended up to be fairly mellow, not the marathon catch-another-plane craziness of recent weeks. We’re feeling much better too, about ready to declare ourselves over the flu. Hedging a bit on that one, as fatigue lingers. I hear its been that way for most folks, so at least we’re not alone.

Tomorrow is an RL work day, but we have much to look forward to at Ce Soir coming up:

The Art Retrospective continues up at The Conservatory at Ce Soir through February 15, when a new artist will take center stage at Ce Soir; in the meantime the absolutely stunning and engaging sculptural and particle art of the lovely Ultraviolet Alter continues to dot the Ce Soir landscape with beauty and meaning. Mireille has all the details for what’s coming up, so look for more from her on all that soon. There’s a little theatre piece in the offing as well as more poetry and music around the corner. Here’s what’s in store for this Valentines Day week – and the emphasis is, as it should be, on LOVE! We hope that you have loads of love in your lives and that you’ll enjoy this sweet holiday with someone special. And you know what? If not? You’re pretty special, just you. So enjoy, no matter what! Here’s the line-up:

✫✦❀ Poetry & Music with RUSSELL EPONYM – TUESDAY, Noon SLT at Ce Soir ❀✦✫

♫ ♬ AMFORTE Returns to Ce Soir – LIVE – WEDNESDAY, 4 PM SLT ♬♫

♫ ♬ DONN DEVORE – Rocks Ce Soir – WEDNESDAY, 5 PM SLT♬♫



♫ ♬❤ NEAL HOFFMANN – LIVE at Ce Soir for Valentines Day – NOON SLT ❤♬♫

❤ TBA ❤

RUSSELL EPONYM – LIVE on Valentines Day at Ce Soir – 2 PM SLT ❤♬♫

MOSHANG ZHAO Delivers the Chill – LIVE at Ce Soir – 8 PM SLT ❤♬♫

Come…be inspired tonight!