Seanchai Library Celebrates 10 Years of Story in Second Life® and Other Virtual Worlds!

Something special is happening at Seanchai Library! Of course, something special is always happening there including an array of outstanding spoken word events. However, this is quite the celebration! The Library has been operating in-world for 10 years this month, and the group is offering a series of happenings to commemorate this achievement. Special events are scheduled 15 – 25 March – 10 days celebrating 10 years of excellence in sharing the best in literature.

Team lead, Caledonia Skytower, has worked with her collaborators to put together an impressive schedule, accessible HERE. Please do yourself a favour and teleport over to enjoy some of the best readings and presentations available anywhere. Readers including well-known talents like Elrik Merlin, Shandon Loring, Dubhna Rhiadra, Corwyn Allen, and Caledonia herself will enthrall audiences with selections especially chosen for these events. LMs and details about each reading are available on the aforementioned schedule page, and even more information is to be found at the Library on Holly Kai. Teleport HERE to have a look around and enjoy the environment they’ve created.

Activities continue at Ce Soir Arts…but we need a blog hiatus, due to RL demands. We’ll be back!

Lots is happening for us in the physical realm, so we’re stepping away from the blog for a bit – just to have a bit more time to devote to some major (and mostly, very exciting and happy) changes. Look for our return – sometime in March or April. We’ll keep you apprised before then.

Thank you for understanding – and for being such kind and steady readers! Enjoy the shift from winter to spring in the Northern Hemisphere – and the gaining of cooler weather Down Under. Enjoy the glories of nature (or at least, be relieved that seasonal storms – which have been really striking this year – are over); be well and happy!

Drop in at Ce Soir Arts, any time – and check the schedule board outside Château Ce Soir – or dive into SL Search for dates and times of marvelous poetry and other literary readings; musical shows from folk to rock to electronica; art exhibits featuring drawings, sculpture, and other expressive media; dramatic presentations including plays and vignettes; and much more!

Teleport HERE…and wander! Come, be inspired tonight!

The Main Landing for Ce Soir sim and Ce Soir Arts…

Valentine’s Week brings the return of Russell Eponym…and much more!

First…the week’s line-up! Note the outstanding spoken word events on Tuesday and the excellent musical offerings on Thursday… We had planned a bit of a special event on THE day, but it just could not be managed – mostly because of some important things happening in the physical realm including a very nasty cold for me and some career-related travel for Æon. There’s a bit of added stress due to some upgrades and the like for the Internet in our area following the fires. Wednesday (14 February) is to be the busiest day, with lots of downtime for the web, so…we decided to make the whole week a party!

Of course, we are happy to welcome our Poet Laureate RUSSELL EPONYM back from his extended vacation. He has been away for some time and we are so pleased that he enjoyed his travels to Australia – and has returned with renewed vigor. We cannot wait to hear him reading at The Magic Tree on Tuesday at Noon. It’s bound to be a delightful hour!

CALEDONIA SKYTOWER follows at 1:30 PM and has a treat in store! She will read selections from Erin Morgenstern’s best-selling Night Circus. There is intrigue and mystery awaiting as secret rivalries are revealed in this magically-appearing circus on the edge of town… You won’t want to miss a moment!

Then, at 2:30 PM, ÆON WOODFORD steps to the fore with Love & Lust in the 17th Century. This will be a fanciful hour of classical romantic poetry that sometimes goes beyond sheer romance…. Exceptional poetry by Donne, Marvell, Herrick, and others will capture your heart as they each delve deeply into the world of romance – and beyond…!

Do join us and enjoy the new romantic animations you might find sprinkled about the sim – or just relax and enjoy the music and calming ambience of Ce Soir and Ce Soir Arts. Check back soon for details about Thursday’s musical shows. We have (as you can see below) a stellar line-up for your enjoyment!

To The Magic Tree: HERE


An exciting week!


Outstanding music will fill the hall on Thursday this week!

We are very into literature at Ce Soir Arts – and in our private lives in the physical realm as well. We have been missing our Poet Laureate, RUSSELL EPONYM, as he has been on an extended holiday. He truly deserves this break, but we are looking forward to his return at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, 13 February. Put it on your calendar, as Russell’s readings are always truly unique and engaging – and that reading (and one by CALEDONIA SKYTOWER, who will also return to The Magic Tree on that date) will focus on Valentine’s Day and the theme of LOVE. RUSSELL‘s command of the language is singular and his catalogue of works extensive. He reads from a range of writers – from the classics to the more recent, from rich drama to incredible humour. CALE also brings a wide range of delightful stories to her readings, often focusing on the Celtic, as RUSSELL is often wont to do as well. We’ll see you then!

IN THE MEANTIME…there is much to enjoy on the sim! Winter Dreams Art Exhibit will open soon at Côte de la Mer Galerie…another of our private collection showings that we enjoy sharing. But that’s not all! Come enjoy an evening of excellent music at Château Ce Soir this coming Thursday (01 February), beginning at 5 PM SLT. At that hour, BAZ and Band will step to the stage to offer us an hour of what we refer to as atmospheres of sound. He is a professional musician and arranger who brings all his talents – from writing to performance – to bear at every unique show. BAZ plays piano and guitar with finesse and he can deliver an hour of hot rock, cool blues, swingin’ jazz, smooth ballads or even tranquil zen. Come along and enjoy the adventure of BAZ!

At 6 PM, well-known and much-loved musician and vocalist ANJ GUSTAFSON takes the castle by storm. ANJ an KI – who always brings her awesome dance HUD to share – know how to rock a room, and this evening’s set will be no exception. ANJ‘s way with guitar, piano, moog, and flute is truly magical, and his original tunes are very special (my fave is the beautiful love song, Crystal Lake). Covers are exceptional, as ANJ honours the original artists AND makes their songs his very own. It’s much more than charming, and that Southern drawl is a delight!

After all that, Australian musician NUVOLINO drops in to offer us an hour of very cool trance and electronica that takes us way past deep house into something unique and VERY danceable! His original tracks are the perfect energetic wrap on the night, and you’re invited to stay and enjoy with us. The beat is palpable, and the energy undeniable when NUVO is playing. His setup fills the stage and the light show is always stunning, pulsating in time to the music. The whole sim seems to light up as the music is broadcast on stream for all to hear!

Here’s the schedule for THURSDAY – and your ride to Château Ce Soir!

Riveting readings at The Magic Tree – midweek!

This Wednesday, we will enjoy excellent literature, presented by three of our favourite readers: BRYN TALEWEAVER, DUBHNA RHIADRA and ÆON WOODFORD. Each of these three talented readers always bring something special for us to enjoy, and this week is no exception to that. In fact…check the schedule for a hint of the inspiration that awaits!

Master storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER arrives at 1 PM SLT – LIVE from the UK – to bring us an engaging hour. This Wednesday, he dips into classic literature to share an adventure from The Arabian Nights! This historic collection of tales is cherished around the globe, as it has been built meticulously in various cultures over time. BRYN always chooses his programmes carefully, and this tale will be perfect for his dialect-rich delivery. Come enjoy as we gather at The Magic Tree!

At 2 PM SLT, gifted writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA steps to the fore with something very special – a stunning post-apocalyptic fairytale by Sylvia Linsteadt titled Tatterdemalion. This chapter, called Ffion 1650-2198 CE is nothing short of astounding. DUBHNA is always engaging, with soulful and expressive readings that offer listeners a unique literary journey. Her style of reading is reflective of the meaning of the story she is telling, and her grasp of historical tales is obvious. Come relax and enjoy with us!

Wrapping up Storytime at The Magic Tree this Wednesday, ÆON WOODFORD brings us another tale from Ray Bradbury‘s amazing science fiction work The Martian Chronicles. Usher II is a story that reflects Bradbury‘s fascination with Poe‘s Fall of the House of Usher and other works that are evocative of spooky mystery. Sci-fi is a versatile genre, and ÆON is a well-read afficianado who has a deep respect for writers like Bradbury who have proven their mettle over time. Come join us for the space journey and adventure!

Your conveyance to THE MAGIC TREE…see you here!