Russell is on vacation through 05 April…but other readings are held – and do visit to enjoy the art and ambience!

Our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym leaves for vacation soon. He will be away on an extended leave until 05 April. He reads and plays his marvellous music often in Second Life™ and keeps busy playing near his home in Wales as well. He deserves a break, and we wish him well for his travels and enjoyment. Rest and relaxation are important in life, especially for one as busy as Russell!

Don’t forget that there are other readings (see previous postings) to enjoy at The Magic Tree – and please feel free to visit and enjoy the amazing art that is still available from the autumn showing. We will do something new for spring, so stay tuned! Besides, the quiet, peaceful ambience of the entire region is present for your enjoyment. Here are some points of interest:

The Magic Tree Reading Garden

Château Ce Soir

Dover Beach Theatre

The Graveyard Dungeon

Witchwood Hollow

The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour (wintry escape!)

The Beach at Ce Soir

Rockpools (named for Russell’s beautiful song!)

Le Phare (The Lighthouse)

Côte de la Mer Galerie 

Ivy Tower 

L’Académie d’Art 

Mermaid Cove

The Ruins 

Enjoy looking about for hidden spots too! Come…be inspired tonight!

We’ve been away due to health concerns…but lovely readings and music continue!

We have been away for about 10 weeks due to health concerns. Things are still a bit up-in-the-air, but treatment and some rest time are continuing. We are not sure of an actual return date, but we are so pleased that the wonderful Russell Eponym, Caledonia Skytower, Dubhna Rhiadra, Bryn Taleweaver, Aoife Lorefield, Stranger Nightfire and Morgue McMillan-Shoreland have continued to read and (in Russell’s case) also provide some wonderful music for your enjoyment!

Readings include Russell at NOON on most Tuesdays at The Magic Tree and Bryn, Dubhna, Caledonia on alternate Wednesdays (beginning at 1 PM SLT). Aoife, Stranger, and Morgue on the other Wednesdays (beginning at 10 AM SLT). These marvelous and gifted readers are simply amazing to hear, providing an incredible array of stories and poetry!

Russell’s beautiful Folk, Blues, and Beyond fills Château Ce Soir with magic most Thursdays at 2 PM SLT. This 90-minute music fest will offer you fun with friends and lots of time for dancing and enjoying Russell’s soothing voice and astounding finger-style guitar-playing! Do come round and have a wonderful time!

We will return…albeit slowly at first. But do know how much we appreciate your coming to Ce Soir Arts! Rest, relax, wander and enjoy!

Ǣon & Mireille

As Hallowe’en Approaches…The Mad Masquerade begins to take shape….

It’s that wonderful autumn season we love so much at Ce Soir Arts, and with it will soon come Halloween! Yes, that spooky holiday is on the calendar – along with some special events to help us celebrate! The Mad Masquerade is in it’s seventh year, and it’s filling fast with spooktakular readings, an art exhibit that will chill and thrill, and some music to provide a party atmosphere! In fact, the calendar is plumping up as the region shifts its colours. Here is just a hint of what’s in store, starting with 16 October readings!

Your broomstick is HERE:

New Area at Ce Soir Arts: Rockpools invites refelction…

As many of you know by now, the gifted musician, writer, and artist Russell Eponym serves as Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts. A cherished member of the Ce Soir Arts family, Russell offers us a range of stunning programmes. From his weekly readings at The Magic Tree – since January 2012 – to his weekly music programmes at Château Ce Soir – also since January 2012 – Russell brings a special, professional, and warm touch to all he offers.

This past spring, we had some wonderful art exhibits. Spring Awakenings filled the region with artwork from some of the grid’s finest artists. Part of that was a slideshow (still available near The Magic Tree) of some of the beautiful lyrics that Russell has penned, paired with some of his own paintings. From that, we’ve centered two seasonal exhibits after his songs (Songs of Summer and Autumn Splendour). And now, something new has developed! From his gorgeous song Rockpools – based on his experience of living on the coast of Wales – we have created a spot for quietude and reflection that we have named after that song.

Visit Rockpools at Ce Soir Arts

Do come visit this sweet location, seaside near Le Phare (the Ce Soir Lighthouse). There is a bench for relaxing, and a lovely rockpool to enjoy. We trust it will calm and inspire you!

Your teleport is HERE.

Autumn Splendour! An interim art exhibit explores autumn’s beauty…

It is no secret that we love autumn – and all it brings. The natural beauty of vibrant leaves as trees make their turn from the liveliness of summer toward the stillness of winter is glorious – but it’s just the beginning! Of course, there are the autumn holidays to celebrate: Labour Day (farewell to summer); Columbus Day (a day of discovery in the US); Hallowe’en (our ghoulish favourite!); Veteran’s Day (to honour those who served in the US); and Thanksgiving (such a beautiful, thoughtful holiday – and the food is good too!).

But what was that thing about Halloween??? Well, we’ll leave that to an upcoming post, but for now, we celebrate the annual transition as it begins. Subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the natural world are fascinating to watch. Come explore a bit at Côte de la Mer Galerie and enjoy the beauty. Russell Eponym (our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence) has a beautiful piece that is a pairing of lyrics and painting that’s a must-see, and Ǣon shares a lovely tryptich based on Ode to Autumn by John Keats. Read the lyrics in what Russell has created along with the Keats poetry, and be enchanted! I share a few of my favourite fall views as well. I can feel the chill in the air and smell the cooling earth resting under those fallen leaves that crunch beneath my feet – and gather my sweater around me to keep warm!

Your conveyance to Côte de la Mer Galerie is HERE. And do grab the notecard at the entrance to wander the region for more autumn splendour – and a hint of winter too!

“The Lost Words” with Caledonia Skytower & Elrik Merlin at The Magic Tree – 18 September

There is something special coming to The Magic Tree this month: a wonderful reading by two of our world’s very best spoken word artists! Caledonia Skytower, who reads regularly at The Magic Tree – in addition to her duties as principal at the wonderful Seanchai Library – is bringing a special guest to her next session. Cale will be joined this coming Wednesday at 3 PM SLT by the well-known Elrik Merlin, whose marvelous work with Radio Riel and the popular Second Life®television programme Designing Worlds makes him a household name in SL®.

Caledonia Skytower & Elrik Merlin

Both of these talented individuals have wonderful speaking voices and rich repertoires of readings. Truly, they can read anything with skill and presence, but they are also excellent at selecting just the right material for themselves. This time, they will read from a wonderful book that is guaranteed to get our attention.

Award-winning author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed artist & author Jackie Morris created something wonderful and unique in their 2017 book. The Lost Words is a ‘book of spells’ that seeks to conjure back the near-lost magic and strangeness of the nature that surrounds us. It transcends age barriers inspiring children and moving adults with its wide appeal. This past July eight leading folk musicians released their response to the creatures, art, and language of Macfarlane & Morris’ book. On 18 September at 3 PM SLT, Elrik and Caledonia present a special blending of the music and spells of The Lost Words, live on stream at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts. Do plan to join us HERE.

Songs of Summer…as the heatwave waxes and wanes, the joy of summer comes through!

This has been one of the hottest summers on record…especially where we live in the US. Whilst we expect some hot times during the “dog days” of summer, this has been truly exceptional. DAYS ON END of heat and humidity have been pretty hard to take. We have a lot of outdoor activity here, and we’ve had to make some serious adjustments. Getting the work done whilst taking good care of ourselves has been a challenge. We both discovered that we need to drink MUCH more water than usual – and we feel grateful for that learning. Summer has still been beautiful – lots of gorgeous trees, flowers, and crops to enjoy. We hope the summer has been good to you so far – and that our new art exhibit will also make your heart sing: Songs of Summer!

Of course, the title of this exhibit came straight from our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym. His song, Summer is a favourite, and we’ve been humming the tune since June! And so, naturally, we decided we needed an interim art exhibit in theme. Songs of Summer will open formally tomorrow at Côte de la Mer Galerie, when Russell will be reading and sharing music at The Magic Tree, NOON SLT. Pop on over and enjoy – and remember, you are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts!

Landmarks: Côte de la Mer Galerie and The Magic Tree

Come…be inspired tonight!