Saturday! DJ Stormy, Mimi Carpenter and Skye Galaxy at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts!

We’ve had some really amazing presentations at Ce Soir Arts since 2012. Visual art, music, dance, spoken word, drama, diorama…you name it, we’ve probably done it. Valentine’s Day was a shining example – with music and spoken word simply glimmering including a unique collaboration that brought music and spoken word together in a new way that had us spellbound. Check a previous post for details about that and look for more such special events to be held soon. But speaking of being spellbound…. Have we got a show for you!

Come visit us at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts this weekend – Saturday, to be precise. It will all begin at 12 Noon when the beautiful DJ Stormy Somerton opens a very special event (that we’re calling Skye and Friends) with her very cool, edgy mix of rock tunes and delightful banter. We have such fun when Stormy is here, and we can’t wait to see and hear what she has in store! Professional and sweet, this DJ is a cut above – and she’ll have us dancing as friends gather. This is going to be a marvelous time, and Stormy offers the perfect way to start the party in style!

Next up at 12:30 PM, the charming Mimi Carpenter will treat us to a half-hour of sweet music that highlights her lilting voice. Lovely songs with her own guitar accompaniment will keep us smiling as friends congregate at The Ruins. Her choice of tunes is spot-on, always a fit with her presence and sweet voice, and she often will treat her audiences to a song or two en français, which is her native language. Do come and enjoy Mimi and her music as we gather for Skye and Friends!

Skye Galaxy at the piano…

As 1:00 PM rolls around, Skye Galaxy will step to the piano at The Ruins. That first note – as always – lets us know that we’re in for a magic carpet ride of sound. Stunning piano and vocals in a rich range from whispery tones to full on falsetto fill the region with magic. There is an ethereal quality to this man’s music, whether he’s crooning a love song or delivering one of his stunning electronica-genre originals. We look forward to hearing some of his own captivating lyrics, but will be happy with any of his selections; those crystalline notes are something to behold. Skye weaves a setlist with precision – or lets the moment take him wherever it will. Audiences are in for a treat, either way, so do come join us. Pop on over early, as the region often fills to capacity in anticipation of the stellar experience that awaits!

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Valetine’s Day Party to offer wonderful music and poetry…

Valentine’s Day is a very sweet reminder of the gifts of love. Among those gifts is artistry – something we know something about in Second Life®. The space for creativity that our virtual world offers opens us to the possibilities of artistic expression. Visual art, music, dance, poetry and literature abound and bring much joy – and the creativity of those who provide the breathtaking landscapes and the structures and articles of virtual reality make the verisimilitude sing! And just think of our avatars – our clothing, hair, and expressiveness. Amazing!

And so…let us celebrate! Join us on 14 February at Château Ce Soir for a Valentine’s Day party to remember! Dress to the nines in formal attire or dressy casual and come along for what promises to be something special indeed. The theme of love will be woven throughout and the last event of the evening will take your breath away!

That being the case, I’ll start with that – a truly marvelous collaborative presentation by two of the most innovative inhabitants of our world: CALEDONIA SKYTOWER and DJ KTAHDN VESUVINO. These two gifted spirits join forces to create an hour of poetry and music that must be experienced. The result is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, they have chosen lovely poetry from across the ages and beautiful music so in synch with the message that it warms the heart. “LOVE in Words & Music” is an event not to be missed!

Join us at Château Ce Soir for an evening of music and dancing that begins earlier in the day at 2 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM- and this beautiful event at 8 PM SLT. Dancing is encouraged during the presentation! Cale will be reading in Voice, so have your ears on – and enjoy the music Ktahdn will provide on stream at the same time!

Earlier, we have more unmatched music and dancing to enjoy as we celebrate the season of LOVE! Excellent musicians – RUSSELL EPONYM, ANJ GUSTAFSON, and DONN DEVORE will deliver a soundtrack for the most wonderful Valentine’s Party!

At 2 PM, Russell Eponym will bring a special theme to his usual 90-minute show of folk, blues, and beyond! Beautiful original music and well-chosen covers highlight his many talents. Intricate guitar stylings; creative lyrics and tunes; and his rich, velvety voice fill the castle with magic! Formal attire or dressy casual are perfect for this enjoyable event.

RUSSELL EPONYM – Folk, Blues, & Beyond!

After a short break, we return at 6 PM SLT to Château Ce Soir for more fantastic music with none other than grid favourite ANJ GUSTAFSON! This multi-faceted performer is a talented guitarist, keyboardist, flautist, and vocalist who always brings an hour of contemporary sounds that have us dancing the night away! Anj has a cool repertoire that includes his own lovely compositions (I’ll request “Crystal Lake”!) and an exceptional collection of tunes from creative artists such as Collective Soul, Radiohead, and Coldplay. It’s an hour of sweet music and banter just perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration!

ANJ GUSTAFSON – Multifaceted musician!

Up next at 7 PM is another of SL’s gifted musicians – technician of sound, DONN DEVORE. This innovative creator of stunning electronica always provides an hour of soaring music. We’re having a party, and Donn will have us riveted with his incredible talents with the guitar, keyboard, and electronic instrument – not to mention that amazing voice. Add to that his electric light show…and it’s definitely a party! Donn has an array of stunning original material, and he usually peppers it with his own renditions of tunes by the likes of Pink Floyd, Sting, and other exceptional artists. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

DONN DEVORE-Soaring original electronica!

AND THEN…at 8 PM, as previously noted, CALEDONIA and KTAHDN will put the perfect wrap on the evening with a captivating hour of poetry and music that will delight and elevate us in the best of what Valentine’s Day has to offer – sweet romance at its best! Don’t miss this exceptional collaborative presentation! In fact, don’t miss a moment of the 2019 Ce Soir Arts Valentine’s Day Party! You are always welcome here, but are especially invited to come enjoy this evening of star-studded entertainment.

Special presentation – 8 PM!

Dress up in your elegant best (or wear your favourite dressy casual outfit) and come join us! Your limousine to Château Ce Soir is HERE!

Valentine’s Week at Ce Soir Arts – Love Conquers All!

Most everyone adores Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are exceptions, but it seems clear that regular visitors to Ce Soir Arts are of the romantic persuasion. And so, we move into this special week with joy! Have a look at what we have in store below…with more detail coming soon about the Valentine’s Day Party and Saturday with Skye & Friends!

¸。。¸VALENTINE’S WEEK at Ce Soir Arts¸。。¸
12 – 13 – 14 – 16 February 2019

TUESDAY – A lovely reading at The Magic Tree with our Poet Laureate!
NOON – RUSSELL EPONYM: Outstanding Poetry & Song
Join us as he explores the worlds of music and literature…with a hint of the romance to come for Valentine’s Day! He’ll be playing at the big party on Thursday, so don’t miss this preview!


WEDNESDAYStorytime Readings at The Magic Tree

10 AM – AOIFE LOREFIELD with beautiful Celtic literature to delight!
Charming tales from Robert Kirk’s “The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries” will enchant us as she continues reading from this marvelous tome! Aoife began the reading last week, and so we are very early in these recounting. Don’t miss a session – it’s fascinating!

11 AM – MORGUE MCMILLAN SHORELAND with original poetry
Morgue brings her beautiful writing to share with us as we relax beneath the boughs at The Magic Tree. Her work is rich with both form and content, as she often speaks to important personal and social matters in her lovely writing. Come…be engaged in this wodrous hour!

Catch this breeze to The Magic Tree HERE!


——–You are invited to dress formally, but dressy casual is fine!——-
2 PM – RUSSELL EPONYM – LIVE from Wales – Folk, Blues & Beyond
Russell will have a charming Valentine’s Day theme with lovely music for us to enjoy in this 90-minutes musical programme!
6 PM – ANJ GUSTAFSON – Cool Contemporary Tunes & Dancing
With a focus on love, Anj’s set will delight as friends gather to groove and enjoy as we trip the light fantastic to dance the night away!                                                                                                  7 PM – DONN DEVORE – Stunning Original Electronica
Donn brings a stellar show of sights and sounds! He will light up the night!
LOVE in Words and Music – A collaborative presentation!
There are some songs that find a path into the heart of love, and some poems written by those who see deeply into life. Caldedonia and DJ Ktahdn take turns reading and playing songs, together weaving for us a glowing, delightful work. Come enjoy this romantic wrap on our Valentine’s Day party! Dancing whilst listening is encouraged!
CALEDONIA will read poetry in Voice, so have your ears on!
DJ KTAHDN will provide the music on stream.

Your ride to Château Ce Soir is HERE!


¸。。¸SPECIAL THIS WEEK at Ce Soir Arts¸。。¸
NOON – DJ STORMY SOMERTON – As always, Stormy brings her best set of very cool, edgy rock and delightful banter! What a great way to start the party!
12:30 PM – MIMI CARPENTER – With her lilting voice and lovely songs to sing, Mimi will again charm us as we enjoy the gathering of friends!
1 PM – SKYE GALAXY – This singular artist offers us an hour of his stellar signature sound. Come along for a musical magic carpet ride with Skye!

To land at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts, click HERE!

Come…be inspired tonight!
Mireille & Ǣon, Co-Owners
Ce Soir Arts

This Week at Ce Soir Arts

This is going to be a lovely week at Ce Soir Arts. The Magic Tree will offer some wonderful programmes you won’t want to miss! The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – the marvelous Russell Eponym – will read at Noon SLT on Tuesday (29 January), as he does every week. He always brings both exceptional stories and poetry – AND music from across the melodic spectrum. This week, he continues with the amazing autobiographical work by Bob Dylan – Chronicles. It’s Dylan speaking about his life in real time. The book is filled with fascinating encounters with other musicians, and his reflections on them and his own music. Add this to other written works and music (this week by the Kings of Convenience), it’s going to be a very special hour indeed!

On Wednesday, the lovely Aoife Lorefield will debut, beginning a series from Robert Kirk’s The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries. Such a charming and true account of Vicar Kirk’s many encounters with the fae and the elfin folk, the book will unfold as Aoife reads for us at 10 AM every-other-Wednesday, starting this week (30 January). Do come along for this absolutely delightful time at The Magic Tree. We know you are going to enjoy sitting back and relaxing under the sweet spell of this exceptional reading.

Then, on Thursday, Russell Eponym returns to treat us to 90 minutes of his fantastic folk, blues, and beyond. He drops in at Château Ce Soir every Thursday at 2 PM. We dance, chat, laugh, and enjoy spectacular music with Russell. He shares many fine covers, playing a variety of instruments – most especially, the guitar. He is adept with a range of gorgeous finger-styles and his voice is velvet magic on the air. Friends gather, and it’s always a beautiful time. Do come join us!

The week’s schedule is below – followed by LMs you can use to jet over to join us!

THE MAGIC TREE                                CHÂTEAU CE SOIR

Come, be inspired tonight!

Aoife Lorefield to Read Celtic Literature at The Magic Tree

Good news!

Aoife Lorefield, Spoken Word

We at Ce Soir Arts are pleased to announce the addition of Aoife Lorefield as a regular reader at The Magic Tree! She will begin reading every-other-Wednesday at 10 AM on 30 January. You are invited, of course, to come enjoy her beautiful readings, and we hope to see you. You are bound to enjoy her lovely selections, beginning with a full read of Robert Kirk’s “The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries.”

Aoife will start at the very beginning of this fascinating book. Edited by John Matthews, this delightful tome recounts fascinating stories from the kept journal of the 17th century Scottish Vicar. You will be enchanted by these accounts of his real-time encounters with the fae and elfin folk, and Aoife has a charming reading style that will further draw you in.

Join us at The Magic Tree!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir Arts

Winter Hiatus Underway – But Fun at Ce Soir Arts Continues!

We are taking a bit of a wintry hiatus in order to rest, relax, and enjoy the holidays with the family. Of course, we’ll be around for readings and shows, but you might not see us as often for a few months. There are some changes ahead at Ce Soir Arts – and they’re all good changes that will allow us specific hours off (primarily RL evenings) to tend to some other things that have our attention at the moment. Among them? Planning for the future!

Marvellous readings at The Magic Tree will continue. On Tuesdays at Noon, Poet Laureate Russell Eponym shares a beautiful hour. Do pop round to be charmed by this premier reader and musician, who streams LIVE from Wales! Join us for an hour of reading, rumination, and song that will delight and educate. Reading from an eclectic mix of classical and modern poetry and literature, Russell holds our attention. His kindly spirit and lively wit (and wisdom!) make every hour an unforgettable experience. Sharing music from other artists broadens our horizons, and we are treated to some of his own compositions as well.

Wednesdays will continue – every-other-week – to offer us three hours of enjoyment in Storytime at The Magic Tree. Up at 1 PM SLT, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, who does indeed weave tales with finesse, will share many fascinating stories from his travels! His dialects and character-driven intonations make his readings exceptional; he embodies the stories he presents and offers us many literary insights into various cultures. He always comes dressed for the genre or culture, and is ready to take us on a magic carpet ride to a range of destinations.

Next, on those same Wednesdays, the charming maven of fantasy and more – Dubhna Rhiadra – steps to the fore with her own brand of wonderful storytelling. As a gifted spoken word artist and writer, Dubhna has explored the worlds of fantasy with a keen eye. Her grasp of the faery culture alone makes her a premier presenter. Come fall under the spell as Dubhna recounts story after story of mystical creatures and marvelous twists and turns in the lives of those who inhabit the wood, the underworld…and beyond! Historical tales and those of modern times come to life in these readings.

To put a fine wrap on Storytime, one of the most well-known and beloved of spoken word artists takes the Reader’s Throne at 3 PM SLT. Caledonia Skytower, principal at the beautiful Seanchai Library in Second Life® and other grids, brings delightful tales to tell. Virtual Reality knows her well, as do many in the world of theatre and writing in the physical realm, and we are pleased to welcome Cale to The Magic Tree. Celtic tales about family, very relatable stories from the classics to now offer her opportunities to explore drama – and often, humour – in her readings. We hear her own work too and are always charmed by her sharing. Sometimes, she brings a collaborator along. Come enjoy!

NOTE: Look for the addition of readers to those other Wednesdays in 2019! We are excited about that so look for an announcement in January!

Thursdays, recently alive with spectacular music across the spectrum, will be a bit quieter – especially in evening hours, after the Christmas Party on 20 December. More on that in a bit! You must come enjoy this celebration, as it will be extra-special! Kicking off the evening at 2 PM SLT, Russell Eponym delights us with 90 minutes of his own folk, blues, and beyond! Historical folk tales set to music and an array of fabulous songs (both originals and well-chosen covers) will have us in a party mood in no time! Then, at 5 PM, the fantastic ambient and electronic musician Nuvolino will bring his all-original dance party sounds in at 5 PM – complete with light show and dancing thrills with Aki! At 6 PM, the wonderfully talented king of classic rock, multi-instrumental musician and commanding vocalist, Anj Gustafson gets us grooving in a true party atmosphere! The fun continues when the ever-amazing Donn Devore pops in with his striking electronic music, straight from his always-running unique and stunning creative process. There is such movement in his music, it’s like a magic carpet ride across the universe! You must come enjoy HOLIDAY PARTYTIME at Château Ce Soir!

And so…after the Christmas Party, we pause. That pause will continue in early 2019, especially on Thursday through Monday nights. Some family things and an artistic opportunity have arisen in the ‘RL,’ as many call it, and we must attend to all. As the old saying goes, the more things change the more they remain the same – as noted at the top of this post. More spoken word and theatrical events are in store – along with some very special holiday parties! Don’t miss the upcoming Valentine’s Day Party that will bring us some outstanding music to dance to – from dear friends – right on 14 February! Also…new art exhibits – in new gallery spaces! – are also on the docket for 2019. Look for more information soon…and have a beautiful holiday season! We cherish our friends and family in Second Life®, and we thank you for being part of it!

Winter Holiday at Ce Soir Arts by Mireille

Spooky Readings on Hallowe’en at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts…Boo!

◥▲◤HALLOWEEN at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts – 31 October 2018◥▲◤

The MAD MASQUERADE season continues, as Halloween brings us some of the spookiest readings around – and in a ghoulish setting that will have you looking about for ghosts! Check the Spooktacular schedule!

Join us for fangtastic readings…at The Graveyard Dungeon….muahahaha!

NOON: MORGUE MCMILLAN – Morgue’s work is exceptional – well-written and expertly read. These are poems and stories rich in Imagery that are perfect for the spooky season. Morgue is a professional poet and instructor in the art of writing. Come enjoy her beautiful…and riveting presentation! Her partner, talented musician Brendan Shoreland may join her for some tuneful interludes.

1 PM: Master storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will have us on the edges of our seats, wondering and being a tad bit frightened, highlighting the fright of the Hallowe’en season. Bryn, with his outstanding reading talents, will have us utterly transfixed with spine-tingling readings perfect for the season! Muahahaha!

2 PM: The engaging writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA explores the reality of Poe, master of the spooky tale, reading from Angela Carter’s “The Cabinet of Edgar Allen Poe.” We will come away understanding and appreciating Poe’s scary works more than ever. There is a bit of mystery here, so come learn with us at The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts!

3 PM: Spoken word maven, CALEDONIA SKYTOWER brings her magnificent reading skills to share fright-night thrills from Hoban’s “The Man With The Dagger” and San Souci’s “The Quilt” on this spooky night. Come join us for this ghoulish adventure with expert writer and reader Caledonia. Her work with Seanchai Library is legendary – and for good reason! These tales are just right for fright-night Hallowe’en!

4 PM: AEON WOODFORD – sci-fi aficionado – drops in to scare us with Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” – THE sci-fi chiller! There are no words to adequately convey the chill of this creepy tale that will set your teeth on edge! AEON has just the voice for this too…so come join us in the eerie surroundings of The Graveyard Dungeon in Ce Soir Arts!

Your hearse awaits HERE!