More fine readings at The Magic Tree this week – Wednesday, February 26 at 2 and 3pm!

It’s a new week at Ce Soir Arts and we have more readings from two of our favorite literary stars in store this Wednesday. Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra always have wonderful stories to share, and you are invited to join us at the beautiful garden where The Magic Tree awaits. These two read on alternate Wednesdays (see previous postings for details about that), but now Caledonia will read first at 2 PM, followed by Dubhna at 3. We plan to add another reader in coming weeks (at 1 PM SLT), but for now, these two have some of their literary magic to share!

The lovely and gifted Caledonia will be reading selections from one of the finest books in recent memory – an adventure of a specific sort that is bound to please us as we listen. The Stories-In-Between from THE STARLESS SEA is her selected reading, and you do not want to miss what Cale has prepared for us!
Erin Morgenstern’s newest work is a story wherein stories are central.  Set in a secret underground world—a place of pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that sail upon a starless sea – the main narrative is punctuated with little stories-in-between.  Caledonia shares selections from these short story gems – LIVE on stream at 2 PM SLT. Do come along and get ready to be entertained!


Stick around for the magical Dubhna Rhiadra, taking the spotlight at The Magic Tree at 3 PM SLT. She always has adventure in mind – with fascinating fantasy tales that take us on rousing adventures, from the humorous to the very serious indeed. Dubhna regales us with these historical tales in her delightful Welsh brogue, and we can’t help but be taken in. This week, there might just be a bit more humor shared, and we know it will be charming and engaging, as always. Last time, we had a wonderful time following along, and this week promises more of the same with Dubhna! Don’t be late – come at 2 for Cale and stay for Dubhna at 3. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s your ride to the beautiful gardens at The Magic Tree! See you there!

Readings continue! Join us on the 19th for more literary fascination!

Hello again, it’s Mimi, reporting on additional readings coming soon to The Magic Tree! We had a fine time enjoying Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower this week, and next week offers more for our relaxation and entertainment! Dubhna and Cale will read every second and fourth Wednesdays, but the time will shift to an hour earlier – and another reader will join us at some point as well! Caledonia will read at 1 PM, followed (eventually) by Bryn Taleweaver at 2 PM and Dubhna at 3 PM SLT.

This week, however, begins another rotation with Stranger Nightfire at 10 AM SLT, followed by Morgue McMillan-Shoreland at 11 AM and wrapping up with Aoife Lorefield at Noon SLT on Wednesday, the 19th of February. Stranger will again offer us fascinating reading from his eclectic collection, and Morgue will grace the airwaves of Ce Soir Arts with more from the Kalevala and perhaps some of her stunning original poetry, followed by more lovely Celtic readings from the inimitable Aoife Lorefield. It will be delightful – guaranteed! – and do check back soon for all the details!

Your attendance at these events is deeply appreciated by everyone at Ce Soir Arts – and by the readers as well. We love to share such creative beauty with our community, so come along and enjoy with us!


Stranger, Morgue, and Aoife will welcome you to The Magic Tree – HERE!

Wonderful readings return to The Magic Tree – February 12!

Hello, friends! Mimi here, reporting on what’s happening now at Ce Soir Arts! While Ce Soir Arts is on hiatus, there is still enjoyment to be had! Art from autumn remains throughout the region and all the sweet spots for rest, relaxation, dancing, and more are still present. And now…we begin a series of readings once more at The Magic Tree!

Two of our favorite readers will return on February 12 – and 26 (with the addition of another on that later date!) to share from their large canon of readings! Do come join us at 2 PM and 3 PM SLT on the 12th to enjoy the following:

Dubhna always offers us fascinating tales of faeries and other magical creatures as well as simply amazing stories of struggle and triumph. This week, she treats us to an array of humourous fantasy narratives that will capture our attention and hold us fast as we listen to her beautiful Welsh brogue. These stories are indeed a fascination! Come along to The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts and be enchanted as Dubhna weaves her literary magic!
Caledonia is known far and wide for the depth and breadth of her readings. She is engaged at Seanchai Library, where live voice readings regularly enthrall audiences of all types. She always delivers something special at The Magic Tree, and this time, she will be doing her annual reading of poetry from those selected by students in the program she administrates for her state Arts Agency – Poetry Out Loud. These poems are always a delight. Come enjoy with us – and for more information, check here:
Your LM for The Magic Tree is HERE. More to come soon! Stay tuned!

Russell is on vacation through 05 April…but other readings are held – and do visit to enjoy the art and ambience!

Our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym leaves for vacation soon. He will be away on an extended leave until 05 April. He reads and plays his marvellous music often in Second Life™ and keeps busy playing near his home in Wales as well. He deserves a break, and we wish him well for his travels and enjoyment. Rest and relaxation are important in life, especially for one as busy as Russell!

Don’t forget that there are other readings (see previous postings) to enjoy at The Magic Tree – and please feel free to visit and enjoy the amazing art that is still available from the autumn showing. We will do something new for spring, so stay tuned! Besides, the quiet, peaceful ambience of the entire region is present for your enjoyment. Here are some points of interest:

The Magic Tree Reading Garden

Château Ce Soir

Dover Beach Theatre

The Graveyard Dungeon

Witchwood Hollow

The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour (wintry escape!)

The Beach at Ce Soir

Rockpools (named for Russell’s beautiful song!)

Le Phare (The Lighthouse)

Côte de la Mer Galerie 

Ivy Tower 

L’Académie d’Art 

Mermaid Cove

The Ruins 

Enjoy looking about for hidden spots too! Come…be inspired tonight!

We’ve been away due to health concerns…but lovely readings and music continue!

We have been away for about 10 weeks due to health concerns. Things are still a bit up-in-the-air, but treatment and some rest time are continuing. We are not sure of an actual return date, but we are so pleased that the wonderful Russell Eponym, Caledonia Skytower, Dubhna Rhiadra, Bryn Taleweaver, Aoife Lorefield, Stranger Nightfire and Morgue McMillan-Shoreland have continued to read and (in Russell’s case) also provide some wonderful music for your enjoyment!

Readings include Russell at NOON on most Tuesdays at The Magic Tree and Bryn, Dubhna, Caledonia on alternate Wednesdays (beginning at 1 PM SLT). Aoife, Stranger, and Morgue on the other Wednesdays (beginning at 10 AM SLT). These marvelous and gifted readers are simply amazing to hear, providing an incredible array of stories and poetry!

Russell’s beautiful Folk, Blues, and Beyond fills Château Ce Soir with magic most Thursdays at 2 PM SLT. This 90-minute music fest will offer you fun with friends and lots of time for dancing and enjoying Russell’s soothing voice and astounding finger-style guitar-playing! Do come round and have a wonderful time!

We will return…albeit slowly at first. But do know how much we appreciate your coming to Ce Soir Arts! Rest, relax, wander and enjoy!

Ǣon & Mireille

As Hallowe’en Approaches…The Mad Masquerade begins to take shape….

It’s that wonderful autumn season we love so much at Ce Soir Arts, and with it will soon come Halloween! Yes, that spooky holiday is on the calendar – along with some special events to help us celebrate! The Mad Masquerade is in it’s seventh year, and it’s filling fast with spooktakular readings, an art exhibit that will chill and thrill, and some music to provide a party atmosphere! In fact, the calendar is plumping up as the region shifts its colours. Here is just a hint of what’s in store, starting with 16 October readings!

Your broomstick is HERE:

New Area at Ce Soir Arts: Rockpools invites refelction…

As many of you know by now, the gifted musician, writer, and artist Russell Eponym serves as Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts. A cherished member of the Ce Soir Arts family, Russell offers us a range of stunning programmes. From his weekly readings at The Magic Tree – since January 2012 – to his weekly music programmes at Château Ce Soir – also since January 2012 – Russell brings a special, professional, and warm touch to all he offers.

This past spring, we had some wonderful art exhibits. Spring Awakenings filled the region with artwork from some of the grid’s finest artists. Part of that was a slideshow (still available near The Magic Tree) of some of the beautiful lyrics that Russell has penned, paired with some of his own paintings. From that, we’ve centered two seasonal exhibits after his songs (Songs of Summer and Autumn Splendour). And now, something new has developed! From his gorgeous song Rockpools – based on his experience of living on the coast of Wales – we have created a spot for quietude and reflection that we have named after that song.

Visit Rockpools at Ce Soir Arts

Do come visit this sweet location, seaside near Le Phare (the Ce Soir Lighthouse). There is a bench for relaxing, and a lovely rockpool to enjoy. We trust it will calm and inspire you!

Your teleport is HERE.

Autumn Splendour! An interim art exhibit explores autumn’s beauty…

It is no secret that we love autumn – and all it brings. The natural beauty of vibrant leaves as trees make their turn from the liveliness of summer toward the stillness of winter is glorious – but it’s just the beginning! Of course, there are the autumn holidays to celebrate: Labour Day (farewell to summer); Columbus Day (a day of discovery in the US); Hallowe’en (our ghoulish favourite!); Veteran’s Day (to honour those who served in the US); and Thanksgiving (such a beautiful, thoughtful holiday – and the food is good too!).

But what was that thing about Halloween??? Well, we’ll leave that to an upcoming post, but for now, we celebrate the annual transition as it begins. Subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the natural world are fascinating to watch. Come explore a bit at Côte de la Mer Galerie and enjoy the beauty. Russell Eponym (our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence) has a beautiful piece that is a pairing of lyrics and painting that’s a must-see, and Ǣon shares a lovely tryptich based on Ode to Autumn by John Keats. Read the lyrics in what Russell has created along with the Keats poetry, and be enchanted! I share a few of my favourite fall views as well. I can feel the chill in the air and smell the cooling earth resting under those fallen leaves that crunch beneath my feet – and gather my sweater around me to keep warm!

Your conveyance to Côte de la Mer Galerie is HERE. And do grab the notecard at the entrance to wander the region for more autumn splendour – and a hint of winter too!

“The Lost Words” with Caledonia Skytower & Elrik Merlin at The Magic Tree – 18 September

There is something special coming to The Magic Tree this month: a wonderful reading by two of our world’s very best spoken word artists! Caledonia Skytower, who reads regularly at The Magic Tree – in addition to her duties as principal at the wonderful Seanchai Library – is bringing a special guest to her next session. Cale will be joined this coming Wednesday at 3 PM SLT by the well-known Elrik Merlin, whose marvelous work with Radio Riel and the popular Second Life®television programme Designing Worlds makes him a household name in SL®.

Caledonia Skytower & Elrik Merlin

Both of these talented individuals have wonderful speaking voices and rich repertoires of readings. Truly, they can read anything with skill and presence, but they are also excellent at selecting just the right material for themselves. This time, they will read from a wonderful book that is guaranteed to get our attention.

Award-winning author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed artist & author Jackie Morris created something wonderful and unique in their 2017 book. The Lost Words is a ‘book of spells’ that seeks to conjure back the near-lost magic and strangeness of the nature that surrounds us. It transcends age barriers inspiring children and moving adults with its wide appeal. This past July eight leading folk musicians released their response to the creatures, art, and language of Macfarlane & Morris’ book. On 18 September at 3 PM SLT, Elrik and Caledonia present a special blending of the music and spells of The Lost Words, live on stream at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts. Do plan to join us HERE.

Songs of Summer…as the heatwave waxes and wanes, the joy of summer comes through!

This has been one of the hottest summers on record…especially where we live in the US. Whilst we expect some hot times during the “dog days” of summer, this has been truly exceptional. DAYS ON END of heat and humidity have been pretty hard to take. We have a lot of outdoor activity here, and we’ve had to make some serious adjustments. Getting the work done whilst taking good care of ourselves has been a challenge. We both discovered that we need to drink MUCH more water than usual – and we feel grateful for that learning. Summer has still been beautiful – lots of gorgeous trees, flowers, and crops to enjoy. We hope the summer has been good to you so far – and that our new art exhibit will also make your heart sing: Songs of Summer!

Of course, the title of this exhibit came straight from our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym. His song, Summer is a favourite, and we’ve been humming the tune since June! And so, naturally, we decided we needed an interim art exhibit in theme. Songs of Summer will open formally tomorrow at Côte de la Mer Galerie, when Russell will be reading and sharing music at The Magic Tree, NOON SLT. Pop on over and enjoy – and remember, you are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts!

Landmarks: Côte de la Mer Galerie and The Magic Tree

Come…be inspired tonight!

Songs of Summer…Ce Soir Arts Welcomes You!

The above notice has been posted at the popular Second Life™ Destination Guide this past week. We were happy to see it there, and to greet many new visitors to our beloved Ce Soir Arts. Many who have been visiting are brand-new to the SL™ experience, and we hope that their introduction which now includes Ce Soir Arts will be one that encourages them to explore the vast horizons of our beautiful virtual world.

Some have attended events such as readings and musical shows, and others have wandered about. Our next art exhibit is in planning, even as we have taken a wee summer break (see previous post). It’s been fun to greet people when we are present on the region – and to just let them wander on their own to discover what we have to offer in varied locations. Some have found the “wintry escape” floating above, and have commented on how refreshing it is to visit that snowy landscape on a hot summer day – or even a cooler one! We’ve gained some subscibers and look forward to their return!

Thank you, Linden Lab®, for this means of introducing everyone to places that are new to them. What fun! To add to the enjoyment, our week’s schedule boards include information about spectacular readings with Russell Eponym (our Poet Laureate); Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver; exceptionally gifted reader/writer Dubhna Rhiadra will be absent this week, so I (Mireille Jenvieve) am going to read in her stead. I’ve got something special related to our current art exhibit, so come along for some poetic fun; and Seanchai Library’s own Caledonia Skytower – and a sweet musical programme with Russell! Note that a new exhibit – mostly at Côte de la Mer Galerie – opens on Tuesday. Songs of Summer is a theme taken from one of Russell‘s original songs, so come enjoy an artwork featuring those lyrics and one of his own paintings – along with other works we hope you will enjoy.


Come…be inspired tonight!

Landmarks: Côte de la Mer GalerieThe Magic TreeChâteau Ce Soir

Summer Vacation!

It’s been a hectic spring! Following the tremendous success of the region-wide Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit that brought us such joy, activities in the physical realm have stepped up – as is common in summertime in our part of the world. We’re having a great time, but having many guests and doing some traveling ourselves takes time and effort. So…since there’s a bit of fatigue involved, we’re taking the rest of June off for some R & R.

Our Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym, is on vacation as well – and a couple of our regular readers are engaged in some activities other than those in our virtual world – so, this seems an appropriate time for a wee break. We will return on Tuesday, 02 July, when Russell will read again at The Magic Tree at NOON. Until then, please enjoy the region, which will remain open to visitors. Come dance, relax, and enjoy the summer!

Special Dual Reading and More! – Live at The Magic Tree – 12 June at 1 pm slt

One of our regular readers at The Magic Tree – the marvelous Dubhna Rhiadra – was away for a few weeks working on a dance project in the physical realm (read more about her work with Café Reason HERE). Coming off a wonderful success with that project, she returns to us today, and in a very special programme in collaboration with Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver. Beginning at 1 PM SLT – the time usually scheduled for Bryn, the two will present a reading from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” This beloved tale will come to life as the reading begins….

Tom Bombadil was an enigmatic figure who lived throughout the history of Arda. He was known by the Elves as the one who dwelt in the valley east of the Shire. A mysterious being, Tom lived in the depths of the Old Forest, and within his domain, his power over virtually everything in it was extraordinary. Bryn and Dubhna will read for two hours and will delight us with their reading acumen. Voices are a specialty for both, and their dialects will enrich the reading. Do come join us for this reading. Bryn will be in Voice and Dubhna will be on Stream, so set your sound and come on over!

Then, at 3:00 PM SLT, we have yet more to enjoy! Another of our regular readers, the gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower will step to the Reader’s Throne. We all know Cale for her stellar work with Seanchai Library and elsewhere including at The Magic Tree. Today, she will continue with her second in a series of readings from “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate. The author was awarded the Newberry Medal in 2013 for this intriguing story, and Cale has a command of the reading that will have all of us in rapt attention as the story unfolds.

Ivan is a silverback gorilla who lives in a mall in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. In the story, his relationships with other animals and the storekeeper where he lives are explored. Change occurs, and it’s fascinating to follow along. Come enjoy as Caledonia brings us more this story that will capture our imaginations and touch our hearts!

Your conveyance to The Magic Tree is HERE. See you there!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

Skye Galaxy to play at The Ruins on Sunday, 26 May

Skye Galaxy at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts

Sundays are always a special part of the weekend. This weekend, it’s especially so at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts. As 2:00 PM rolls around, Skye Galaxy will step to the piano once more. That first note rings clear and lets us know that we’re in for a beautiful magic carpet ride of sound. Stunning piano and vocals in a rich range from whispery tones to full on falsetto fill the region with magic when Skye is here. There is an ethereal quality to this man’s music, whether he’s crooning a love song or delivering one of his stunning electronica-genre originals. We look forward to hearing some of his own captivating lyrics, but will be happy with any of his selections; those crystalline notes are something to behold as they waft on the gentle breezes. Skye weaves a setlist with precision – or lets the moment take him wherever it will. Audiences are in for a treat, either way, so do come join us this Sunday. Pop on over early, as the region often fills to capacity in anticipation of the stellar experience that awaits!

Your teleport to The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts is HERE!

Time for a Road Trip! Ce Soir Arts Readers to Fantasy Faire LitFest this Week!

Every year, we join thousands of Second Life™ residents who get more excited about FANTASY FAIRE! There is just so much to love about this spring event. Of course, part of that is the fact that all funds raised go to benefit RELAY FOR LIFE OF SL™ – a long-standing charity in our virtual world that is connected to the American Cancer Society. I’m posting the link to the LitFest Schedule at the Fantasy Faire website…and do check those impressive fundraising totals that are posted on that page as they add up! This is definitely something everyone can take part in, because absolutely every L$ counts!

We’re especially excited this year, as several of our regular readers at The Magic Tree will be sharing some wonderful poetry, music, and stories at this year’s event. It all happens for us on a grand Road Trip this very week! Here’s the pictorial schedule – and more details below about each event. It’s going to be exceptional, so do come along!


Here are a few details about each special reading along with the LM for Undertoe. That is the reading area at the Trollhaugen region. It’s a lovely wooded area, just perfect for our readers from The Magic Tree!

Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, will stream LIVE from Wales to join us at LitFest for Fantasy Faire! This will be at his usual reading time at The Magic Tree – NOON on Tuesday, 23 April. His extensive knowledge, kindly spirit, and lively wit and wisdom make every hour an unforgettable experience. Reading from an eclectic mix of some of the best poets and writers of all time, he sometimes peppers in his own original writing. Russell generally opens with a beautiful selection of music from across the artistic horizon and often brings out the guitar for an original song. It’s absolutely magical!

On Wednesday, 24 April, the lovely Aoife Lorefield – a principal with Team Fantasy Faire – will read wonderful stories from beloved science fiction and children’s author Ursula K. Le Guin. LitFest is honouring Le Guin, and Aoife has a lovely reading style that is perfect for her chosen selections. Her reading will gather us into the stories, and we’ll be taken on an enchanting journey at Undertoe. We’ll see you there!

Immediately following Aoife, the gifted poet Morgue McMillan-Shoreland will take the Reader’s Throne. Her marvelous original works are often deeply moving, touching on important issues and elements from life. Her selections are a symphony of beauty and expression. Do come join us at 11 AM SLT!

Next (NOON SLT), Stranger Nightfire will read from his extensive collection of striking poetry at LitFest as we continue our Road Trip to Fantasy Faire. He often touches on serious issues that we deal with in life. Do come join us to enjoy his exceptional reading style. You might catch an original poem or two!

Then, we take a break and come back to our home base at Ce Soir Arts. Russell Eponym will provide us with 90 minutes of wonderful music and dancing at Château Ce Soir. Join us HERE at 2 PM for a delightful time with Russell and friends! The music is exceptional – what Russell terms Folk, Blues, and Beyond! It’s a growing collection of historical folktales set to music and some of his own outstanding original songs. (By the way, check out his slideshow of original art and lyrics at the Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit that is open into May at Ce Soir Arts. It’s lovely!)

We’ll return to LitFest on Friday, 26 April. At NOON, we’ll gather once more at Undertoe for more wonder! This time, Ǣon Woodford will read this fanciful (and a bit grim!) tale from the rich imagination of Ursula Le Guin. The Poacher is a fascinating tale that will have our attention throughout the hour. A peasant boy discovers a gigantic bramble hedge, and spends all his free time cutting a tunnel through its branches. dreaming of what he will find. When he breaks through, he finds an enchanted castle with all of its occupants asleep – as if under a spell – including a sleeping beauty! Come along to enjoy!

To say we are pleased to take part in this lovely literary event would be an understatement indeed. It is our joy to bring excellent storytelling to Fantasy Faire 2019 – and to support the efforts of all on behalf of Relay for Life of SL™ and the American Cancer Society™. These organisations make such an incredible difference in the lives of so many! Seeking the cure for cancers of various types by professional research and exploration is just the beginning. Training for medical personnel and assistance for patients and their loved ones is essential, bringing people together in caring and hope. Please join us in the fun of Fantasy Faire 2019 – and do donate what you can, by purchasing items or simply clicking the donation kiosks with your gift. Thank you!


Ostara: Goddess of Spring – A Concert with Terra Merhyem at Ce Soir Arts – 08 April

Terra Merhyem is an artist who has two sculptural pieces in the SPRING AWAKENINGS Art Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts. Both are exceptional, celebrating the beauty of spring and the strength of women. We are pleased to have these works displayed and available to patrons of the exhibit into May 2019. You must come see them – and indeed, the entire region-wide exhibit celebrating the beauty of spring.

You are also invited to join us for a special event (at 1:30 PM SLT on 08 April) to celebrate with Terra as she brings her music to honour the arrival of the season. Come enjoy Terra and her musical selections in an atmosphere of art and the beauty of spring. Wander and enjoy the many works of art that are part of the exhibit and dance to this beautiful music as we celebrate. To join us, catch this sweet spring breeze HERE.

Terra shares that Ostara is the German Goddess of the Spring and also a pagan festival celebrated at the time of the spring equinox. It symbolizes the renewal of the life and the earth, after a cold and harsh winter, and the return of the Goddess as the season blossoms.

See you there!

Spring Awakenings at Ce Soir Arts…and beautiful readings at The Magic Tree

With the region brimming with beautiful artistic representations of the awakening of spring, we continue on with exceptional literary events at The Magic Tree. In fact, three of our readers have some of their writing – paired with art (some of it their very own) – for your enjoyment. Do stop near The Magic Tree to have a look at Poet Laureate Russell Eponym‘s original paintings paired with his own song lyrics. Eleven in all are shared in a slideshow that is charming indeed! Additionally, some of poet Morgue McMillan-Shoreland‘s original writings are presented with illustrative photographs – and I share some of my Words & Pictures (original poetry and photographs).


This week, we have another wonderful hour with the Poet Laureate at his usual Tuesday hour at noon SLT. Russell Eponym‘s readings are always a joy, as various storybooks, poetry, and thoughtful writings are shared. Presently, he is reading from Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Vol I (2004). It’s a fascinating look at Dylan’s early career and offers many insights into his talent. Russell often shares from Richard Templar’s The Rules of Life and another wonderful life guide – Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo. Add to these a beautiful array of poetry from across the ages AND some very interesting music to share (his own and others), it’s always a marvelous hour! Join us at Noon each Tuesday.

Also this week, Wednesday’s Storytime at The Magic Tree brings us wonders galore! We alternate each week and this time, the three-hour event begins with Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver bringing us a variety of excellent stories – some has written himself. He often shares frightening chills and thrills as well as outstanding humourous and dramatic pieces for our entertainment. Bryn reads with an amazing array of dialects and characterisations that are incredibly appealing, drawn directly from the literature and his own rich imagination. Join us at 1 PM and experience it for yourself!

Well-known reader and writer Dubhna Rhiadra steps up next at 1 PM SLT, bringing along with her a vast collection of fantasy and other readings. She is an incredible sleuth when it comes to finding exceptional tales to tell – many of them historic and cultural in nature. She is an animated reader, and an hour with her is always an adventure. She has been reading The King of the Copper Mountains by Paul Biegel. Old King Masolain is dying…unless the Wonder Doctor can find a cure. As he searches, the kingdom’s inhabitants visit each night to keep the King going with interesting stories. I think we’ll discover this week if the doctor delivers the cure in time. Join us for the intrigue!

To wrap up Storytime this week, beloved writer and reader Caledonia Skytower joins us for an hour that is always just a joy. Her collection of outstanding stories and poetry is truly exceptional, and her reading is sensitive and expressive. Last time, Cale shared one of her own writings – the first of the Liam stories, The Fairy Tree. Our young man had an adventure, rich with learning and growth, and it was a delight to hear. We can’t wait for another installment! However, Cale – who is a principal at the wonderful Seanchai Library – has a rich compendium of her own works as well as those from others. She specializes in Celtic literature, but draws from the world’s best authors including the likes of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. In short, she brings everything from drama and riotous humour when she’s at The Magic Tree. We hope you can join us at 3 PM SLT.

Enjoy Spring – especially if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Our friends from “down under” the Equator can come enjoy the season in-world too! The point is beauty…and we have it in abundance at Ce Soir Arts. Come…be inspired tonight!

Awakenings Art Exhibit Opening Thursday!

Awakenings CelebrationThe Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit opens this Thursday at Ce Soir Arts, and we have quite a party in store! Russell kicks off the party at 2 PM and then…well see the notes above and below for details – and do plan to join us!


Château Ce Soir          The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts

We have stunning spring awakenings art from a range of outstanding artists, and it’s all over the region for your enjoyment! There are announcement stones at each gallery and location that note the artists exhibiting. Click those signs for Artist Statements and Biographies that will enhance your enjoyment of these exceptional works. The theme has been followed from various interesting perspectives.

As you wander about in the beautiful spring environment, ask yourself the questions these artists have answered in their work: “What inspires you, moves your spirit, broadens your horizons? What frees you of winter doldrums, those things that hold you back in darker times? Ask yourself…hear your own answer in your own voice. What does it whisper to you…or shout?”

Enjoy the work of (in alphabetical order by first name): Ǣon Woodford, Amy Inawe, CybeleMoon, Daze Landar, Fae Varriale, Isabel Hermano, Jojo Songlark, Jolie Parfort, JudiLynn, Mathilde Vhargon, Michael Romani, Mireille Jenvieve, paula cloudpainter, Pieni, Rage Darkstone, Randy Firebrand, Russell Eponym, Secret Rage, Silas Merlin, TaraAers, Terra Merhyem, Virginia, Xanthe, and Xirana Oximoxi. More information about each one of these creatives coming soon!

Come…be inspired tonight!

Spring Awakenings Art Exhibit Opens 21 March at Ce Soir Arts

As spring dawns, it’s time to turn our attention to the beauty of nature – and the beauty of the human spirit. We – in the northern hemisphere – are coming through the last dreary days of winter, moving slowly into the freshness of spring! Winter is beautiful: snow sparkling in the moonlight, sweet red cardinals taking refuge in snowy firs, and the warmth of home enveloping us as we come in from the cold. But spring! And awakenings!

Some of us in the US and EUR have had very difficult weather to contend with this winter. LOADS of snow, blizzard conditions, icy roads, and below-zero temperatures have challenged us to the core. Amidst the beauty of the winter wonderland, there have also been slippery roads, roofs groaning under the weight of wet snow, and heating systems that were sometimes shaky – or worse. That sort of dismal description may seem a bit overblown…until you live it. And so, we look forward to fresh air, sunshine, green grass, flowers budding, and outdoor activities to help us shake the winter blahs.

To us at Ce Soir Arts, spring is more than a change in the weather. It’s a symbol for new life…possibility. And so, the idea for SPRING AWAKENINGS Art Exhibit is more than a call for lovely florals and brighter skies. Of course, those are part of the celebration of the season, but we’ve asked our artists to explore those and consider going a bit deeper by asking them, “What inspires you, moves your spirit, opens your mind, broadens your horizons? What frees you of winter doldrums. Listen to yourself…hear your own voice…express it in your art.”

We have quite a group of wonderful artists preparing their works now. We’ll be placing them soon…some as early as this coming weekend. It will take some time, as we are using the entire region to display this marvelous art. To celebrate, we’re having in some fantastic musicians for a night of excellent entertainment! More details will be posted soon, but please plan to join us on 21 March! The festivities begin at 2 PM and will go through the evening. There are some special moments to come!


Saturday! DJ Stormy, Mimi Carpenter and Skye Galaxy at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts!

We’ve had some really amazing presentations at Ce Soir Arts since 2012. Visual art, music, dance, spoken word, drama, diorama…you name it, we’ve probably done it. Valentine’s Day was a shining example – with music and spoken word simply glimmering including a unique collaboration that brought music and spoken word together in a new way that had us spellbound. Check a previous post for details about that and look for more such special events to be held soon. But speaking of being spellbound…. Have we got a show for you!

Come visit us at The Ruins in Ce Soir Arts this weekend – Saturday, to be precise. It will all begin at 12 Noon when the beautiful DJ Stormy Somerton opens a very special event (that we’re calling Skye and Friends) with her very cool, edgy mix of rock tunes and delightful banter. We have such fun when Stormy is here, and we can’t wait to see and hear what she has in store! Professional and sweet, this DJ is a cut above – and she’ll have us dancing as friends gather. This is going to be a marvelous time, and Stormy offers the perfect way to start the party in style!

Next up at 12:30 PM, the charming Mimi Carpenter will treat us to a half-hour of sweet music that highlights her lilting voice. Lovely songs with her own guitar accompaniment will keep us smiling as friends congregate at The Ruins. Her choice of tunes is spot-on, always a fit with her presence and sweet voice, and she often will treat her audiences to a song or two en français, which is her native language. Do come and enjoy Mimi and her music as we gather for Skye and Friends!

Skye Galaxy at the piano…

As 1:00 PM rolls around, Skye Galaxy will step to the piano at The Ruins. That first note – as always – lets us know that we’re in for a magic carpet ride of sound. Stunning piano and vocals in a rich range from whispery tones to full on falsetto fill the region with magic. There is an ethereal quality to this man’s music, whether he’s crooning a love song or delivering one of his stunning electronica-genre originals. We look forward to hearing some of his own captivating lyrics, but will be happy with any of his selections; those crystalline notes are something to behold. Skye weaves a setlist with precision – or lets the moment take him wherever it will. Audiences are in for a treat, either way, so do come join us. Pop on over early, as the region often fills to capacity in anticipation of the stellar experience that awaits!

Your teleport to The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts is HERE!