A Fresh New Week in Spring: Art, Poetry, Tales, and Music Ahead…

The rains have come (definitely!) and our world is lush and green…full of life and dotted with daffodils and tulips once more. The air is fresh and clean, and we’re taking a deep, energising breath and taking it all in. Spring – as they say – has sprung in our world and we are very happy to see it blossoming and washing the hills in colour. The sun was even shining today – and not a cloud on the horizon!

After a wonderful performance of If Music Be the Food of Love by the outstanding theatre company Avilion Cameo Theatre this past Saturday, we are all primed for this beautiful season. The music of William Byrd was beautifully played on recorder by Walt Schridde (who portrayed Byrd). The well-known poet and storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra enacted a wonderful William Shakespeare! In fact, all members of the company shone in this professional production. Lady Bajoy wrote the play and she and Lady Serenek Timeless directed with grace and skill; costumes were stunning and the timing was perfection. We so enjoyed the play – and look forward to hosting ACT again in future. Stay tuned! In the meantime, visit their website HERE to keep pace with their productions. You will have a wonderful time at any of their plays or events.

This week’s schedule is sure to please – with loads of spoken word options and some of the finest music on the grid! Check it out below, and plan to join us as often as you can. With Poet Laureate Russell Eponym starting us off on yet another fine week at The Magic Tree…the week looks promising as spring!

Something special this weekend at Ce Soir Arts: “If Music Be the Food of Love” with Avilion Cameo Theatre!

We are pleased to again welcome the accomplished AVILION CAMEO THEATRE (ACT) to Ce Soir Arts. Creative Directors Lady Bajoy and Lady Serenek bring us a lovely programme, a play written by Bajoy. The troupe including Dramaturge Wald Schridde has carefully prepared the beautiful presentation: “If Music Be the Food of Love: Playwright William Shakespeare meets Composer William Byrd.” Actor and poet Dubhna Rhiadra portrays Shakespeare and Wald Schridde portrays William Byrd and provides special musical performance on recorder (arranged by Carl Dolmetsch).

Join us on Saturday, 01 April at 1 PM SLT to enjoy this beautiful musical and performance experience. Please arrive 15 minutes early to find a seat, enjoy the pre-show music, and access information that will be provided regarding the performance (by HUD and notecard, plus a SoundCloud link). Have your Voice activated, with microphone off, and listen to the music by stream.

A special location above the Ce Soir sim has been created; do come enjoy this delightful programme with ACT at the lovely Old Globe Theatre (click HERE for your trusty steed to the beautiful theatre location). Information notecards will be provided to guide you as the performance progresses. You will be warmly welcomed to this educational and entertaining performance, and information about Ce Soir Arts will be available as well. To learn more about Avilion Arts Connection, click HERE.

Come, be inspired tonight!

Come enjoy this week at Ce Soir Arts – literature, music, and theatre await!

There are some wonderful happenings scheduled for this week at Ce Soir Arts. Check the schedule below for the details…and check back soon for more information. We are especially honoured to host the marvelous Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT) for another of their fine productions: If Music Be the Food of Love. This production, written by Lady Bajoy and performed by the wonderful ACT troupe, explores the music of Shakespeare’s plays. It will be a beautiful production, and we hope you will join us!

°•··•°°·. This Week at Ce Soir Arts .·°°•··•°

Côte de la Mer Galerie                                                                                  A Breath of Spring!
Spring landscape photography by Mireille Jenvieve and romantic sculpture by Silas Merlin provide a look at the sweetest season. Life stirs anew under the tender sun. Come relax in the tranquil seaside gallery; enjoy the beauty!

The Magic Tree
The Poet Laureate shares outstanding music and wonderful prose and poetry including his own stunning work. The Thought for the Day is always enlightening and encouraging, and the company is always a delight. Come join us!

Château Ce Soir
THUR 2 PM: RUSSELL EPONYM with folk, blues, and beyond!
Enjoy 90 minutes of great music – originals and covers – from “the folkie” whose musical talents are legendary! We always enjoy these Thursday musical adventures with Russell and friends as he streams LIVE from Wales. Come enjoy as the evening begins!

6 PM: ANJ GUSTAFSON: Rocking cool music!
A compelling vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Anj brings a very cool setlist and an exciting energy to the castle. It’s always a party – and the folks who gather always have a great time. Anj swoops in with the lovely Ki, who shares her professional dance HUD and keeps us dancing the night away!

7 PM: BAZ with BAZFUSION in atmospheres of sound!
This professional composer, musician, and arranger offers a great hour of musical adventure and exploration. His musicianship is exceptional and his daring in exploring the musical horizon unmatched. Come take flight with Baz and enjoy the night!

Special Location – LM will be available soon!
If Music Be the Food of Love
This professional troupe has carefully prepared a beautiful presentation: “If Music Be the Food of Love: Playwright William Shakespeare meets Composer William Byrd.” Excellent acting and sweet music combine in this outstanding performance by an exceptional theatre troupe. We are always pleased to host them. Written by Lady Bajoy and acted by an exceptional collection of talented individuals, this programme will delight and edify as we learn about this beautiful music.

Look for more details in an upcoming post. Please join us!

It is a wonderful week ahead. Come, be inspired tonight!
Mireille and Æon


Nuvolino chills and Bazfusion takes over…!

We had quite a night at Château Ce Soir. Thursdays are always special, and tonight…well, tonight was something special, indeed!

First up at 6 PM was Nuvolino – the Aussie electronica and trance wizard who always brings a deep and satisfying beat to his performance. Original tracks that take us on a magic carpet ride of rhythm are the hallmark of an hour on the dancefloor with Nuvo at the helm. He brought out some new tracks for us to experience, and all we can say is, “We can’t wait for more!” He’ll be back in two weeks’ time, again playing before Baz and bringing us an hour of cool groove – and that light show! You’ve got to check it out!

Then, at 7 PM, the long-awaited return of Baz – a favourite multi-talent at Château Ce Soir. His ever-evolving take on the world of music is a journey through time and space. Called BAZFUSION, the atmospheres of sound he creates – whether of his own composition or special take on a well-chosen cover – whoosh us up into his galaxy for a stellar trip through the night. He was on fire, and brought his extensive gifts with guitar and piano to bear on a set that ranged from the richly romantic to the laugh-out-loud FUN. It was well worth waiting for!

The crowd had a grand time, and could be overheard complimenting the musician on stage. At one point in Nuvolino‘s hour, Mimi said, “I really needed this chill sound, and the beat for dancing to take my stress down. It’s just so cool, Nuvolino! Thank you!” Everyone seemed to agree with her comment and the dancing continued. During Baz‘s show, there were also many wonderful statements including this from Franciscal Capalini: “Love your complex arrangements! A metaphysical arrangement Baz; I do understand about how you feel in Music. :)” We could not agree more! And so…both of these musicians will be back!

Come catch Nuvolino again in two weeks’ time, when he will again play at 6 PM. He promises more new tracks soon, so you really don’t want to miss this chill and thrill hour. He does play elsewhere around the grid in-between his gigs with us, so look him up! Some information about his music is available at his website HERE.

Baz will be back next week – and every week – at 7 PM. Next time, he follows the amazing Anj Gustafson, who will rock the castle with his own stunning musical repertoire. This will be a great back-to-back too, so come on over to enjoy an outstanding show that’s destined to be a party!

Come, be inspired tonight!


A special show with Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir…

Every Thursday brings us 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond with none other than the outstanding Russell Eponym. Each one of his shows is special and most enjoyable, and we always look forward to it. This week seemed extra-special – but then, that happens as such fine music fills the hall when Russell is on stage! His musicianship is exceptional and his facility with both composition and performance make each show unique. Add to it the delightful presence of The Eponymous Family (Russell’s group of fans and friends), and you’ve got a recipe for a great time! New folks seem to find their way to Château Ce Soir as well when Russell is here, and they add to the mix in a wonderful way. We had a great time this week – and we hope you’ll join us next Thursday at 2 PM!

Russell is here every Thursday at 2 PM SLT with his outstanding musical show – and you’re invited to join us. Come round and relax, enjoying some of the best live music anywhere. Russell is our Poet Laureate at Ce Soir Arts and he also reads beautiful poetry and literature – some from his own pen – every Tuesday at NOON at The Magic Tree. You won’t want to miss that, either!

Your rides: The Magic Tree or Château Ce Soir

Come, be inspired tonight!

Our usual fantastic mix…and much more as Baz comes to Château Ce Soir!

As the week moves on, we’re get more and more excited! Not only do we have some of the very best in spoken word events on Tuesday and Wednesday at The Magic Tree, we’ve got something very special coming to Château Ce Soir on Thursday! You can see by the schedule below (posted earlier), you can come enjoy the beautiful work of our Poet Laureate Russell Eponym – at Noon on Tuesday at The Magic Tree. Caledonia Skytower follows him at 1:30 PM, this time with her annual reading of Maurice Walsh’s The Quiet Man, and MrG Darkrose takes the Reader’s Throne at 2:30 with more adventures with Harry Potter. We hope you’ll come enjoy!

Wednesday brings us a visit from master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, who this week will scare us silly with some wonderful spooky tales in GHASTLY GHOSTS. This is going to be spine-chillingly good! And then, when we’re all on alert, Dubhna Rhiadra comes along to treat us to some stories and poetry about one of my favourite topic – TREES – that will charm us like spring!

Then…then…then…comes THURSDAY! It’s always special because everyone who plays on Thursdays brings a first-class programme, every time. This week, though, we’ve got something new going – and you don’t want to miss it! Read on for some details…
°•·♫·•°°·. Thursday – 23 March – at Château Ce Soir .·°°•·♫·•°

2 PM: RUSSELL EPONYM – Folk, blues & beyond…
Russell brings 90 minutes of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Streaming LIVE from Wales, this multi-faceted performer brings an array of instruments and an unstoppable setlist. The banter is loads of fun!

THEN…it’s BAZFUSION TIME! Nuvolino and Baz will play back-to-back, bringing us some really cool tunes with an electronica base. You’ve got to hear this!

6 PM: NUVOLINO – LIVE with Trance & Cool Ambient Music                                           Join us as Nuvolino grooves with a powerful collection of original ambient tunes that sweep you away on a magic carpet ride of pure energy.. This is rhythmic electronica at its best. Come, let the beat move you!

7 PM: BAZFUSION – LIVE with Atmospheres of Sound
Come on an exciting musical adventure! Stellar talent with piano, guitar, and technology interlace with vibrant vocals in incredibly smooth arrangements. A deep-blues and jazz interpreter with sublime taste, Baz delivers superb original and classical tunes that let your heart take flight!

Come…be inspired tonight! Click on either photo above for your landmark. See you there!
Æon & Mireille

Oh, the things we learn!

This quick post is to let you know that even though we’ve been in SecondLife™ for about EIGHT YEARS…we’re still newbies, at least in some things. CASE IN POINT… A very nice young woman mentioned to me that she landed in the weeds when she clicked the LM for Ce Soir in SL Search. “Hmmm…” I thought. So, I investigated. And I suddenly realised what was happening. The REGION is listed first, and that’s Ce Soir. THEN, the PARCEL (which, in this case is the whole sim) is listed second, and that’s Ce Soir Arts. Sooo…people who don’t know about Ce Soir Arts – or who have, understandably, confused the two, click on the REGION and land in the weeds! YIKES!

To alleviate this problem, I’ve “prettied up” that spot with a nice bench and have placed one of our Landmark Cranes there so that people can grab the LM notecard and get to wherever they want to go at Ce Soir Arts:

The Magic TreeChâteau Ce SoirCôte de la Mer Galerie & LawnDover Beach TheatreThe Graveyard DungeonWitchwood HollowThe Conservatory (and the neighbouring Oracle Parlour)

Come see us…you’ll be welcome at any time. Check out the current schedule here on the blog and at the Château Ce Soir landing. A big “thank you” to that lovely young woman who drew my attention to this situation. Yes, I should have known, but…nobody’s perfect! We are very pleased about this and hope that it will make visiting Ce Soir Arts much more enjoyable – especially for those who don’t know to use the parcel LM. We want everyone to enjoy Ce Soir Arts – from their very first visit!

Come…be inspired tonight!