Marvelous Music at Château Ce Soir – 27 April…

It’s a marvelous night for a moondance – or it will be come Thursday at Château Ce Soir. Three fantastic musicians will share their talents with us for a night to remember.

To begin, our first-ever and longtime performer at Ce Soir Arts – the one-and-only Russell Eponym – will land on stage at 2 PM SLT to provide us with 90 minutes of nonstop fun and frolic, not to mention some fantastic musical entertainment! Russell plays multiple instruments including the 6- and 12-string guitar, harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo with great skill. His unique finger-picking style is not duplicated anywhere, and it’s a delight as he plays songs from his extensive folk, blues, and beyond setlist. The list grows regularly and includes lovely compositions by Russell himself, along with music from the likes of Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Donovan, Lorena McKennit, and Simon & Garfunkel. His voice is like liquid velvet and we always have a wonderful time listening and chatting along with friends. The Eponymous Family is always well-represented, and it seems new people are often joining us as well. We enjoy beautiful love ballads and spritely humourous tunes with Russell and friends. All are welcome, and we’ll be happy to see you!

After a bit of a break for an early dinner, we come back all ready for some JAZZ FUSION with Baz. This creative musician, composer, and arranger always brings his A-game to the stage, and tonight will be a marvelous exploration of jazz fusion – Baz and his own interpretation of some of the best jazz ever. His fine ear and capacity to dive deeply into a song will provide us with an hour of improvisational jazz so hot it’s cool (or so cool it’s hot!). You won’t want to miss his stellar piano- and guitar-playing or his astounding arrangements – all recorded in his own home studio and mixed especially, just for this show…just for us. So get your dancing shoes on and get yourself over to Château Ce Soir at 5 PM SLT for a very special – and decidedly jazzy – hour with BAZ!

To round out the night – and get le weekend started in style – beloved SL favourite, Anj Gustafson lands, with piano, guitar, and electronic music gear at the ready! He’ll set up in a flash, and we’ll be grooving to that opening number. Before we know it, we’ll be off on a musical adventure, dancing the night away! With tunes from various artists like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer or The Who, Pink Floyd, or Radiohead filling the castle, it will be partytime indeed! Add to that music from Anj himself (including the beautiful Crystal Lake – my personal favourite!), and you’ve got a formula for fun and some serious sounds. With Ki at her professional dance HUD (and the Couples and Tinies dances from the venue), the hour will fly by, so grab the LM for Château Ce Soir and come on over!

Your Landmark: Come, be inspired tonight at Château Ce Soir!

The Poet Laureate’s hour of wonder at The Magic Tree every Tuesday…

Tuesday (25 April) brings another excellent session with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, the inimitable Russell Eponym. At noon SLT we will gather under the branches of The Magic Tree to listen as Russell shares with us his marvelous Thought for the Day, beginning the weekly reading we cherish and enjoy with his warmth and wisdom. Always something important to ponder, the Thought for the Day that Russell shares sets us off on yet another magical hour.

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – RUSSELL EPONYM

Russell always begins the reading early with several minutes of music that he has chosen from amongst some of the most talented of musicians. He collects fine music, just as he collects fine musical instruments – and books. Russell scours the shops for the very best and often finds many a treasure in antique shops and bookseller stalls wherever he happens to be in his travels. Often, he recounts a special find and shares some of the poetry or stories within – or plays a recording or his own rendition of music he has discovered. We always enjoy hearing the opening music he has chosen – and listening to additional songs he peppers throughout the hour. We have so enjoyed many of these musical explorations with Russell that we have purchased their music. Look for a posting regarding these finds this summer…

Most often, Russell chooses a theme for his readings, but even when it’s eclectic, the scope of what he brings us is both erudite and delightful. His humourous choices are more than charming and his more serious selections proffer opportunity for thought. Poetry and stories from the masters of history are often coupled with more modern writings – and they always fit together seamlessly under his exceptional talent for planning. We can tell that Russell tends the garden of his presentation with skill and care – and the result is a blossoming of beauty, every single time – without exception.

You are always welcome to join us at Ce Soir Arts, and one of the outstanding sessions with Russell at The Magic Tree Reading Spot is a perfect opportunity for enjoyment. Whether you are a familiar face at Ce Soir Arts or someone completely new to the sim (or to Second Life™), you will be glad you came round. Come…be inspired tonight!

See you – noon on Tuesday at The Magic Tree!

Shakespeare’s Birthday – and “Much Ado about Nothing” at Fantasy Faire!

Today is both the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth (in 1564) and his death (in 1616). It is a day to pay homage to this most prolific and wonderful of writers. His work in poetry, prose, and theatre is truly yet unsurpassed in modern times; we believe it may never be – and that’s just fine with us. His work is inspiring in its depth and beauty, and will always be relevant in our lives, for his touch with humanity and spirituality was – and is – unique and accurate.

Last year, we held a marvelous celebration at The Dover Beach Theatre – with readings about St. George (whom we also celebrate today) by Bryn Taleweaver and an eloquent reading from Hamlet by Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. It was an excellent presentation, and one we will long remember. This year, there was no way for us to manage such an event, as there are several complicating factors in both RL and SL; however, we can take a moment to honour St. George – and especially, The Bard of Avon.

Recently, the Avilion Cameo Theatre perfomed at Ce Soir Arts an exceptionally rich review of Shakespeare’s work, focused on the influence of weaving in music from William Byrd. In truth, this pairing changed theatre for all time, as musical expression – along with dance – became part of theatrical beauty, enriching the experience for all.

So, despite our paucity of specific programming in celebration this year, we applaud the work and memory of all who have brought talent and depth to expression across the artistic horizon. Of course, our main focus is the celebration of Shakespeare, himself – arguably the very best of playwrights. We have all benefited from his work, and the legacy will continue! What can we learn from Shakespeare’s writings? Literally, everything we need to know about the human experience in all its twists and turns – and in its true elegance. Bravo, William! And thank you!

William Shakespeare – by Cobbe


Much Ado about Nothing

Two Performances at Fantasy Faire on Opal Flight!

 Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this marvelous comedy by William Shakespeare, presented by the Faireland Players! Go, relax and support RFL of SL at the same time!

Click the poster above for the LM.

Time…keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…into the future….

Steve Miller (and the Band) got it right. Time does keep on slippin’ into the future. Right along with that, change comes. It’s a natural part of life as the clock goes round that things are going to change – it’s really just about the only constant there is. So…there are changes afoot. They will begin slowly as May comes on, but the summer promises to be different in many respects here at Ce Soir Arts, and we’re quite pleased. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check the schedule for the coming week – and note one of the incremental changes: Baz will be playing at 5 PM on Thursday, before Anj at 6. This is by design, as there will be some additional shifts in the schedule – and some new names too. There will be concerts at varying locations, designed to capitalise on the seasons, and more spoken word events and some intriguing art shows including some performance art to which we can look forward. More details soon!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend – and we’ll see you at The Magic Tree on Tuesday for a delightful session with our Poet Laureate, the inimitable Russell Eponym, and for some outstanding music on Thursday at Château Ce Soir with Russell and then with Baz and then Anj Gustafson. It’s a timing switch-up that is the first step in a schedule expansion that is designed to bring more talent and enjoyment our way. Consider your summer plans and remember to check back soon for more on what’s in store as the summer sun begins to shine!

April continues….

This has been a busy month for us in RL and there have been travel and major events for family and friends (all happy, but still requiring time and attention). Things at Ce Soir Arts generally go along smoothly, and we enjoy attending every event. Æon sometimes misses, due to his career schedule, but that will open up soon for les vacances – and summertime fun!

This week…several great spoken word sessions are planned at The Magic Tree – and some fine music is on the docket for Thursday upstairs at the castle. Check the schedule below and come along for some fine entertainment – and more!

Each of the above has something special to offer. Come enjoy great poetry and stories (and great storytelling!) at The Magic Tree and then hie yourself to Château Ce Soir for some top-of-the-line music by exceptionally talented musicians. We will be happy to welcome you!

The Magic Tree     Château Ce Soir

Come…be inspired tonight! Viens, s’inspirer de ce soir !

Russell, Anj and Baz – spot on!

We always have a great time on Thursdays at Château Ce Soir – great music always fills the air as we dance and chat and generally enjoy ourselves. This week was no exception, and we smiled our way through the evening and into the night!

          Above, the Main Stage at Château Ce Soir … just waiting for something wonderful!

Russell Eponym was superb with his instrumental talents – and he hit them all during this exciting 90-minute show; it was non-stop fun and outstanding music (guitars, harmonica, banjo, kazoo, and all!). The vocals, as always, were velvety-smooth, and we luxuriated in the soothing sounds – and howled as some sweet and funny moments came along. I often say Russell can tickle the funnybone as well as he can delight the musical spirit. He’ll be back next week at 2 PM, so come on over!

Anj Gustafson brought his outstanding repertoire along at 6 PM to heat up the night with some exceptional music. His renditions of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer are always on the money – just as his covers of an array of other top bands are. His own tunes are exceptional and we always enjoy listening and dancing to the groove. The guitar riffs and rounds at the keyboad accompanied his astounding voice – and we loved every minute! He will return in two weeks’ time to ROCK the castle with the best party atmosphere around! He and Ki even bring the best dance HUD on the grid!

Baz with BAZFUSION was up next – this time with a mix of “Jump Blues Fusion” that was a stellar trip through some well-known blues from artists like BB King and even some Steely Dan. He poured it on with those incredibly professional arrangements of his – at both the guitar and piano. The new “BANNED BAND” was on tap too – and they are a delight, what with their dancing and cool banter to go with the awesomely themed tunes. Baz gets into the dancing too, and it’s a hoot! Come over next Thursday for another dose of BAZFUSION at 7 PM!

Look for information on next week’s wonderful spoken word and music events at Ce Soir Arts. We need to take the weekend for Easter holiday – work and relaxation mixed, as it turns out. We wish you blessings on Easter, if you celebrate.

Do come on over and enjoy the place! It’s open with the music stream going. There are lots of places to relax with friends, dance with someone special, or just rest on your own. Come in peace and leave refreshed….

Be well and happy – and be inspired tonight!

Main Landing     Château Ce Soir     The Conservatory

Spring has sprung…and another week waits in the wings…

Spring continues its surprising 2017 version of the weather…and what weather it is! RAIN – RAIN – and glorious SUN! Finally, we have sunshine and the world is greening up all around us in both RL and SL. I have peonies already at the back door, and there are buds on almost every tree. Wonderful!

Spring is lovely, but let me note that summer is going to be particularly spectacular at Ce Soir Arts this year; plans are “in the works,” and soon to be put into motion. There are some changes afoot (again!) for us in the RL, and that means some good things for our SL presence coming up…

For now, we have the beauty of poetry and music to set us soaring in those clear spring skies. Check the schedule below and come join us!

Your chariots await! The Magic Tree Château Ce Soir

Come…be inspired tonight (and every night)!