A Special Week Begins – Silas Merlin’s Romantic Bouguereau Sculptures on Exhibit through February

silas-merlinWe got quite a lovely surprise this past weekend, when the truly exceptional artist SILAS MERLIN shared his romantic and elegantly beautiful Bouguereau Sculptures. Presently not for sale, these stunning pieces – each inspired by a special work of classical art – are available as GACHAs through 21 February at the very popular event The Chapter Four. In an exciting collaboration with The Chapter Four founder (the wonderful builder and creator lakua Arriaga), artist Silas Merlin (and his Silas Gallery), and Ce Soir Arts, these pieces are on special exhibit for the Valentine’s Month of February at Côte de la Mer Galerie.

Silas Merlin‘s work in pastels and sculpture is lovely and quite detailed. His eye for figures and shading is magnificent. His subjects are varied and presented in classic as well as unique settings, and he captures their spirit and beauty with each brushstroke or move of the sculptor’s hand. Indeed, his artistry with portraits is unparalleled.

Inara Pey prepared a lovely article about Silas and his portraiture and other pastels for her blog Living in a Modem World last year. You may access the posting here. Inara provides a sensitive look into the artist’s world, and you may visit his personal gallery at New Babbage here. Other exhibits are often available to visit as well, and we especially invite you to visit Ce Soir Arts to explore these lovely sculptures – and the sim.

SILAS MERLIN's romantic Bouguereau sculptures at Côte de la Mer Galerie
SILAS MERLIN’s romantic Bouguereau sculptures at Côte de la Mer Galerie

Relax in the galerie and enjoy these stunning romantic sculptures from one of the most prolific and gifted of artists anywhere. These beautiful and meticulously executed pieces – nine in all – are a joy to behold! Come enjoy these lovely Valentine treasures at the serene Côte de la Mer Galerie through February. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Spoken Word – 07 & 08 February at The Magic Tree!

We have a full slate of great programmes this coming week, and if you’d like to hear J. K. Rowling‘s wildly amazing Harry Potter from the beginning, MrG Darkrose will begin that series this coming Tuesday. He’ll join our regular readers in a bi-monthly presentation following Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and the charming Caledonia Skytower; those will be special Tuesdays, so come along for the fun and adventure!

russell-the-magic-tree-0217-2Of course, Russell starts the week with his usual marvelous session at The Magic Tree. At noon, Tuesday (07 February), gather with us for his always edifying Thought for the Day and a variety of readings that presently include Steinbeck‘s stunning Of Mice and Men. Come follow George and Lennie in this time-honoured parable of life and what it means to be fully human. Russell offers a sensitive reading that is simply outstanding, and it’s only part of what he has to offer us each week. The music he shares is always a delight – sometimes light-hearted and fun, and sometimes more serious, it’s always enjoyable. For one thing, he introduces us to some exceptionally talented composers and musicians from around the world including himself; we do love it when he includes one of his own numbers in the mix, but always enjoy everything he brings to this enchanting and magical hour.

cale-a-womans-voiceCaledonia Skytower also brings us a rich variety of beautiful spoken word programmes, every-other week. At 1:30 PM on Tuesday, she takes the Reader’s Throne to read from Terry Pratchett, telling tales like “The Witch’s Vacuum  Cleaner,” which is a very funny story. Cale is great reading humourous works, as she peppers them with delightful dialects and natural giggles – very charming! Whether it is a selection from one of her own works such as a fascinating story from her Trio of Irish Tales series (I think there are five of them now) – or something beautifully reflective such as her “A Woman’s Voice” presentation of some of Maya Angelou‘s stunning poetry – it all comes together to make a much-enjoyed hour relaxing under the branches at The Magic Tree. It’s always delightful – and often humourous – so do come join us, and visit her website for more stories from this wonderful writer.

mr-g-at-the-magic-tree-january-2017-2As mentioned above, MrG Darkrose joins us at The Magic Tree for the first time this coming Tuesday. His voice is rich and nimble with nuance, so we are sure to delight in his initial presentation from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. Whether you’ve read the stories as a dyed-in-the-wool Hogwarts fan or are just getting to the point where you must get the low-down on this fascinating group of tales, MrG‘s reading is sure to please – and then some! We can’t wait to get into this series with him, and you’re invited along for the fantastical, magical ride! Mr.G will open the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at 2:30 PM SLT, right after Russell and Cale finish their readings. It’s going to be fun, so do join us to welcome this quite gifted spoken word artist to The Magic Tree!

BRYN READINGAs Wednesday rolls around, it will again be STORYTIME at The Magic Tree.  Opened every-other-Wednesday at 2 PM SLT by Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, this time is abundant with legends and yarns worth listening to. Gathering stories from various cultures, Bryn takes us on adventures both sweet and wild, capturing social and personal meaning along the way. Whether we are being regaled by lovely children’s stories from exotic places like India or Africa – or with dark legends and flights of fancy from other unique locations, we always have a great time listening! Bryn has a delightful way with a range of spot-on voices and accents that adds his own brand of panache to every reading. Come catch this Londoner as he holds court at The Magic Tree; no matter the tale…you’re sure to enjoy it!

dubhna-christmastideUp next in STORYTIME, is none other than the engaging writer and storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra. This charmer’s stories, original tales and the carefully chosen work of others are sure to please. Known far and wide as sharing deeply soulful, expressive poetry and writings by known and unknown writers, Dubhna takes us on an adventure to everywhere! Everything from the very serious to the delightfully humourous will get your attention and hold it for the riveting hour. Presently, Dubhna is sharing her very special story “The Dream Factory,” which was written for the beautiful art and action installation “The Brave.” Check here to learn more about Dubhna and her work – and here about the stunning “The Brave.” This particular tale recounts the adventures of two different children who cunningly escape a terrifying society in which their dreams are stolen for power. These determined souls make their way to freedom, discovering their true natures. You don’t want to miss Part 3, which Dubhna will read this week. In this final episode, Jack’s story comes to an unexpectedly stunning finale. Come be enthralled!


Your boarding pass to The Magic Tree

It’s another week…come enjoy!

Yes, another week has rolled around at Ce Soir Arts, and I bet you’ve got a whole new slate of activities planned as well. As the shininess softens a bit on yet another NEW YEAR, let’s keep the energy flowing – AND find time to rest and restore as well. Both are important, and we can do it! So…check the schedule below and come round to enjoy what lies ahead. Check back for next week’s update too, as there will be SURPRISES in store!

Your boarding passes: The Magic Tree or Château Ce Soir


Folk, blues and beyond at Château Ce Soir – almost eleven years in SL for Russell…

It’s true. Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire at Ce Soir ArtsRUSSELL EPONYM – will celebrate eleven years of entertaining thousands of people from around the world in Second Life™ on 28 January. This next Saturday marks the occasion to the hour…but we thought we should at least note the coming special event; after all, Æon and I have been around to enjoy RUSSELL and his many artistic talents for a few years, ourselves – and five of them here at Ce Soir Arts. He was our very first performer when we opened in January 2012; first, he sang on that momentous Thursday at Château Ce Soir and then he read the first reading at The Magic Tree Reading Spot the next Tuesday. Yes, RUSSELL has kept to pretty much the same schedule ever since – and we love it!

Russell at Château Ce Soir
Russell at Château Ce Soir

As our sixth year of art, literature, theatre, and music is underway, let’s take a moment to honour RUSSELL today. Come along to enjoy his very special blend of Folk, Blues and Beyond at 2 PM SLT. It will be 90 minutes of glorious song delivered in his inimitable style – complete with intricate trademark guitar work, ribbons of harmonic harmonica, a bit of zing with the kazoo or banjo, and a smooth velvet voice that fills the hall with magic. The banter is incredibly fun as friends gather, and we always learn something too as the clock ticks us through in time to the sweet, sweet music.

RUSSELL has an incredible – and growing – repertoire; many lovely songs are from his own pen, and we love each and every one of them including the first song Æon and I ever heard him sing in SL: Just Another Day, which denotes what it’s like to live here amidst the wonder of Second Life™; we won’t ever forget that, as it was the most fun we’d had in SL up to that time, and we were EPONYM fans from that day! Little did we know at the time that RUSSELL wrote that song on the fly as he had graciously agreed to fill-in briefly for a late-arriving musician! His many songs are each just as unique, but they all tell a story of one kind or another, and they’re all musically rich as well as lyrically taut AND flowing. His newest song, After the Deluge, was “tweaked” one day at The Magic Tree during a Poetry & Song session. What fun that was – and what a lovely song we all enjoy – usually, with Legolas singing along!

Those original tunes – each one a delight – fill out RUSSELL‘s set lists in company with his stunning renditions of some all-time favourites such as the romantic Harvest Moon by Neil Young; the beautiful The Promise by Tracy Chapman; the groovin’ Sultans of Swing by Mark Knopfler; the sweet Painting Box by Mike Heron; and an array of Donovan music including the charming Jennifer Juniper (which he sings, in part, en français). Add to that a ton of great Bob Dylan songs such as To Make You Feel My Love and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight…along with loads of others from the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, Loreena McKennit, and Eric Clapton…well…what can I say?  RUSSELL always delivers an amazing show – in concert with everyone present. You see, RUSSELL believes that every show is OUR show – yours and mine – as well as his. And, in grace as a true gentleman folkie-crooner, he makes it so, every single time!

RUSSELL will be playing at several fine venues this weekend including Burnt Norton, Indigo’s, Prim Economy, Two Moon Paradise and Rainbow Painters in SL – and Fleure’s at InWorldz. Catch him around if you can; his schedule is available online HERE, so check it out! We always enjoy him here at locations in Ce Soir Arts and elsewhere including the very cool End of Time; the most beautiful of all underwater venues Merquarium; and at the varied locales of Silversword, where RUSSELL often performs specially-themed shows. Do join his group (Russell Eponym Fan Club) and follow him about; you’ll have a great time!

Come along to enjoy the music, laughter, and all-around good times at Château Ce Soir today. You will be warmly welcomed to one of the best experiences to be had anywhere. See you there! Your chariot awaits to the 2 PM Thursday show at Château Ce SoirDress for comfort AND style – medieval and modern dress from formal to casual is always welcome, but do bring your smile, as you’re definitely going to need it!

Wednesday at The Magic Tree – More Wonderment to Share with Bryn Taleweaver and Dubhna Rhiadra

Tomorrow will be a session of outstanding story and poetry at The Magic Tree. Brought to us by Master Storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER and the always engaging writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA, the tales that will settle over the sim are sure to charm. These two spoken word artists always share with grace and their own individual panache some of the finest stories, and this week is no exception.

BRYN READINGBRYN will read from a collection of Celtic Tales that he has thoroughly researched and chosen specifically to enchant. He’ll imbue the telling with his own unique and charming style – complete with an array of spot-on voices. His expressions are priceless and always fit the tale perfectly. Each of the stories we will hear tomorrow will be enjoyable – guaranteed!

dubhna-christmastideThen, DUBHNA will read Part 2 of her own stellar work (written especially for THE BRAVE Project) – “The Dream Factory.” Her engaging adventure follows two children who escape a sad, dark world in which all children’s dreams are stolen for power. Their experiences are riveting and offer the listener so much for reflection. It’s an engrossing story, to say the least, and you must come along and join us! We will be happy to greet you and welcome you to the relaxing, magical atmosphere.

Your trusty steed to The Magic Tree…come, be inspired tonight!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

I can’t sign off without a note about what happened today…as it was lovely indeed!

russell-reads-0117As the sun sets on this Tuesday in SL, we rest contentedly after having enjoyed two magnificent readings at The Magic Tree. Our Poet Laureate (RUSSELL EPONYM) never disappoints with excellent music and readings to share – and the friendly crowd is always a delight! RUSSELL shared from his own memoirs – the moving “Letters to Harry” – as well as continuing with his completely engaging reading of Steinbeck’s time-honoured story “Of Mice and Men.” Of course, the music was well-chosen, as always, and we enjoyed the hour immensely, as we always do.

cale-a-womans-voiceThen as the lovely CALEDONIA SKYTOWER stepped to the Reader’s Throne, we were ready to relax and hear her superb reading of selected poems from the works of Maya Angelou. This beautiful woman is sorely missed, and celebrated as a tender and touching poet of inherent strength and vibrant beauty. I wept when CALE read “On the Pulse of Morning.” I remember Ms. Angelou’s reading of that glorious poem at President Clinton’s Inauguration – and I remembered the hope I felt then on hearing her words. CALE‘s reading evoked the same, and I feel grateful.

Ce Soir Arts…be inspired tonight…

Beauty & Wonder at The Magic Tree This Week…Starting with Tuesday – 24 January

The Magic Tree always has something special to offer…and this week is no exception! First, on Tuesday, we start celebrating as our Poet Laureate, the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM turns ELEVEN in SL on 28 January. This is something to celebrate indeed, and we hope you will join us this week – both for his lovely readings and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday (NOON SLT) and for 90 minutes of music and fun at Château Ce Soir on Thursday (2 PM SLT) as he charms us with the wonderful “Folk, Blues and Beyond” for which he is so widely known. It’s going to be fabulous, so don’t miss a moment!

The Poet Laureate
The Poet Laureate

Also on Tuesday at The Magic Tree, the lovely and gifted CALEDONIA SKYTOWER will join us for a special selection of poetry by the beautiful poet, Maya Angelou. This woman’s work has touched the hearts of people around the world, and she is sorely missed by all – although her legacy of love and hope lives on. Come and let Cale take you on a journey through some of Maya‘s stunning and moving poetry. You will be warmly welcomed for this special hour.



Do not miss this exceptional programming!

Your Magic Carpet to The Magic Tree

Le weekend: I needed that! Now…a new week begins…

Well…that horrible thing we all hope and pray won’t ever happen? It happened. My beautiful, wonderful, beloved Alienware laptop passed into oblivion recently. It was very sudden and very sad. I mean, I was working away happily on a writing project and decided to make myself a cup of tea and grab a gluten-free “bite” as a little break. When I left the office, things were humming along nicely – and when I returned from my five-minute sojourn to the kitchen, well…things were NOT humming along nicely!

Actually, when I returned with my tea, the screen on the laptop was this horrible PINK – and not the kind I like. It was sort of a New Year’s Eve sparkly-dress-gone-wrong pink, and it was all mixed up with flashing black rectangles and muddy, swirling images of photographs I had taken. It was a ——– freak show! I was not amused. (Go ahead, use your imagination on that. I guarantee you won’t be wrong by far!)

After six hours of working with Tech Support and on my own to sort the puzzle and put the pieces back together again, it became quite clear that there was no other alternative: clean off the hard drive and say GOODNIGHT. Later, I discovered that it would have cost – at least – $800 US to get a new screen for that particular model. Add to that probably another $200 – $400 US for ancillary repairs and labor charges, and I was ready to throw the thing out the back door and go shopping. Which is just what I did.

To make a much longer and much more maudlin story shorter and less madness-inducing, let’s just say I’m back in action with a new Alienware – but this time, I bought the longer warranty package to go with. I feel fairly secure, because Alienware (even though the…umm…folks…at Dell have taken them over) is a solid name for speed and performance. So far, the screen is gorgeous and all is working seamlessly. Let’s hope I’ll be saying the same a few months hence. Thank you for your caring thoughts and prayers; I truly appreciate them!)

And so…we’re soft-pedaling it a bit in both RL and SL this week. For one thing, I’m exhausted and all I want to do is enjoy life at Ce Soir. So…here we go, doing just that this week. Come on over and join us! Check the schedule below, as there are some truly outstanding offerings….


Your sleigh (sled, skates, snowshoes, helicopter…) is ready! Hop aboard to The Magic Tree and Château Ce Soir. See you here!