Thursday Evening at Château Ce Soir…

Happy almost summertime! We’re finally getting some warmer temperatures, and they are welcome after some cold nights that kept the covers on. To celebrate, let’s gather at Château Ce Soir for a rousing good time with some of the best music and entertainment around! It’s going to be a fun night, so come on over!

UP FIRST at 2 PM SLT is none other than Russell Eponym! He always brings us 90 minutes of outstanding folk, blues and beyond – with stunning finger-style guitar, a range of other instruments, and a velvet voice that fills the hall with magic!

We’ll break for dinner and then pop back in-world at 5 PM SLT for three more hours of excellent music – and what a line-up (thanks to Deja for such a lovely photo)!

It’ 5 o’clock in Second Life™… do you know where the party is? Well…we do!

BAZ steps in to offer us a special set of music – this time from the cool sphere of the blues. There just is nothing like an hour of originally scored sounds with this master musician, arranger, and composer. His music – no matter what genre he dips into – is always satisfying as he envelopes the venue in atmospheres of sound. He captures the spirit of songs written by others and imbues them with his own special style. Get ready for BAZ by grabbing your dancing shoes, and we’ll see you for cocktails at 5!

Next, it’s time to rock with ANJ GUSTAFSON. Stick around at 6 PM to enjoy another hour of fine musicianship and a set just made for dancing. This artist’s sets are always fresh and he’s always adding a new song or ramping up the instrumentation with a unique twist. His evolving repertoire allows ANJ to parlay his excellent talents with guitar, piano, and flute into a great combination of sounds to support those attention-getting vocals. His friendly banter and southern charm makes us smile through the hour. Cheers!

YAYA! Time to CHILL with some cool trance and ambient sounds from our favourite Aussie, NUVOLINO. This guy has talent to spare, all wrapped in smooth energy to start his amazing light show and set at 7 PM SLT. That insistent beat takes us on a magic carpet tide through the hour. Every tune is NUVO at his best, written and performed with precision. We love them all. The music is intense, and you just HAVE to move! The particles and light show complement the pulsing beat perfectly, and you don’t want to miss it! Come on over…and chill with us!

Your ride to Château Ce Soir…see you there!

This week at Ce Soir Arts…come join us!

It’s another busy week for us IRL, but one with built-in escapes to enjoy outstanding prose, poetry, and music – as well as fabulous friendships and hours of fun! We hope you will pop round to enjoy it all with us! Check the schedule below for details!

Sounds like a good time as summer approaches! It will be here soon, so grab your smile and join us!     The Magic Tree     Château Ce Soir 

Don’t forget! The whole sim and some interesting areas above are open for your enjoyment; LMs are at landing with Mr. Crane. Dance…relax…be inspired tonight!

Les vacances continue…with work and fun – in both worlds!

“Time off” from work and other endeavours can be a bit of a challenge as well as an enriching joy. Life is filled with responsibilities for everyone, and owning a home, running a business, and raising a family can be quite demanding – especially when surprises pop in (which is – like, always – or so it seems). Even so, we are enjoying a wee bit of downtime – in-between the myriad tasks at hand.

Our in-world presence is a bit chaotic at the moment, but we’re still finding time for enjoyment at Ce Soir Arts and around the grid. We’ve actually been participating in some special events out and about as well as some of our more regular shows at home. Notably, I (Mireille) have five of my favourite photographs displayed at the 12th Annual Raglan Shire ArtWalk – and I’m enjoying it immensely. I am but one of about 150 artists exhibiting and a big part of the fun is walking the sims and enjoying the work of others. Artists of all types (photographers, painters, sculptors and more) are sharing their talents and it is a joy to behold all those works in one place. Pop on over to enjoy not only my work (at Morning Shire), but all the others. Have fun and explore!

Another artistic event is something that Caledonia Skytower has created: the wonderful Poetry of the Planets at LEA4. She’s outdone herself by creating seven separate planetary bodies and outfitting them expertly to express each one’s individuality. To top it off, visitors are invited to write poetry or stories about the planets and/or their experiences visiting the installation. Richly appointed, each planet has a message – and is accompanied by special music from Gustav Holst’s symphonic suite The Planets. It’s a beautiful event, and a reading of some of the submissions is planned soon. We’ve entered a few poems and stories ourselves – and what a wonderful adventure! Visit Poetry of the Planets in-world or read more about it at You will be ever so glad you did!

Lovely stories and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday…

Tuesdays (and often Wednesdays) are favourite times at Ce Soir Arts. This time out, Tuesday has the spotlight. Here’s what’s happening:

At noon, the Poet Laureate holds court at The Magic Tree, with a lovely selection of poetry and song. Russell Eponym, known far and wide as a premier poet and musician, always brings some of the very best in prose, poetry, and music for us to enjoy. His selections are always outstanding – and delivered with a special panache and skill. His Thought for the Day is inspiring and he’s been sharing from Richard Templar’s excellent book The Rules of Life – along with reading us through Robert C. O’Brian’s engaging Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. We are riveted to our seats and leaning in to see what will happen next! You’ll be into it in no time – and will be delighted at the rest of what Russell offers in brilliant musings and explorations. We’ll be happy to welcome you for this special time!

After a 30-minute break, the outstanding writer and reader Caledonia Skytower drops in at The Magic Tree with GORAK the GOBBLER, bringing new stories and more. GORAK has got a new book coming out – on this very day! Come get a preview – and a bit of insight into this charmer and how he comes up with all his wisdom. We do know that GORAK is magical when it comes to addressing the stresses of growing up and being human; he has a way with words that is simply delightful. Come on over and grab a spot under the spring-green branches of The Magic Tree for this enchanting and encouraging hour.

Then, at 2:30 PM, MrG Darkrose sweeps in on his Quidditch broomstick to delight us with more from J.K. Rowling’s rousing first book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We have been enjoying his reading of this fascinating tale of wizardry, and as he continues, we’ll be off on yet another adventure with Harry and friends. This reading is perfect for The Magic Tree, and we will be so happy to have you join us for the fun and intrigue! Come and take a seat…and get ready to be charmed by this tale and this excellent reader; his command of character voices is more than astounding – it’s magic!

Join us at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir!

The Annual Raglan Shire ArtWalk is Open!

We have always admired the work of the fine folks at Raglan Shire – and its related domains. Industrious, clever, warm and wonderful, Tinies rule! There is just something special about this family of residents: they’re fun and very generous in sharing their skills and talents across the grid. Case in point: we have had for several years, a couple of visits by the Raglan Shire Carrollers at Christmastide. Usually, this charming group comes and performs their sweet programme of Christmas music at The Magic Tree following The Poet Laureate and his reading as we celebrate the Christmas holidays. But this is just one of the many things these delightful friends do to enrich life for all of us during the year; they may be Tiny…but their impact truly is enormous.

Raglan Shire recently celebrated its 10th year in Second Life™ and this will be the 12th ArtWalk! This five-week-long event, which fills four of the eight sims with art of various types, features over 150 artists from around the world. The range of art displayed is immense, as you will find works of photography, painting, and sculpture; works will depict scence from both RL (the “real life”) and Second Life. The many artists range from those who are professional in both lives and amateurs just beginning their artists journey. All have something special to offer and a nice long stroll (or two or three!) around the sims is a sweet adventure. You must go over and enjoy this amazing representation of art from the denizens of SL! Just to be sure you know, there are also several live musical events, weekly games of various types, a poetry slam, and more to enjoy over this cherished event, which will be held now to 18 June.

You can access some links to the various sims and additional information from the leadership including founder Zayn Till at the official website of Raglan Shire. Check the Events link for a listing of special presentations of music and more. Note, please, that we know several artists who are participating including myself! Yes, some work from my very own Words & Pictures are on display at the Morning Shire sim. Five of my spring or summer-themed photographs from Second Life™ are shared there, and I am very pleased to be participating. I may take a run at the poetry slam too, as I have not shared poetry with these particular photographs. Even if I don’t read for the slam, you bet I’ll be in the audience to enjoy the show.

Mireille with photographs at Morning Shire sim for ArtWalk 2017

We’re going to party like it’s…2017!

Thursday night, it’s party time at Ce Soir Arts, and the castle is going to rock – and more!

It all starts at 2 PM SLT with the marvelous musical magic of Russell Eponym. His folk, blues, and beyond is known as some of the most enjoyable sounds around. Russell brings his inimitable finger-picking guitar (6- and 12-string) to provide the base over which his velvety voice will waft – punctuated from time-to-time with tuneful harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo! You won’t want to miss his presentation of stunning original songs that are sheer poetry set to music OR his selection of covers from stellar artists like Bob Dylan, Loreena McKinnitt, Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame), Simon & Garfunkel, and lots more. We enjoy his performance from beginning to end, and it’s 90 minutes of fun and serious music. He brings some historical folk tales set to sound as well, and his commentary (and the local chat!) is something we always enjoy. This is always an international audience, so come on over and join us!

And then…after a bit of a break, the night heats up with a trio of shows….

Photograph of the lovely Deja by Deja

As the sun sets (en Amérique), we gear up again in grand style with BAZ, who comes armed with his own incredible array of songs that showcase his outstanding talent as a musician, composer, and arranger. Gifted with a love of music that infuses his show with infectious enthusiasm, BAZ offers us an array of music from literally every genre, save outright classical; this is BAZFUSION – his own mix of ear-pleasing goodness. His easy-listening numbers are deeply satisfying as he envelopes the venue in atmospheres of sound. Love songs are played with tenderness that will make the girls (me included!) swoon, and his pop and be-bop is sooo much fun! He captures the spirit of songs written by others and imbues it all with his own sense of style. Beatles? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Steely Dan? You bet! Elton John? Nice, mate! Nora Jones? Smooth. I could go on, but you get the idea. Get yourself over to Château Ce Soir with your dancing shoes on – 5 o’clock, sharp!

After we’ve exercised our musical paces, we will be ready to ROCK with none other than the fantastic ANJ GUSTAFSON. He’ll be on tap right at 6 PM to take us on a trip through his musical garden of delights. Even though ANJ has been playing in Second Life™ for some time, now, his sets are always fresh and inviting. He’s always adding a new song, here or there, and making his exceptional instrumentation even more so. We know it’s ANJ on stage with that signature opening sound that draws a crowd of discerning listeners. His growing repertoire includes songs from well-known artists like Radiohead, Matchbox 20, Billy Idol, ELP, and plenty more – plus some very special original tunes that will, well, ROCK your world. One of those – Crystal Lake – is my special favourite, as it is a beautiful love song that is right up there with the very best. ANJ parlays his excellent talents with guitar, piano, and flute into a great combination of sounds to support his attention-getting vocals. His friendly banter and southern charm makes us smile, and you don’t want to miss a hot minute!

Wow. After all that…it’s time to CHILL OUT with some cool trance and ambient sounds with our favourite Australian musician, NUVOLINO. This bundle of talent and smooth energy will land at 7 PM SLT – light show already swirling in time to that insistent beat that will take us happily through the hour. This is the best house, ever. Every tune is NUVO at his best, written and performed with precision, every time. Some songs tell a story, whilst others simply make your body groove. The music is intense, but in an amazingly attractive way that fills the venue with a heady mix of calm and energy. You have to experience the NUVOLINO sound, and it’s just what the doctor ordered for a way to wind up – or down! It’s all up to you in how the music hits you, but you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time on this particular magic carpet ride! To punctuate the sound with just a spark of additional flavour, NUVO runs the best light show in Second Life™. His use of light, form, and colour take the show into another dimension, as each beat is matched in a symphony of synchronicity. Come on over…and chill with us!

See you at Château Ce Soir! At landing, walk up the stairs in the castle to the second floor where the action is!

Château Ce Soir

The coming week…oh, yah!

We are taking a rest…but are looking forward to another fine week at Ce Soir Arts. You might begin to notice a few changes, here and there, as we are on our way to planning for summer. The shifts will be subtle to begin…but will soon become more noticeable. I’m excited and will gather my energy soon, as I LOVE designing the sim. I’ll be working on our private family sim more directly to begin, and the ideas will flow. So…come on over and enjoy the place, as-is, for now. Join us for some excellent art, literature, and music as the week unfolds. Note the schedule below. Enjoy!