Thursday brings music for our enjoyment! The castle will be filled with magic – and the beach will be alight with fun!

It’s going to be another fabulous Thursday! Don’t miss these stellar performances as friends gather for fun and fantastic music and dancing. We love good music and have some of the very best to share, so come on over and join in! We start at Château Ce Soir with the inimitable Russell Eponym…and then – after a short break – reconvene at Ce Soir Beach for three hours of tunes and fun under the stars! Can’t you just hear the waves rolling in, the gulls singing along…and smell those steaks that Ǣon will be grilling! Check this out:

♬ RUSSELL EPONYM – 90 Minutes of Folk, Blues & Beyond – 2 PM ♬    Russell brings 90 minutes of enjoyable music: historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Streaming LIVE from Wales, this multi-faceted performer brings an array of musical instruments and an unstoppable setlist. His intricate fingerstyle guitar and velvety vocals are just the beginning!

♬ DONN DEVORE – LIVE Rock & More at Ce Soir Beach – 5 PM ♬     Donn is a professional musician and technician of sound. His talents with guitar, vocals, and a range of other instruments are legendary. He performs a rich mix of original rock and electronic music by combining influences from rock, trance and techno. Exceptional!

♬ ANJ GUSTAFSON ROCKS The Shore – LIVE at 6 PM ♬                              This multi-instrumental musician and commanding vocalist brings a cool repertoire of classic rock and modern tunes – including a taste of his own outstanding songs – to every single show. It’s always a sweet party with Anj, and stellar performances from his extensive repertoire get us moving. Come join us as we dance the night away!

♬ NUVOLINO – LIVE with Trance & Cool Ambient Sounds – 7 PM ♬    Australian powerhouse Nuvolino grooves with a vibrant collection of original ambient tunes that sweep us away on a magic carpet ride of sound and energy. His set is big and his sound is bigger! Deeper than deep house, his tracks get under your skin. Come on over and get ready to let the beat move you!

We’re going to have a lot of fun, and having you join us will make it even better! Hop on over and enjoy!

Château Ce Soir 

Summer Nights at Château Ce Soir


Ce Soir Beach

Ce Soir Beach

More spoken word delights us at The Magic Tree this Tuesday…with quite a collection of stories – and more!

The summer moves along into its second half, and the weather keeps pace with heat in many places around the globe – except for those in the southern hemisphere who are deep into winter. EUR and the USA are rather warm, these days, as the mercury climbs to the century mark in many locales. In other words…it’s HOT!

So…we escape to the temperate zone of Ce Soir Arts, where – as Ǣon likes to remind us – it’s always a balmy 72°F! And this week, there are more marvelous events to enjoy! Check the Tuesday schedule below and come join us under the branches of The Magic Tree!

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts offers excellent music and outstanding prose and poetry from his own pen as well as that from classical masters. The Thought for the Day is always encouraging, the literature beautifully read and compelling. He’s reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King. It’s an adventure! Satisfy your curiosity and come gather with friends to enjoy!

Stephen Fry’s Mythos is in store for us this week – and likely again in future, as it’s quite a tome – and a delightfully informative one! Caledonia reports “No one loves quarrels, desires and deceives as boldly and brilliantly as Greek gods and goddesses.” We’ll have a happy look into their world as Cale reads for us at  The Magic Tree. We will be happy to see you!

This week, Ǣon has a very unique and riveting story to tell – from the pen of sci-fi master Ray Bradbury. There’s tomfoolery afoot…and MURDER. There’s a fright around every corner, and no detective to solve the mysteries. Join us as sci-fi afficianado Ǣon reads the “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” and gives us the chills in the offing! You will be guessing…until the very end!

It’s going to be a fantastic time at The Magic Tree. Come, be inspired tonight!

Relay for Life of Second Life is off and running! Be sure to donate all you can to this important cause!

We have many friends who take an active role with RFL of SL – RELAY FOR LIFE OF SECOND LIFE – with the non-profit support organisation the American Cancer Society. One year, we hosted an art auction and hope to do something like that again. Like many residents, we donate wherever we can – at music venues, shops, and various events around the grid. Relay is fun – and serious business. Likely, you know someone affected by cancer…it might even be you or someone very dear to you. This connection is why we Relay; to support those experiencing the illness and their families – to fund research to find the cures we desperately need – and to celebrate the victories of survivors!

Many people work tirelessly for this very important cause, and we thank them all! Two of our favourites are OldeSoul Eldemar and Wildstar Beaumont, both of whom  put forth great effort through the team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps. These folks are some of the sweetest, most caring people you would ever like to meet! Talented and spirited, they bring their best to this effort, and their devotion is inspiring! You can donate, and their page is HERE. To learn more about RFL of SL, click HERE!

RELAY this year is coming soon…in fact, the season began some time ago, as teams gathered to plan and develop the regions for the event. The SCHEDULE is HERE! The Opening Ceremony will be at 10 AM SLT on Saturday, 14 July. Attend and start relaying! Purchase Luminaria along the way to honour those you may have lost to the disease and to celebrate those who are joyous survivors. Attend as many events as possible – and please donate! Every L$ matters – and your caring counts! Thank you!

LOGO for RFL of SL 2018

Mostly spoken word at Ce Soir Arts this week…summer hiatus has hit!

It’s time for a little more downtime for us. It’s been a very busy year, and now the HEAT in the physical realm has become all but intolerable. YIKES! So…it might be a wee bit quieter this week – but still filled with excellence and enjoyment for all. Do note that the galleries are on summer hiatus until some time in August. There are, however, some sweet summery scenes to be enjoyed at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and some spookiness lingering at Ivy Tower. Stop by and relax with something pretty to view and enjoy!

Summer Rest at Starry Night Island

Tuesday always brings the wonder of sweet readings and music from the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, the inimitable Russell Eponym. He will have much to share this week, as always. He is reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King. It’s a delightful story, filled with moments of intrigue and more! We love it when he reads from Zen Guitar, a book of life instruction by Philip Toshio Sudo; it’s written in segments with quotations from some of the world’s greatest guitar virtuosos – and it’s fascinating. There is usually some classical or modern poetry as well as ideas and ponderings from Russell as he shares his own Thought for the Day. It’s a charming hour and you will be welcome to join us at The Magic Tree – NOON SLT.

Wednesday brings STORYTIME at The Magic Tree, and presently we have three readers joining us, on a fortnightly schedule. However, Dubhna is traveling, and won’t be reading this day. These hours are devoted to fine storytelling from across the literary horizon. This week we have the following:

At 1 PM SLT, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver will read a story about vampires that is bound to garner our attention. His beautiful reading style – complete with an array of dialects – will enliven the story The Lady of the House of Love by prolific writer Angela Carter. Join us for another fascinating hour with Bryn.

Up at 2 PM, we will enjoy another hour with sci-fi afficianado Æon Woodford, who continues his tribute to writer Ursula K. Le Guin. This time, he shares her work Solitude, which examines the differences between cultural generations whilst developing a complex alien world. Individuality above all else reigns…despite the confusion that stems from the common intergenerational conflicts in families. It’s a rich read, so come enjoy!

The Magic Tree…Ready for a Reading!

Thursday will roll around and give us an opportunity to gather at Château Ce Soir to enjoy 90 minutes of superb live music with Russell Eponym! We look forward to this, every week, so come on over and see what all the excitement is about! Russell is a master guitarist with a beautiful and unique fingerstyle that – along with his velvety vocals – fills the hall with magic! Come gather with friends as we dance and chat and enjoy!

Summer Nights at Château Ce Soir

Here’s the schedule – and your rides:           The Magic Tree          Château Ce Soir


It’s beach party time at Ce Soir Arts!

Thursday is going to be fun. It will be one day after the big US celebration of Independence Day, but the party will go on!

Come hear Russell Eponym at 2 PM SLT – 90 minutes of lively folk, blues & beyond with a delightful audience of friends! LIVE from Wales at Château Ce Soir. His talents with beautiful fingerstyle guitar, the harmonica, and various other instruments make Russell a consummate musician. His velvety voice is a joy to hear, and his friendly banter a delight. Always fun with Russell and friends! TP on over HERE!

Then, after a short break, we’ll be back – but at Ce Soir Beach! We’ll have a rockin’ beach party going, starting at 5 PM SLT, when Donn DeVore will take the stage to thrill us with TWO HOURS of amazing tunes – some of them his very own compositions! Donn is a professional musician and recording technologist who can make guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers sing! His own vocals are spot-on in an amazing range that allows him to present unique shows that thrill his audiences. Come on over and enjoy these two hours with Donn. The music…the fireworks…oh, yah!

Anj Gustafson is on vacation, so Donn was gracious enough to take his time slot at 6 PM, extending his show to two glorious hours. It’s going to be a fantastic evening, so get on your beachwear and join us HERE!

NUVOLINO will be up at 7 PM SLT, bringing his signature sound for us to chill to as the night moves along. Outstanding original trance and ambient sounds will bring the night to a very cool close. Kick off your sandals and flip-flops, grab a cool drink and get ready to chill! The beat will move you to MOVE…so be ready for more dancing and fun at Ce Soir Beach! As the stars come out, the fireworks keep flying! We’ll see you there!

The week looks good at Ce Soir Arts as summer continues to heat up!

It’s REALLY summer in the US – and relatives in EUR are having a heat wave too. Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing winter…and I admit I am a bit jealous. I am NOT a summer girl, unless I can be at the beach all the time! We’ll be having some beach parties coming up…so stay tuned!

This week has some rich spoken word experiences at The Magic Tree. Of course, Poet Laureate Russell Eponym will read for us and share amazing music. This Tuesday at NOON, the music will come from Tri Yann, a beautiful Breton folk music band that will sing to us en français. We can’t wait to hear them – and to enjoy his eclectic reading that will this week include a reading from Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo (a stunning book of thoughts from professional guitarists that are about guitar-playing…and life). We love Zen Guitar – and Russell does a stupendous reading from it. It goes along with his Thoughts for the Day which always give us much to consider. He’s reading Clive King’s Stig of the Dump too – and we’re early in the fascinating story of two accidental friends – so come enjoy! There will be some poetry to go with all this, and it’s guaranteed to be delightful!

Wednesday has some amazing offerings at The Magic Tree as well. Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver has something very special from Roald Dahl – two stories of unease that will have us on the edge of our seats. His readings – complete with outstanding dialects and vocal intonations – are always a joy, and this is going to be exceptional. So much so that we plan to ask him to find a couple more of these Dahl tales for his next reading too! Come enjoy Bryn at 1 PM SLT; it’s a grand hour!

Dubhna Rhiadra will have us leaning in to explore with her more of the fantastic NOT SO Tales that are decidedly not based on Kipling’s Just-So Stories. They are unique and engaging to beat the band! Her telling is magical and the messages in the stories come crystal clear as we wander through them with her. It’s always an hour of message-rich fantasy that we all enjoy in the mystical atmosphere of The Magic Tree. This week is a wrap on this series – and you do not want to miss it. Come for Bryn at 1 – and stay!

Æon has something special too, as he continues his tribute to the recently deceased science fiction talent Ursula K. Le Guin. Today, he will share an incredible story that has its roots in what was known as the “velvet revolution” in Prague, 1989. This story echoes the experience of Vaclav Havel and his compatriots as they spoke out for freedom from overbearing rule. Their signal of unity – shaking their keys overhead on meeting – because the title of this riveting and important historical story: “Unlocking the Air.”

Thursday at 2 PM, Russell Eponym returns to Château Ce Soir with 90 minutes of the charming “folk, blues and beyond,” which is his unique collection of historical folk tales set to music including covers by outstanding musicians like Donovan, Dylan, and Dire Straits. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar, his velvety voice, and much much more! Add the delightful Eponymous family of friends who gather to enjoy, and you are in for a charming hour-and-a-half. Be inspired tonight!

Here’s the schedule! We hope to see you!

SL15B Draws to a Close…What fun we had!

Every year, we celebrate the birthday of Second Life™. It’s always fun and a way to honour the work of many who beautify and enrich our world with art, music, and exciting and educational experiences. It’s such a vast world now – much larger and more engaging than ever before. Technological advancements have enhanced everything from landscapes to avatars – and everything in-between.

Do you remember your original avatar? Mercy! We remember ours – and I had to dig far back in the archives to find these! Hope you enjoy a little travel-back with us! I could not find our original avatar photos – but I was the little girl with the ponytail, wearing the pink dress with the white polka-dots! It was just a few days before I made friends with a marvelous creator – Lorac Farella – who owned Pulse Skins. She was so kind to me and to AEon…and we looked so much better for years using her creations! We miss her presence here, but hope she and her Bliss-man will return one day! (AEon was just a basic male avatar to begin, but he made a nice transformation with Lorac’s help too!)

Ǣon & Mireille in 2009, just two months after signing up!

So, if you missed it, SL15B regions are still open. Check here for LMs – and GO! Just because you missed the return of SKYE GALAXY, there’s still lots to be enjoyed. (And keep your eyes peeled for some more shows from SKYE. Join his group for the information!)

SKYE GALAXY at SL15B 2018 9
SKYE GALAXY playing at SL15B celebration.