Quick Look at Next Week…

With lots happening as summer hits its high point, this post will be short and sweet…

The BEACHES Art Exhibit has been quite popular, and we’ve had numerous visitors. Lovers of art and those who particularly enjoy summertime have flocked to the sim to enjoy Ce Soir Beach and the lovely BEACHES art at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn; we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with several patrons at various hours and are looking forward to more such intriguing encounters. Look for more detail about the artists…coming soon!

The exhibit will be open into August, but other activities are always on the agenda at Ce Soir Arts. This week, we focus on Tuesday and Thursday. Check the schedule below and come along to enjoy! Russell will be reading – always a treat – on Tuesday at The Magic Tree – and Thursday’s excellent music line-up will bring their talents to perform at Château Ce Soir. We will return to the beach soon, but we thought a nice indoor evening might be a good change of pace as summer rounds the halfway mark.

Join us for relaxation and fun as friends gather: Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn or Château Ce Soir 

Beaches Art Exhibit and a Week of Spoken Word and Music Ahead!

It’s midsummer and the heat has set in RL. Wow…heat indices over the century mark (Fahrenheit) is serious business as we seek relief at the beach, in the shade, or indoors where the air conditioning hums along. Æon often boasts that it’s always a balmy 72° at Ce Soir Arts – and he’s right on the money, thank goodness!

Come on over and relax in the refreshing and invigorating environment of the BEACHES Art Exhibit, newly opened at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. There are 12 artists sharing their vision of beaches and what they represent in our lives – how they impact relationships, how they inspire our dreams, and what emotion they evoke in us…deep in our souls. There is something about water – moving in a natural body – that touches the spirit. The ebb and flow, whether at the ocean shore or the banks of a river or brook, speaks to us. Even the quiet of a placid lake makes a statement our hearts can hear.


Join us also this week for an array of outstanding spoken word events with a cadry of exceptional readers, most of whom are authors as well. They share a rich programme of varied readings that lift us up, make us think and feel, and offer us a respite from the day-to-day. Take a look at the listing we have for this week at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. Each one has something very special to offer – and who can turn down the opportunity to laze deliciously under the cooling shade of The Magic Tree? The ocean is nearby with its soothing wavesounds and the calling of sea gulls. As the water flows by the inlet near the mountains surrounding our bosky (forested) area where The Magic Tree makes its home, we are lulled to quietude and opened to listening to some of the very best poetry, legends, and tales ever written.

This week at Ce Soir Arts…

And don’t forget Thursday’s outstanding 90 minutes of music and magic with Russell at Château Ce Soir! Do join us – and please visit at your leisure at other times as well. Wander the sim – and points above; dance, relax, enjoy…and be inspired tonight!

LMs: Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic TreeChâteau Ce Soir

Sunday magic continues with Russell at Silversword and Lisa Brune at Two Moon Paradise!

We were having so much fun just hanging out for a change – and tracking happenings at the BEACHES Art Exhibit – that when 1 PM SLT rolled around, we looked at one another across the room and exclaimed: “It’s time for Russell! We’ve got to get going!” It is always a wonderful experience to visit a Silversword venue, as they morph with every performance. Russell always has a specially-themed programme there on alternate Sundays, and we look forward not only to Russell’s presentation of music and readings but also to the exceptional thematic design of a location for us to gather to enjoy. Dawn Greymyst is in charge of the Silversword experience, and it’s always perfectly attuned. Today, the wonderful SiFan was assisting Dawn and adding her own special warmth and welcoming energy to the hour. So many Eponymous Family members and friends were there to enjoy.

Russell shared some of his fovourite songs written and performed by women such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Loreena McKennitt, and Tracy Chapman. His lovely renditions of these beloved songs are extra-special as they offer him an opportunity to showcase his various musical talents with the guitar and vocally. We truly enjoyed listening to him and dancing in the beautiful forested environment of Silversword this week. His readings included one from Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her Sonnets from the Portuguese and a selection from the beloved American poet Emily Dickinson as well as one from the hilarious Brit Pam Ayers to add a bit of humour. All were – as is his style – excellently read with perspicacity and grace. The photo below is from Dawn; can’t you just feel the coolness of the forest?

Russell Enchanting Us at the Lovely Silversword (photo by Dawn Greymyst)

Straight away after this charming hour with RussellÆon teleported me to another exciting performance by none other than our friend Lisa Brune. This lovely Frenchwoman has the voice of an angel – but she can also belt out a tune with the best of them. We were treated to her impressive range in an hour of very danceable tunes at one of the grid’s most well-known venues: Two Moon Paradise. Shiran and her crew know how to welcome people and provide a comfortable environment for enjoying the best in live music. Today’s show was filled with this professional singer’s sweet energy as the lovely Lisa delivered a solid hour of outstanding music – from the iconic Nancy Sinatra anthem These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ to absolutely gorgeous love songs like our very favourite: No Ordinary Love by the sultry Sade that melted our hearts…SIGH…

The always elegant and energetic French songstress LISA BRUNE!

As you can see by this and earlier posts (start on Thursday, 06 July and that amazing opening BEACH PARTY for the BEACHES Art Exhibit!), we’ve had a FANTASTIC weekend! To say we’re tired would be a great understatement…but we’re happy as the sun goes down at Ce Soir Arts. We’ll be around tomorrow to track things and greet visitors, but we’re basically taking the day off.

VOICE IS BACK on the Ce Soir sim (thank you, Whitney Linden!), so all our regular readings will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, as usual. I’ll make a posting tomorrow about what these exceptional writers and readers will be sharing, as you are invited to enjoy storytime with Russell, Caledonia, MrG, Bryn, Dubhna, and Æon as we relax under the cool shade of The Magic Tree!

Come, be inspired tonight!

Sunday morning Chill with our friend, MoShang Zhao – the Comfort Zone really is the comfort zone…

Our excursions away from Ce Soir Arts continue this weekend, as we pop in-world to see how things are going at the BEACHES Art Exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. It’s busy there, with patrons dropping in to view the magnificent and refreshing art – often in response to notices we are posting now and again. It’s quite gratifying to meet up with people personally and to know that they are enjoying both the exhibit and the sim.

That aside, we have also been enjoying some grid travel to attend an array of artistic events this weekend. Today, we began with a dear friend and favourite musician – MoShang Zhao. He performed at Château Ce Soir for several years – right from the opening salvo in January 2012, along with Russell Eponym (our Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire). More about Russell in a bit…as he is performing music and poetry regarding women in the arts today at the lovely Silversword venue (1 PM SLT) – and we’ll be there too!

This morning, however, it was an hour of luscious CHILL with MoShang at his own venue – Comfort Zone. Timing got out of hand for him to continue weekly shows at our place (his usual was Thursday evenings), but he’s been making it in almost every Sunday morning at 8 AM SLT for a fantastic hour of the ever-evolving CHILL. Such fine electronica…it’s magical! Relaxing and energising at the same time, MoShang plays music that is original, unique and fascinating. Lately, Moondance Parx has been displaying her gorgeous particle art as we dance and sway to the music…making it an even more engaging experience! (More about Moondance soon at Ce Soir Arts…!)

MoShang CHILLS at The Comfort Zone

We so enjoyed the hour with MoShang and friends including MirrziLu, Douglas, and one of our artists presently sharing three pieces in the BEACHES exhibit: the talented Pieni. You must come view her lovely Seashore series! They are rich and ethereal pastels that please the eye – and spirit!

Don’t miss MoShang next week! Join his group – Chinese Chill Appreciation Club – to get the word! You will be so glad you did!

OK, folks. We’re off for a bit, but later today…more with Russell!

We’re pretty busy in-world, but there’s always time for relaxation and fun too!

We’re like most folks who have things happening in-world, and we’re pretty busy when we’re here. However, we do enjoy some downtime, now and again – and spending it here has its fascinations. People often ask us what we do in-world when we’re not working on the sims, planning events, or hosting a show or exhibit at Ce Soir Arts, and our usual answer is this: we’re relaxing, chatting, or attending events elsewhere.

Case in point: THIS SATURDAY!

First, we enjoyed interacting with some patrons at the new BEACHES Art Exhibit at our own Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. Just recently opened, the art of 12 exceptional artists has filled the galerie with summer joy! You must see it! Note earlier (and soon-to-be-posted notes about this gorgeous summery exhibit. Visit HERE to enjoy!

BEACHES Art Exhibit open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

Later, we managed to attend a wonderful musical event by JM Visions Theatre group: ABBA & Friends. Wow, they really put on quite a show! Excellent costuming, perfect timing of animations and music, and inventive sets made for quite an entertaining time! Our friend Chrisjana Moyet is a member of their troupe and you should check her and the group out. Don’t miss their next show; we’ll post about it here so you can catch it – their work is exacting and polished. Below, a shot of the programme – but it was much more than depicted; scene after musical scene had us up and dancing and singing along!

ABBA & Friends with JM Visions Theatre Troupe

Also on Saturday this week, we were transported to a lovely Arabic-themed location (specially made at Aux Bains du Paradis) to relax and enjoy the beautiful poetry of friend Karima Hoisan. Her work is stunning, and so often is inspired by other works of art. This Ekphrastic poetry – inspired by visual art – is a unique and varied poetic form, and Karima has mastered it. Her readings include presentations of the visual art that inspires her writing, as you can see by the image I captured below. Usually, my writing comes first and then I take photographs to illustrate; I find this alternative methodology fascinating, and thank Karima for exploring it further and sharing it with us in-world! Visit her blog for more information about her writing and her outstanding work in machinima with the very talented Natascha Randt; their films have won award after award, and there will be more!

Karima Hoisan Reading

Look for more…soon…and do catch these kinds of events whenever you can. Art abounds!

Do It Again!

How nice it was! To relax on the Beach at Ce Soir with the lovely Mireille and enjoy some old beachy favorites by our friend Baz and some really cool contemporary rock with Anj, topped off with some trance and ambient music by Nuvolino—accompanied by some spectacular fireworks on Ce Soir Beach was a treat. It reminded me of that song by the fabulous summer-fun Beach Boys:


Written by Mike Love and Brian Wilson and Published by © Universal Music Publishing Group

It’s automatic when I talk with old friends
The conversation turns to
Girls we knew when their
Hair was soft and long and the
Beach was the place to go.

M & A relaxing on Ce Soir Beach and enjoying some cool music!

Suntanned bodies and waves of sunshine                                                           The California girls and a
Beautiful coastline Warmed up weather
Let’s get together and
Do it again

With a girl the lonely sea looks good
Makes your night times warm and out of sight

Been so long
(Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now)

Well I’ve been thinking ’bout
All the places we’ve surfed and danced and
All the faces we’ve missed so let’s get
Back together and do it again

Naturally, it’s always a balmy 72 degrees on the Ce Soir Beach. And to accompany the pop culture in our music, our visitors were able to peruse the peachy beachy pictures in the BEACHES Art Exhibit open now (after that fabulous beach party last night!) at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn by creative artists such as Daze Landar, Dolph Beornssen, Jojo Songlark, Larke Longmeadow, Mireille Jenvieve, Olyvia DeCuir, paula cloudpainter, Art by Pieni, Skyspinner Soulstar, Wildstar Beaumont, and Xirana Oximoxi. Amazingly, Mireille actually approved some of mine for inclusion as well. Go figure! CLICK HERE to visit and enjoy this refreshing art exhibit!

The pictures will be displayed at least through the end of July. As for the Beach Party—it was fantastic. So…let’s do it again on Thursday evening, August 03. See you then!

Some fireworks blasts at Ce Soir Beach

Beaches Art Exhibit Opens 06 July with Beach Party Celebration!

♫*•.¸¸.•* BEACHES Art Exhibit and LIVE MUSIC *•.¸¸.•*♫
06 JULY – 5 PM (BAZ) – 6 PM (ANJ) – 7 PM (NUVOLINO)
NOTE: Russell Eponym plays at 2 PM at the Château

The long-awaited BEACHES Art Exhibit opens at Ce Soir Arts on Thursday 06 July at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. OFFICIAL OPENING TIME is 2 PM SLT on 06 JULY

A three-hour BEACH PARTY will be held at Ce Soir Beach beginning at 5 PM SLT with fantastic music by BAZ, ANJ GUSTAFSON, and NUVOLINO! Beach attire is welcome, so come ready to enjoy the celebration including FIREWORKS!

Featured artists will display their particular vision of BEACHES – a sweet natural theme that touches on various aspects of life in-world – and out! Those artists exhibiting include:
(Alphabetical order by first name)
Æon Woodford
Daze Landar
Dolph Beornssen
Jojo Songlark
Larke Longmeadow
Mireille Jenvieve
Olyvia DeCuir
paula cloudpainter
Pieni (Art by Pieni)
Skyspinner Soulstar
Wildstar Beaumont
Xirana Oximoxi

Each of these artists is sharing one to three of their works, capturing the spirit of BEACHES and the feelings they evoke in us – in summer or other times of year. Many are ocean views, but there are some lakes and other bodies of water depicted as well – all with sensitivity and beauty. We visit various sims and various eras as well, so come along and enjoy the wonder of BEACHES!

A note about each artist will be available by clicking the BEACHES Exhibit sign at the entrance of Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn, which may be reached at landing HERE.


We hope you will join us for a wonderful musical opening – with fireworks on the beach – and a beautiful exhibit!
Be well and happy – and be inspired tonight!
Æon et Mireille