Three hours of music highlight the week…

FIRST…an important note:

As we continue our foray into the new year, we are happy to report that most of what we’re hearing from friends and family is positive. Weather challenges seem to be occupying the minds of many in the US as wintry storms take their annual swipe across the country. Changes in the atmosphere and climate are of concern, but most are dealing effectively with the rain, mudslides, ice, and snow. The forest fires that ravaged so much of our beloved California have resulted in serious ground erosion and devastating mudslides, and the deep freeze being felt in other locations has made travel treacherous and digging out during blizzard conditions more than a challenge.

It should go without saying, but we send our very best to all affected by these weather events, and urge everyone to do the same. Donating to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other reputable charitable organisations such as the United Way can make an important positive impact. If you can, please considering giving. We know it’s right after Christmas…but any amount will help. Click on the links above to visit those charities’ websites – and do check out any and all charitable causes before donating. Thank you!

THIS WEEK…three hours of music to keep us warm (or cool, depending on need!)…

Thursday is known as “music day” at Château Ce Soir. It’s always been the highlight of song and dancing, right from the very beginning six years ago. This week, three of our regularly-appearing musicians will light up the night, and you’re invited to come along for the festivities! At 5 PM SLT, we open with the amazing BAZ – LIVE on stage and rarin’ to go with his exciting sound. Even when the music is mellow, there’s an electricity afoot whenever BAZ is around.  This professional musician/composer/ arranger always comes with a theme in mind – and it’s always amazing and impeccably played.

After that, at 6 PM SLT, contemporary musician ANJ GUSTAFSON lands with his incredible set-up…and set! His range of music is astounding, focusing on some of the finest rock and ballads ever written. ANJ never seems to stop adding new tunes – be they new originals or covers from a growing cadre of outstanding singular artists and groups. His deft guitar, primo work at the piano, and some delightful forays into the sound of the flute come together seamlessly as he explores his favourite genres. With KI leading the singles dancing, you just have to get into the groove! Come on your own or bring someone special – and do request your favourite song!

At 7 PM SLT, the stage is switched out (and they do it so quickly!) to the amazing CHILL musician from Australia: NUVOLINO! This guy knows his genre, and it’s all original! He brings a steady stream of trance and ambient tunes that always have us moving in time to the undeniable beat. He visits the archives for some incredible sounds from his early days and always brings us up-to-the-minute with what’s new and fresh. NUVO infuses his music with so much energy that it literally spills out all over the place! The light show is always stunning…so get your dancing shoes on an come on over!

Truly, you ought to just come on over at 5 and stay for the entire three hours! You will be glad you did! Come start the weekend with us (we have officially given Friday weekend status around here!)…it’s an incredible night!

Remember too, that all of Ce Soir Arts is open to you. Grab the LMs to pop up to the gorgeous wintry escape or delve into the dark side in one of our underground dungeons. The sim is a fascinating place – and the views from Le Phare (the lighthouse) are spectacular! Crave a little mermaid time? Drop down to the Cove…

Come…be inspired tonight!

Welcome to Château Ce Soir…


Readings resuming at The Magic Tree on Wednesday…

The US holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – has been a time of celebration and rest for us at Ce Soir Arts. Like many people, we’ve had a houseful of guests and have attended several parties. We’ve had a ball – both in-world and in the physical realm. The beauty of autumn and the frightfully good fun of Hallowe’en seamlessly flowed into a sweet Thanksgiving and then preparations for the glory of Christmas and Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Of course, various spiritual beliefs nourished those experiences for many, and families and friends gathered to enjoy one another’s company, sharing good food and good times.

Look back a recent postings for a look at what’s been happening at Ce Soir Arts, lovely involvements elsewhere (especially Seanchai Library and friends’ The Dickens Project!)…and what’s coming up too. We’ve taken a few holidays, but have enjoyed beautiful art, fine readings, and excellent music along the way. Our sixth anniversary was celebrated in grand style, and we look ahead to 2018 with excitement and anticipation. There will be changes afoot in coming months. Stay tuned!

This week, we have a return to the enjoyment of the spoken word at The Magic Tree. Whilst Poet Laureate Russell Eponym continues his extended vacation – and celebrated reader Caledonia Skytower plans her work for the year ahead – other of our regular readers return with some exceptional stories to share! We welcome back master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, exceptional writer and reader Dubhna Rhiadra, and our own professor of literature Æon Woodford this Wednesday. Three hours of excellent tales with varying focus will garner our attention as we relax around the fire under the canopy of The Magic Tree. Check the schedule below for a bit more detail, and we’ll see you starting at 1 PM SLT! Your conveyance is HERE.

We trust that 2018 is off to a happy, healthy start for you – and certainly hope so. The weather has been a bit scary in some locales and fires and other natural disasters continue to wreak their havoc. I am thinking here of snowstorms, heatwaves, and canyon fires, etc. Let us remember those affected and hope for a good outcome for all.

Come…be inspired tonight!

A new year – and our sixth at Ce Soir Arts! Come celebrate with us!

Happy New Year! We are quite excited as we welcome another year – our sixth at Ce Soir Arts. To say that we have been enjoying our Second Lives would be an understatement of major proportion, as we truly love the creativity it sparks…the friends we’ve made…the music, art, poetry, and theatre we have experienced. It has definitely been an adventure!

BEFORE I DIVE INTO THAT STORY…look what we have planned for our return from the holiday hiatus! We had a wonderful holiday season and were honoured to take part in Seanchai Library‘s annual The Dickens Project. The lovely Caledonia Skytower, who reads for us at The Magic Tree, was kind to invite us over. We so enjoyed sharing information about Ce Soir Arts with visitors, having a special reading by our Poet Laureate/Artist-in-Residence/Musician Extraordinaire Russell Eponym. Caledonia and her collaborators created a beautiful London winter sim with a theme straight from Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol.

Come join us for a marvelous evening of music and celebration this Thursday at Château Ce Soir! We have three of our favourite regularly performing musicians gracing the stage for three hours of musical magic! BAZ is up at 5 PM, and he is amazing – a professional musician, composer, and arranger, his sets are always something special. At 6 PM, ANJ GUSTAFSON brings his stellar style and musical talents to rock the castle for an hour to remember, and then NUVOLINO, our Aussie fave, CHILLS us out to end the night in a very cool fashion!

Here’s the schedule! Come on over and join us…your party sleigh is HERE


When we arrived in-world in January 2009, we had little idea about what to expect. We imagine most “newbies” arrive in much the same state, even today (although we bet there are at least a few more savvy folks logging in for the first time these days). We began exploring straight away, although I admit we were a bit hesitant that first outing. Of course, the trepidation faded quickly as we met people and started jazzing up our rather plain avatars. In fact our first friends were owners of a well-known shoppe for skins and clothing for both male and female avis. The proprietors were incredibly friendly and supportive, even allowing us to logoff and land on their property as we sorted the whole situation and prepared to buy land, etc. Their guidance was invaluable, and through them we became acquainted with clothing lines such as the wonderful gothic wear at RFyre and AOs and other animation goods from the talented folks at VISTA Animations.

We started wandering about – all decked out in our finery and gorgeous skins – and began discovering the many aspects of life in Second Life®. It was an education, to say the least! After we got our first home – a few parcels on the Mainland – we set up house and enjoyed decorating the place, having a garden, hosting parties…and getting married in-world too. My cousin joined us as Best Man and my BFF logged in too as Matron of Honour. It was a grand wedding and we settled in. Soon, we got itchy feet and started going way past simple shopping for activities, mostly because we discovered ART GALLERIES and LIVE MUSIC VENUES! It was a glorious time and we met our dear friend Russell Eponym then; he was the first person to pronounce my French name correctly – without assistance!

Of course, we enjoyed Russell‘s music, and when we discovered his paintings, we were truly amazed at his Renaissance Man qualities. Little did we know (but were soon to discover) his poetic leanings as well. We attended loads of his shows at various venues and readings (which were then often at Circe’s sweet garden location). We met more people, made more friends, and developed a strong social life. We longed, however, for more privacy (living next door to my cousin was a HOOT – and oh, the fun we had! More on that later!) We wanted to be more permanent and so we acquired a homestead sim, bought another  house, and sunk roots so deeply that we still have that same sim in our family!

Time wore on and we enjoyed every login. Through my cousin, we discovered the magnificent work of one Alia Baroque at Fallen Gods. We were enchanted, to say the least, and expanded our circle of shoppes and friends. One night in November of 2011, we were shopping at Fallen Gods and literally stumbled upon an advertisement of some absolutely beautiful castles! We decided, right then and there, to buy all three of those structures…not having clue one about what we might do with them. Impetuous? Perhaps. Intuitive? Definitely. Within hours we had the idea to open a venue of some kind. And we had no idea at all what we were doing…we were just going to do it!

We cast about for another sim. We wanted a full sim, this time, because we hoped to draw some crowds for…whatever it was we were going to do. We looked at several, but when we found Ce Soir, we knew. And so…that very night – just days following our castles purchase from Fallen Gods – we began building a location. Not being exceptionally savvy about things, we thought we should keep our private home at sim level and “float” the venue space up above. I set to work and within a few days, Ce Soir Arts was ready to open to the public! I had LOTS of help from brilliant builders like Garvie Garzo, Speed Delight, and others we had met at places like the amazing Builders Brewery (that is still going strong in teaching builders the tools of the trade today). My cousin helped too, and he and I took many a class at the BB, cutting up and having a grand time learning from excellent instructors who – somehow – had the patience to teach the two of us!

I have gone on and on…and for that I apologise. I’ll rush ahead a bit and note the obvious – we changed the sim all around a couple of years back, bringing the main venue spaces down to the sim itself – and creating another level for a sweet wintry retreat we enjoy all year long. We do love The Conservatory and The Oracle Parlour, both surrounded by snow and woodland beauty. We have the main venue at Château Ce Soir, the forested reading spot dedicated to Poet Laureate Russell Eponym – called The Magic Tree – the Dover Beach Theatre where we sometimes bring in students and others for various performances, and three art gallery spaces where many fine artists of various media have shared their work with us, PLUS the cemetery and dungeons…. And it keeps growing! Read back in earlier postings for much more detail if you like.

Here’s to 2018! May it bring us more fun than we can dream…and more love than our hearts can hold!

Ce Soir Arts Main Venue – Château Ce Soir

As the holiday celebrations continue…we have an upcoming calendar!

We trust you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends, that you are having a great time with new gifts and tasting yummy foods of the season. We hope you are playing and having a fantastic time – and that you are finding time for rest and reflection as well. The New Year – 2018 – is coming quickly, and now is a good time to look back for learning and cherishing…and to look ahead with hope and dreams!

We will focus on the looking back for learning and cherishing in an upcoming post, but for today…. As December 2017 comes to a close and January 2018 dawns, we thought it a good idea to post upcoming events at Ce Soir Arts. Whilst Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician ExtraordinaireRUSSELL EPONYM – is away on extended (and well-deserved) holiday, things have slowed down appreciably. We too, have taken a bit of a break, and it’s been fabulous so far. Several of our regular readers have been participating in the wonderful DICKENS PROJECT at LEA7. The lovely Caledonia Skytower and her collaborators from Seanchai Library and around the grid have done something marvelous again this year, and if you’ve not been there yet – TIME IS A-WASTING! The project closes on 30 December, so grab the LM and go wander about! (View earlier postings here for much more detail – and check here for the up-to-the-minute schedule!) There’s something spooky going on tomorrow at 3 PM SLT…and you won’t want to miss it!

Here’s our upcoming schedule. We hope to see you soon! Your sleigh is HERE!


Christmas Party at Château Ce Soir – 3 Hours of Outstanding Music!

It is party time at Ce Soir Arts! Holiday season has been gearing up since Hallowe’en, and both Hannukah and Christmas have arrived! Join with us to celebrate this season of faith and fun at Château Ce Soir on Thursday, 21 December. Dress up in your Christmas finery or come-as-you-are for the beautiful music, friendship and fun!

We will start at 5 PM SLT with the amazing BAZ – LIVE on stage in a holiday mood. This professional musician/composter/arranger will bring his best to share the celebration. You do not want to miss the gorgeous atmospheres of sound that BAZ always brings!

Then, at 6 PM SLT, contemporary musician ANJ GUSTAFSON will fly in and take the place by storm! His range of rock and ballads never seems to stop and he puts his own flair to covers – AND shares his own compositions! Guitar, piano, flute…he brings it all!here

At 7 PM SLT, the stage is turned over to the amazing CHILL musician: NUVOLINO! His original trance and ambient tunes will have us moving in time to the undeniable beat that infuses his music with a mix of CHILL and JOY!

We hope to see you…here!

Château Ce Soir – for Christmas!

And do not forget that the beautiful LEA7 with The Dickens Project by Caledonia Skytower and her collaborators from Seanchai Library is still open – with activities continuing through 30 December. You must go see this lovely sim and learn more about the marvelous Charles Dickens and his work in the process! Note that Ce Soir Arts is represented there in a wee shoppe – do stop in for your Christmas gift!

To learn more including the schedule, click here!

Something special from The Dickens Project and Ce Soir Arts…

Tuesday this week is a very special day! Our Poet Laureate Russell Eponym will be reading at the beautiful LEA7 sim that has been dressed in Victorian splendor to honour the work of Charles Dickens. Indeed, this is the Fifth Annual Dickens Project from Seanchai Library. Caledonia Skytower and her outstanding team of collaborators have outdone themselves again this year, and you must go enjoy the beauty of 19th Century England. You can get a sneak peek at the Seanchai Library website.

To come along for the wonder of it all, CLICK HERE FOR THE CHURCH STREET LM!

Tuesdays at NOON SLT is Russells regular reading time at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts, but we have been invited to take a field trip today to enjoy a special presentation from Russell on Church Street at LEA7. It will be a lovely time – and you are encouraged to dress in 19th Century Victorian clothing, if you wish! Caledonia and friends will be there, and we cannot wait to share this special hour!

Ce Soir Arts is one of many venues and locations in Second Life® that has a small “shoppe” on the LEA7 sim for the tenure of The Dickens Project. There, we share information about our regular readers at The Magic Tree – all in a sweet little spot decked out for the merriest of Christmas holidays! Do visit, and be sure to take your special Christmas gift along with the information! CLICK HERE for the Ce Soir Arts Shoppe!

New week – and changes afoot…

It is indeed a new week…and here are some changes coming this week (with more later!)…

MAD MASQUERADE ART EXHIBIT CLOSES 30 NOVEMBER at MIDNIGHT, so do not miss your opportunity to see these amazing (and sometimes downright chilling) pieces of art.

Striking expressionistic pieces from Rage Darkstone and Owen Landar – vivid and touching modern art from Isabel Hermano – engaging artistic poesy from Secret Rage and Mireille Jenvieve – to deeply dramatic portraiture from Fae Varriale fill Côte de la Mer Galerie with dark beauty. Ivy Tower sizzles with elegant portraits by Xanthe, fiery horror pieces by Michael Romani, mystic fractals by Spiral Silverstar, and frighteningly wicked statuary by Silas Merlin. At Misty Glen Gallery, spirit-stirring art by Liam, Lovecraftian cityscapes by Virginia, delightfully dark and stylish views by Olyvia DeCuir, beautiful seasonal landscapes by Wildstar Beaumont, and creepy views of Ce Soir Arts by Mireille Jenvieve will give you the chills.

START HERE – and grab the notecard with information and LMs. ENJOY!

SCHEDULE for the WEEK AHEAD – note the shift to a more wintry/Christmasy theme underway!