Quick note about this week…

Things are hopping for us in the physical realm as August continues its steamy path. Wow! It has been a hot summer, but we’ve enjoyed it – even as we look forward to autumn! Since it’s pretty busy, here’s the schedule for the week ahead. Please come enjoy the place and these wonderful readings – and more! I promise more information soon! For now, here are a couple of LMs!              The Magic Tree        and        Château Ce Soir

Thursday brings musical magic to Château Ce Soir…

We’ve had a few beach parties this summer, but we’ll be returning to Château Ce Soir for all four music shows this week. Don’t worry, we’ll be partying on the beach at least a few more times before Labour Day! After all, that’s a special day, taking many people back to work following a summer of fun. We’re already planning a family get-together for Monday, 03 September – AND a blow-out party at Ce Soir Beach too!

For this week, here’s what Thursday has in store! Come join us to enjoy these fine musicians…and be inspired tonight – LIVE at Château Ce Soir!

This week takes us into August…can autumn be far behind???

I admit it, I’m an autumn girl! To me, there is nothing like comfy cashmere sweaters (preferably in some shade of soft coral or rich forest green), milktea by the fire, and a glorious view of richly-hued trees blowing in the slightly nippy breeze! Give me an old grey day (one that preferably began with a sunny, turquoise sky), some well-worn boots, and poetry read aloud in a cozy den, and I’m happy!

But, I digress….

We’re still firmly in summertime, and we’ve been enjoying lots of sweet readings in the cool of The Magic Tree gardens by the inlet – and some outstanding music at both Ce Soir Beach (beach parties are FUN!) and at Le Château Ce Soir. This week, we have an array of delightful, outstanding events on both Tuesday and Thursday. Come join us, if you can!

Tuesday at The Magic Tree begins with another special hour with Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. Always bringing along some wonderful music to share, Russell reads the very best selections of prose and poetry imaginable. We love his Thoughts for the Day and readings from the magnificent Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo and Rules for Life by Richard Templar…plus other readings from across the literary horizon. Humour, drama and all the rest are well-represented in Russell‘s offerings, and you can count on a lovely hour, every week at Noon SLT. The music – sometimes including Russell’s own compositions, often focuses on the work of others. It’s always interesting and special. I’m doing my best to keep a listing, and will share it here one day. In the meantime, pop round and enjoy Russell reading – LIVE from North Wales at The Magic Tree!

This week, we also have a visit planned from the wonderful writer and reader Caledonia Skytower. She – a principal at the beautiful Seanchai Library in Second Life® and other virtual lands – will fly in to grace the reader’s throne and continue her series of readings from Stephen Fry’s work MYTHOS. These are stories of Grecian titans and gods that, in Fry’s telling, become brilliantly entertaining accounts of ribaldry and revelry, love affairs and life lessons, triumphs and tragedies. This week, she will read about Prometheus and the Creation of Humanity. That sounds absolutely fascinating, and we can’t wait! After all, Greek myths are the greatest stories ever. They have been passed down through millennia, and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce, Walt Disney – and Fry – have taken them on and presented them to us in forms that more than pique our interest. Do join us for this reading with Cale – 1:30 PM.

Wrapping up on Tuesday at The Magic TreeÆon Woodford will – at 2:30 PM – take us on another science fiction adventure with Ray Bradbury’s fantastic story “The Flying Machine.” Much more than a thrilling tale, this story challenges us in how we approach the future – and how what we think about the developments and progress of humanity matters. This story raises the important question of how – and if – technology should be monitored or regulated. In the story, whilst there are risks and drawbacks to developing “the flying machine,” the contraption also creates a lot of beauty. In fact, it releases the beauty to the world. Quite a conundrum emerges – and it’s a conundrum we still face, as technology continues to develop. How should it be used? Do we have a say? Interesting!

Come join us for these magnificent readings! We will be happy to welcome you.

Your ride is HERE.

The Magic Tree


Summer fun continues…!

Like most folks living in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re busy with summer activities in the physical realm as well as in-world in Second Life®. It’s a time of rest and relaxation too, and the company of family and friends makes for happy days – even if it is a bit warm out. It has been HOT weather, but this week seems a bit cooler, and we’ll take the relief! Of course – as Æon so often reminds us – it’s always a balmy 72°Fahrenheit at Ce Soir Arts! So…come round to enjoy some of our offerings or just to dance to the music that’s always playing – or take a break under a shady tree or out on the beach.

The region is open, and there is much to see and enjoy. On the base region where Château Ce Soir, The Magic Tree, Dover Beach Theatre and the (on summer hiatus) four art galleries are located, you’ll also find Le Phare – a beautiful lighthouse space with a spectacular view of the shore – and other interesting spots including the Witchwood Hollow Cemetery, Mermaid Cove, and some below-ground (and rather spooky) dungeons to explore. Above, you’ll find the cool and refreshing wintry escape! The Conservatory is a cozy spot where sometimes you’ll find a music show, reading, or art exhibit. When nothing is scheduled, it’s a lovely spot for relaxing and dancing – inside and out in the snow! Also located there is The Oracle Parlour, a spot reserved for readings and gatherings; it is filled with some of my photographic work and poetry. I hope you’ll stop in and enjoy – because even though we are taking some time away, we regularly attend to things on the region; it is, after all, our home – and the place we enjoy so much!

Le Phare at Ce Soir Beach
Our Wintry Escape

Visit these two spots: Le Phare and Wintry Escape.

This week’s activities will be noted in an upcoming post. We hope to see you!

A new week…more reading adventures – and a spot of musical magic!

We’re still excited about the release of ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES machinima…so please read the previous posting for details about this spectacular production from one of our favourites (who will read next week at The Magic Tree): Caledonia Skytower. If you’ve not yet viewed the machinima…get going! Useful links are in that previous post….

This week, we have a treat: ME! Well, it’s not really ME that’s the treat, but what I will be reading! Catwings, by the wonderful Ursula K. Le Guin, will lift you up and set your spirit aflight! It’s truly one of the sweetest children’s tales I have ever read (and that’s saying something!). Come join me on Tuesday, following another stellar hour with our beloved Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym. He will read and share his outstanding talents with literature and music at NOON SLT, and I will follow with my 30-minute reading at 1 PM. Don’t miss this charming time at The Magic Tree!

On Wednesday, Bryn Taleweaver will share an amazing reading from the 13th Century Scandinavian Thidrekssage. The tale outlines how Wayland, Master Smithy, sought to right injustice. It’s a thrilling story, complete with requisite drama and battle! With Bryn‘s deft telling…it’s going to be quite a ride! Join us at 1 PM!

At 2 PM, Dubhna Rhiadra will treat us to another story or two from her collection of personal writings and those of others who bring fantasy to a new level. We always enjoy Dubhna‘s stories, and her inimitable style makes them all the more enjoyable. Come gather as she regales us once more with tales of wonder!

Then, at 3 PM, Æon will bring us another of Ursula K. Le Guin’s marvellous sci-fi adventures – with a twist. “The Rule of Names” focuses on two main concepts: the idea that appearances can be deceiving and the idea that words can hold mystical power. This relates well to ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES and brings us full circle for the week!

On Thursday, Russell Eponym will fill Château Ce Soir with the sounds of magic as he brings his beautiful finger-style guitar-playing and velvety vocals to the stage. Friends will gather at 2 PM SLT for another 90-minute show filled with delight. You will enjoy Russell’s music – much of it written by himself – and his sweet banter! See you there!

Check the schedule and teleports below for a beautiful week at Ce Soir Arts! Do note: galleries are on summer hiatus, but some sweet summery photographs are on display at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and some spooky works linger at Ivy Tower. Come enjoy, relax, dance, and explore the region! Grab the LM notecard at landing points…and have fun!

The Magic Tree         Château Ce Soir

Come…be inspired tonight!

Something special – Arrivals & Departures machinima now available for viewing!

This year, during LitFest at Fantasy Faire – that annual event that brings everyone together in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (RFL of SL) – attendees were invited to travel the fairgrounds (all regions) to find inspiration for writing. Poetry and stories were written that have brought much beauty to our world. Under the direction of Saffia Widdershins and committee including Caledonia Skytower, LitFest has indeed become one of the most beloved aspects of the annual Fantasy Faire experience.

As noted, many pieces of writing were brought to life during the event. People wrote reflections on the beauty of the regions, of their meaning and personal impact. Memories were stirred and hopes for the future – one without cancer – were embraced. Each one of these literary creations has meaning for us all – and one very special one has found its way to the cinema.

A wonderfully moving story, written by Caledonia (among many that she and others penned during the event), has been produced as a machinima by the new collaboration, CEH Partners Productions. Caledonia (Judith Cullen) and her partners – Elrik Merlin and Honey Heart – were energised by this amazing story, and put their collective artistic talents to work. The end result of weeks and weeks of brainstorming and exploration is the machinima ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES. It’s a stunning film and the story is richly told in every meticulous frame. Filmed at the gorgeous build – Erstwhile Station – created by the exceptional creative team of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee, this tale of two journeys intersecting at a critical moment will touch your heart.

You must see it, and to that end, we here provide links to take you there. Please do not miss this opportunity to be moved and enchanted by the magic that is this production – and the wonder it holds. Æon and I were honoured – along with a host of friends including OldeSoul Eldemar (himself a great supporter of RFL of SL in his work with the Tinies community – and beyond) and Wildstar Beaumont (whose legendary artistry is shown in his still photography for the project) – to serve in a supportive capacity. As extras in the film, Æon, I, and OldeSoul had a wonderful time, and Wildstar contributed his talents as well, some of which you can see in the machinima.

Visit the one of these URLs that best suits your computer in order to view this beautiful machinima. Its message of hope and the importance of story in our lives is precious and powerful. Enjoy it, and let Caledonia know its impact. IM her in-world or let us hear from you. It is a joy to share this information. Be blessed by your engagement with this marvellous story! Visit also the blog of Inara Pey for an outstanding article and review of the film at Living In a Modem World to learn more.




The film opened earlier today in Second Life® and is now open for viewing on the web.

Thursday brings music for our enjoyment! The castle will be filled with magic – and the beach will be alight with fun!

It’s going to be another fabulous Thursday! Don’t miss these stellar performances as friends gather for fun and fantastic music and dancing. We love good music and have some of the very best to share, so come on over and join in! We start at Château Ce Soir with the inimitable Russell Eponym…and then – after a short break – reconvene at Ce Soir Beach for three hours of tunes and fun under the stars! Can’t you just hear the waves rolling in, the gulls singing along…and smell those steaks that Ǣon will be grilling! Check this out:

♬ RUSSELL EPONYM – 90 Minutes of Folk, Blues & Beyond – 2 PM ♬    Russell brings 90 minutes of enjoyable music: historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Streaming LIVE from Wales, this multi-faceted performer brings an array of musical instruments and an unstoppable setlist. His intricate fingerstyle guitar and velvety vocals are just the beginning!

♬ DONN DEVORE – LIVE Rock & More at Ce Soir Beach – 5 PM ♬     Donn is a professional musician and technician of sound. His talents with guitar, vocals, and a range of other instruments are legendary. He performs a rich mix of original rock and electronic music by combining influences from rock, trance and techno. Exceptional!

♬ ANJ GUSTAFSON ROCKS The Shore – LIVE at 6 PM ♬                              This multi-instrumental musician and commanding vocalist brings a cool repertoire of classic rock and modern tunes – including a taste of his own outstanding songs – to every single show. It’s always a sweet party with Anj, and stellar performances from his extensive repertoire get us moving. Come join us as we dance the night away!

♬ NUVOLINO – LIVE with Trance & Cool Ambient Sounds – 7 PM ♬    Australian powerhouse Nuvolino grooves with a vibrant collection of original ambient tunes that sweep us away on a magic carpet ride of sound and energy. His set is big and his sound is bigger! Deeper than deep house, his tracks get under your skin. Come on over and get ready to let the beat move you!

We’re going to have a lot of fun, and having you join us will make it even better! Hop on over and enjoy!

Château Ce Soir 

Summer Nights at Château Ce Soir


Ce Soir Beach

Ce Soir Beach