UPDATE: Dragonfly releases new album: Amplification! Celebration tonight at Ce Soir – 6-8 pm…

WOWThat was some party! A nice crowd (all told, over 60 avatars) gathered to celebrate the long-awaited release of DRAGONFLY‘s new album, AMPLIFICATION. Joel shared his musical journey with us by a specially-made video for the occasion, and shared the songs of the album as we traveled along with him and Dragonfly bandmates as the steps in making the album unfolded. What a special treat this was! To boot, those who supported Joel on this journey received their Indiegogo perks during the event. It was such a pleasure to see everyone enjoying this truly exceptional music in the company of Joel and friends.

Thank you, everyone who could join us last night! It was an honour to host this event, and we appreciate the opportunity. If you couldn’t make it, you can still catch Joel in-world, as he returns to a performance schedule soon – including an upcoming date at Ce Soir and one at our friends’ GMetal and Thea‘s place, Ground Zero, this coming Wednesday! Don’t miss out!


As many of you know, Joel Eilde – known in-world as DRAGONFLY – and his bandmates (in the band Dragonfly!) have been recording a new album. AMPLIFICATION is ready to launch, and we’re having a party to celebrate – at Ce Soir TONIGHT. Join us from 6-8 PM SLT for the festivities!

We’ll be viewing a video presentation of the recording journey and hearing these truly innovative, leading-edge songs through the two hours of the celebration. There will be lots happening and a good time is guaranteed as Joel (DRAGONFLY) returns to Ce Soir following the SL hiatus for the recording. Many of you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign or made $L donations in-world to support this creative effort. Your donations are paying BIG RETURNS with this outstanding collection of original music.

This sonic joy is a captivating mix of high-energy rock, jazz, blues and electronica woven with rich guitar and thought-provoking lyrics. Ranging from satirical humor to dark, ethereal textures, DRAGONFLY’s music is unquestionably of the highest caliber, and this new album presents it beautifully. So…come join us for the celebration!

Catch this magic carpet and we’ll see you at the castle! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/102/183/1002

Amplification Cover - Final

And…we’re back! Missing posts will be unearthed, but we must move on!

Just a quick note to let you know that…well…one of us must have deleted three posts. The thing is, neither of us remembers doing that. I suppose it’s possible that I deleted one and Aeon lost two. Or…perhaps it’s the other way around, with me deleting the greater number and he the lesser….

What does this mean? Have we finally gone over the cliff into true insanity? Are our synapses going wonky?

No answers seem forthcoming, so we’ll just accept the situation as-is. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Move along, now. That’s the ticket.


So…with a note of apology and a promise to resurrect what we can of those three (particularly stellar, if I do say) posts, we leave you to await our next installment of the ever-so-fascinating tale of Ce Soir. I laugh, knowing what comes next: something truly spectacular that is to happen in mere hours!

Stay tuned…

And: merci bien !

Autumn arrives at Ce Soir – and what a first week we have in store!

We survived Mireille‘s birthday on 29 September with a rollicking great time with THE FOLLOW! Wow! What a great band! Creative and incredibly talented, this threesome sounds like ten musicians when they play! Rich bass, outstanding lead guitar, rhythmic drums and fabulous vocals make their show a must-see! Look for them again at Ce Soir, but seek them out elsewhere too – you’ve got to hear them! Not only are they excellent musicians, but they’re three of the finest people around. It was a great show, and Mireille was very, very happy! (Me too!) And then, Dragonfly and TwinGhost were scheduled for Sunday. Joel‘s voice was tired from a big week, so he took a break (we really missed him, but certainly understand) – but TwinGhost came on in and took the place by storm! What a great set, TG! He sang Mireille‘s fave for her birthday, even! (She and I both love “Live Again,” one of TwinGhost‘s very own compositions. It is an AMAZING song! Thank you, Twin!)

Now, it’s fully autumn, and we could not be happier to bid adieu to the searing heat of this past summer in the US. The big family wedding in the UK was a nice respite, but nothing beats the change of seasons for a cure! Those were some HOT summer blues, let me tell ya!

Anyway, we’re on to fall, and we’re very happy indeed. This week, for example, brings more goodness to Ce Soir for us all to enjoy! First, of course, is the continuing exhibit of Nessuno Myoo‘s fantastic sculpture. Found in the gallery and around the grounds, it’s stunning work of the highest calibre, so don’t miss it! What an honour to host such an artist here at Ce Soir. Thank you, Nessuno!

Deep Red Loop and Soul Strings Touch by Nessuno Myoo

We have plans for the theatre later in the month, as well as a rather spooky Halloween celebration in store…so, watch for more soon! For now, take a look at this week, and come on over!

Sunday 30

6 PM Dragonfly

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas

Monday 01

2 PM Saintess Larnia

3 PM Voodoo Shilton

4 PM Quantamis Navarathna

Tuesday 02

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation


6 PM Gina Stella

7 PM Paulette Oldrich

Wednesday 03

6 PM Steely Decosta

7 PM DennyMac

 Thursday 04

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul

3 PM Russell Eponym

6 PM TerryLynn Melody

7 PM Freestar Tammas

8 PM MoShang Zhao

Friday 05

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry


Venue Landing Point SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

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Time to laugh! RUSSELL EPONYM Reads Humourous Poetry Today – 2 PM SLT

Today at 2 PM SLT, we shall gather round The Magic Tree Reading Spot to hear our dear friend Russell Eponym read a carefully selected group of poems chosen especially to delight us and make us laugh. It’s just what we need, midweek, so come along and enjoy!Poetry and prose, music and art of every genre almost always come to us coloured by the emotions experienced by the writer or musician, painter or sculptor at the time of creation. We experience these emotions – albeit mixed with our own – as we view, hear, or otherwise take in each work of art. Last week, for example, Russell came to The Magic Tree at Ce Soir to share with us poetry written about fae and fantasy. Who amongst us did not feel an array of emotions in response to each poem? We delighted at sprites dotting the landscape with sweet lights twinkling, shuddered at the thought of dark gnomes lurking in the forest shadows…and more!

As we go through life, we experience a rainbow of emotions including sadness, joy, anger, gratitude, fear, hope, guilt, pride, love. While we may have tears, we also have laughter – and sometimes both at once! Each feeling (and every shade of them, in between!) arises as a response to our thoughts and experiences and how they strike us. Life is so rich and varied, and the feelings we experience along the way reflect that. We’ve all heard that saying…”from the sublime to the ridiculous,” and, well…that just about covers it!

Please join us today at 2 PM SLT, when we shall travel a path “from the sublime to the ridiculous” with our dear friend, Russell Eponym, guiding us along as he reads a carefully selected group of poems designed to make us laugh! From time to time, we might smile sweetly (or wryly!), chuckle softly or guffaw out loud…but we’ll be laughing, guaranteed!

Russell Eponym

A nice surprise for us from VMS Magazine!

Of course, we knew we had been interviewed…but the article is still such a nice surprise for us at Ce Soir! The venue space and all it encompasses and represents is our dream. We are just at the beginning of this incredible journey, and already we are so struck by the kindness of so many people! We have been welcomed into the SL music community, and that is such a lovely thing! Musicians and artists of every genre have been most gracious to us, and many have shared their artistic vision and talents with us. We feel deeply grateful to each and every one – and to their management teams, who are just wonderful.

That alone would make for a glorious experience for us, but the wonderful encouragement we receive from those who gather here takes it to another level altogether. Audiences are amazing in SL! We’ve traveled round and are part of the great overarching audience ourselves. From the casual drop-in visitor who stays longer than expected because he or she was taken by the ambience of Ce Soir, the music playing at the time or the art in the Guest Gallery – to the regular patron who pops in to hear various shows – we are blessed by their presence…YOUR presence.

In addition, what joy it is for us as audience members to visit so many lovely and special places where music and art happen…are welcomed, encouraged, supported! The many fine venues that dot the grid and bring us such wonders as Russell Eponym, Skye Galaxy, TwinGhost Ronas, Anek Fuchs, Lisa Brune, Quantamis Navarathna, TerryLynn Melody, MoShang Zhao and JordanReyne Deezul…artists like Loquacia Loon, Owen Landar and Isabel Hermano…poets like Russell Eponym, Karima Hoisan and Stosh Quarz…(and the list goes on and on!)…well, these places are inspiring to us! Venue and gallery owners across SecondLife have welcomed us. Indeed, many have IMed to say hello and many have visited the space and have encouraged us. That is a very special thing, and we feel honored by it – and by them. We are yet new and still have so much to learn, but what fun it is to learn and grow with so many outstanding examples to explore!

Enjoy this online article from Virtual Music Magazine (http://virtualmusicmagazine.virtualmusicservices.com/), which is at the moment about Ce Soir, and join us in thanking Jay and Crew and all who bring this publication to us. There are other blogs, websites, and in-world magazines to enjoy as well…many focusing on live music in SL and doing a fantastic job of keeping us all up-to-date. We thank them all for sharing information about all the venues, musicians, artists, writers, sculptors, builders, and merchants who enrich our Second Life experience. Our hats are off to you all!

To a good day for everyone, Mireille & Aeon

Playing with logos…

Ce Soir is our dream, something we have wanted to do for some time. When we saw Alia Baroque’s The Hall of Mysts, we knew we were ready. We prepared for our opening of Ce Soir Arts for months, asking friends and experts we knew for guidance. The actual creation of the grounds and the venue itself took the most time and – with autumn holidays in the US and winter holidays around the world – a couple of things slipped into the background. One of those things truly needed to be addressed and we’re about doing that, right now: making a logo for Ce Soir.

It is a joy to look over photographs and brainstorm ideas, but something needs to be together soon – for we are into our second full week now, and people are asking for our logo. So…the latest one appears here. We’re not completely certain about it, but we like it ever so much more than our first attempt! We have a wonderful logo and texture artist looking at it now, so there may be minor to major changes in the logo soon – but we wanted to fly this for all visitors to see. Please comment if you have an opinion or suggestion. If you’d rather, IM one of us in-world; we will welcome hearing from you!

This coming week at Ce Soir…

Mid-January at Ce Soir will be anything but dull. Besides the wonderful photography of well-known artist Loquacia Loon gracing the guest gallery, we have some outstanding music to share with you. Come along and enjoy!

TUESDAY 17 JANUARY will bring the return of Quantamis Navarathna to the Ce Soir stage. This talented Texan will delight us with his unique and enchanting blend of acoustic folk, soft rock, alternative, Spanish classical and Renaissance Romantic – with a wee bit of warm Texas country thrown in. The experience is charming, to say the least. This is music that delights the ear – his covers as well as his lovely original compositions are a pleasure. If you’ve not heard Quantamis, be sure to catch him here at 6 PM SLT!

Then, at 7 PM SLT, PM Bookmite will make his debut at Ce Soir. We have known PM for some time and are thrilled to have him join us! His music is simply: lovely. PM (Phillip Mitchell in first life), is a seasoned singer-songwriter influenced by a broad range of artists; Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Elton John to contemporary artists such as Gabe Dixon, Jeff Black, and Ben Folds come to mind. His originals are sweet and warm, carrying themes from tender love to the sadness of breaking up – the journey of life.  Always reflective and moving, PM‘s music will speak; come listen…

On WEDNESDAY 18 JANUARY, the day begins at 2 PM SLT with the astounding JordanReyne Deezul. Her industrial-folk music is a transcendent blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences; steam and other factory sounds are part of her musical landscape. Ethereal Celtic melodies weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention; her powerful voice is as inviting as it is electric. Come to Ce Soir and share the hour with JordanReyne and enjoy her special brand of musical magic.

Next, at 3 PM SLT, we are joined once more by The Music Whisperer, Russell Eponym. His inimitable style – warm and inviting – will captivate us, as always. Historical folk tales set to music and modern tunes are but a part of his repertoire, as Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance. A consummate artist, Russell Eponym charms audiences with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Come enjoy with us!

At 4 PM SLT, Bright Oh steps to the Ce Soir stage in a return engagement. This well-known singer/songwriter is a story teller in the finest tradition of…well of himself. Bright’s show flows easily between ballads and mid-tempo rock, woven with stories and tales that make audiences across the grid laugh – and cry. His work with beloved band SOAR (Somerset, Oh and Rhode) is known and admired by many. Bright’s performances with SOAR and on his own enchant, with lyrics that touch your heart, melodies that linger on, and harmonies from another time. Please join us for another hour with Bright!

THURSDAY 19 JANUARY is a day not to be missed at Ce Soir! Legends begin with talent and skill, and Tukso Okey is a musical legend in both SL and FL. His mesmerising sound is daring and original – a musical genre all its own. Tukso is a one-man band, playing every instrument you hear himself. He is a guitar vituoso and his rhythms are undenaiable. Earthy and ethereal at the same time, Tukso with his music takes listeners on an unforgettable journey. Come…experience Tukso Okey at 6 PM SLT. We are thrilled to have him – and you – in the house!

Then, at 8 PM SLT, The Sound Jeweler – MoShang Zhao – joins us again for what I call an elegant slide into the night. MoShang lives in Taiwan and collects rough audio diamonds from the streets and fuses them with traditional Chinese instrumentation and laid-back beats. His Chinese Chill is a sound unique and enthralling; this downtempo electronica both energises and soothes. What a perfect combination to punctuate the close of the day. Please join us…Ce Soir

As you can see, Ce Soir continues our tradition (young, though it may be!) of hosting an eclectic mix of outstanding artists from around the grid – from around the world. In addition, please come round to the venue whenever you like; the grounds have been designed with your enjoyment in mind. Bienvenue! Welcome!

Please note: SecondLife is a registered trademark of Linden Labs. We are not formally affiliated wth Linden Labs and no infringement of their rights is intended. Indeed, we are happy residents of SL and invite you to join us, if you’re not yet a resident. Visit http://secondlife.com to register and take on an avatar for free.

JordanReyne Deezul, Russell Eponym & Gina Stella LIVE Indeed at Ce Soir

UPDATE: At 1 PM SLT on 11th January 2012, JordanReyne Deezul played Ce Soir for the first time. We are certain it will not be her last!

JordanReyne Deezul is an outstanding musician and we were more than pleased to welcome her to Ce Soir. Her mix of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences is mesmerising. Ethereal Celtic melodies weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that take your attention. An hour with JordanReyne’s own special brand of musical magic is like nothing else. The audience was wowed from the first sounds coming down the stream. Those industrial sounds – metal against metal, steam hissing, wood slapping wood…nothing short of amazing as a backdrop for JordanReyne’s powerful vocals. We can’t wait for her next engagement at Ce Soir!

From New Zealand, JordanReyne has released 5 CDs internationally and has been nominated for an array of awards in the arts; several of her CDs have been commissioned by the NZ Arts Council. She won several awards during her performance at Ce Soir: the hearts and imaginations of everyone present. All I can say is…wow.

THEN, at 2 PM SLT, the inimitable Russell Eponym graced the Ce Soir stage once more.

A consummate artist, Russell charmed the audience with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Historical folk tales set to music – to modern tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman – are but a part of his extensive repertoire. Indeed, Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance, and the beloved melodies were hummed and sung by the audience, right along with him. Even an almost-sim crash (what was THAT about?) left him undaunted and his audience unscathed and ready for more!

Obviously, Russell Eponym is winner of the 2011 Avi Choice Award for Favourite Male Musician for many reasons. He’s exceptional: THE MUSIC WHISPERER.

Gina Stella made her Ce Soir debut at 7 PM SLT. A dazzling yet gentle presence, Gina is an accomplished and beloved musician. She has been playing acoustic guitar her whole life, and she loves writing and showcasing her new songs on stages all over SL. We at Ce Soir were thrilled to welcome her!

Many descriptions have been made of her music, and while she may have an edge like Melissa Etheridge and an ethereal voice like Jewel, Gina’s angelic voice is Gina’s – uniquely her own.  Gina embraces music and it embraces her back. This is heard in the diversity of her set, both her originals and cover tunes. Her music is heartfelt and you will want to hear her over and over again. What sweet, sweet music filled the air at Ce Soir…Tonight! Thank you, Gina!

As you can see, things are going along at Ce Soir, and we are learning much about having a music and arts venue in SecondLife. It is all joy to us and we hope you will come along and share the magic!