Something fun and informative – SL Meme from Strawberry Singh: My Seven SL Facts…

Those of you who know me, know that I appreciate fashion as the art it is, and you’ve probably long suspected that I’ve been “blog crawling” for the latest information on what’s new and where to shop. You’d be right if you thought that, and I have some favourite SL fashion and lifestyle blogs (for lack of a better term for these often wonderful words & pictures explorations of life in SL). One of them is written by media maven Strawberry Singh, whose photography and technical skills are top-notch and often generously shared with her readers. Strawberry is into everything cool, and I know you’ve seen her photographs, as they often appear on the SL website splash pages. If you haven’t, you haven’t been paying attention, so…check her blog and her photographs (there will be links at her blog page) at

Those listed above are pretty good reasons for you to take my recommendation and check Strawberry‘s blog, but they are not the only reasons why you should do that RIGHT NOW! She has posted a truly intriguing SL meme that has gotten my attention in a big way. Not only did I actually leave a comment with my list at her blog, I’m blogging it here! I do think this is beyond interesting, so please get on over there and check it out! Post your own list of the “My 7 SL Facts” at Berry‘s blog and read the others; you’ll enjoy it – guaranteed! Besides, maybe you’ll be like me and learn a lot about yourself in the process. What could be more fun than learning about yourself and about others in this wonderful virtual world we share?

Here’s my list:

1  I don’t like to land ANYWHERE but my home when I login! I am very adventurous and you’re likely to encounter me anywhere on the grid, but…landing anywhere but home is just not in the cards.

2  I have actually brought more than 100 people into SL since I’ve been here (2009); more than half of them are still here!

3  My “pet peeve” about communicating in SL is grammar and spelling. Not perfect, myself, I just deplore the “how r u” gambit. If you ask me that way, you might not get a response…sorry. I am very friendly and welcoming (and I do often overlook it), but “how r u” really, really, really irks me!

4  I am a good builder. I might not show off many of the things I create, but I have learnt from the best and building (even if I just create something and then let it go) relaxes me.

5  Virtual (and actual) space design is one of my passions. I could do that all day!

6  I am still using my first non-LL-issue shape. I met the BEST shape and skin designer in SL on my first shopping trip and she gave me this shape that day; she has since made it modify for me and I have “tweaked” it, but it’s still me!

7  I don’t have any alts, but I’m going to get one and I can’t wait! I do have lots of really great friends and that keeps things verrrrry interesting – as does my RL/SL partner, Aeon. He’s even funnier in RL!

That was fun – and informative. Oh! And before you do le freakout on the “I have brought more than 100 people into SL since I’ve been here” thing, I must tell you that many of them were people working in my father’s and my brother’s businesses. Yes, my niece (whom I also conned into coming encouraged to come into SL) and I introduced them to SL and they held business meetings here for a couple of years. Some of them still do, and many are still here – my niece and her very handsome (RL and SL) beloved, among them.

OK, that’s it for me today, except to remind you that we are enjoying the beautiful art of Xirana Oximoxi at both the Gallery and The Conservatory. Click and TP to see this lovely art, rich with colour. Xirana‘s brushwork gives texture to her work and her sensitivity is clear in each piece. Enjoy her sculptures in the Gallery Garden as well!

We also have  THREE OUTSTANDING SHOWS at Ce Soir tonight:

♫ ♬ Donn Devore – LIVE at Ce Soir – 5 PM SLT ♬♫

Brony, rocker, songwriter and musical powerhouse Donn Devore will keep you going from the first chord of his set. This technical wizard brings the voice, lush guitar, piano, and more to every show. He gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs!

♫ ♬ SAMM QENDRA – LIVE at Ce Soir – 6 PM SLT ♬♫

Samm specializes in ballad and slow tempo music, songs that “touch the heart.” She has a lovely rich, melodic voice. Don’t miss her simply stunning performance!

♫ ♬ TUKSO OKEY – LIVE at Ce Soir – 7 PM SLT ♬♫

Join us for an unforgettable journey with music legend Tukso Okey. The rhythms are hypnotic, the lyrics spellbinding. Come hear this unique and mesmerizing sound that will have you oooh-ing, aaaah-ing and dancing to the groove!

Your trusty steed to the Ce Soir Castle!

Come…be inspired tonight!

Hier soir à Ce Soir…

UPDATE… Wow. What a show TwinGhost put on at Jams for Joe’s last night! He was spot-on with his playing and singing (as usual!), and it was clear that he was having a great time! He sang several of our favourites in that delightful groove of his, and the group that had gathered at Ce Soir was solidly with him in that very cool groove. Who wouldn’t be? TwinGhost‘s music is an experience – a soul-touching experience, every single time.

Only one little thing interfered with our enjoyment, and it’s something to which SL regulars are all too accustomed: technical issues with the transmission. If you know anything at all about streaming live video into SL, you know that there can be problems. Even at the highest connection speed – and with all the proper hardware and software going – some in every audience are bound to have trouble viewing and/or hearing a video in-world.

Many advancements have been made with streaming live media into SL, but it still rests with the quality of the feed from its origin (in this case a live website) – and the technical environment of the venue and of each avatar viewing. Jams at Joe’s is a great website, but even they are subject to the vagaries of the Internet. We’re as set up as we can be at Ce Soir for live video presentation, but how well a feed will be viewed by an audience still depends on several key factors.

Let us say, going in, that we think SL is a complete technological miracle and that shared media is an adventure! At Ce Soir, we are all about exploration and inspiration, and you are going to see us doing some group discussions, workshops, machinima, and other live video, especially in the theatre in 2013. We’re open to more live artist feeds like this one as well, and think they can be quite exciting and lots of fun!

In SL, the technical environment of each avatar viewing can be experienced in a huge range. Let’s start with the viewer (working backwards in the list). There are those still using V1 viewers. Some of my best friends do this, despite my raving about advances with V3. *giggles* There are those using any from an array of still-allowed TPVs like Firestorm or Catznip, as well as those using LL’s own current V3 (like me!). Each viewer has its peculiarities – from actual capacities to user-set preferences. After you’ve determined how a particular viewer interacts with your computer including any hardware and/or software adjustments you might need… Aye, there’s the rub! The actual computer on which each avatar is logged into SL is the first – and last – consideration. Then, it gets really interesting! You know the drill – video card specs (and whether you can use antialiasing, etc.), memory allocation, screen resolution settings, ISP stability, Internet connection speeds, computer clock speeds, personal preference settings, etc., etc., etc.


After all that, here’s the good news: it can work! It. Really. Can. Work. When everything falls together more-or-less smoothly, it can – and does – work. For shared media to work for me, I needed to download and install a different version of Flash. Why? Some peculiarity or another, I suppose, but I am not sure what, exactly. But it did make a HUGE difference! (Here’s the link, in case it might be helpful to you: Even after all I went through to puzzle this out (and all the great help I got from an amazingly talented and helpful friend – *waves*), video feeds STILL can be either awesome and smooth OR jumpy and echo-y. It all depends…! (And if you get frustrated whilst trying to sort it all, you might be able to watch many shows directly on the internet by opening their link in a browser window; just ask the management if that is available for that particular show).

We had a great time, last night. Aeon and I enjoyed the music immensely (Aeon was watching from the direct Internet link to Jams at Joe’s whilst I was monitoring from in-world). A big round of applause and THANK YOU go to Jamie Parkin, TwinGhost‘s video master (I like the sound of that – hope you do too, Jamie!) and Staciface Schwartz (Twin‘s outstanding and very savvy manager), who made this event happen in the first place, and who helped us all get as much from the experience as possible. You two ROCK!

Of course, our greatest thanks go to TwinGhost Ronas, himself – the musician who brings us such wonderful music! Superlatives spring to life in my brain as I write this and tumble from my lips and my typing fingers with ease. Such a groove! Smooth and mellow, bright and full of life with a little edge of mystic glow, TwinGhost‘s music is its own expression of his expansive talents. The emergent style is always fresh and new, a distillation of rootsy soulful rock and pop brilliance that cannot be denied. And no amount of technical difficulty can occlude that – at least, not for long!

Our appreciation also goes to those who came round last night to share this experience with us. THAT, mes amis, is what it’s all about!

Readings with Russell: magic at The Magic Tree!

Russell Reading at The Magic Tree

As the first musician to play at Ce Soir – and as the first poet to read at The Magic Tree Reading SpotRussell Eponym has been a part of history at Ce Soir Arts. Russell’s acumen and experience in the arts are truly expansive, and his repertoire includes all genres of  literature as well as music and the visual arts. An erudite and learned man who has taught professionally, Russell brings this history and a great natural artistic sensitivity to each instance of performance in the fine arts. Indeed, his performances are more; they are times of connection and sharing with those who gather, as audiences are drawn into the experience of his work as much more than spectators. Indeed, Russell speaks directly to his audiences. In his naturally welcoming demeanor, he engages with each and garners their interest with ease.

Many know of Russell’s poetry and his readings of his own writings as well as those of others gifted with the pen, and his recitations have been well-attended and received over the years at many fine venues. We are pleased to have Russell reading routinely at Ce Soir and encourage all to join us. We trust that you will enjoy the ambience as we gather round The Magic Tree Reading Spot on the venue grounds to rest in the shade and to learn in rapt attention.

Russell knows poetry and poets, and he shares intriguing information about both with us, each week. Insight into the readings is fascinating as Russell notes interesting facts about writers and the history in which they have written. Moreover, he reads in varying voices, intoning the words as they were intended to be read. Russell‘s inflection is flawless and there are moments of raucous laughter, sweet love, brooding darkness, and even fright as he takes us on a literary journey each time. Some weeks, Russell has chosen a specific theme like Fae & Fantasy Poetry, Treasures from Children’s Literature, or Poems of Love; at other times, his readings are an eclectic mix of smiles and sighs – but they are always a delight!

We are easy to find at The Magic Tree Reading Spot and there are comfortable seats for all in this little wooded area of Ce Soir.  Russell reads each Tuesday at Noon SLT, and you are invited join us. Do come along and experience the magic of his readings. You will be ever so happy you did!

Catch this breeze to The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir:

A late night session with TwinGhost…

TwinGhost RonasLast night, TwinGhost Ronas popped round to Ce Soir for a late-night set that filled the hall with an easy groove. This professional musician is a unique talent who offers soulful, moving music in deftly-done covers and outstanding original tunes that capture the ear – and the heart. Sweet and mellow meet moving and thought-provoking; the mix is compelling, so get yourself going to a TG concert. You’ll find him here at Ce Soir next on Sunday, November 25 at 9 PM SLT, but do catch him elsewhere at other fine venues across the grid in the meantime. You won’t regret it!

This week at Ce Soir…

Following the simply stunning two-month exhibit of the outstanding sculpture of Nessuno Myoo, we are taking a short “art break” but a new exhibit will open soon…and it will be a beautiful expression from one of SL’s most talented artists! You will note that some of Nessuno’s works remain, especially Back to Home and Spirit of Mechanical Angel, both of which will remain permanent parts of Ce Soir. How could we not add these into our environment? They fit perfectly, and we love them!

Soon, there will be a special exhibit to showcase the works of all the artists who graced the Ce Soir Arts Gallery in 2012 – our first year! We look forward to this lovely retrospective of the year in art at Ce Soir; it is much more than that, however, as each unique artist has continued in their explorations and work. How wonderful it is to be a small part in that! In addition, look for more plays and readings at the theatre. Tea with Ted & Sylvia will be repeated and we will be presenting special holiday programming as well.

Sunday 11

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas

Tuesday 13

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation
Ce Soir (161,224,1001)
5 PM Therese Nightfire
6 PM Gina Stella
7 PM Paulette Oldrich

Wednesday 15

6 PM DennyMac
7 PM Steely Decosta

Thursday 15

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul
3 PM Russell Eponym
8 PM MoShang Zhao

Come, be inspired…tonight!

An eerie light…spooky avatars…and fabulous music, poetry, and art await you!

Hallowe’en week is finally here! A time celebrated across the grid, this seasonfest is scary, weird, and a whole lot of FUN! So, don your best costumery, get out your craziest animations, and doll yourself up – just right – and come on over! We have a WEEKFUL of MAGIC going, so don’t miss a minute!

Here’s the creepy schedule…muahaha!

★ Saturday 27

The A List’s Culture and Art Weekend

We will have, of course, Nessuno Myoo‘s wonderful sculpture on exhibit and we welcome The A List and their members to enjoy anytime, especially from Noon to 2 PM today. Congratulations, Xzavier and RAFTWET on five years of serving up information about the best in SL entertainment…and more!

2 PM TEA with TED & SYLVIA: Aeon & Mireille present a programme of poetry by Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre. This presentation is in Voice and will cover a conversation over tea, exploring the poetry of these two feted poets and their relationship. Stormy, at best, these two wrote prolifically and well, exploring such subjects as marriage, parenthood, life and death. These are striking works that must be shared. Come…sit by the fire and enjoy tea & poetry!

TEA with TED & SYLVIA set at Ce Soir Arts Theatre

3 PM Russell Eponym reads poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir. Come along for another hour of exceptional verse and reading with the inimitable Russell Eponym. Always enjoyable, the hour will fly as we relax and learn under the tender tutelage of our beloved professor and friend!

Sunday 28

5 PM Seth Regan brings a little Phantom of the Opera along with him…and it’s going to be quite the show with great music from this master musician!

6 PM Loreen Aldrin sings some dark romance that will get under your skin and thrill you. Oh, it’s something special indeed!

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas (or is that FRANKENTWIN???) brings his glorious music including the haunting “Live Again” (which just happens to be our FAVOURITE!). East Coast storms probably won’t interfere with this show, but be wary, TwinGhost! We want you to be safe!

Monday 29

2 PM Saintess Larnia comes in with her smexy sweetness. I wonder what lurks behind? Hmmmm…

3 PM Voodoo Shilton gets us going with the thrilling Gypsy Jazz and a whole lot more – IF he can make it in because of the East Coast US storms. Voodoo, if you can’t make it, know that we are thinking of you! Be safe!

4 PM Quantamis Navarathna wafts in on lovely melodies of timeless love with expert and haunting instrumentation –  just perfect for this spooky castle tonight!

5 PM Mithrilweaver reads creepy tales from the crypt – outside at the Ce Soir Cemetery and Mausoleum. His deep and resonant voice – and choice of readings – will inspire AND SCARE you! Do join us…if you DARE!

Tuesday 30

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation – always lovely and fun, we learn from Russell as we enjoy the very best in poetry every week. This reading will be as special – and we have an idea there will be some fright-night poems in the mix! Oooh!

2:30 PM NO EXIT is once more performed at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre! This time, semi-professional actors portray the roles of the three hapless souls who find themselves locked in hell with one another – forever – in this darkly comedic play by existential philosopher and playwright, Jean-Paul Sartre. The cast (in order of appearance):

Valet: Aeon Woodford/Garcin: B. Hemi/Ines: TerryLynn Melody/Estelle: Mireille Jenvieve

Come enjoy!

The NO EXIT Set at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre

5 PM The Follow fly in, all ZOMBIE-FIED and fired up, ready to rock! Wear your Hallowe’en best (ZOMBIES especially welcome at the Ce Soir Zombie Hotel – teehee!) and join us for some truly exceptional music. Hold onto your brains, everyone!

6 PM Gina Stella comes round with her own special brand of musical magic. An extensive songlist is just the beginning with Gina! Come enjoy her beautiful voice…and the hijinx too!

7 PM Paulette Oldrich soothes us a bit, shifting our focus from FRIGHT-NIGHT to sublime jazz and show tunes! Why not dress as your favourite Broadway character? Do get your dancing shoes on and come over for the FUN!

Wednesday 31

4 PM Samm Qendra for Nessuno Myoo‘s Closing Celebration: This is a very special event. Decorum, please, but let’s have fun too, celebrating the closing of Nessuno Myoo‘s outstanding sculpture exhibit. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting him for two months…and we just HAD to keep some of the sculptures around forever, so they won’t all disappear! Come help us bid him a fond adieu. Like all of our monthly Artists-in-Residence, Nessuno will be back. We will have a very special exhibit going at the end of the year… You don’t want to miss Samm! Her voice is unstoppable as she continues to amaze with her repertoire and sensitive performances.

5 PM Therese Nightfire steps to the stage and just SHINES! Come hear this stunning voice and the incredible range of music she offers. Jazz and blues and a whole lot more, her show is a knockout – every time!

6 PM DennyMac drops over to share his lovely guitar-playing and sweet vocals. His voice and kind heart are a magical combination. Every song is special, so don’t miss it!

7 PM Steely Decosta lands at Ce Soir, bringing his exceptional music for us to enjoy. No one can sing Tom Petty’s music like Steely, and he can rev up the blues like nobody’s business. Come see The Kentucky Gentleman in action!

Thursday 01

1 PM Lisa Brune comes to Ce Soir with those thrilling whispery vocals and sweet stage presence that everybody loves. Yes, audiences across the grid adore Lisa! Come see why!

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul reinvents Industrial Folk with a style and grace literally unmatched. This music is so inventive and special, you just have to come hear it! Musica intelligentia – sensitive, deep, and rich with surprising sounds so melodic, you’ll stand there, stunned. Don’t miss it!

3 PM Russell Eponym, The Music Whisperer, was the first musician to play at Ce Soir. That was by design, as he is the foundational artist in the digital world. Musician, artist, poet, actor, educator…Russell does it all. Come hear his wonderful “folk, blues, and beyond!”

6 PM TerryLynn Melody delights with her eclectic set that includes some of her own compositions as well as expertly chosen covers that showcase her powerful voice. She accompanies herself on guitar and piano, and the hour speeds by in enjoyment.

7 PM Freestar Tammas is a true original, and her music is the same. She and Quai bring a lovely collaboration of sound to the Ce Soir stage, singing tender originals in the mix. Beautiful!

8 PM MoShang Zhao delivers the chill at Ce Soir every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT. The Sound Jeweler creates a soothing, energizing electronica that will simply blow your mind…gently, of course! Come relax and enjoy with us!

Friday 02

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir. Known across SL as a fine poet and reader, this lover of the written word will welcome you in for an hour of verse and light commentary. Do join us! NOTE: all of his tips are donated to Relay for Life in SL, a generous act that we admire.

So as you can see, it’s quite a week going at Ce Soir. Creep on over – and don’t forget to set your Sun to “Use Region Settings” so that you can enjoy the eerie environment all the more!

See you at Ce Soir where you can be inspired…tonight!

Falling for Fall…

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and having Ce Soir offers an opportunity to enjoy it – twice over! Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford smiles – BIG! Look for autumn leaves to fall, here or there, around the venue space, and for some Halloweeny fun to ensue before long. In the meantime, check the schedule for some very enjoyable times. Join us when you can! (And yes, I know this post is late on the date…but it’s only because I accidentally deleted an earlier one! A look of chagrin passes over my face – but just for a moment. ONWARD!

Monday 08

3 PM Voodoo Shilton: gypsy jazz and more with this premier guitarist!

4 PM AMFORTE: this punk-rock-roots star truly spices things up!

5 PM Loreen Aldrin: breathy vocals and deep songs of love fill the hour you don’t want to miss! (Loreen was traveling and could not make it in…but don’t miss her in two weeks’ time!)

Tuesday 09

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation: always lovely and elegantly read, there is depth and fun – often with music too!

2 PM Frets Nirvana: “total guitar” about says it as Frets ROCKS!

3 PM PonDman Haalan: Americana at its best as PonD “sings the true song” of his heart…

6 PM Nino D’Amore: jazz and standards done with polish and pizzazz makes you want to dance! (Nino was unable to login, but he shall return in two weeks’ time!)

7 PM Paulette Oldrich: sparkle a-plenty fills the air as this dazzler sings The Great American Songbook!

Wednesday 10

5 PM Donn Devore: this dynamo knows how to ROCK – and deft originals thrill the heart and make it soar!

6 PM Samm Qendra: with a voice like no other, this talented charmer fills the hall with beauty…

7 PM Tukso Okey: one-of-a-kind, this extreme talents will get your mojo working! (Tukso had to miss because of a medical need, but he will return soon – and his birthday is TOMORROW!)

Thursday 11

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul: innovation is her middle name, as she reinvents industrial folk right before our eyes and ears!

3 PM Russell Eponym: charming and engaging with “folk, blues, and beyond…”

8 PM MoShang Zhao: this musician brings the CHILL to Ce Soir – always fresh and soothing, it’s something to enjoy!

Friday 12

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry: classics and more with the gifted Sabreman.

2 PM Ultraviolet Alter: beautiful musical tones and rhythms invite you to explore the atmosphere created by Ultraviolet’s original live compositions. It’s sheer art. Transcendent!

Saturday 13

3 PM Russell Eponym: celebrating The A-List‘s anniversary, Russell brings us an extra show this week of his amazing acoustic sounds with beautiful original songs that delight and enchant!

Sunday 14

6 PM Therese Nightfire: with her singularly lovely voice, Therese graces the stage and SHINES!

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas: deft covers and sensitive, powerful originals capture your attention with soulful rock and pop brilliance!

MORE, MORE, MORE for October…starting with Nessuno Myoo‘s continuing art exhibit – a definite “do not miss!”

NESSUNO MYOO‘s glorious sculptures yet dot the landscape with whimsy and grace. You have until October to enjoy this exciting Italian sculptor’s outstanding work against the backdrop of the Ce Soir gardens at sunset. Don’t miss this opportunity (or any other!) to see Nessuno‘s work. It is truly wonderful sculpture done with such detail and texturing that you’ll find yourself gazing at it as the time passes. You won’t regret a moment, for his work speaks volumes and delights not only the eye, but the mind and spirit as well. Enjoy!

Monday brings magic to Ce Soir! Voodoo Shilton and Loreen Aldrin for two glorious shows!

Picture it: 3 PM SLT at Ce Soir, the space bathed in the light of a summer afternoon. The air is fresh and the sky a bright blue, the sun making his slow progress – drawn as if by magnets – to the coming of night. All is still except for the faint breeze that blows pleasantly past. Then, suddenly, what is that sound?

First, quietly, the unmistakeable tones of the acoustic guitar waft up and over the venue, washing it in shades of blues, flashes of brilliant gypsy jazz and flamenco, and sprinkled with international flavour and a classical point of view. Who could it be? If you are guessing premier guitarist Voodoo Shilton, you’re right on the money! He will arrive at 3 PM to thrill us with another journey around the world, our musical travel guide. Come ready for anything, as it’s always an enjoyable surprise!

And speaking of enjoyable surprises, the lovely Loreen Aldrin is up next, at 4 PM SLT. She’s amazing, and we are pleased to have her back at Ce Soir. This golden-throated singer-songwriter has quite a presence on stage. She can whisper a love song and belt out the blues, showing off her acumen with multiple languages at the same time. She commands her guitar and plays the piano beautifully. You will enjoy every moment of her music – guaranteed!

Do join us today for these two magnificent shows! And look for both Voodoo and Loreen on the calendar this summer…along with other fine musical artists who will bring their best to the Ce Soir stage.

Have a wonderful week!

A nice surprise for us from VMS Magazine!

Of course, we knew we had been interviewed…but the article is still such a nice surprise for us at Ce Soir! The venue space and all it encompasses and represents is our dream. We are just at the beginning of this incredible journey, and already we are so struck by the kindness of so many people! We have been welcomed into the SL music community, and that is such a lovely thing! Musicians and artists of every genre have been most gracious to us, and many have shared their artistic vision and talents with us. We feel deeply grateful to each and every one – and to their management teams, who are just wonderful.

That alone would make for a glorious experience for us, but the wonderful encouragement we receive from those who gather here takes it to another level altogether. Audiences are amazing in SL! We’ve traveled round and are part of the great overarching audience ourselves. From the casual drop-in visitor who stays longer than expected because he or she was taken by the ambience of Ce Soir, the music playing at the time or the art in the Guest Gallery – to the regular patron who pops in to hear various shows – we are blessed by their presence…YOUR presence.

In addition, what joy it is for us as audience members to visit so many lovely and special places where music and art happen…are welcomed, encouraged, supported! The many fine venues that dot the grid and bring us such wonders as Russell Eponym, Skye Galaxy, TwinGhost Ronas, Anek Fuchs, Lisa Brune, Quantamis Navarathna, TerryLynn Melody, MoShang Zhao and JordanReyne Deezul…artists like Loquacia Loon, Owen Landar and Isabel Hermano…poets like Russell Eponym, Karima Hoisan and Stosh Quarz…(and the list goes on and on!)…well, these places are inspiring to us! Venue and gallery owners across SecondLife have welcomed us. Indeed, many have IMed to say hello and many have visited the space and have encouraged us. That is a very special thing, and we feel honored by it – and by them. We are yet new and still have so much to learn, but what fun it is to learn and grow with so many outstanding examples to explore!

Enjoy this online article from Virtual Music Magazine (, which is at the moment about Ce Soir, and join us in thanking Jay and Crew and all who bring this publication to us. There are other blogs, websites, and in-world magazines to enjoy as well…many focusing on live music in SL and doing a fantastic job of keeping us all up-to-date. We thank them all for sharing information about all the venues, musicians, artists, writers, sculptors, builders, and merchants who enrich our Second Life experience. Our hats are off to you all!

To a good day for everyone, Mireille & Aeon

An interesting day…and some fun and important discoveries…

Today was a bit of an anomaly at Ce Soir. We only had one show and my husband and partner Aeon was not there to enjoy it with us. The show was fabulous, as always – the inimitable Russell Eponym charmed us with his lovely “folk, blues and beyond” that we love so much. A wonderful group gathered to enjoy the music and many were new to Ce Soir – a joy for me as I met and welcomed new people from around the world. It was an international audience, as Noon SLT is open to people from various time zones and Russell‘s music drew them to us.

anthrop, Belethil & Anja at the piano!

We had fun! We danced and sang along as we always do, enjoying one another’s company and the exceptionally good music. Russell was in fine form and a good time was had by all. (Aeon missed it, but sent his best wishes to us in his absence.) When the show was over, I noticed a few gathered round the piano – and what fun they were having! A trio of avatars seated at the piano and playing away! How wonderful! Belethil, anthrop, and Anja were really enjoying themselves and they shared some photos with me, as I looked on with a smile! I asked if I could share in the blog and they agreed. Take a look! Like I said, we had FUN!

That was wonderful, but…the goodness didn’t stop there. Feed a Smile leader Brique Topaz arrived just as Russell was putting the finishing touches on his set before rushing off to another show. I greeted her and we got to talking. It seems that there is a big Feed a Smile event on the horizon, and that several of SL’s very talented musicians are to take part – including one Mr. Russell Eponym! His participation is no surprise, for he is known for his generous spirit.

Feed a Smile Event Schedule

The Feed a Smile event this coming weekend will include an array of SL’s most talented musicians performing and many fine artists have donated art for sale. The schedule is on the poster above, but I’ve recreated it here also: On Friday 24 February, Funky Freddy Republic will play at 3 PM, followed by Maximillion Kleene at 4. On Saturday 25 February at The Lavender Field – where events make sense – they have an outstanding lineup: At 11 AM SLT, Russell Eponym; Noon, Juel Resistance; 1 PM SLT, Pol Arida; 2PM SLT, Rara Destiny; 3PM SLT, Terrylynn Melody; 4PM SLT, Quantamis Navarathna; 5PM SLT, AcousticEnergy Nitely; 6PM SLT, Tone Uriza. Wow! And as if that’s not enough, a number of wonderful second life artists have donated original art pieces to be sold at the event to raise money for the charity. Find some time Friday and/or Saturday to drop by and enjoy the music and art – and donate some very needed meals to the children in Kenya. You’ll be glad you did, for there is nothing like having fun AND helping others at the same time! It’s another piece of the SL magic at work. Brique, who manages both the charity ( and The Lavender Field (, will welcome you!

All this happening today (and more – see a short note about that, below), I find the generous spirit everywhere in SL. True, not everyone donates to musicians and venues when they come round, but that’s not really what I’m getting at here. We appreciate every donation we receive at Ce Soir and use it to bring more music, poetry, art, and other beauty to the venue for all to enjoy. But there are many ways in which people support us – number one is their presence and enjoyment whilst they are here. After all, why else would we be here? I’m talking about musicians and artists as well as audience members; each has a contribution to the experiences we enjoy here and we treasure each and every one. You know, this venue thing is turning out to be just about the best thing ever! We really do love it, and are learning every day how to make it better. And not only that…it’s making a difference in our lives. We are discovering things about ourselves and each other (SL and RL) that we might not have without this experience, and we are enjoying exceptional music and dance and art, and we’re meeting some absolutely astounding people. Therein lies the true value of SL for us – and, I dare say, for many.

Another distinct pleasure was mine today, for I interacted and chatted with some truly special people. We talked about music and the venue and SL and all kind of things. (And you can look forward to some absolutely wonderful events coming to Ce Soir soon!) But it was speaking and listening about personal experiences and learning and growing that shed so much light on my day – and my life. I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are! One conversation early in the day will stay with me for a very long time, and I feel a deep kinship with a new friend. We’ve both been discovering some wonderful things about life from our SL experiences, and I feel so happy about that! One of the many things we spoke about today was how it is that we so often feel that we don’t matter or that what we do does not make much of a difference. Well, we’re wrong about that – and I am sure that many of you reading this will have your own experiences as proof positive that (this time!) I am right as rain. I just saw an African proverb on the wall over at Brique’s office. It goes like this: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.” A bit of humour is a very good thing, and the meaning is not lost.

I could go on, as most of you know, and I’m sure I’ll revisit this one again, but for now I just want to sit back with some tea or perhaps a glass of wine. May you have a day or night of wonder! Go outside as the sun creeps in over the hills or slips below the horizon – or as the moon fades in the sunlight or rises in the sky. Gaze at the expanse of blue and know you belong in it. Look at the stars. See how they shine…for you! (With thanks to Coldplay for that wonderful lyric from their song, Yellow.)

Until next time…be well and happy!

Playing with logos…

Ce Soir is our dream, something we have wanted to do for some time. When we saw Alia Baroque’s The Hall of Mysts, we knew we were ready. We prepared for our opening of Ce Soir Arts for months, asking friends and experts we knew for guidance. The actual creation of the grounds and the venue itself took the most time and – with autumn holidays in the US and winter holidays around the world – a couple of things slipped into the background. One of those things truly needed to be addressed and we’re about doing that, right now: making a logo for Ce Soir.

It is a joy to look over photographs and brainstorm ideas, but something needs to be together soon – for we are into our second full week now, and people are asking for our logo. So…the latest one appears here. We’re not completely certain about it, but we like it ever so much more than our first attempt! We have a wonderful logo and texture artist looking at it now, so there may be minor to major changes in the logo soon – but we wanted to fly this for all visitors to see. Please comment if you have an opinion or suggestion. If you’d rather, IM one of us in-world; we will welcome hearing from you!