About Us and Ce Soir – updates…

DATELINE: 11 November 2017: As you know (from reading our main pages and postings, HALLOWEEN was amazing! THE MAD MASQUERADE BALL was beautiful – and it continues with the outstanding ART EXHIBIT that is still available in three galleries on the main level of the sim. Do visit and enjoy!

For this posting, I am sharing my responses to Strawberry Singh’s latest challenge for bloggers and vloggers. Here goes!

#SecondLifeChallenge – My Second Life Blogging/Vlogging Journey

1.      How long have you been blogging or vlogging about Second Life? I’ve been blogging since January 2012. Wow, how time flies!

2.     Why did you start blogging or vlogging? We opened our arts venue in January 2012, and we felt we need a web presence to share the details of what we were doing. Getting the word out about musical, theatrical, and spoken word events was the primary focus to begin, but the blog has grown and we include a variety of informational posts – still mostly focused on what’s happening at the venues, galleries, and theatre at Ce Soir Arts.

3.     How many times a week/month do you post? I try to post at least weekly, noting activities at Ce Soir Arts. Sometimes, I manage more and enjoy posting about what we are doing and related events. Now and again, I interview artists or musicians, and that’s always fun – plus, I like to share information about Second Life®-related opportunities such as a recent avatar survey that should yield some important data about our world.

4.     Do you keep track of how many hits or subscribers you have? Not really. Of course, I do tend to comments, but I basically check stats whenever I think to do so. It’s not that we’re uninterested in the numbers, it’s just that we are very busy focusing on work and fun. However, I am pleased to report that those numbers have been increasing – and rapidly, lately. That makes me smile!

5.     Which electronic devices do you use to blog/vlog with? I am a writer in the physical realm and do most of my work by computer. I have an Alienware laptop that is quite powerful and fast – giving me high FPS, even on a laggy sim. Our place is surprisingly NOT laggy, most of the time, even when we have upwards of 60 avatars over for an event (Thursday night, with four musical shows in a row, my FPS was fairly stable around 80 – with my draw distance set to 128). It’s pretty amazing, really, and my photos are usually quite crisp and clear. Voice works well on the sim and we use a sophisticated chat relay that works well. I do update my drivers whenever available and keep the computer relatively clean of extraneous files and tools. As I am experimenting with machinima, I am trying various filming software – but have not purchased yet.

6.      Do you monetize your blog or vlogs? If so, do you mind sharing how much you make approximately? (You don’t have to answer the second question) No, we don’t monetize the blog at all. We’ve considered it, but since we are writers and have income from that (with a new website coming soon!) and our other employment, we’re happy. We do receive tips at Ce Soir Arts and I do sell some of my artwork; proceeds from that average out about $250 USD per month, but we keep it in L$ and use it to pay for the blog and help with tier, updating our venues, and shopping in-world. 😊

7.     What has Second life blogging or vlogging taught you? I have learnt so much by blogging about our in-world journey. I’ve become a better informational or technical writer, and I’ve given myself a platform for exploring art and beauty in-world as well as in the physical realm. I have served as an art curator in the physical realm, so I’ve been learning how to apply that knowledge and skill to the digital environment. I have to say that my confidence has increased as well, and I feel increasingly comfortable in my own skin (pardon the bad pun). I have IDEAS…and I have accepted that now, and allow myself to be who I am: an enthusiastic encourager with a basically sunny disposition who loves contrasts – dark and light, for example. I love it and am a better writer and artist because of that.

8.     Do you feel like Second Life blogging or vlogging takes away from your real life? The blog may take a bit of time, but it’s very worthwhile. The writing of it has enhanced my skills in that area and I’ve learnt to use more photographic tools that have helped me with my art in both worlds. In addition, I have discovered the joys of wandering the grid and of getting to know so many talented individuals. What fun!

9. Do you have a mission statement for your blog or vlog, if so, what is it? To us, SL is about fun, relaxation, and learning. We love interacting with entertainers and artists as well as with their audiences. We enjoy every hour we spend in-world – and the creative aspect of that is front and center. We congregate with educators and non-profit leaders often, as we have been engaged in education and social services for most of our careers. We enjoy the opportunity to support their work and be an encouragement to all. Our actual mission for Ce Soir Arts is this: “Ce Soir Arts welcomes all who come in peace. Join us to enjoy poetry, theatre, art, danse, and music. Relax in the romance of the evening. Enjoy the magic at the intersection of darkness and light. Come, explore…be inspired tonight!” The blog is all about that.

10.   Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers/vloggers. Here, I will primarily echo Strawberry’s thought by saying: 1) BE YOURSELF; relax and enjoy expressing your own point of view and ideas. 2) TRY NEW THINGS; explore at a different time of day, look for new sims and events (the Destination Guide is a great place to begin, but word-of-mouth is powerful, so listen to your friends and explore what they are enjoying). STOP when you notice you’re not enjoying it – but first try a few new approaches to give yourself a chance to re-energise (see #2); you might find that a new topic or blog format is just the ticket!

Thank you again, Berry! Happy blogging, vlogging, etc.!


Here we go, again…and it’s mid-2017! It’s been a wonderful time at Ce Soir Arts, with poetry, prose, theatre, music, and dance bringing us great enjoyment. The company of others – many of whom become good friends – has been sheer joy, and the artistry has been simply stunning. Special events here and elsewhere across the grid including at the LEA have brought us much beauty, revealing additional talents from those we’ve already been admiring. Here, I am thinking of people like Russell Eponym, Caledonia Skytower, Dubhna Rhiadra, Baz, Silas Merlin, Stranger Nightfire, and Kiran Sporg – along with others. Check the main blog page for details about some of their work- and stay tuned!

There will be some noticeable changes to the sim and environs above soon, so keep reading and visiting as summer unfolds. We have some special events slated for later in the year including something quite SPOOKtacular around Hallowe’en. For now, we are on les vacances, but are still about for shows and readings. Do check the schedule and come join us! We’ll be happy to greet you!

Note also that there’s a bit of newness at the SIM landing (different from the Ce Soir Arts landing). It’s much more pleasant there now, and there is a bench and light. Click the light for a notecard that shares all the LMs. Visit them all – and enjoy! We’re open all hours, and if you come in peace you are welcome here!

Enjoy summer!

Photo of  Château Ce Soir by Caledonia Skytower

Oh, my goodness! It’s 2016…and we have fully moved to the sim below, but have left some interesting areas floating above as well. There is also adventure below the sim surface, so do look about when you visit. LMs are available at the main landing points; just click Mr. Crane and he will accommodate!

We’re enjoying lots of spoken word events, art exhibits, and more. The winter of 2015 saw us scurrying about, putting the finishing touches on the environments and generally having a great time doing so. Here is an updated listing of primary locations at Ce Soir Arts and their LMs; please visit at your leisure!

Château Ce Soir – the main venue space for music, dancing, and other entertainments is a spacious area within the Hall of Mysts. This castle is the primary structure at Ce Soir Arts – the largest of the three created by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. Various musicians have played here including Russell Eponym, Anj Gustafson, MoShang Zhao, Nuvolino, Baz, and Joaquin Gustav. We have hosted fundraisers for StandUp2Cancer and other reputable causes and plan to do more of that in future.

The Magic Tree – this forested area is dedicated to the spoken word and to our Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym; he reads every Tuesday at NOON SLT and other poets, authors, and spoken word artists share their stories here on a various schedule. Come enjoy Russell, Caledonia Skytower, Dubhna Rhiadra, and Bryn Taleweaver along with others including us: Æon & Mireille. We are rather seasonal, and the delightful Raglan Shire Carollers provide lovely Christmas music at The Magic Tree!

Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – these spaces provide a lovely venue for artwork to be displayed; sculpture as well as 2D and other 3D art find a home, just right for a cohesive thematic presentation that offers visitors a relaxing spot in which to ponder the beauty. Artists including JudiLynn India, Wildstar Beaumont, Fae Varriale, Jojo Songlark, Secret Rage, Jack Nichols, and Xirana Oximoxi (and a host of others – both in individual and collective showings) have and will exhibit in a range of thematic presentations that surprise and delight.

Witchwood Hollow – this area near the graveyard serves as a lovely yet spooky backdrop for events such as The MAD MASQUERADE, held each year at Hallowe’en. Both Black Ravens Tree and The Caverns Church offer excellent locations for dancing…

The Graveyard Dungeon – what a fine time we enjoy here for umm…darker events…such as Hallowe’en readings! Cale had us glued to our seats for a brilliant thrill as she read from Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book in 2016. Chilling and perfect!

Dover Beach Theatre – is our lovely stage for plays, vignettes, and reviews of various types at Ce Soir Arts. Here, we have (with our own Off-the-Shelf Productions™) presented such programmes as Sartre’s No Exit; Sophocles’ Antigone; Russell Eponym and Bryn Taleweaver in Celebrating the Bard Upon Avon; and our own (Mireille & Æon) presentation of Tea with Ted & Sylvia. Look for various works in coming months – to go along with our hosting (at specially-created platforms) other production companies including Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT) with author and choreographer Moon Aerandir, dramaturge Bajoy, and company.

The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour – exist at another level at Ce Soir Arts, our snowy escape above the sim. Outdoor fun and relaxation combine with spaces for art exhibits including Mireille with her own Words & Pictures in their permanent home; spoken word and dramatic presentations; and dance and music shows. Romantic and beautiful, this wintry locale can be both energising and restful.

Come enjoy with us – and check the blog for updates!

UPDATE #5: Late summer 2015…  We find ourselves at an interesting juncture, and we are enjoying it as summer once more comes to a close. The change of seasons often bring a desire to explore possibilities, and we’ve been doing just that! The result:
We will be moving the main part of Ce Soir Arts (the level containing the Main Venue, Theatre, and Main Gallery) to the sim below in coming months. This will allow us more room to enjoy the arts and host all our guests with more to explore. The ocean and the entire base sim that it surrounds will be open to visitors. Included will be the following:
CHATEAU CE SOIR: the Main Venue for music and dancing
THE MAGIC TREE: a forested area dedicated to the spoken word and our beloved Poet Laureate, RUSSELL EPONYM, who joins us with poetry & song each week
CE SOIR ARTS GALLERY I: the Main Gallery where art will be exhibited
CE SOIR ARTS THEATRE: the primary location for plays, revues, and presentations of an educational or inspirational character
THE GRAVEYARD: a dark and mysterious place with its own spooky mausoleum and deep, dark dungeon

We hope that you will enjoy the romance of the evening here at Ce Soir Arts, so do come for a visit. The transition should be complete before Hallowe’en…when the MAD MASQUERADE will once again fill the air with music and madness!

If you have any questions, please let us know – and do check for updates that we will send via Subscribe-O and public announcements at the sim. The present level will remain open until the move is complete – and notecards and notices will keep you updated when you land there. Note also that The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour will remain at their present elevations and will be open throughout.

Come…be inspired tonight!

Aeon et Mireille Dancing Under the Ce Soir Moon: Spring!
Aeon et Mireille Dancing Under the Ce Soir Moon: Spring!

ANOTHER UPDATE – #4: Yes, it is 2014…half over! As you know from reading the blog, we’ve had some RL interference (storm damage to our home and property – and a little accident that shook Mireille up and gave her a bit of a concussion). Both are taking time to repair and heal…but we hope by autumn to be once more settled in our home – and to have Mireille back in gear. She’s doing fine, but has trouble with sound and hearing that is yet lingering. It’s a bit more quiet at Ce Soir because of this, and we do miss having more of our musical friends around, but do look for some special events later in the year – as well as celebrations for artists who are exhibiting at The Gallery and/or The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts for opportunities to enjoy the grid’s best in music – and more.

Enjoy the summer, everyone! We’ll take a short vacation soon, but – as always – Ce Soir Arts will be here for your enjoyment and relaxation. Dance, wander the gardens, enjoy the art and music. Come…be inspired tonight!

Aeon et Mireille


UPDATE #3: 2013 approaches!

We can hardly believe that 2013 is almost here, but it is! On 05 January, it will have been a full year since we began this journey at Ce Soir Arts, and oh, what a year! There have been so many happy hours for us here, from every step in creating and maintaining the place to enjoying the art, poetry, music, and theatre we have shared with so many these past 12 months. Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing – and looking ahead, we’re very excited indeed, and yet deeply peaceful about where we are going.

More art, poetry, and theatre will find its way here in 2013, along with some discussion-based learning opportunities and a lecture series or two. Music will always be part of the Ce Soir Arts experience, but with new RL commitments, time for everything we want to do here is at a premium. With this in mind, our schedule will change over the first quarter to accommodate those commitments and yet allow us to fulfill our dreams and help others to do the same here at Ce Soir.

We’ve even got a new location at Ce Soir Arts for all to enjoy. It’s called The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts and will be used for many types of programmes including the Anniversary Art Retrospective beginning 05 January and running throughout the month. Come see the work of these eight fabulous artists who have graced Ce Soir Arts with their work in 2012:

Loquacia Loon – enchanting photographs with a mystical quality

Roy Mildor – strong colours and composition at play

Relay Caedmon – inventive themes in ethereal photography

Owen Landar – imginative photographs with a world of vision to explore

Lorac Farella – exquisite, expressive and evocative hand-drawn, hand-painted art

Russell Eponym – lovely landscapes with stories to tell

Nessuno Myoo – glorious sculptures – fanciful and thought-provoking

Ultraviolet Alter – stunning sculptural & particle art emanating energy and grace

We’ll keep you posted, and if you have thoughts you’d like to share, please do. We love hearing from you, so post a comment here at the blog or IM (or notecard) us in-world. Second Life is a space we create together and we look forward to sharing the journey of that with you for a long time to come! Happy New Year!

Aeon et Mireille

UPDATE #2: Here it is, August 2012. My, how the time has flown! We have so enjoyed the journey, thus far, and so appreciate the many kindnesses shown us since we began all this last January. We knew there were some wonderful people about…but little did we know just how wonderful so many of you truly are! We learn, every day, about that – and about so many things. It is a wondrous time. As we shift our focus a bit as autumn peeks in, we feel that the expression of our own deepest love, joy, peace, hope will be given wing. nother beautiful part of the journey unfolds!

The play was a fantastic experience, and working with professional educators and their students was such a joy! We thank all who came to view the play and especially scriptor Draco Luv who created (and donated!) the wonderful stabbing animations that were integral to the action of the play at its denoument. Thank you, Draco and Midnite! We hope everyone who reads this will visit their shop, Luv Creations. Many excellent products await you there.

We must offer a big “thank you” to Renaissance Man, Russell Eponym, whose lovely watercolour landscapes yet rest in the Guest Gallery. Beautiful, Russell! And thank you all…each and every one who has shared your vision here, who has enjoyed music and art and poetry and theatre here. The best is yet to come! As Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts, Russell epitomises what we view as excellence in artistic expression. His focus on sharing knowledge and insight touches us deeply and we feel ever so grateful to have him here.

With gratitude to you all, Aeon et Mireille

UPDATE – March 2012: We’re two months into the experience now, and we are simply astounded by three things: the incredible musical and artistic talent that finds its way into SecondLife; the wonderful kindness of so many people – artists and performers, fellow venue owners, and guests of every description and interest; and how much FUN this truly is – and how important to us! Challenge and learning are always part of anything meaningful, but the enjoyment here is central. What opportunities we have had to enjoy the creative process and its products…to learn from others and to share with and encourage them as well. We sometimes say, when writing about an artist who has touched our hearts, that “Ce Soir was made for this!” Let us repeat: all of this wonder and grace and love…Ce Soir was made for this!

Merci, nos amis! Thank you, our friends!

Post #1 – January 2012: Greetings!

We are Aeon and Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford, happy residents of SecondLife and owners of Ce Soir Arts. As you can see by reading our blog, we opened the venue 05 January 2012. We are new to venue ownership and management, but are learning quickly just what it requires for things to go smoothly and well. The guest experience is primary – and for us, that includes everyone who steps foot into the venue space. Artists of every genre are welcome here and we hope to host many for the exploration of their artistic vision and the expression of their very own voice, be it through visual media, dance, writing and/or reading, or music.

We will do our best to provide information about what is happening at Ce Soir Arts through this blog. If you are in-world, please do drop by to say hello, to wander the grounds or enjoy an art exhibit (these will be ongoing – with a new artist each month), a reading, or a concert. You will be welcome to any event we host – or just drop in to dance, relax, enjoy!

Aeon et Mireille


2 thoughts on “About Us and Ce Soir – updates…

  1. A lovely sentiment…I am confused, though…isn’t your slogan “Bringing Music and Art to life” the same as the DNA **Art and Music Fusion** gallery’s “Where Art and Music Come to Life?” …I understand the concept DNA=Double Helix=LIfe…yours is a little harder to grasp. How is your slogan connected to “CeSoir”? Just asking.

    You are of course welcome to contact me directly, answer in this forum, or come to the DNA **Art and Music Fusion** “Where Art and Music Come to Life” on Sundays from 11:30AM-1:00PM where I host the DNA Poetry Gallery. Hope to see you there. Grail.

  2. Greetings, Grail!

    We are a bit confused too, but appreciate your note. We intend only to express our desire to join with the many others who bring music and art to the experience of as many people as possible. No infringement of any sort is inteded, and we are just learning of the organisation of which you speak here. Several friends reviewed our logo when we began designing it, and no one mentioned this to us. However, we are concerned about it and shall pursue this further, of course.
    Thank you for commentary and information.

    As for how this related to the name of our venue, it is all about TONIGHT…and about the music and art that we hope to share throughout every day.

    Best to you!

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