Thursday shows in a holiday mood as Memorial Day approaches in the US!

Thursday: Music Fills the Hall at Château Ce Soir

RUSSELL – LIVE at at Chȃteau Ce Soir

RUSSELL EPONYM opens at 2 PM SLT with 90 minutes of LIVE folk, blues, and beyond! Friends gather to enjoy RUSSELL with his velvety voice and intricate fingerstyle guitar. Romantic songs and delightfully fun tunes fill his repertoire, and it’s always a grand time as we gather at Château Ce Soir. Come on over and enjoy the music and friends!

Donn DeVore Rockin’ at Chȃteau Ce Soir

Since NUVOLINO – who brings cool original electronica to the stage – is away for the month, we’ve invited DONN DEVORE to step in. He always provides an hour of excellent sounds from his collection of original and cover tunes that showcase his professional musicianship. DONN combines multiple influences into a heady mix you will love!

Anj bringin’ it LIVE at Chȃteau Ce Soir

ANJ GUSTAFSON drops in at 6 PM SLT to deliver another hour of incredible sounds that will rock your world! ANJ has his own style – a mix of alternative, pop, progressive rock, all with a strong electronica influence. We ride the waves with this talented performer, and the lovely KI always brings her professional dance HUD you can join, if you wish. We will be happy to welcome you as we dance the night away to this always outstanding music!

See you Thursday at Château Ce Soir! Come, be inspired tonight!

A NOTE worth noting:

As this week nears the weekend, those in the US begin to focus on a traditional holiday known as Memorial Day, honouring those who have died in military service. The placing of flowers and other mementos at the graves of missing family members (military or civilian) is part of the day. Visiting National Cemeteries is a wonder, as seas of white crosses mark the graves. Other events such as running events are sponsored by a variety of non-profit organisations. One event is sponsored by “wear blue: run to remember,” and information can be found HERE. Whatever you do, take a moment to remember those who have served and are serving still – and their families – as well as your own loved ones whom you remember so well. 

We hope the weather will be good and that you can gather with family and friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday – Spoken Word Rules at The Magic Tree!

If you enjoy literature of any kind, you are in for a treat at The Magic Tree on Tuesday this week. We have readings every Tuesday – and on Wednesday every-other-week. That is our present schedule…but it looks like we might be making some additions over the summer. More on that later…for now, take a look at this!

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts offers excellent music and outstanding prose and poetry from his own pen as well as that from classical masters. The Thought for the Day is always encouraging, the literature beautifully read and compelling. We have just started a new book – and it’s another marvellous choice!Satisfy your curiosity and come gather with friends – and enjoy!

“I went to the Faire… and here’s what I wrote” was her topic last time – and we enjoyed it and asked for more! In the unique position of coordinating operations for Fantasy Faire LitFest, Caledonia got to experience first-hand the broad spectrum of literary events. She shares more of her writings today from Fantasy Faires 2016, 2017, and 2018 at The Magic Tree. We will be happy to see you!

A group of aliens, each with their own specific talent, arrive on Earth to complete a task. When one of their members goes missing, however, they recruit – or try to recruit – from the native population to surprising results. Join us as sci-fi afficianado Ǣon reads the “The Specialist” by Robert Sheckley.

It’s going to be a wonderful time today at The Magic Tree. Come, be inspired tonight!

The Magic Tree at Ce Soir Arts

Raglan Shire Annual Artwalk Open for 2018!

There are several recurring events in Second Life© that help us explore and support the creativity of SL© denizens. One of those is the Raglan Shire Artwalk that opened for 2018 this past weekend. This is the 13th of these quite extensive art events, and it will be open from 13 May to 17 June. You must go and enjoy!

Like last year, I decided to place a few pieces of my photography there and take some long walks through the pathways the lovely Tinies community have created for display. It’s a fantastic event, and I hope you’ll attend.

For information about the Artwalk, check the Raglan Shire Facebook Page; the calendar of events is included – and you can visit at any time and enjoy the art, much of which is for sale. Learn more about SL© artists and expand your artistic horizon by visiting and exploring this extensive exhibition. Be sure to thank the Tinies for all their work!

Landmarks: Art Area #1     Art Area #2     Art Area #3

Mireille’s photographs at 2018 Raglan Shire Artwalk


Thursday at Château Ce Soir – we are gonna rock the house!

Thursdays are always special at Château Ce Soir, and this week (10th May) is definitely not an exception! Read on!

To begin, RUSSELL EPONYM gets the party started with 90 minutes of LIVE folk, blues, and beyond! Join us at 2 PM SLT for this glorious time of music, fun, and friends. We gather each week at this time to enjoy RUSSELL with his velvety voice and intricate fingerstyle guitar. He has several guitars – and each one delivers a unique sound that’s perfect for the song! From the deeply romantic to the delightfully fun, these songs bring us joy. This multi-faceted and quite talented musician has been playing at 2 PM SLT every Thursday (except for vacations) since we opened in January 2012. So come on over and have a good time – guaranteed!

Speaking of vacations, NUVOLINO – who brings cool original electronica to the stage – is away for the month of May. This means that twice this month, we wanted to fill his time slot (5 PM SLT) with something stellar. And you know what? We’ve done it! Read on….

DONN DEVORE has agreed to step in and provide us with an hour of sound that will thrill our ears. His groove involves a powerful collection of original and cover tunes that showcase his professional musicianship. His talents with vocals (oh, my!), guitar and a range of other instruments are legendary. DONN offers his own mix that he as developed by combining influences from classic rock, modern rock, trance and techno. Come enjoy this heady mix – blended with just the right touch of fantasy and dreams. You’re gonna love it! AND…

At 6 PM, another fave – the one-and-only ANJ GUSTAFSON drops in to deliver another hour of powerful sounds that will rock your world! This compelling vocalist and multi-instrument talent brings his own style – a mix of alternative, pop, progressive rock, all with a strong electronica influence. It’s a joyride every time, and the lovely KI always brings her professional dance HUD you can join, if you wish. It’s always a great evening, and we will be happy to welcome you to dance the night away!

See you at Château Ce Soir! Come, be inspired tonight!

Château Ce Soir – by Wildstar Beaumont

Spring brings all kinds of newness to us at Ce Soir Arts – come enjoy!

First of all, the new art exhibit – Mystical Spring with Xanthe Firehawk is open and enjoying visitors. See the previous posting for details, and pop on over to enjoy! We are so pleased to host Xanthe and encourage you to visit at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and the Ivy Tower as well – to enjoy Xanthe‘s work. I also want to remind everyone to please use the Guest Book on the centre table to leave a note for Xanthe or for us. Your comments mean the world and we want to hear about your experience of the art – and everything else here. Thank you!

And so…we enjoyed the readings on Tuesday at The Magic Tree. Poet Laureate Russell Eponym was in fine form and he offered us the conclusion of Rumer Godden’s The Diddakoi – a marvelous tale, well read over several weeks. Kizzy’s adventures were sometimes tense and sometimes truly delightful – but always entertaining and inspiring.

My short reading of some springtime poems brought me a lot of joy. Sharing some of my in-world photography and photographs by other artists to depict the poems was very enjoyable for me and – I dare say – for our guests! Reading William Butler Yeats’ beautiful The Ballad of Wandering Aengus was sheer pleasure.

Caledonia Skytower absolutely outdid herself by sharing her new writing. Inspired by her experiences at Fantasy Faire as director of the annual LitFest series of literary events, the pieces are fanciful and serious. She shared two poems in honour of friends who valiantly fought cancer that touched our hearts. This was a very special reading, and we look forward to hearing more!

Æon brought us another of Robert Sheckley’s sci-fi stories – this time, a sardonic one that thrilled. Demons was rather fun – in an odd sort of way – and he dressed the part, wings and all! We surely enjoyed the deft reading!

And so, on we go in a busy week! Have a good one, friends!

Spring Awakening – Mireille’s Photo taken at Alirium ©2018


Mystical Spring Open at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and Readings on Tuesday Reflect the Spring Mood…

Finally, it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. What a winter of storms and bitter winds! It brought deep snows to several locales and icy breezes to all. Many days were grey and dank – but still filled with beauty! Most readers know of our fascination with winter snows – and of our “wintry escape” at Ce Soir Arts. Many say it feels cozy on a winter’s night – or refreshing on a summer’s day! There is outdoor wandering there, along with two refuges from the weather: The Conservatory and The Oracle Parlour. Do visit, if you have the inclination. But for now, we are on to warmer climes and topics in tune with the season!

We have a special treat in May, a beautiful art exhibit at Côte del la Mer Galerie featuring the artworks of the lovely fantasy artist and builder Xanthe Firehawk. You may remember her work that was highlighted during Mad Masquerade this past Hallowe’en (and still present) at The Ivy Tower. Many of you, no doubt, are also aware of her own gallery and shop Enchanted Fantasy. Visit there for more artworks and a wide array of landscaping and other items in a fantasy theme. Her work is excellent and you will enjoy visiting! There are teleporters to take you to the various areas. Go…enjoy!

As for this lovely exhibit – Mystical Spring – Xanthe has brought us five of her works. They are for sale at a very reasonable price, and fill with beauty the wall you see on entering. The mystical quality of each piece is evident as spring comes into view. Each one is richly hued and captures the mystical quality of the season, offering us a peek into the life of the forest with beautiful faeries and fanciful creatures to delight the senses. The realism in her work is often striking, and the figures seem to invite you in to enjoy the wonder.

Please click on the exhibit sign that is just outside the door at entrance; you will receive a notecard with information about Xanthe and her work. A quotation from the note gives us a look into the work of this magnificent artist:

“I appreciate all forms of art and in particular fantasy art. Art can evoke high emotions, similarly to literature, creative writing, music, theatre, and poetry. Pictures can make a person laugh with happiness, or cry with sadness, but either way they stir our emotions. Each piece of artwork is as individual as the person who has created or painted it, having its own unique personality, its own story to tell. Some are beautiful, some are ugly, some are friendly, fun, and happy, whilst others sad, lonely, and forlorn, but each has something of beauty to find within it, something that captures the essence of the creator, the artist who has painted it expressing their emotions openly through their work for all to see and admire, or sometimes criticise. Therefore, humanity is the reason why I fall in love with art. My re-mastered artworks in SL are a celebration to share with all who gaze upon them the extreme talent of artists who inspire us and with whom we have the privilege of sharing our RL world and SL lives with.– Xanthe Firehawk

Do come enjoy this gorgeous exhibit! After, be sure to take the LM notecard found at the door and wander Ce Soir and Ce Soir Arts. There is much to see and do including in spaces above and below the sim. Come…be inspired – and enchanted – tonight!

On Tuesday, readings will continue the mood of spring. Poet Laureate Russell Eponym brings both poetry & song to us at The Magic Tree at NOON SLT. Every week is a joy, but do come for this enchanting hour of poetry, story and music with Russell and friends who gather, eager to experience his presentation. A range of music styles is shared, along with fascinating stories and poetry by the masters; he even shares writing from his own pen from time-to-time. Russell is a multifaceted talent, and this hour is always magical, but is uniquely so as we celebrate Spring!

At 1 PM, I will share a short reading of springtime poetry with a fanciful twist. I will also share some photographs – some my own and those of others – to highlight the poetry and carry through the Springtime mood. The focus is mystical to go along with the new art exhibit. Come round at The Magic Tree! You will be warmly welcomed!

Next, at 1:30 PM SLT, Caledonia Skytower, the gifted writer and reader who leads at the beloved Seanchai Library drops in to share something extra-special. She has been quite busy, coordinating everything for LitFest at Fantasy Faire, the well-known annual fundraiser for RFL of SL. This event, in its tenth year of success in gathering funds to fight cancer, is always filled with fun and frolic! This year was outstanding and Cale worked with LitFest and took the literary events to a new level of engagement. On Tuesday, we will hear something quite special. Her presentation is entitled: “I went to the Faire…and this is what I wrote.” Her writing is exemplary and her delivery charming. Come join us!

At 2:30 PM, Ǣon Woodford brings us another of Robert Sheckley’s sardonic sci-fi tales. This time, it’s Demons, and it’s surprisingly humourous! Here’s a taste: Walking along Second Avenue, Arthur Gammet decided it was a rather nice spring day. Not too cold, just brisk. A perfect day for selling insurance, he told himself. He stepped off the curb at Ninth Street. And vanished. Well…what happens next is truly interesting! Of course, Ǣon tells the tale in his own inimitable style…which makes it all the more appealing. He’s dressed for the part – as he is wont to do – so don’t let him frighten you. (Well, don’t let him frighten you unduly!)

We will be happy to see you at The Magic Tree, and of course, at Côte de la Mer Galerie whenever you can come by. There are wonderful music events planned for Thursday, so check back for more information soon! As always, remember that the sim is open and that there are areas above and below to explore! Come…be inspired tonight!

Côte de la Mer Galerie

Celebrating May Day and Spring at The Magic Tree this Week!

Winter has finally faded in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are planning a lovely celebration! On Tuesday – May Day – at NOON SLT, the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts RUSSELL EPONYM will bring poetry and song to share. His weekly session at The Magic Tree is always a treat, as he always offers us the most wonderful hour! His Thought for the Day is always something to ponder and is generally uplifting and helpful as well. The music he shares – some of his own, but also marvellous recordings of musicians from across the creative landscape – is enjoyable, to say the least. The stories Russell reads in installments capture our imaginations and have us returning for more each week. Add to that the short tales and poetry that flow from his amazing archives…well, MAGICAL is the word that springs to mind!

And speaking of SPRING…it’s MAY DAY this Tuesday, and Russell will help us usher in the month with delightful readings and music. We have the MAYPOLE up and all are invited to dance and make merry in the glen of The Magic Tree. We do hope you will join us, as you will be welcome indeed! He will be nearing the close of reading The Diddakoi – a fanciful and dramatic tale by Rumer Godden. We can’t wait for that – and to see what’s next!

Maypole at Ce Soir Arts

As soon as Russell wraps his reading, ÆON WOODFORD steps up to read another story from sci-fi great Robert Sheckley. This tale, Warm is one of his more flat-out horror stories, comparatively free of the sardonic cynicism that usually marks his fiction. It’s even got a bit in common with the Lovecraft formula of the man exposed to unfortunate knowledge that drives him mad. Stick around for this 30-minute thrill ride…if you dare!

Then…on Wednesday, Master Storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will fly in to share with us some of the wonderful writings of Oscar Wilde. The works of the Irish poet and playwright are riveting reads, and Bryn’s excellent delivery make them even more so. Wilde is best remembered for his epigrams and plays, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, as well as the circumstances of his imprisonment and early death. Come enjoy with Bryn as he reads both “The Young King” and “The Sphinx without a Secret.” We gather round at 1 PM SLT in spring enchantment at The Magic Tree.

At 2 PM, the wonderful writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA brings her enchanting reading style to share with us more from the beautiful post-apocalyptic compendium of faerytales Tatterdemalion. This book of marvellous stories is by author Sylvia Linsteadt, and it is a joy to hear under that special Dubhna magical telling. You just do not want to miss this hour, and we will be happy to have you joining us!
Then, at 3 PM, I (MIREILLE JENVIEVE) will share some of my springtime favourites – two from my own pen. I will display some of my original SL photography as well, so do come listen as I explore in poetic verse the idea of spring as metamorphosis. 
We move to Château Ce Soir for Thursday’s musical treat with RUSSELL EPONYM, who brings us 90 minutes of his wonderful folk, blues, and beyond – LIVE from Wales! We always have a marvellous time, and Russell provides the soundtrack with his fanciful fingerstyle guitar, deft harmonica-playing – and a whole lot more! We have quite a chat with Russell, who streams live from his new studio in Llandudno, Wales. It’s a charming hour-and-a-half of dancing, singing, and friendly banter amongst friends. Do come enjoy with us! It’s spring – so put on your dancing shoes and celebrate!
Below is the schedule…come, be inspired tonight! And please check an earlier posting for information about FANTASY FAIRE, LITFEST, and RFL of SL! The Faire ends soon!
TELEPORTATION:           To The Magic Tree             To Château Ce Soir