Poet Laureate Russell Eponym reads at The Magic Tree – Cale is busy with LitFest at Fantasy Faire…

It’s Tuesday, and that means an hour of wonder at The Magic Tree with Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. We gather at NOON SLT, so join with us for an hour of enchantment. Russell brings a range of music for us to enjoy, along with outstanding readings of poetry and literature – sometimes from his own pen!

It’s spring at Ce Soir Arts, so join us for a refreshing hour in the garden. CLICK HERE to teleport to The Magic Tree. We will be happy to welcome you!

Usually, on this Tuesday, the gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower drops in to share excellent stories – often those with a delightful Gaelic flavour. Some of her presentations involve her own writing, but she has a wealth of readings to share. However, today Cale is busy with LitFest at the 10th Annual Fantasy Faire, supporting Relay for Life of SL. The event is quite special and provides a wide array of enjoyable readings – all within Fantasy Faire realms. Access information by clicking HERE. Learn about the events and attend when you can. Donate what you can, as every L$ matters!

Have a wonderful time – and remember, your donations in any amount are much appreciated by the American Cancer Society and all who benefit from the research & service programmes they offer in the US – and in connection with other organisations in other countries. We all know someone affected by a cancer diagnosis, so let’s relay!

Go! Have fun! Make a difference!

Thank you…
Ǣon & Mireille
Ce Soir Arts
Honouring the memory of: Gordon, Evelyn, Bill
Honouring the survival of: Dona, Lane, Wanda, Russell
Honouring the fight of: Jason

News about Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival – Opening Today!

This, a note from one of our most treasured writer/reader talents – Caledonia Skytower. Let’s all go to Fantasty Faire and enjoy the wonder!

LIVE on SLartists: This Month’s Storyteller’s Notebook

For April, among the most comprehensive literature-story events on the grid: Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival opens today. Whether you write, read, or love to listen, there is something for you in the ten day event opening today, all benefiting a great cause.

CLICK HERE to read!

Fantasy Faire 2018 starting 19 April!

So much happening for us in the physical realm right now…all of it happy and sweet. But it makes for less time to devote to other things, although we are thriving in-world at Ce Soir Arts, despite the paucity of postings here on the blog. Readings and musical shows go on…and some activity at Dover Beach Theatre too…along with some building and sim fine-tuning in preparation for art exhibits to come soon!

For now, I have a note for you regarding Relay for Life of SL that is starting in earnest this weekend – and the ever-fabulous Fantasy Faire, opening 19 April! The following note from OldeSoul Eldemar, a dear friend at Ce Soir Arts – someone who can always be found supporting fine caring work around the grid – will share the information. Read on – and plan to attend and donate! It’s always incredible fun with marvellous creations from people like the amazing Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods; sim designs from an array of creative folk; and activities of all kinds to enjoy! I’ll post more soon including notes about the annual LitFest that our dear Caledonia Skytower and friends from Seanchai Library will have to share!

From OldeSoul:

Relay For Life of SL starts this weekend. Everything you need to know is here: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY17National?pg=teamlist&fr_id=89967

Remember that Fantasy Faire will be from April 19th to 29th. Coming to 15 sims near you!! Sooo exciting this year as our funds will be supporting a Hope Hostel in Kenya – everything you need to know is here:
https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/knh-hope-hostel/ or feel free to call on me – OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul) in-world. See you there!

Thank you, OldeSoul! We so appreciate you – and everyone who is involved in this marvellous work.



April arrives – happy spring!

With the first quarter of the year past, we move into spring with jubilation! It has been a challenging winter for many around the world – especially in the US and UK, where storms brewed and kept winter hanging about. Even on this weekend, there is snow and blustery winds blowing in several areas. Stay warm…the sun will be out soon!

Whilst we are sipping our hot chocolate this evening, we are reflecting on an extra-special show with Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir that wrapped up a few hours ago. Now, all of Russell‘s presentations – be they literary or musical – are spectacular in their own right, this particular gathering (at one point, more than 50 had joined us) was extra-special. Now and again, there’s just this amazing feeling that permeates the atmosphere, and it was evident for this evening’s show. Everyone was in an upbeat mood, and we had many new visitors dropping in to enjoy Russell‘s talents – and he was in fine form on the guitar and harmonica, not to mention those velvety vocals. The songlist was a fine mix, as well, and we heard music from Bert Jansch, Donovan, Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Russell himself! It was magical!

As you know, Russell is Poet Laureate, Artist in Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire at Ce Soir Arts. He fulfills all those titles with supreme excellence, and you can expect some stellar performances as the year moves on. In fact, there will be some exceptionally fine surprises ahead, so…stay tuned! And don’t forget to join us every Tuesday at NOON SLT at The Magic Tree for an hour of literary genius and music from across the genres. Russell‘s readings are always special, but your presence will make them even more so. Of course, there’s every Thursday at 2 PM too, as Russell‘s delightful folk, blues, and beyond fill the sim with beauty. Come along and enjoy with us!

Russell Eponym – Chȃteau Ce Soir – 05 April

Seanchai Library Celebrates 10 Years of Story in Second Life® and Other Virtual Worlds!

Something special is happening at Seanchai Library! Of course, something special is always happening there including an array of outstanding spoken word events. However, this is quite the celebration! The Library has been operating in-world for 10 years this month, and the group is offering a series of happenings to commemorate this achievement. Special events are scheduled 15 – 25 March – 10 days celebrating 10 years of excellence in sharing the best in literature.

Team lead, Caledonia Skytower, has worked with her collaborators to put together an impressive schedule, accessible HERE. Please do yourself a favour and teleport over to enjoy some of the best readings and presentations available anywhere. Readers including well-known talents like Elrik Merlin, Shandon Loring, Dubhna Rhiadra, Corwyn Allen, and Caledonia herself will enthrall audiences with selections especially chosen for these events. LMs and details about each reading are available on the aforementioned schedule page, and even more information is to be found at the Library on Holly Kai. Teleport HERE to have a look around and enjoy the environment they’ve created.