Ce Soir Arts Closed in 2020…it was wonderful!

We stepped away from Ce Soir Arts and the metaverse due to illness in the family. It’s been quite an adventure, but things are better now, and we are contemplating a return to our virtual reality – but not a venue. As much fun and wonder it all was, we need more quiet time and calm these days. We enjoyed the outstanding musicians, actors, and artists who graced us with their work and presence. We’ll miss those events and the joy we experienced so many times with so many friends. We hope you are all well and happy – despite the pandemic and the many changes in our world. Take good care of yourselves and know that you are appreciated for your special gifts and kindness. THANK YOU for your attendance and participation when we were active here. We feel blessed and will always remember you!

It’s still hot weather, but Russell Eponym continues reading and providing music at the bookshop on Thursdays at noon throughout September!

UPDATE: We are closing the bookshop through the end of 2020, but hope to return for selected readings and art in early 2021. Please take care of yourselves and know how much we have appreciated your kindness over the years. Be well and happy!

ORIGINAL POST: Yes, it’s still very summery in many places – with some major hurricanes and forest fires putting a defining exclamation point on things in the USA. We send our best to all affected by these natural disasters and continue to provide a lovely spot for gathering in safety. Starry Night Island Books & Art offer a sweet respite any time, but especially on Thursdays at Noon slt, when our beloved Poet Laureate – Russell Eponym – steps to the reader’s chair and enthralls us with wonderful novels, stories, poetry, music, and more!

He’s just beginning a new novel, so come round to catch the beginning of this fascinating story by John Christopher. Russell reads it with his inimitable style, drawing the listeners into the action as it rises and falls in the developing plot. Add to that his usual fine musical selections by a known or talented obscure artist, and you’ve got yourself a fine hour of relaxation and enjoyment indeed!

His Thought for the Day is always of interest and he shares his wit and wisdom throughout the hour with his own special brand of charm. The bookshop is a lovely spot on Starry Night Island, and there are comfortable cushions and chairs for you to curl up on or in, settling into the hour each week. Do come visit and enjoy these hour-long reading sessions with Russell! You will be ever so glad you did! HERE!

Russell Eponym reads at the bookshop!

In the heat of summer, come relax and enjoy sweet readings and music with Russell Eponym – Thursdays at noon slt at Starry Night Island Books & Art!

Summer is heating up around the world – except in the Southern Hemisphere, where autumn is taking hold with cooler weather. It’s been very warm in the US, and it promises to heat up even more as summer marches on. So…let’s cool our heels at Starry Night Island Books & Art every Thursday this summer (June, July, August) to enjoy some wonderful readings of various literary works and some fine musical selections. The Poet Laureate of Starry Night Island  – the inimitable Russell Eponym – offers excellent music and outstanding prose and poetry from his own pen as well as that from a range of other fine writers. The Thought for the Day is always encouraging, the literature beautifully read. Come gather with friends – and enjoy a little time out with Russell! He’ll be reading every Thursday in July at noon slt. Here is your RIDE!

Russell reading at the bookshop!

Mid-June at Starry Night Books & Art – Russell Reads at Noon slt on Thursday, June 18 & 25!

Always special, readings with Russell Eponym give us much to think about and enjoy. His musical selections are top-notch (whether of his own composition or shared from other stellar artists), and his choice of poetry and story is exceptional. He has quite a collection from his roaming through the bookshops around the world. This erudite literary star comes with a background in education and exploration that is second to none. Do come relax with us at the bookshop and relish the hour. Come a bit early, as the region opens at least a half-hour or more before Russell reads at noon slt. Stay and explore afterward, as Starry Night Island will be open for a few hours after the reading. Some of Russell‘s watercolors (paired with his original lyrics) are available for viewing on the shop veranda, and Rockpools – the sweet seaside tribute to Russell‘s gorgeous song of the same name – is near. You are welcome to fly all over the region to enjoy its beauty. Join us HERE!

Starry Night Island Books & Art - Starry Night Island - 2020
Starry Night Island Books & Art

The time just keeps moving along, and here we are in mid-June! Half of 2020 is done. Amazing! With all that’s happening in our world – the larger, physical realm – there is much to consider and do. For one thing, we must all reach deep as we continue dealing with the pandemic. It’s difficult to be at home, the future uncertain. The unrest that has accompanied a new look at racism in America (and around the world) has highlighted for us our need to heed the call of compassion and understanding. We must take the time to heal from this terrible plague. Learning about the true history behind the maltreatment of Black people should set us straight and put us on the road to recovery.  Visit the History Channel in the US to learn more HERE. With all this, stresses mount. However, we can cherish these times with loved ones and exploring our inner worlds – and Second Life® – which is a gift to us now. Our virtual world offers us much entertainment and options for  exploring and learning as individuals and communities. Let us continue to enjoy and benefit from it!

Russell Celebrates Poetry, Story, Art, Music – and Uncle Aeon’s Birthday at the Bookshop!

Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence of Starry Night Island Books & Art, joined us on June 11 to read and ruminate in his delightful style. Reading from Roald Dahl, he brought lots of smiles to those gathered to celebrate literature, art, music – and Uncle Ǣon‘s birthday! Now, I won’t say WHICH birthday it was (on the 10th, actually, for this Gemini gem in our family), but Russell had fun ribbing him about aging gracelessly! It was so much fun! And dear Uncle was a good sport about it all.

Russell prepares to read in celebration of Uncle Ǣon’s Birthday at the bookshop as Legolas enjoys!

The best part of the day was that Aunt Mireille was able to join us for the festivities! She was feeling rested and did not want to miss the fun. Besides, she has really missed being in-world and interacting with a long list of friends – many of whom were present today. We limit the number of family present for Russell‘s readings so that there is room for his large group of fans and friends who can break away at noon SLT each Thursday, so MoonDog and I (Willow) stayed at home and listened in so we wouldn’t miss it!

Aunt Mireille & Uncle Ǣon joined by Caledonia Skytower and friend for the celebration!

Russell often brings the guitar for a bit of serenading, as well as sharing from his extensive collection of music by others. Today’s selections were lovely Celtic tunes by a sweet lass – but I did not catch her name! He also shares prose and poetry and the Thought for the Day is always of interest and encouragement. A nice crowd gathered to enjoy!

A fine group joined us to enjoy Russell’s reading at the celebration!

Russell will join us again next Thursday (June 18) at noon SLT, so do come along! We’ve posted some of his beautiful watercolor paintings for you to enjoy along with his stellar readings. Plus, there is the calming Rockpools – a sweet spot at the shore that Aunt Mireille created in honor of Russell‘s gorgeous song by that name. Come relax awhile and feel the peace descend! We’ll see you HERE!

Adding some art to the bookshop – starting with Poet Laureate & Artist-in-Residence Russell Eponym!

We have all known Russell Eponym as a multi-faceted individual with many illustrious talents. From his knowledge and skill with literature, reading, and theatre – to his musical gifts – we have enjoyed them all. One area of his expertise that gets perhaps a wee bit less attention is his ability to capture a scene in watercolor and other media. So, Aunt M Ædecided to add to her placement of Rockpools (a restful spot by the sea that honors his wonderful song) by placing a scrolling board with several of his original artworks that are appointed with his poetry and lyrics!

You will find this at the entrance of the Starry Night Island Books & Art shop, and can even sit on the veranda and scroll through the beautiful pieces at leisure. Come relax when Russell reads here next – Thursday, June 11 at Noon slt. The region will open early and stay open late that day and we’ll announce in his group and elsewhere as a special invitation to come enjoy! That day is just one day past the birthday of our beloved Uncle Æon – but shhh! Let’s not give that away, as we do have a bit of a celebration planned for the 11th! You won’t want to miss any of what’s in store, so we’ll see you then: HERE!

Starry Night Island Books & Art Honoring Poet Laureate & Artist-in-Residence Russell Eponym

Russell returns after some technical issues in his new studio – see you Thursday, June 04 at Noon!

Last week, our friend Russell Eponym had some technical issues from work in his home studio in Wales. He sorted them quickly and was able to play music shows the next day. We are so happy that he is returning to us at Starry Night Island Books & Art on Thursday, June 04 – and every Thursday after that! (Of course, we’ll notify you of any changes, but his plan is to read here weekly, and we are so pleased to welcome him – and you!)

Do come along and enjoy the charming hour with the Poet Laureate of Starry Night Island and the delightful group of friends that gather at Noon to hear his reading and music. We will be happy to welcome you and encourage you to also visit the Rockpools installation from Aunt Mireille, a sweet restful area by the shore that is in honour of Russell and his beautiful song Rockpools. You will want to return to enjoy it again and again!

We’ll see you HERE! Happy June!

Canceled for 28 May! Russell Reads at Noon Thursdays…

When Ce Soir Arts was at Ce Soir region, Aunt Mireille created a spot in honour of Russell and his beautiful song, “Rockpools.” That restful place by the sea has been recreated at Starry Night Island for your enjoyment! Come pause and reflect at this special location – not far from Starry Night Island Books & Art where Russell reads each week.

Although his reading is canceled for today (due to hardware issues preventing him from streaming into Second Life), do come join us on future Thursdays at Noon for an hour with Russell. You will enjoy his wonderful readings and the music he shares. It’s always lovely, with a Thought for the Day and readings from a range of poets and other writers – sometimes including himself! You’ll be glad you joined us, and so will we! Land HERE for the readings, and then walk just a ways to the shoreline to enjoy “Rockpools.”

ROCKPOOLS II in honour of Russell’s beautiful song!

Russell reads Thursdays at Noon slt: Starry Night Island Books & Art

We are pleased to enjoy weekly readings with Russell Eponym on Thursdays at Noon SLT. Always a treat, these readings – with music! – are a delight, as Russell shares from his extensive collection of prose and poetry. He is quite knowledgeable about both the writing and the music, and she shares liberally with his appreciative audiences. Do come along to enjoy these hours with Russell and friends!

The region will open a half-hour or so before each reading begins and will remain open after so that you can wander and enjoy the beauty we so love about the island.

Your landing spot at Starry Night Island Books & Art: HERE

Starry Night Island Books & Art

Another fine reading with Russell Eponym at the bookshop – 30 April at Noon SLT!

Russell will again join us for an hour of exceptional readings and music. He always has something wonderful to share from both areas of the arts. We’ve been enjoying his presence here and have hosted relatively large audience for our homestead region – which opens at 11:30 AM each Thursday. Do feel welcome to wander about after the reading to enjoy the beauties of Starry Night Island, which was designed by Aunt Mireille.

Russell reads at Starry Night Island Books & Art

We find the bookshop a relaxing environment in which to settle in and enjoy Russell‘s soothing voice and outstanding spoken-word and musical selections. There’s always something for everyone and Russell‘s discerning tastes make for a nice balance of seriousness and humour. Come along and enjoy the hour with us HERE!

Fantasy Faire opens 23 April – Raising funds for American Cancer Society!

It’s that time again – a time we all in Second Life™ anticipate with excitement and delight! Fantasy Faire 2020 is open! Raising funds in support of the work of the American Cancer Society to create a world FREE from cancer, this is the premier event in our virtual world – and one that has a major positive impact in that “real world” we all also inhabit. Having raised millions of L$ (which translates into thousands and thousands of USD), this event is beloved for that – and for many beautiful, creative reasons! In fact, those donating at Fantasy Faire since 2009 have raised and relayed to the American Cancer Society a grand total of L$89,500,000 = $358,000 USD! That, my friends is phenomenal! And we shall add to that in 2020!

There are loads of activities you can enjoy again this year in the Fairelands. You can literally shop ’til you drop; be entertained by dramatic and humourous presentations; enjoy exceptional spoken word events (yay for LitFest!); explore the work of fine visual artists; play games all day; and generally fill yourself up with inspiration in beautiful, fantastic environments created especially for the penultimate Relay for Life® event of the year. You will be greeted on each region by the music provided by Fantasy Faire Radio (via the generosity of Radio Riel). The music is always stupendous! It’s  tailored to the themes of the regions and plays throughout the Fairelands, providing glorious tunage and reports from the event. Lovely notes from the American Cancer Society remind us why we are there, and the Radio Riel leadership including the stellar Elrik Merlin, infuses each moment with meaning.

Aunt Mireille, as most of you know, has received extensive treatment for cancer since the autumn of 2019. Our beloved relative and friend is now at home working to recover from the cancer and its treatment. She is doing well, but is quite fatigued and dealing with some stubborn recovery issues. Uncle Ǣon continues to be by her side, supporting her every step of the way. They made the difficult decision to close Ce Soir Arts and return to their original region with the family at Starry Night Island. Her beauty is reflected here as it was at Ce Soir Arts. And her spirit soars with the opening of Fantasy Faire 2020. She – and all of us in the family – urge you to attend many events and enjoy the wonders that have been created this year by some of SL’s most amazing creators! Donate what you can…every single L$ matters! You never know how many lives you will touch around the world with your kindness. You will be supporting and encouraging Aunt M, that’s for sure! So…make your way over to the Fairelands to have fun – and make a difference! Visit the official website for all the details and SLurls to take you where you wish to go! CLICK HERE!

Aunt Mireille has visited the Fairelands and has taken some lovely photos – one of her favourite pastimes. We will feature some of those photos here, as we remind us all to zip over and enjoy the glorious offerings of events like LitFest, etc. Go, have a magical time and donate what you can to this important cause. THANK YOU!

The Wonderlings Cradle at Fairelands Junction

At Fairelands Junction– sponsored by the wondrous Secrets of Gaia –  the following creators brought the worlds of the Faire together in beauty. These Worldlings are Allie Munro & SkarScopioCasandra (brokenlovely), FionaFei, Jj Yowahoshi, Polenth Yue, Kadaj Yoshikawa, Sonya Marmurek and Strifeclaw. Learn more about these wonderful creative spirits HERE. Their work is enchanting, inviting us into the many worlds of the Fairelands. Start there and enjoy it all!

Russell Eponym to read this Thursday – 23rd April at Noon SLT!

Willow here, with more good news about Russell reading for his third time at Starry Night Island Books & Art! We are loving these Thursday programmes with Russell and friends. His readings are rich with beauty and fun – and he always shares some marvelous music too!

Starry Nifhr Island Books & Art

NOTE: The region opens at 11:30 AM before Russell reads and remains open for an hour or more for your enjoyment.  Aunt Mireille is hoping to join us soon, and Uncle AEon was here for the first two readings. We will be happy to welcome you too! See you HERE!

Russell Eponym with poetry & song at Starry Night Island – 16 April – Noon

You won’t want to miss this session with Russell Eponym, as he joins us at the new Starry Night Island Books & Art. Our family has opened our shared region so that Russell, longtime Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts can resume his position at Starry Night IslandRussell will share his talents in poetry, literature, spoken word, and music in this new location – now for the second time! The location is lovely and the accommodations are restful, so come along and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a homestead region, and it is limited to 25 avatars at once. To make more room for guests, family members will limit their attendance to one or two, depending. ALSO NOTE: The region will open to visitors at 11:30 AM SLT on dates when Russell reads ONLY – for the time being. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to more readings with Russell – and you!

Join us HERE!

Russell reading at Starry Night Island

The Easter Bunny made his rounds yesterday….!

Yes, the Easter Bunny himself came down the avenue yesterday, spreading cheer and smiles along the way…..
Hubby was driving in the car and caught up with him for a photo shoot!

The Easter Bunny makes his rounds!

We got such a kick out of this that we played Easter music and had a gigglefest! It was fun, and quite a nice break from our usual routine during these difficult times in the world.

We hope that Easter – the most glorious of Christian celebrations – will bring you joy and peace to last a long, long time. If you are of another faith, may your springtime celebrations grace you with peace.

And we hope that this sweet bunny visit will make you laugh!

Be safe and well!

Welcoming Russell to Starry Night Island Books & Art

Tomorrow is a special day! Our family has opened our shared region so that Russell Eponym, longtime Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts can resume his position at Starry Night Island. We are excited about this and hope that you will join us on Thursday, 09 April at NOON SLT to relax in the bookshop and enjoy Russell as he shares his talents in poetry, literature, spoken word, and music in this new location.

NOTE: This is a homestead region, and it is limited to 25 avatars at once. To make more room for guests, family members will limit their attendance to one or two, depending. ALSO NOTE: The region will open to visitors at 11:30 AM SLT on this date ONLY – for the time being. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to more readings with Russell – and you!

Join us HERE!

Starry Night Island Books & Art

Russell Eponym to Perform as Guest of Seanchai Library and Starry Night Island!

Our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, the multi-talented Russell Eponym, reports that he will be performing his musical show at Seanchai Library’s Ceiliuradh Glen in Holly Kai Park. Set for Tuesdays at Noon SLT, these will be marvelous programmes, so do join them! Check their blog for updated information. The work they do in the arts is magnificent, and they deserve our accurate support.

In addition, Russell will be reading this Thursday at the new Starry Night Island Books & Art. Also at Noon SLT, this reading will echo his long-term readings that we took such joy in at The Magic Tree. Come round and enjoy! The area will open to you about 11:30 AM SLT on that day ONLY, so do join us as our family tries this new location – HERE!

Be safe and well, everyone! Be cautious and happy!

Second Life photography as a creative outlet…

As we all are dealing with increased stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking ways to express ourselves becomes increasingly important. As a photographer and writer in both the virtual and physical realms, I am finding this outlet to be even more valuable to me than it has been over the last ten years or so. I’ve been snapping pix like crazy the last few days, and posting them on Flickr and other locations for sharing. As a  writer, I am discovering new poems within – additional ways to express myself and alleviate stress.

I was planning to share one here in hopes it would be an incentive to you to either take up in-world photography or another creative endeavour. However, the website is not allowing me to upload new media for some reason, so I’m sharing an older photo from Ce Soir Arts instead (see below). There are many hobbies and activities to be enjoyed, and I am hearing from friends who have taken up quilting, drawing, furniture refinishing, gardening, and a host of other activities. Many enjoy cookery and are trying new recipes (when they have the ingredients available), and are being quite creative and inventive with substitutions! Several are sewing, and some are making cloth masks and washcloths to donate to health care providers. The options are endless, and completely up to the individual. Even clutter-clearing at home has become a hobby of sorts for several friends who are rediscovering both trash and treasures!

I hope you find something to enjoy whilst sheltering at home. I must say that Second Life® is a blessing, as it helps pass the time in ways that enhance connection to family and friends – in a safe, distanced environment. There are so many options for entertainment in SL including art (the galleries are numerous and many hold stunning artworks); shopping (we avatars must have fashionable clothing, hair, make-up, etc.); and LIVE MUSIC that is provided by musicians from around the world! Join for free, login, choose your first avatar, and explore! The Destination Guide will take you several places…and there is always MORE.

Since we’ve closed Ce Soir Arts, that gorgeous region is no longer, but there are so many to visit. I promise you, you will find beauty and fun in our virtual world. Give it a try at https://secondlife.com/ – and enjoy! (You can click HERE if the website link won’t work.)

The website won’t allow me to upload new media at the moment, so below is a photo of The Ruins at Ce Soir Arts. This was a special spot on the region, a quiet, restful place. We placed a piano here for Skye Galaxy concerts that were enjoyed by many. One concert was enjoyed by 110 on the region at once, plus others who were listening remotely. his concerts are known for large audiences and lots of beautiful music. We will always remember…!

The Ruins at Eventide – Ce Soir Arts

Ce Soir Arts is Closing on 29 March 2020

Ce Soir Arts has been in operation as a set of venues and a sweet place of rest and peace – offering spoken word, musical, visual art, and theatrical events – since January of 2012. We have had a wonderful time hosting multiple thousands of patrons over the years, and we have made many good friends among patrons and performers alike. It has been a wondrous adventure and we will long cherish  the memories we have made.
As we close, we feel deeply grateful to all who have shared their talents or who have visited to enjoy the artistic endeavours of others. Many have enjoyed the literary, artistic, and musical gifts of our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym. He was our very first spoken word and musical performer, all the way back to day one in January 2012. He performs regularly around the grid, so please look for his events; you are guaranteed to enjoy his many offerings. Join his group to stay up with his busy schedule. You will find Russell warm and inviting and exceptionally talented. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy his work!
Numerous visual artists, musicians, actors, and spoken word artists have shared their gifts at our various venues. Please read earlier postings for information about many of them. If you are looking for readings, check out the happenings at Seanchai Library and other sites for prepared as well as open mike readings. Those who have read with us are top-of-the-line readers, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them elsewhere whenever you can!
Our last official day will be 29 March, but things will be disappearing from the region from now until then. However, you are welcome to wander the region and enjoy the calm, peaceful environment that remains as we make our way.
In a time of real world turmoil including the COVID-19 pandemic, our virtual world offers us safe connection and lots of entertainment. We hope you will enjoy your virtual experience and will be safe in both SL and RL. Stay healthy and do all you can to help yourself and others.
Thank you for your patronage over the years. We appreciate your kindness and wish you the very best for health and happiness in both worlds!
Mireille & Aeon
Co-Owners, Ce Soir Arts

Wednesday offers reading adventure again – live at The Magic Tree at 2 pm and 3 pm!

Another week brings more literary enjoyment at The Magic Tree. Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra never fail to bring outstanding stories and poetry for our enjoyment. They regularly read on alternate Wednesdays (see previous postings for details), with Caledonia reading at 2 PM SLT, followed by Dubhna at 3. We have definite plans to add another reader this spring (at 1 PM SLT), but come along at 2 PM for a weekly treat!

Caledonia – who is a talented writer and spoken word artist – will be providing her annual reading of Maurice Walsh’s stunning book The Quiet Man. This book is a treasure and you will be enchanted as Caledonia reads. Her talents as both a writer and reader will be evident as we gather at The Magic Tree.

Just a taste of what Celedonia has in store: “Shawn Kelvin, returned to his native Kerry from America, his blitheness sobered and his youth dried to the core, and whether he had made his fortune or whether he had not no one could be knowing for certain. For he was a quiet man, not given to talking about himself and the things he had done.” Come enjoy this fine writing and reading with Cale!


Do stay after Caledonia’s reading to enjoy the magical Dubhna Rhiadra, taking the spotlight at The Magic Tree at 3 PM SLT. She always has adventure in mind – with fascinating fantasy tales that take us on rousing adventures, from the humorous to the very serious. Dubhna regales us with these historical tales in her delightful Welsh brogue, and we can’t help but be taken in. These stories are treasures from her extensive collection of tales. Come along to enjoy her beautiful telling! Don’t be late – come at 2 for Cale and stay for Dubhna at 3. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you did! These two spoken word artists are top-of-the-line, and we always enjoy their programs!

Here’s your ride to the lovely gardens at The Magic Tree! We’ll see you there!

This Wednesday at The Magic Tree – three magnificent readings!

We are thrilled to host another day of readings with three of our favorite literary stars. Come join us for three hours of fine readings as we rest under the canopy of The Magic Tree in the beautiful reading garden at Ce Soir Arts! You will be glad you came along for these three beautiful spoken word events. Check the schedule below and come along for to enjoy!

Your magic carpet is HERE!