Hallowe’en approaches….spookiness abounds…and the MAD MASQUERADE is in planning…!

Those who know us at Ce Soir Arts are not at all surprised to come upon a shift in the sim, now that Hallowe’en is truly on the horizon. Autumn is, after all, our very favourite time of year! We love the weather, the spooky ambience of almost every corner, and the sheer fun and delight of celebration!

Autumn Spookiness at Côte de la Mer Galerie
Autumn Spookiness at Côte de la Mer Galerie

So…on your next visit, do pop round to Côte de la Mer Galerie and note some rather spooky photographs… There will, it seems, be a creeping escalation of this ghoulishness about the sim, so visit now and again to experience it as it unfolds… There will be some stellar stops along the way, and Tuesday (18 October) readings at The Magic Tree are included:

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

NOON: ✫ RUSSELL EPONYM ✫ – The Poet Laureate’s wit & wisdom: poetry, prose, music – a bit of spookiness…

1:30 PM: ✫ CALEDONIA SKYTOWER ✫ – Reading from THE GRAVEYARD BOOK…and more chills coming soon!

The MAD MASQUERADE is planned for Thursday, 27 October…so look for more details about that – and the fabulous music and art related to it – soon!

Have fun with autumn – enjoy the weather and the fun décor…and get ready for some spooktacular times ahead!


A bit of rest…and lots of fun in store at Ce Soir Arts this coming week!

Whilst the galleries are on hiatus (something special is in store!)…we’re taking a small break. BUT the fun does not stop, even so! Russell will not read for his regular Tuesday presentation at The Magic Tree at noon…but he’ll be back to delight us with music on Thursday! Check the schedule below for some other outstanding opportunities to join us for spoken word and music events this week!


The chariot of choice: The Magic Tree Château Ce Soir



Yes, it was my birthday this past Thursday…and – shhhh! – I’m NOT divulging my age. After all, it is a woman’s prerogative to keep that safely under wraps! This is especially true when her youth is so vibrantly obvious, as it so clearly is in my case. <SMILE>

All that aside, we decided not to decorate or have a cake or any overt trappings for a birthday party at Château Ce Soir. Instead, we opted for a quieter take on things, focusing on having a great time with our friends and the new people who inevitably come round to enjoy the music – and antics – of our Thursday favourites: Russell Eponym, Anj Gustafson, and Nuvolino. We are never disappointed because these three and their fans and friends really know how to have a good time, and they are so sweet about it! You can tell they are friends, and they welcome new people with kindness. We love that at Ce Soir Arts…and on this night, I was thrilled to be treated to three of the most outstanding and creative renditions of “Happy Birthday to You” ever heard in SL – or RL! The joy of the occasion was enjoyed by all – and the music was simply incredible!

russell-on-ms-birthday-goth-rock-1Russell came to the party with his beloved folk, blues, and beyond – including his memorable original songs. He was in excellent humour and we had a great time listening, laughing, and dancing together! For the occasion, Russell was all dressed in a very cool gothic getup that spoke to that dark underside of life at Ce Soir Arts. If you’ve not poked around underground…you’re really missing out! Next time you visit, don’t miss it! MUAHAHAHA! After all, Halloween is in the offing – and the MAD MASQUERADE will be extra-special this time out. It will last for more than a week and will include some really interesting and unique entertainments… That said, Russell and his ultra-cool guitars and other instruments (Martina and Monica, for starters!) will be a big part of the festivities – and not just for music! He’ll be part of some stunning spoken word presentations over the event. As our celebrated Poet Laureate, he has much to offer. Stay tuned – and check the photo for a quick look at his outfit and musical acoutrement for this particular show. Very cool indeed!

anj-gustafsonUp next, muti-instrumentalist Anj Gustafson took the stage and gave us an hour filled to the brim with excellent music. Popular and rock tunes filled the hall with energy – and those love songs melted our hearts! Several requests were fulfilled including one from my beloved Æon for me. Anj was spot-on for that sweet Dylan song: To Make You Feel My Love. SIGH…. Dancing the night away is in order when Anj is here, and the lovely Ki provided some lead dancing with friends that is always a delight. She’s master of the dance HUD, and each dance is a perfect match to Anj‘s music – a joy to watch, even as our ears are treated to the melodious voice coming to us LIVE from down-south, USA! Anj and crew bring their compelling music and energy every-other-Thursday, so don’t miss your next opportunity (13 October, 6 PM SLT). We’ll see you then!

nuvolino-at-ce-soir-aOf course, Nuvolino followed Anj on my birthday night – and he will do so through the end of 2016. Since MoShang‘s regular set on Thursday nights had to change due to his RL move and new job, we’re adjusting nicely (although we do miss Mo – and will catch him when he can play on Sundays at Comfort Zone; check Search for dates and times). On my birthday night, Nuvolino popped in with his spectacular light show and cool trance and ambient music…starting with a very special arrangement of Happy Birthday to You! It was amazing, and got his show off into its usual unique and very enjoyable groove. That pounding beat – perceptible even in the more subtle tunes – keeps the dancing going, and those lyrics and vocals (by Nuvolino and his collaborators) keep our attention high, even as we bliss-out on the sounds. Always a treat!

THANK YOU, everyone, for a fantastic birthday! I had a ball in both RL and SL…with special thanks to my beloved Æon, who makes every day an adventure!

Remember: Ce Soir Arts is open 24/7 for your enjoyment! Wildstar‘s wonderful SAILING exhibit has closed, and the galleries are on hiatus in preparation for something very special coming for autumn and Halloween. Stay tuned!

To visit, click HERE and then grab the LM Notecard from Mr. Crane. Wander about and enjoy!

Aliens…and other stories: the highlight of another wonderful day at The Magic Tree!

BRYN and DUBHNA provided two hours of excellent stories, as always, at The Magic Tree today. Bryn‘s spot-on telling of a selected tale from Aurthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Oddysey. It was indeed riveting, as the party responded to an eerie magnetic anomaly on the moon – and discovered a mysterious black monolith. The images were striking, and Bryn did some convincing alien voices that drew us into the tale… He just HAS to come back with more of this, as the taste of Ray Bradbury’s work that he shared at the end of the hour was just enough to whet our appetites for more…

BRYN in alien gear
BRYN in alien gear

Dubhna‘s reading – always a journey to everywhere – included specially selected poetry, all beautiful including some verse that had flowed from her own pen. Each one was delivered with her characteristic style that always satisfies. Dubhna is known for reading deeply expressive poetry and sharing writings by both known and unknown writers; we can’t wait to have her return with another exploration of works tender or forceful, always with a point worth hearing.

DUBHNA telling tales...
DUBHNA telling tales…

Both of these outstanding spoken word artists will return to The Magic Tree on 12 October (2 PM and 3 PM SLT, respectively. Do plan to join us!

Join us for two hours of engaging spoken word at The Magic Tree…Wednesday, 2 and 3 PM SLT

BRYN READINGIt’s Wednesday, 28 September, and we’ve got two hours of excellent spoken word coming your way! At 2 PM SLT, outstanding reader BRYN TALEWEAVER will take us on a SCI-FI journey. We’ll meet aliens in unusual places and encounter some strange happenings along the way. Don’t miss this unique and very enjoyable hour!

Dubhna at The Magic Tree - 0416 - for advertsUp next, the wonderful DUBHNA RHIADRA will drop in and invite us into some special stories that she’s chosen with us in mind. We always enjoy Dubhna‘s readings; I call them an adventure to everywhere, because you never know just what gems she’ll be sharing – but you can bet they’ll be shining ones…

Come along and enjoy listening to fantastic tales as we relax under the branches of The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts. Your chariot is HERE

“The Americas” – wonderful folktales as Cale wraps her series at The Magic Tree…

Cale brought us more of her wonderful readings at The Magic Tree, and as we anticipated, it was another beautiful hour with this talented writer and spoken word artist. Today, her focus was The Americas, both North and South, and we were swept away by simply charming tales – many of which fell into the category of Cinderella story, one of the shared forms of story found in countries around the world.



Each tale was unique to the country of origin, but the overall tales shared the common thread of romance – with a bit of intrigue or playfulness. The last tale of the day was a departure from The Americas programme, as Cale whisked us away to Finland for a time-honoured story of two competing brothers and their father’s method of finding each of them a sweetheart to wed. Both brothers set out on the adventure as planned…but – as luck (or providence) would have it – there were distinct differences and some sweet surprises along the way! To say that we and all assembled enjoyed this hour would be an understatement.

Calle will return soon, prepared to share with us some very special stories that will take us into the autumn season…and provide a bit of chilling for Halloween! You won’t want to miss it, so do look here, on SL Search in-world, and at our schedule board at Ce Soir Arts for details. Consider joining our Subscribe-O as well, and then…you won’t miss a thing!

Drop over anytime to dance, relax, or wander about. Come…be inspired tonight!

“The Unicorn Tapestries” with ACT – what a beautiful event!

We enjoy artistry in its various permutations and SecondLife™ offers us numerous opportunities to see and experience many forms of artistic expression – for both education and entertainment. Today, we were charmed by another presentation by the excellent company of Avilion Cameo Theatre. This group of builders, actors, writers, musicians, and dancers come together in their work and provide many hours of enjoyment and enrichment at their own sims and across the grid.

We at Ce Soir Arts have been privileged to host this company twice now, and each time has been a delight. The production of The Unicorn Tapestries today was simply lovely. From the staging to the acting, everything was well-done and the presentation was seamless. I was enthralled and had to remind myself to take these photos. I’m glad I did remind myself, for now, we have these to enjoy!

Photos from The Unicorn Tapestries by ACT
                                  Photos from The Unicorn Tapestries by ACT – 25 September at Ce Soir Arts

Whilst the company will be back to perform another of their fine works at Ce Soir Arts, please visit Avilion and enjoy the loveliness of the sims and learn more about their artistry. Check the Avilion Arts website for more details regarding Avilion Cameo Theatre, Avilion Bards, the MerBallet and many other offerings of this company; the sim offers excellent opportunities for medieval roleplay as well, and you are invited to learn more HERE.

Our thanks to the whole company, but especially friends Bajoy (Dramaturge) and Moon Aerandir (Bard of Avilion). Do see earlier postings for more information – and look for future postings as well.