A new week…with enchantment in store at The Magic Tree…and more!

This coming week (21-22-23 February, especially) at Ce Soir Arts will bring several spoken word events at The Magic Tree and one spectacular music show at Château Ce Soir. We’re doing some planning and work in the background including preparing to host another marvelous play from Avatar Cameo Theatre (ACT) this spring – and adding-in a bit more music with the astounding Baz. He was here for the Valentine’s Party (which was a fabulous evening of music and dancing with Anj and Baz). Truly, there’s nothing like swaying to deeply romantic and rhythmic music to bring on a warm, relaxed yet celebratory mood. The evening inspired us, so look for more from both of these outstanding musicians (and, of course, Russell Eponym and Nuvolino too!)…

galerie-silas-ad-spotlight-finalWe are enjoying the gorgeous romantic sculptures from the gifted artist Silas Merlin at at Côte de la Mer Galerie. The Bouguereau Sculptures – based on original paintings by the French classical artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau – are on exhibit at Ce Soir Arts through February. They are not for sale, but can be accessed through 21 February at the excellent monthly event The Chapter Four. We are excited to have partnered with creator Lakua Arriaga from The Chapter Four on this event. Time is ticking, so get on over there NOW. Click HERE for the SLurl. Also visit the artist’s own gallery – The Silas Gallery – at New Babbage; this space is filled with lovely sculptures and paintings including some of the most wondrous portraits! Click HERE to teleport over…

feb-21-23-schedAs noted above, we’ll be having a grand time at The Magic Tree this week; both Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy and enjoyable. Poet Laureate Russell Eponym starts us out in grand style with his usual array of music, poetry and prose on Tuesday at NOON. The Thought for the Day is always thought-provoking and we have thoroughly enjoyed his reading of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. We don’t know exactly what’s in store this week, but you can be sure it will be special and beautifully presented. The music comes from a variety of very specifically-chosen musicians, and we always enjoy Russell and his taste. In fact, we’ve met many fine musicians through the music and information he shares – and his readings are top-notch (complete with spot-on voices and accents) and always a joy. Join us at The Magic Tree and experience the Poet Laureate‘s simply magical hour!

Then, at 2:30 PM, MrG Darkrose will again step to the reader’s throne at The Magic Tree to enchant us with the continuing saga (begun with his last reading) of the exciting adventures of Harry Potter and friends in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. MrG’s reading of this classic fantasy adventure by J.K. Rowling is exceptional; his command of dialects and characters is stunning, and we’ll be swept into the storyline in a flash! As Harry, orphaned as a baby, grows and learns of his history – and his future as a wizard with great capacity – well, we’ll be engaged and wrapped up in all that’s happening at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond!

In a bit of a schedule shift this week (two hours later than her usual time), the beloved and gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower will join us at 3:30 PM for another hour of raucous humour as she reads from the ever-hilarious Terry Pratchett. We will laugh our way through the hour as Cale charms us with her expert reading of these delightful stories. Her knowledge of Pratchett and his work informs her reading as she shares snippets of information along with the giggle-worthy tales. Come along and join in all the fun – and do bring your smile, because – trust me! – you are going to need it!

That was a great Tuesday, but the enjoyment at The Magic Tree continues…

At 2 PM on Wednesday, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver will give us a peek into the humourous and satiric worlds of well-known writer Douglas Adams. Reading from some of his stellar works, he will take us on quite a journey with Adams. As a reader who knows his subjects well, Bryn always brings interesting insights to share during his readings. Always enjoyable, an hour with Bryn at The Magic Tree on the works of Douglas Adams will be a delight indeed. Come join us – and bring your curiosity…

Following Bryn at 3 PM, Dubhna Rhiadra steps in to charm us with her soulful and expressive poetry and stories of enchantment. Dubhna, a richly talented writer and reader, brings her expertise and sensitive style of relating to her listeners to every session at The Magic Tree. She has quite a compendium of material – both that from various writers and her own pen – and she always chooses just the perfect mix to share. Come, take a seat and relax as Dubhna weaves tales fantastical and engaging. We are happy to make room for you under the branches at The Magic Tree. See you there!

And then…THURSDAY!

It is absolutely no secret that Æon and I LOVE Thursdays! Not only does Thursday kick-off the weekend, it does so in grand style at Château Ce Soir. Some weeks, we have two or three or four shows on Thursday, and some weeks, we have but one. But when it’s just one…it’s pretty wonderful, because it’s none-other-than Russell Eponym with his excellent 90-minute show! Russell streams LIVE from Wales with his fabulous folk, blues, and beyond, a truly eclectic mix of music that has a rich common thread: excellence. Russell gives a virtuoso performance, every time, and the fun we have with the family of friends – and often, new people too – who gather…well, it’s beyond delightful! Folk music serves as the base for Russell in his music, but he does wander “way over yonder in that minor key…” and it’s perfect, every time! There are toe-tapping tunes you will recognize from artists like Donovan and Dylan, along with Russell’s own beautiful compositions. Some tunes are outrageously funny (“One Meatball” springs to mind!) and some are deeply touching, such as a love ballad like the song written by Tracy ChapmanThe Promise. Russell’s got them all – and more to boot! Come enjoy and get your weekend off to a great start!

Your transport: The Magic Tree and/or Château Ce Soir… Come…be inspired tonight!

Valentine’s Week at Ce Soir Arts…


Romantics and dyed-in-the-wool believers-in-love look forward to 14 February, literally all year long. I speak to this with authority, as a card-carrying member of both groups. Never mind that it comes after the grace of Thanksgiving, the joys of Christmas, the hopes of the New Year…it has its own charms and holds its own against all the other major holidays. So what, if there is no bank holiday to celebrate – no “day off” from work to court or be courted? We don’t mind. Love is love every day, and setting aside this one day to honour it – and our loved ones – just bring us more joy!

We have some very special events in store at Ce Soir Arts, all meant to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day by LOVE itself. Check the calendar below (along with the remainder of this posting) and plan to come enjoy. There are loads of lovely couples animations sprinkled about the sim (up above and down below as well). So…bring your sweetie to dance, relax, and enjoy a little romance under the stars.

Speaking of romance and the stars…

silas-merlinThe magnificent 2D and 3D artist Silas Merlin created a group of romantic sculptures for Valentine’s Day. The nine elegantly presented Bouguereau Sculptures are on exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie through the month of February. NOTE that they are not for sale, but can be gained as GACHAs at the monthly shopping event The Chapter Four. Information and landmarks are available at the exhibit, so come enjoy these exquisite works! Relax dans la galerie and enjoy stunning romantic sculptures by Silas Merlin. These beautiful pieces are a joy to behold and are quite inspirational. Each has been created with a classical piece of art in mind. These exquisitely detailed works will be on exhibit through February.

Silas Merlin’s Bouguereau Sculptures – on exhibit through February


On Valentine’s Day…at The Magic Tree

russell-the-magic-tree-0217-2On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, our beloved Poet Laureate Russell Eponym with gather us around The Magic Tree at Noon. As usual, he will share outstanding prose, poetry, and song along with his always encouraging Thought for the Day. This week – since, after all, it’s on Valentine’s Day, Russell will share a bit of romance with us. We can’t wait to see what classical or modern works he will bring along – and we’re all ready to sit down and tune in. Russell never disappoints. In fact, he’s known for his extensive collections from a range of literary and musical genres – and his readings are always rich with dialect and accents that are spot-on. Russell engages us and every visit to The Magic Tree is an adventure. Come on along – you will be warmly welcomed to grab a spot and enjoy!


Thursday: Valentine’s Dance…at Château Ce Soir

Russell Eponym 3Then, come Thursday, we’re all geared up for more at Château Ce SoirIt all starts with 90 minutes of the Russell Eponym sound at 2 PM. Come on over to the castle ballroom for the finest in folk, blues, and beyond with this virtuoso musician. Check an earlier post for a more in-depth look at this bright star who has been entertaining audiences with his rich repertoire in Second Life™ since 2006 – all within minutes of his first landing! He’s been going strong ever since, and we are pleased to have him joining us this – and every – week. This promises to be a magical night, so let’s get the party started – and what better way than with Russell on stage? The timing is perfect for our European friends, and we’re always glad to see them coming – especially in their dancing shoes!

Later in the evening things start to heat up again as we offer two hours of spectacular music with multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalists Andreus (Anj) Gustafson at 6 PM and Baz at 7 PM. These two professional musicians play an array of instruments each and are outstanding composers and arrangers with quite impressive dossiers. They have commanding knowledge of their setlists – both of which are quite extensive – and can put together a themed show with ease and artistry. With these two, Château Ce Soir is definitely where to be tonight!

Anj will start us out, bringing us his trademark alternative, pop and progressive rock that is informed by a strong electronica influence. This guy can rock – and innovate. We love it when he goes all moog and the like with some original space-journey music. It’s stupendous and quite an experience. Even when in a less adventurous mood, Anj charms us still. Whether it is a tune from rock’s rich history – such as a Pink Floyd number or something from Emerson, Lake and Palmer – or a title fresh off the airwaves like a Radiohead song or one of his own compositions (like my favourite: Crystal Lake)…we’re in for a treat. Anj truly has a repertoire that is like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates: varied and rich – just right for a night of dancing and (I might add) romancing! With his guitar, piano, and flute – not to mention that signature voice and southern-charm banter – Anj will have us in the party mood from the first note! The hour will speed by, slipping into the future, but we will be having such a great time that we won’t even notice until the last gorgeous note has echoed through the hall….

Anj Gustafson working his musical magic….

Next up at 7 PM SLT, the gifted musician Baz will step to the stage. Otherwise known across the grid as Avantgarde Frequency, this seasoned professional can take any song and make it his own. He’s a Steely Dan fan but he knows well a very wide range of musical styles – and he can play them all with his own special touch. It goes without saying that Baz is a creative professional musician, composer, and producer – with stellar piano and guitar chops and vocals, all presented in incredibly smooth arrangements. Tonight, we can expect some superb romantic dance music from Baz. I hope he will include one of my favourites in tonight’s setlist: Your Song, the beautiful ballad from Elton John and Bernie Taupin. This song melts me…and when Baz sings it, the temperature rises quickly. He can do those sultry blues and give us a sweet number like Blackbird by the Beatles that is guaranteed to bring a sea of misty eyes to the audience. And if you’ve never heard him sing Norwegian Wood…well, stay tuned, friends! I don’t have a copy of the setlists for either Anj or Baz this night, but a great time is guaranteed!

Baz…atmospheres of sound….

What a way to celebrate the loveliest of holidays: Valentine’s Day. I know that some say it’s a “manufactured” holiday, made-up by retailers to sell cards, candy, and jewelry and not a commemoration of St. Valentine or a celebration of romance. Well…I for one am thoroughly wrapped up in red and pink hearts – and Æon has a standing order at the local confectionery (and is now good friends with our neighbourhood jewellers). We have a wonderful week of love and laughter ahead at Ce Soir Arts. And – despite the sometimes uncertain nature of things – joy abounds!

Your chariot: The Magic Tree or Château Ce Soir 

With delightful music Thursday at Château Ce Soir, we’re off to le weekend!

Russell Eponym will drop in at 2 PM Thursday to delight us with 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond – his usual Thursday gig at Château Ce Soir. Musical shows with Russell truly require an emphasis on each of those terms. Before getting into the list, let me first note that Russell is a virtuoso with the guitar (six- and twelve-string), the banjo, the mandolin, the harmonica, the kazoo, and more. Add to that his poet/songwriter’s pen…and you’ve got something worth listening to indeed. He’s a true artist and his acumen is always showing – along with his spacious spirit. There are many reasons why Russell has been Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire at Ce Soir Arts since we opened in January 2012 – and this is one of them.

Let’s get to this list, and start with folk. Well, Russell is a true folk artist – what his Eponymous Family affectionately terms him: The Folkie. His brilliant grasp of the genre (not to mention his extensive repertoire) is clearly evident at every show. He knows and understands this music, and he freely shares interesting snippets of information and insight as he brings us this weekly 90 minute programme. Russell offers his own folksongs and those of fellow folkies like Donovan, Guthrie, McKennit and others, performed to perfection and simply lighting up the place with enjoyment.

Next on the list: blues. Russell has a distinctive style that includes his wide knowledge of the blues as well. Those guitar riffs and vocals that capture the soul of the blues infuse every show with just the right touch of expressive energy. When Russell dives into a number by Clapton or Dylan or Knopfler, we know there just might be some bluesy notes ahead. We dance and sway in time to the music because we feel it as it shimmers off those guitar strings and finds its voice in that voice. The hall shimmers too as we are surrounded by the soft tones of his very recognizable and rich velvet voice – one that sometimes carries a very tuneful sharper edge. As Æon often notes, “It’s grand!”

Beyond. What can I say? The truth is that Russell Eponym music cannot be defined to exactitude, for it’s much more than its component parts. Whether he is in an urban mood, has caught the pastoral fancy of a lilting Celtic number, or is tapping a toe to a country hoedown, his show is an adventure through his own musical landscape. He can be deeply serious or romantic, can serve up a stunning Elizabethan instrumental with his deft fingerstyle guitar, or get really silly and fun – all in the same show. We enjoy it all – the Dire Straits, the Simon & Garfunkel, the Kate Wolf, the Incredible String Band, the Buddy Mondlock, the Billy Connolly and more – including of course, the Russell Eponym! The mix is heady and wonderful (and this listing is quite far from complete). In his generosity we enjoy and learn a bit about music, musicians, musicianship, instruments, and individual songs along the way every week. We’ve even gotten to hear his own compositions – sometimes almost from scratch – and are let in now and again on his practice of songs new to the set list. We are excited when someone has asked him to learn a song because he is often quite accommodating; he loves the challenge of it and always brings his own inimitable style to new music. All this, as he adds to his growing collection of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions that always hit the mark.

The music Russell writes and performs gives us a glimpse into his personality and style. His gentleness and energy, his kindness and acumen, are revealed as he sings and plays. Of course, Russell plays many venues in SL and at other virtual worlds. You can see him at fine venues such as End of Time, Burnt Norton, Merquarium, Two Moon Paradise, Night Owl, The Peace Gallery, Faery Crossing, Indigo’s, Prim Economy, Silversword, Rainbow Painters, and Trickster’s Sounds in SL and Fleur’s Enchanting Corner in InWorldz. Join his group or check his online calendar for details. Note that he can often be found performing benefit concerts for such charities as Feed A Smile, RFL of SL, StandUp2Cancer, and others. His generosity is legendary, and for good reason.

His weekly readings at The Magic Tree also are exceptional opportunities to learn – not only about Russell but also about life in general, writing, music, and even dance! You must come round some Tuesday at NOON to enjoy his Thought for the Day and exceptional readings of his own luminous works and the prose and poetry of others. Everything from the delightfully humorous (Pam Ayres comes to mind) to the honoured classics including Keats, Wordsworth, Yeats, and Shakespeare are shared. He’s just wrapping up Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and has been reading from his own memoirs: Letters to Harry. Be sure to catch him on Valentine’s Day – it’s bound to be especially lovely…

RUSSELL - 16 June 2016
Russell playing in a tranqiul mood at Château Ce Soir…

Come on Thursday to enjoy folk, blues, and beyond with Russell as he streams in – LIVE from Wales. You will be warmly greeted. Medieval dress is always welcome at the castle – but do come in comfort and your own personal style. After all, as Russell reminds us, we are quite a gathering from around the grid – and around the globe. He is often seen in various garb and the audience is always peopled by folks of all description. You’ll see elegantly dressed ladies in gorgeous gowns; gentlemen attired in sharp business wear; delightful faeries with wings fluttering brightly; jeans-clad folks in a more casual mood; and perhaps a mermaid, dragon, cat, or vampyr here or there. We’re an eclectic mix – like the set list Russell carefully prepares before each show -and we’re having a ball. Come join us; catch this breeze to Château Ce Soir, and make your way upstairs to the ballroom; we guarantee it’s worth the trip!

More outstanding spoken word at The Magic Tree…

bryn-0217We always know that we’re in for a nice surprise when master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver visits at The Magic Tree. Each time, he brings outstanding tales in a unique theme that takes us traveling. This time, we went back to Exotic India for more culturally-rich folk tales and legends. The folktales from this part of the world are always exceptionally colourful and filled with intrigue. Bryn brings his full vocal talents to bear in the telling and provides us with an array of characters that come in all shapes, sizes, and dialects. This session was just as rewarding as the last, and the bright red turban atop his head only lent flavour to the stories. Æon and I dressed for the journey in Indian costumery and truly enjoyed the trip! Bryn will return in two weeks’ time with yet another fine hour of storytelling. Look for details of what he has in store soon!

dubhna-0217Dubhna Rhiadra arrived to listen to Bryn before taking up Part 3 of her stunning story The Dream Factory – written especially for the installation The Brave. This tale of two very different children reveals how they each coped in a dystopian land where their very dreams were taken for power. Both desired to live their own lives free of oppression and sought to escape the prison of their world. Jack and Enya took different paths that led them to freedom together. The fascinating and richly-written plot is slowly revealed, leading to a stunning denouement that brings chills and cheers from listeners. These two children whose bravery allowed them to discover their true natures despite the many obstacles placed in their way is deeply inspiring – as is The Brave itself, a stunning piece of work that we will all cherish for a good long time to come.

Bryn and Dubhna will return to The Magic Tree in two weeks’ time. Come join us for more with these outstanding spoken word artists!

We knew it was gonna be good…but…get outta town!

russell-reads-0217Yes, we knew that we were in for something special at The Magic Tree on Tuesday. Of course, we always start with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym, and that’s guaranteed to be exceptional. The Thought for the Day, specially-chosen music (this time from the outstanding country/folk musician Mary Chapin Carpenter) and wonderful readings including Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and some humour from the always delightful Pam Ayres were immensely satisfying. We were riveted as George and Lennie continued their adventures and chortled at Pam Ayre’s charming poems. Russell always makes it special, and the group of friends who gather only up the ante on enjoyment. The hour, as it always does, sped past. Don’t worry, though, he’ll be back next week!

Caledonia SkytowerAlso with something wonderful up her sleeve, the gifted spoken word artist Caledonia Skytower delighted us all with her reading from Terry Pratchett’s newest collection, the hilarious The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner. It was a fun-packed adventure through these rather chaotic charming tales, leaving us ready for more, which Cale will deliver in two weeks’ time. She loves reading Pratchett, and that was easy to tell as the words rolled out like buttery cinnamon on morning toast. She was delighted, and so were we as the tales took us up, up, up the giggle scale. Remember the next date: 21 February, when Cale will continue with these very funny stories!

mrg-harry-potter-1We were very much anticipating what came next: MrG Darkrose in his first full-fledged reading at The Magic Tree (and SL). We were expecting to be taken by his choice of material – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, first in the J.K. Rowling series that has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. With material like that, he was in good stead as he stepped to the reader’s throne. Well, let me tell you, we were all taken not only by the amazing story but also by MrG and his reading prowess. His telling of the tale was impeccable – complete with a full array of unique and spot-on character voices. I felt I was right there at the Dursley’s with Harry and watching the action unfold before me. It was an exceptional read – and we’re all excited about next time! Come along and enjoy MrG as he takes us further into this outstanding adventure. Come prepared to step into Harry’s world with MrG. We’ll see you 21 February!

Your ride: HERE

A Special Week Begins – Silas Merlin’s Romantic Bouguereau Sculptures on Exhibit through February

silas-merlinWe got quite a lovely surprise this past weekend, when the truly exceptional artist SILAS MERLIN shared his romantic and elegantly beautiful Bouguereau Sculptures. Presently not for sale, these stunning pieces – each inspired by a special work of classical art – are available as GACHAs through 21 February at the very popular event The Chapter Four. In an exciting collaboration with The Chapter Four founder (the wonderful builder and creator lakua Arriaga), artist Silas Merlin (and his Silas Gallery), and Ce Soir Arts, these pieces are on special exhibit for the Valentine’s Month of February at Côte de la Mer Galerie.

Silas Merlin‘s work in pastels and sculpture is lovely and quite detailed. His eye for figures and shading is magnificent. His subjects are varied and presented in classic as well as unique settings, and he captures their spirit and beauty with each brushstroke or move of the sculptor’s hand. Indeed, his artistry with portraits is unparalleled.

Inara Pey prepared a lovely article about Silas and his portraiture and other pastels for her blog Living in a Modem World last year. You may access the posting here. Inara provides a sensitive look into the artist’s world, and you may visit his personal gallery at New Babbage here. Other exhibits are often available to visit as well, and we especially invite you to visit Ce Soir Arts to explore these lovely sculptures – and the sim.

SILAS MERLIN's romantic Bouguereau sculptures at Côte de la Mer Galerie
SILAS MERLIN’s romantic Bouguereau sculptures at Côte de la Mer Galerie

Relax in the galerie and enjoy these stunning romantic sculptures from one of the most prolific and gifted of artists anywhere. These beautiful and meticulously executed pieces – nine in all – are a joy to behold! Come enjoy these lovely Valentine treasures at the serene Côte de la Mer Galerie through February. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Spoken Word – 07 & 08 February at The Magic Tree!

We have a full slate of great programmes this coming week, and if you’d like to hear J. K. Rowling‘s wildly amazing Harry Potter from the beginning, MrG Darkrose will begin that series this coming Tuesday. He’ll join our regular readers in a bi-monthly presentation following Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and the charming Caledonia Skytower; those will be special Tuesdays, so come along for the fun and adventure!

russell-the-magic-tree-0217-2Of course, Russell starts the week with his usual marvelous session at The Magic Tree. At noon, Tuesday (07 February), gather with us for his always edifying Thought for the Day and a variety of readings that presently include Steinbeck‘s stunning Of Mice and Men. Come follow George and Lennie in this time-honoured parable of life and what it means to be fully human. Russell offers a sensitive reading that is simply outstanding, and it’s only part of what he has to offer us each week. The music he shares is always a delight – sometimes light-hearted and fun, and sometimes more serious, it’s always enjoyable. For one thing, he introduces us to some exceptionally talented composers and musicians from around the world including himself; we do love it when he includes one of his own numbers in the mix, but always enjoy everything he brings to this enchanting and magical hour.

cale-a-womans-voiceCaledonia Skytower also brings us a rich variety of beautiful spoken word programmes, every-other week. At 1:30 PM on Tuesday, she takes the Reader’s Throne to read from Terry Pratchett, telling tales like “The Witch’s Vacuum  Cleaner,” which is a very funny story. Cale is great reading humourous works, as she peppers them with delightful dialects and natural giggles – very charming! Whether it is a selection from one of her own works such as a fascinating story from her Trio of Irish Tales series (I think there are five of them now) – or something beautifully reflective such as her “A Woman’s Voice” presentation of some of Maya Angelou‘s stunning poetry – it all comes together to make a much-enjoyed hour relaxing under the branches at The Magic Tree. It’s always delightful – and often humourous – so do come join us, and visit her website for more stories from this wonderful writer.

mr-g-at-the-magic-tree-january-2017-2As mentioned above, MrG Darkrose joins us at The Magic Tree for the first time this coming Tuesday. His voice is rich and nimble with nuance, so we are sure to delight in his initial presentation from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. Whether you’ve read the stories as a dyed-in-the-wool Hogwarts fan or are just getting to the point where you must get the low-down on this fascinating group of tales, MrG‘s reading is sure to please – and then some! We can’t wait to get into this series with him, and you’re invited along for the fantastical, magical ride! Mr.G will open the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at 2:30 PM SLT, right after Russell and Cale finish their readings. It’s going to be fun, so do join us to welcome this quite gifted spoken word artist to The Magic Tree!

BRYN READINGAs Wednesday rolls around, it will again be STORYTIME at The Magic Tree.  Opened every-other-Wednesday at 2 PM SLT by Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, this time is abundant with legends and yarns worth listening to. Gathering stories from various cultures, Bryn takes us on adventures both sweet and wild, capturing social and personal meaning along the way. Whether we are being regaled by lovely children’s stories from exotic places like India or Africa – or with dark legends and flights of fancy from other unique locations, we always have a great time listening! Bryn has a delightful way with a range of spot-on voices and accents that adds his own brand of panache to every reading. Come catch this Londoner as he holds court at The Magic Tree; no matter the tale…you’re sure to enjoy it!

dubhna-christmastideUp next in STORYTIME, is none other than the engaging writer and storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra. This charmer’s stories, original tales and the carefully chosen work of others are sure to please. Known far and wide as sharing deeply soulful, expressive poetry and writings by known and unknown writers, Dubhna takes us on an adventure to everywhere! Everything from the very serious to the delightfully humourous will get your attention and hold it for the riveting hour. Presently, Dubhna is sharing her very special story “The Dream Factory,” which was written for the beautiful art and action installation “The Brave.” Check here to learn more about Dubhna and her work – and here about the stunning “The Brave.” This particular tale recounts the adventures of two different children who cunningly escape a terrifying society in which their dreams are stolen for power. These determined souls make their way to freedom, discovering their true natures. You don’t want to miss Part 3, which Dubhna will read this week. In this final episode, Jack’s story comes to an unexpectedly stunning finale. Come be enthralled!


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