This was the week that was…and it was wonderful!

SCHED NOWWe had a grand time this week – and we thank all those who joined us. Each event was filled with enjoyment! RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts provided a delightful hour of prose, poetry, and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday. He’s reading from Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren – and it is charming indeed! Thank you, Veronica, for the great suggestion! Add-in his genuinely thought-provoking Thought for the Day and some amazing music and snippets of other writing, and there’s truly something special for everyone! Come join us next week at Noon SLT!

DUBHNA RHIADRA brought out one of her excellent original tales filled with wonder – and beautiful unicorns! It was a fascinating read at The Magic Tree on Wednesday at 3 PM SLT, and everyone got swept up in the magic of it all. I could just see her words take flight as the herd of unicorns rose up from the sea to gallop elegantly over the beach in wisps of silvery mist. Enchanting! We’re cooking up a special event around this very story – so do look for that soon. I guarantee that it will not be something you’ll want to pass you by…

RUSSELL again charmed us with his lovely music on Thursday at Château Ce Soir. As his velvety voice filled the hall with magic, everyone danced and sang along – with the banter flying! We even had RUSSELL himself chuckling as his special guitar (Martina) and harmonica (Monica) provided a lovely soundtrack! He can play that intricate fingerstyle like nobody’s business! (That’s a distinctly American phrase and it means something very, very good, indeed!) The Château was hopping and a grand time was had by all! Come enjoy with us next week – and check the latest blog post for SPECIAL INFORMATION!

Thursday night, the outstanding Australian musician – wizard of trance and electronic music – NUVOLINO drew a crowd and we grooved the hour away, dancing to the beat as the sounds moved us. What FUN! He brought out a brand-new track too – and it’s a star! He’ll be back – brilliant light-show and all – in two weeks’ time. Don’t miss it! Remember that ANJ GUSTAFSON will be in next week at 6 with his own awesome tunes – and MOSHANG ZHAO will follow at 7, as he does each week.

Speaking of MOSHANG, he took the stage and provided his exceptional CHILL as an elegant slide into the night. He follows NUVO seamlessly (ANJ too, on opposite weeks!), and we are always ready for the humming downbeat electronica that the Sound Jeweler brings our way every Thursday. It’s stunning music, and his presentation of it is absolutely perfect. All the way from Taiwan, MoShang truly does deliver the CHILL – and just in time for an hour of relaxation and energy that suits us just fine!

WILDSTAR BEAUMONT has a wonderful art exhibit going at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. SAILING brings us exquisite photographs of beautiful seagoing vessels in glorious settings. Gorgeous craft, the wind billowing their sails and the sun reflecting off them in various angles, invite us to dream of adventure! Stately lighthouses call the way to those at sea… Each photograph is unique and beautiful. Do visit and enjoy – and leave the artist a note in the Guest Book, as the exhibit will end soon. Watch here for details – and take the artist’s notecard so that you can view his work wherever it is being displayed in-world.

We hope to see you next week – for more fun and fabulous artistry. That schedule will be posted soon. In the meantime, hop on over to Ce Soir Arts and have a look around. Take the LM notecard from Mr. Crane at landing, and see it all!


Les vacances bring joy…and so do activities at Ce Coir Arts!

Les vacances continue for us, and we are having a great time – and getting quite a bit of rest in the offing. We hope that you are relaxing and enjoying the wrap of summer as well.

Come round the sim at any time and wander to your heart’s content. Grab the LM notecard that is available at the entrance of Château Ce Soir and at the entrance of the Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – just click Mr. Crane and he will be more than happy to provide!

Speaking of Château Ce Soir and Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn…there are things happening at those two places (and at The Magic Tree Reading Spot) that you do not want to miss this week! See the schedule below and come join us for simply outstanding readings and musical shows as well as a stellar art exhibit open throughout the month of August (and perhaps beyond…).

FIRST, the exhibit! Explorer, fleet captain, and outstanding photographer WILDSTAR BEAUMONT presents spectacular views of beautiful sailing vessels that glide the waters in SL. From stately tall ships, majestic in relief on shining seas lit afire by blazing sunsets – to lone skiffs moored near rocky shores – to grand lighthouses providing a beacon of hope to all seafaring adventurers, Wildstar showcases the watery beauty of SL like no other. Visit Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn and enjoy!

Note the schedule below of readings with our Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and soulful storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra this week –  along with musical programmes  with “folk, blues, and beyond” with Russell; original trance and ambient sounds with Nuvolino; and the fabulous CHILL with MoShang Zhao for the week ahead. Every single one has something special to offer!


Catch the breeze of your choice… 

Château Ce Soir – Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic Tree Reading Spot

What a night! Triple-threat of greatness at Château Ce Soir!

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there is nothing like THURSDAYS at Château Ce Soir! Starting off with Russell Eponym and his outstanding folk, blues and beyond – LIVE from Wales – the stage is set for the entire evening. His intricate finger-style guitar (and array of very special stringed instruments), coupled with the harmonica – and those fabulous acrylic nails for a bit of percussion – makes for some fine music that fills the sim with magic. Add-in that incredibly velvety voice – and that fun, warm banter – well, it’s pretty hard to beat! When the Eponymous Family gathers – with new people bopping in all the time – it’s an extravaganza of fun! Russell gets us laughing and dancing…and then he croons a series of beautiful love songs that melt the heart and we’re off on a flight of fancy and sweetness that defies definition. You must come experience this for yourself! Do come join us each Thursday at 2 PM SLT. We will warmly welcome you!

Anj at Château Ce Soir

Anj at Château Ce Soir

After a break, we were all primed for more exceptional music – and did we have some of that in store? Yessir, we did, and we started out with a BANG! as the one-and-only ANJ GUSTAFSON took the stage at 6 PM. Kiran could not be with us as a power outage kept her from logging in, and she missed a stellar show. We were happy to discover later that she is just fine – and we’ll see her next time. Anj carried on in style, bringing his quite considerable talents to bear on a spectacular show. Fans and friends dropped in throughout, and they were not disappointed, as Anj was ON IT! Whether he was tickling the ivories, giving the guitar a workout, or tuning up the synthesizer, the range of songs in the set was just perfect and filled with that special Anj energy we just can’t seem to get enough of! Yah, I know I ended that last sentence with a preposition…but who cares? We had such a great time – and are already looking forward to Anj at his next session in two weeks’ time. Come on over!

MoShang Zhao

MoShang Zhao

We’d been missing MoShang Zhao these past three weeks, as he was on a business trip related to his music and the equipment he creates. Traveling to the USA from Taiwan, he met with many well-known musicians and producers – and they are interested in working with him, as we knew they would be! He’s exploring so many options right now, and we are thrilled for him. After all, we want everyone to know about and experience THE CHILL! That’s just what we did for an exciting hour as people stuck around after Anj does his set – and others came in besides. The music was soooo cool it was hot – and the dancing and banter were priceless! Having done without the CHILL for a few weeks, we fell into the groovy groove immediately – and we stayed there, happy as clams, for the whole hour. MoShang had a couple of new numbers to share, and they were as terrific as the rest – we always know we’re going to have the best when MoShang is in the Château…err…house…err…Château! He’ll be back next week with more…so come join us for both Nuvolino (who will be here at 6 next week with his inimitable trance and ambient sounds) and MoShang! You’ll be glad you did!

Les vacances continue…but things are happening still at Ce Soir Arts!

Yes, we are “on vacation” for a few weeks, but we do check in to enjoy what’s happening at Ce Soir Arts. We love our Second Lives and so enjoy the activities that are held on the sim…so you know we’re not going to stray TOO far – at least not for very long. *giggles* Besides, we’re planning four 3-show events for Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) in September, AND there will be a special performance by the lovely Avilion theatre group (ACT) on 25 September…in addition to the usual slate of readings and musical shows. We are enjoying the planning, and can’t wait for the extra festivities to begin! Check back for more information soon!

For now, note the schedule for this week below; we hope you’ll come round for the programmes – and pop round to explore the adventure that is the photographic art of Wildstar Beaumont in his elegantly beautiful exhibit (SAILING – at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn); relax by the lulling sound of the sea; enjoy the snowy retreat that floats above; or dance the summer night away under the stars (or in one of the hidden spaces underground (or sea!). Come explore the entire sim- and be inspired tonight!

Whatever you do, enjoy your les vacances too!


Summer marches on at Ce Soir Arts…with art, spoken word, and music events to enjoy!


SCHEDULE DONE!It’s an extra-busy week for us IRL, as it’s time for the traditional les vacances. The French heritage that imbues our family with a love of language and toutes les choses en français, has us primed for our annual “time out.” Activities and entertainment at Ce Soir Arts continue throughout the month, but we won’t be quite as ubiquitous as usual. We’ll attend every event and enjoy tending to the sim, as always, but we’ll likely not be joining additional events around the grid – in favour of sweet rest and relaxation (mixed with a spot of travel). Sweet iced tea on the veranda with a good book sounds inviting, n’est-ce pas ?

So…there is fun to be had in August at Ce Soir Arts! With Wildstar Beaumont exhibiting his beautiful photographic work in at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn, many admirers of art have been visiting. Indeed, the SAILING Exhibit is worthy of attention. Exquisite vessels and gorgeous seascapes await you!

In addition – wonderful spoken word artists and musicians will be engaged here, so do take part when you can. The week’s schedule is at the left…and don’t forget that MoShang Zhao is away, but will return on 18 August. I inadvertently left his show on the schedule. We do miss him!

Come…be inspired tonight!


Celebrating Wildstar Beaumont’s SAILING Exhibit with Music at Château Ce Soir – Thursday with Russell and Anj!

We have a special treat in store that brings together some of the best music in SL with Wildstar Beaumont sharing gorgeous photographs in his SAILING art exhibit in Ce Soir Arts. It is our pleasure to host this exhibit – one which we have anticipated for some time. Let me say, it was worth the wait! <SMILE>

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

To celebrate this exceptional exhibit, join us at Château Ce Soir at 2 PM SLT for 90 minutes of RUSSELL EPONYM bringing us some exceptionally enjoyable music. The Russell Eponym sound is nothing short of magical, a growing collection of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all! His support and involvement in the arts is legendary, and his celebration of Wildstar and this special exhibit is exuberant, to say the least!

Anj at Château Ce Soir

Anj at Château Ce Soir

The party continues at 6 PM SLT with none other than music master, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist ANJ GUSTAFSON. An hour with Anj on stage is always fun, as his natural southern charm shines as he serenades with an eclectic mix of popular covers and songs of his own writing. Whether he is singing something from Radiohead or Pink Floyd, he’ll have you dancing and having a great time! My personal Anj original is Crystal Lake – an incredibly beautiful love song. SIGH…. So don’t miss this hour of cool music that will rock your world and fill your evening with smiles. Anj is a beloved member of the SL live music community – and for good reason: his shows are exciting and entertaining indeed!

Come on over and help us celebrate Wildstar in this stunning art exhibit…and don’t forget to get over to Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn to enjoy his work. The SAILING exhibit brings us exquisite photographs of beautiful seagoing vessels in glorious settings. Do visit and enjoy;  leave the artist a note in the Guest Book!

Wildstar Beaumont with SAILING at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

Wildstar Beaumont: SAILING at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

The Spoken Word SINGS at The Magic Tree!

Every week, the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, RUSSELL EPONYM, visits The Magic Tree and brings us a host of wonderment to enjoy. From reading great literature such as Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows or various of the Pippi Longstocking tales by Astrid Lindgren, to exquisite readings of a range of poetic verse (from the ancient to the moderne), RUSSELL has our rapt attention, each Tuesday at NOON SLT. Add to that the music he brings along – an array of exceptionally talented composers and musicians both classical and popular including RUSSELL himself, well, you’ve got an hour that is more than magical!

But that’s not all! RUSSELL begins each reading with lovely music and his eagerly-awaited Thought for the Day. These golden gems – thoughtful comments on life and its challenges and wonders – are collected eagerly by all who gather. Indeed, it is the rare person who is unaffected by these words of wisdom. RUSSELL always notes carefully that the ideas expressed are only to be considered by each person; indeed his gentility about the Thought for the Day is part of its charm and sweetness. He tackles some very important and even difficult topics, but always with a positive attitude and outlook. We so enjoy this opening of every reading – and whilst sometimes it is unavoidable to arrive late, we all strive to land in time!

This week will be as all the rest: an hour of enjoyment and enchantment with RUSSELL and friends. Do join us at The Magic Tree!

RUSSELL Reading at The Magic Tree

RUSSELL Reading at The Magic Tree

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On the following day (Wednesday at NOON), we also will have the wonderful storyteller, BRYN TALEWEAVER in at The Magic Tree. His readings are always fascinating and very well-presented, as BRYN has a great voice and his accents are always spot on! His choices for readings can range from the sublime to the ridiculously funny, and we always have a grand time when he is here. This visit, BRYN is reading SEA STORIES – a collection of seagoing adventures for us to enjoy. How fitting a topic this is, as WILDSTAR BEAUMONT has his photographic exhibit on the theme of SAILING. We love it – and you will too! Come round at Noon this Wednesday and be charmed and delighted by one of SL’s newer – and very talented – readers! Wear your seafaring gear, if you like – but do bring your smile and settle in for a series of tales that will capture your imagination!

BRYN July_004


Your vessel awaits to transport you to The Magic Tree Reading Spot!