Around the Grid

Aeon & I are, as you can imagine, pretty busy here at Ce Soir Arts. Not only do we have the Castle; Gallery and Conservatory; The Magic Tree Reading Spot; the Theatre; and the venue environs to mange, we also have our private home, a workshop, and a couple of little getaway spots that we maintain. We love every minute of our Second Life, and since we are interested in digital art, fashion, building and design…well, there’s just a lot to it! We tend to keep RL separate, for the most part, but it’s also deeply important to us, and we’ve been traveling when we can and truly enjoying it – and the family and friends we’ve been visiting. There was a big family wedding in Fall 2012, and it was soooo much fun for me, especially, as my niece (whom I adore) married the sweetest, most wonderful man – second only to her Uncle Aeon, of course!

Because of these things, we decided to broaden the blog a bit and add another page. We’re calling it “Around the Grid.” In this blog page – which will start slowly and grow – we will share with you some things we see, do and enjoy at places other than Ce Soir. Yes, this includes other venues and art galleries, but also a myriad other places as well. We’ll weave in fashion commentary and photographs – and much, much more – as it comes. We’ll just let you know what we’ve been up to on “days off” from the venue, etc. If months go by without a note, please just let it pass. Merci !

When we started this adventure, we spent, on average, about six hours per day in SL; since the big storms (and the resulting work at our home and properties), it’s less – but we do login every day, usually at various times. Vaut-il mieux être un couche-tard ou un lève-tôt ? <teehee!> Usually, we are together, but there are times when it’s just one or the other of us who has come round to do something, go somewhere, meet someone, buy something, build something, etc. And if you ever encounter or IM us and we seem unresponsive, it just means we’re building, shopping, hosting a show or chatting earnestly with someone. Perhaps at such times we are AFK – probably kissing (*giggle*),  sharing a glass of wine, or discussing the schedule or exploring a sim that interests us – or tending to something IRL. Please leave your message and we will get back with you, as we love hearing from you!

So, Around the Grid began…but we never really got started! Terrible storms and resulting busy-ness IRL interfered. This summer, it seems that things are finally starting to come together, so look for a post – one of these days. Failing that, know that we ARE out and about…and enjoying every moment! Mireille’s concussion is healing slowly. She still has trouble with sound much of the time, so we host or visit musical shows infrequently. This is a sadness to us both, but we’re not complaining. Just wanted you to know.

Have a great day – in all the worlds there are! We understand that there are many now, and that some are doing their best to “catch up” digitally, but we are SecondLifers. Amen.

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