A Singular Day for Poetry and Music: Thursday at Ce Soir

Poet & ReaderRussell Eponym
Poet & Reader
Russell Eponym

The programs we enjoy at Ce Soir are always entertaining, always innovative and routinely surprising. On Thursday, May 31, however, visitors at Ce Soir were treated to some very groundbreaking, singular events.

We started with a picnic under The Magic Tree as Russell Eponym provided a feast of poetry on the subject of “Food, Glorious Food.” Virtually and lyrically Russell treated us to Peanut Butter, (sensual) Pears, Chocolate Cake (by popular demand), an extraordinary sandwich, mounds of mashed potatoes (and gravy) reaching to the sky, salad, and fattening foods in general. Russell’s food for thought was whimsical and reflective, but amazingly low-calorie.

Back in the venue at 3 PM SLT, JooZz and Al Hofmann dual-streamed in a return engagement live from the Netherlands playing improvisational jazz that was—as  always—fresh  and original. More and more of Ce Soir’s visitors are discovering these two highly professional musicians. JooZz on the keyboard and Al on the midi-guitar combined their instruments and their creativity in a cutting edge performance that prompted all who were present to rave for more. NOTE: They will be back soon!

Finally, the “Fire and Ice” performance of MoShang Zhao and Anek Fuchs rocked the house! The amazing dual stream that connected Taiwan and Chicago and ultimately reached the cosmopolitan village of Ce Soir patrons combined two extremely different styles—MoShang’s Chinese Chill and Anek’s Guitar Therapy—in a long-awaited event that fans of both these artists have anticipated since the last time they shared the stage over two years ago. The audience’s experience of this performance was reflected in a comment by one of the listeners that MoShang and Anek‘s jam was “dopaminergic…like MoShang on 220 volts.” The consensus is that we should not wait so long for the next time these two talents come together. And we won’t!

We’re just getting started folks. The artists that grace our stage at Ce Soir will continue to kick out the walls of what we think is possible in Second Life entertainment. Come on over and enjoy the ride with us!


Venue landing point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

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