Wonderful Music Filled the Halls January 12…


Last night at Ce Soir was very special, indeed. The music was fantastic and the company lovely and fun! It was a great Rez-Day Eve party for me (and a great two-days before Rez-Day party for Aeon)! May we say…OUTSTANDING!

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Quantamis Navarathna streamed live into SL from central Texas, USA. His satiny-smooth vocals accompanied by his flawless guitar took us on a romantic journey. Quantamis’ artistic versatility makes his set a lovely adventure as he shares a most pleasing blend of acoustic folk, soft rock, alternative, Spanish classical and Renaissance – with a bit of Texas country mixed in for good measure. It was indeed an hour of magic and we cannot wait to invite him back again!

What can one say about Bright Oh? He is a singer/songwriter and story teller in the finest tradition of…well of himself. Bright’s show flowed between ballads and mid-tempo rock, and was woven with stories and tales that made us laugh – and cry. Truly, I did tear up at one point, but definitely ended his set with a smile on my face. Bright’s performances enchant, with lyrics that will touch your heart, melodies that will linger on, and harmonies from another time. Wonderful!

MoShang Zhao returned to offer us an elegant slide into the night once more, having done so for our opening last week. MoShang, who lives in Taiwan, is a musical master. He collects rough audio diamonds from the streets â overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants. He fuses them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a sound unique and enthralling; this downtempo electronica both energises and soothes, a perfect combination to punctuate the close of the day. His friendly warmth is infused throughout his relaxing set. Look for him to return…often!

Next week…lots of surprises! Check back over the weekend for updates!

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