What’s on tap for Wedensday…

In America, Wednesday is known as “hump day,” the day we rise over the hill of the week to the sweet downward slide into the much-desired weekend. As such, we should take our hats off to Wednesday and pay it the homage it so deserves. I mean, this is the WEEKEND we are talking about…I think. LOL

But today does bring us some gems to enjoy, so get ready for some simply outstanding music! Here’s the line-up – in Subscribe-O-Matic shorthand:

♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

NOON SLT – JooZz Magic on electric keys with original jazz to get your groove on.

1 –  AMFORTE spices it up with punk/rock flair & a voice that won’t quit.

2 – JordanReyne redefines industrial folk. Celtic melodies & factory sounds mesmerise.

3 – Russell Eponym with musical folk tales & originals in “folk, blues & beyond…”

Yep, that’s what we have in store for you today. Each show has its own specialness, as every one of these musicians is world-class. I don’t say that too often, although I admit that we often do have some of the very best musicians, poets, artists and creators in at Ce Soir. Come round to check these four out if you’ve not heard any one of them. No matter your musical taste, if you love music, you’ll appreciate each one.

JooZz makes incredible improvisational jazz on that keyboard of his. Each song is unique with a groove all its own. He can get a beat going that will stay with you all day, and when we say he plays “float-away tunes,” we mean it – his music is a journey to some beautiful places…

AMFORTE defies description, as her style is an eclectic mix that’s hers alone. Rockin’ the place out, shakin’ us down to our punk roots (and deeper), she can croon or belt out a number like there’s no tomorrow. Got to catch this, people!

JordanReyne Deezul almost needs no introduction, for if you’ve heard her once, you’re hooked. She reinvents industrial folk in such musicallly rich ways, her voice beautiful and those melodies entrancing, wafting over a base of steam and factory sounds. It’s something you have to hear.

Russell Eponym is the consummate performer. His musicianship is impeccable and his grasp of his genre complete. Velvety vocals and intricate guitar charm listeners across the grid. Come hear his eloquent originals and deft covers. “Folk, blues and beyond…”

Come spend a few hours with us today, and enjoy!

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