Busy day at Ce Soir!

We have a great day ahead at Ce Soir – all the art that surrounds us is just outstanding, and it’s just waiting for you to discover it amidst the gardens and up at The Conservatory. Drop on over…

Add to that our great line-up today, and you can’t lose! First up is my good friend and exceptionally talented musician, PM BOOKMITE! Yes, he’s been off SL much of the time recently, due to a move across the pond, but he’s back and we could not be happier! His talents with the pen, the piano, and his voice are special indeed and you will enjoy hearing these tender songs filled with emotion and truth about life, love, and the human experience. Don’t miss him at NOON SLT in the main venue at Ce Soir.

After PM, the lovely and gifted SAINTESS LARNIA steps to the stage to share with her her extensive songlist and lilting vocals. What a gorgeous voice and lovely presence she is! The covers in her repertoire are spot-on and delivered with just the right touch of that British charm that comes over so well in everything she does. Audiences adore her, and we know why!

Up next is the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM with his famed folk, blues, and beyond! This seasoned musician is an artist in every sense of the word, bringing his music – including his own wonderful compositions – as well as his poetry and paintings to Ce Soir. Come join us to enjoy this delightful hour with Russell and his enchanting Eponymous Family! We always have a great time!

Later, at 8 PM SLT, the Sound Jeweler himself, MOSHANG ZHAO delivers the mesmerizing Chinese Chill – a sound unique and engaging. Electronica at its finest will fill the hall, as MoShang blends traditional tones, themes, and instrumentation with the most modern elextronics available. He’s a wizard at the technology of music and it’s a real treat to relax into this very cool groove!

Join us, won’t you?

Ce Soir Evening - 0712 Logo A

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