Christmas! A time for joy and giving…

Most of us who inhabit the wonderful world of SecondLife™ (and perhaps other virtual worlds as well) are familiar with several charities whose work from what we call RL (the “real world” of places like the US, the UK, Australia, Africa, Asia, and continental EUR) is also well-known. Indeed, some of their work finds its way here into the virtual realm as a way to inform and educate about their causes as well as to reach out, to help, and to raise funds for efforts in both worlds. During this season – one of both religious and secular import for many people from all over the world – warmth and caring often step to the fore and we are inspired to take action.

Many of us have “favourite” charities and routinely donate both funds and time to their efforts. In our view, this is one of the best things about SL and the virtual plane: it is a home for learning and caring as well as for relaxing and having fun. Indeed, those things are not mutually exclusive, but meet in the nicest way here. Whilst there are seasonal aspects to the work of some organisations, most will accept donations and inquiries year-round. We encourage all our friends to explore what’s available and to participate in whatever way nourishes your spirit. The following is a PARTIAL LISTING of charitable organisations; please use this as a “jumping-off point” in discovering the wonderful groups who are doing so much to help others, to preserve the planet, to train and to inspire us toward generosity of spirit.

The first I will mention has a wonderful activity going now – and very timely! If you’ve not yet decorated your virtual home or business with a bit of Christmas cheer, here’s your chance to do so in a beautiful way that is low-cost, low-prim, and very helpful! Three glorious and very well-made mesh Christmas trees are available for the amazing low price of $L100 each – and they are TRANSFER, meaning that you can purchase as gifts (of course!). What a lovely thing, as all the funds generated by the sale of these three lovely decorated trees will go to TEAM FOX, the in-world group dedicated to supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation in their search for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. This disease affects people of all ages in a range of effects from mild to severely debilitating. Treatments vary in their efficacy and aggressive research is ongoing. Let’s do our part this Christmas and support them by purchasing one or more of these lovely trees, expertly made and donated by SolasNaGealai. Pick yours up at any of the following locations in-world: Blue MoonRose Theater Christmas MarketChristmas Expo. And don’t forget to shop regularly at Creations for Parkinson’s in-world. Great fashions and more!

TEAM FOX Tree graces The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir Arts
TEAM FOX “Christmas Charm” Tree graces The Magic Tree

At Christmas Expo, there are also trees to purchase in support of Relay for Life of SecondLife. Most everyone is familiar with this outreach of the American Cancer Society. Do visit and support them as well, either with the purchase of a tree or a direct donation, which is welcome throughout the year, not just during the fundraising season.

Another well-known charitable organisation in SL is FEED A SMILE, managed by Brique Topaz, CEO of Live and Learn in Kenya, International. They are housed in-world at Aloft Non-Profit Commons and at the Lavender Field where concerts are held as fundraisers, featuring many of SL’s finest musical talents. Just $L100 provides a warm meal for a child in need. Drop by or donate at many fine venues anytime!

There are many more worthwhile and well-managed charitable organisations operating in SL and across the metaverse. Visit the Aloft Nonprofit Commons for more information about many such groups; there is sure to be one or more to interest you. Please don’t forget about our friends at Virtual Ability (a set of sims and a group of people dedicated to assisting and encouraging people of all abilities to come into SL and enjoy its benefits) and Fearless Nation (a group focused on serving the needs of people with post-traumatic stress and related concerns, as well as friends and family members). Both groups offer top-notch, professional, scientifically-based and supported information that can be extremely helpful. In fact, I believe that we all need to know about these groups and offer whatever support we can for their efforts. Visit the wonderful Health Info Island and learn how you can benefit or offer your support (or both!). One more: Wounded Warrior Project offers much-needed support for wounded veterans and their families – help they would otherwise not have. In SL, Veterans Isle is the location for information, support, and some great fundraisers with SL musicians such as the Total Guitar Man, Frets Nirvana providing the soundtrack. Check them out!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Ce Soir Arts!
Happy Holidays from Aeon & Mireille at Ce Soir Arts!

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