Busy Day at The Magic Tree…Come join us for two wonderful readings!

RUSSELL at The Magic Tree
RUSSELL at The Magic Tree

We hope you’ll come join us today at The Magic Tree Reading Spot, as we have two wonderful readings scheduled. First up, our Poet Laureate, the one-and-only Russell Eponym will read for us LIVE from Australia, where he is visiting. Come along at 1 PM SLT to be charmed and delighted by Russell‘s excellent readings of both prose and poetry. His Thought for the Day is always something special, and he brings the guitar for a bit of serenading as well. It’s a wonderful time, and we’d love to share it with you, as we always enjoy these hours with Russell and friends!

Caledonia SkytowerAt 3 PM SLT, the lovely and gifted Caledonia Skytower joins us to share from her newest and quite charming book. This tale of young Liam Killough – an urban-American youth who finds himself wandering about in the lands of myth and legend – is engaging and enchanting. As we follow him about, we learn about mystical forests, delightful traditions, and the light of lessons learned. As she reads, the magic seems to wash over us like faery dust, as Cale brings her fine work and reading!

Remember that you are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts! Check for an earlier post for all the LMs – both on the main level and above. Start anywhere, and enjoy! The Magic Tree Reading Spot is a great place to start today!

PS: A notecard with ALL LMs is at Chateau Ce Soir Landing. Click “Mr. Crane”; he will be happy to assist you – and he won’t whisper a sound!

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