Can you say…”WOW!”?

Anj Gustafson – that multi-instrument-playing musician of note – has been playing at Château Ce Soir each month for several months now, and we have enjoyed every moment. This professional musician knows his way around a keyboard…a guitar…a flute…a set of drums…AND a recording studio. Oh, my! With a style all his own, Anj brings all this  – and a golden voice – to an hour on stage, and that translates to a grand time on the dancefloor.

ANJ GUSTAFSON Entertains at Château Ce Soir
ANJ GUSTAFSON Entertains at Château Ce Soir

Beginning immediately, Anj will step to the stage at 6 PM on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month – and we are thrilled! His original music is inventive and lyrical, and I simply swoon at the first note of Crystal Lake. It’s a sweet love song that comes wrapped in a tender sound that makes me close my eyes and sway, and everyone gets into Anj’s renditions of songs by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer – the Who – Coldplay – Radiohead – and many other timeless groups and individual artists. He sang one of our personal favourites – Metallica’s rock love song “Nothing Else Matters,” this week…SIGH….

Anj’s shows are like a walk through a musical garden, and his natural humour and penchant for fun imbues it all with his own brand of southern charm. Æon looks forward to the usual toast that is part of Anj’s show – and whether you are lifting a glass of Perrier or Dom Perignon (or iced tea or your favourite ale), you’ll get a lift out of the echoing “Cheers!” that fill the hall – and kick off the weekend in grand style. Come enjoy Anj and be part of a sweet crowd that gathers every second and fourth Thursdays at 6 PM – which is, usually, right before the astounding CHILL from MoShang Zhao at 7 PM. You’ll be ever so glad you did!

NOTE: MoShang is on travel, but he will return to follow Anj on 09 June. (Psst! It’s going to be a PARTY that night – celebrating both MoShang’s return and Æon’s RL birthday the next day. You won’t want to miss that!)

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