Oh…what a night!

Let me begin by saying that we LOVE what’s happening at Ce Soir Arts! Not only is the gallery going with art and wonder, but we have readings at The Magic Tree or Dover Beach Theatre to go with the usual Thursday night programmes (that vary a bit, week-to-week) at Château Ce Soir. THIS WEEK was absolutely no exception to that enjoyment…read on!

Jojo Songlark Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts Open through June
Jojo Songlark Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts for June

First, Jojo Songlark‘s gorgeous exhibit of stunning SL landscapes yet graces Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn in Ce Soir Arts. Truly sensitive views of the beauty of SL await you. Open through June, visit the “Through My Eyes” exhibit now because you’re likely going to want to return to enjoy more. Take Jojo‘s notecard for more information about her work – and do leave a note for her and personal curator Jan in the Gallery Guest Book. Enjoy!

Eponymous Verse 6

Then, two fantastic spoken word events – one with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym on Tuesday and one with excellent storyteller Bryn Taleweaver on Wednesday – had us in rapt attention. Russell always shares an array of outstanding music, poetry, and stories, and this week was no exception; his Thought for the Day was again something wonderful and we had a lovely hour under the branches of The Magic Tree. The next day, Bryn brought out his “dark side” and thrilled (and chilled!) us with scary tales fit for Hallowe’en or any spooky night. “Monkey’s Paw” had us cringing and shivering in our shoes – and enjoying every minute, as this reader’s talents are superb.

RUSSELL - 16 June 2016Thursday was special, as it always is. Russell popped in with his outstanding folk, blues, and beyond at his usual 2 PM…and took it a step further with a few new tunes added to his truly extensive repertoire. Streaming LIVE from Wales, we heard songs Russell has sung before – but some time ago; those were a treat to enjoy and the 90-minute show sped past as we chatted, danced, and enjoyed the music that IS Russell. That exquisite finger-picking guitar is just delightful – to go along with the harmonica and that velvety voice. It was a wonderful time at Château Ce Soir!

MOSHANG 1aAt 7 PM, MoShang Zhao came in – LIVE from Taiwan – to help us relax and energise as the night came on. This unique and ever-evolving sound is always a treat from The Sound Jeweler. Each one shines on its own, and when woven into a tapestry of sonic joy – it’s transcendent. We had a great time dancing and getting lost in the music. A refreshing hour indeed!

nuvolinoAfter MoShang‘s set, ambient-and-more musician Nuvolino came round so that Æon and I could have a live listen to his work. It was a real treat, let me say! Aladuns Writer, who is always with us for MoShang shows, introduced us to Nuvolino. They’re long-time friends, and Nuvolino is returning to SL as a live musician after a break. He – like MoShang, Anj Gustafson, and other fine SL musicians – has been busy with music in RL, creating some outstanding sounds for us to enjoy. We had listened to some of his music earlier in the week and were quite taken with his innovative sound; it’s trance – and beyond. Several folks hung out to hear Nuvo on stream – and we had a ball! So…do note an upcoming post with some information about what’s happening next week including some links you just might enjoy!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Drop in and enjoy every metre of the sim – and what floats above (or skulks below!)… See you soon!

Main landing (grab the notecard from Mr. Crane to get every LM…)…

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